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BEP covering themselves and the outcome is inferior
Horst_In_Translation7 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"The Black Eyed Peas: #WHERESTHELOVE (Feat. The World)" tells you pretty much what to expect in these five minutes we got here. It is a black-and-white, fairly essential music video for the song in the title by the band in the title and the (in my ooinion) fairly cringeworthy addition "featuring the World" means that several other artists joined in here, such as Usher and Justin Timberlake. Fergie (in 2016 when this was made) not a BEP member anymore I believe, also reappears towards the end. The reason for that may be that this is a cover by the Black Eyed Peas giving a new touch to an older song of theirs in the face of recent tragedies. But I did not like the outcome very much. The other artists add very little in my opinion and maybe I would have liked this one more, if I had not known the original song that is actually pretty catchy. Besides, this is a problem for the BEPs in general as none of them have the greatest singing voices, but catchy tunes and recognition value are those fields where they score in particular and if they come short in that field the way they do here it's extremely forgettable all in all and I recommend neither checking out the song nor the video. If you want to, just listen to the old version instead. Maybe you are young enough to not even know this one exists and in that case, you are in for a treat. But the 2016 (I guess I cannot say "new" anymore) version is nothing you should waste your time with, also admittedly a bit of a pretentious and pseudo-important occasion that served for this remake and they rely way too much on it instead of delivering actual creativity. 2 out of 5 is still on the generous side here. Thumbs down.
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