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Loved it!
christy515010 November 2018
I wasn't sure about it going into the first episode, but the more I watched it, the more I loved it. By the end I was totally invested in Beat's life and that of his inner circle. It was a whirlwind for sure and had some very heartbreaking moments, but I loved it and hope to see a season 2! (It is in German, with English subtitles.)
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just an answer
mladenk910 November 2018
Underoath the comment you left just buries the hopes for humanity. To come on the WORLD WIDE WEB and say you can not watch a show that is in a language other than English!?!? This is why noone trusts IMBD anymore!
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So much more than murder on the dancefloor!
Artifam15 November 2018
Leave your expectations of a club scene exposé at the door with the bouncers, as despite Beat giving the viewer an introductory tour of Berlin's hedonism and his friend Paul's club, a sinister tone quickly descends upon Beat's carefree world. Murder in clubland suddenly drags our drug-addled drifter protagonist into a plot to go undercover to investigate something much bigger afoot and at that point you'd be forgiven for fearing a ludicrous plot lies ahead. However, like a good club track the story builds and builds, adding complex layers then stripping them back with reveals, but always taking you on a journey and this one is a dark thriller.

Watching in German language is the only way to do this series justice, as subtitles really do melt away under the acting power of Jannis Niewöhner as the affable but anarchic Beat and Alexander Fehling as the sociopathic Vossberg, among other convincing performances.

From a critical standpoint, the portrayal of the 'ESI' is perhaps a little unconvincing and at worst clichéd, Jasper's story-line falls somewhat flat of the wider plot and everything happens in a stage-managed environment where the media doesn't seem to interfere and the real police only show up when called upon. However, some suspension of disbelief is always demanded in all storytelling and the story grips hold of you and twists and turns until you feel some of the pain and dread of the characters themselves. This is where 'Beat' succeeds and earns its credibility as a surprisingly compelling and powerful piece of TV/cinema that just happens to be set against an edgy Berlin clubland setting. That it is is no bad thing though, as the setting lends itself to a great music score and gritty backdrop to this original and highly enjoyable epic.
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Well worth the ride
iconians12 November 2018
I just watched this on Amazon and it's probably one of their grittier imports. Overall, I liked it. It had a complex story (more than it initially seems), a conflicted good guy, a very smart bad guy and spy service that sometimes is good and other times is bad.

Overall, I think the story was fairly complex and only at the very end you are able to unroll the layers. Dubbing wasn't that good but i guess there are no good dubbing out there.

At times, I felt some of the flashbacks were a bit much but I also don't like flashbacks in general.

A bit more detail about the main players:

The main hero is a conflicted techno club organizer that is being manipulated (I don't have to give up anything but it's much more than it seems) into being a under cover agent for secret service.

Bad guy seems to be cold blooded, calculating and extremely intelligent; thus proving a worthy opponent.

The secret police is more of a challenge. You never know where they stand and what they want. Only later we know realize their true motives. Keeps things very interesting.

Music is techno and visuals are bit dark and lots of gray. I was never a clubber myself, but I think I could see them doing a good job with it, that at times I felt I was in that chaos, where anything and everything was OK.

Overall, I enjoyed it.
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eilidhmackintosh16 November 2018
Loved it! I have been a fan of Jannis Niewöhner for years and this performance has been my favourite by far.
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For me the best german tv Show ever
bohrersebastian13 November 2018
Every Actor played an imterresting roll on high Level, Music is fantastic, 10/10 Setdesign best im a Long Time 10/10 I Never was bored or did not belive what i saw After two days i sadly finished the las Episode. Please more!
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A must-see
cinefiloempedernido19 November 2018
A very interesting and entertaining series: an exciting plot that deepens its roots in the underworld of Berlin's techno environment. It contains many parallel stories that compel the viewer to pay close attention to all the details and characters that appear throughout the episodes. I hope that Amazon shoots a second season to see what awaits the main character: Beat.
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A techno cash in.
torrascotia13 November 2018
Beat has been heavily promoted as a thriller based around the clubbing scene. Right now techno and in particular German/Berlin techno is arguably the coolest musical scene with clubs like Berghain and Tresor being known as the best or most exclusive clubs in the world. Electronic dance music in 2018 is undergoing a resurgence on a par with the 90s. While we had movies like Human Traffic in the past there does not appear to be many film makers too interested in capturing the current clubbing experience. Beat has been advertised in a way that plays up the clubbing aspect of the series and has been covered prior to release in many of the major dance music websites. Even Marcel Dettman has been drafted into to compose the closing credits music. Therefor expectations were quite high and what we seen in the press and trailers did look like they took the underground clubbing experience seriously. However this is not really a series about clubbing. It takes a few episodes to understand just what this is actually about. Is it about a serial killer? Arms trafficking? Illegal organ transplants? Terrorism? There are alot of different plots and subplots, so many that it feels they have crammed far too much into a seven episode series. Some of the plot reveals take a very long time so the series is best watched in a binge as you may forget about some of the story lines crammed into each episode. The series is basically a spy thriller with a club promoter the main character. There are some scenes set in the club which are done quite well but its all very superficial with montages of people taking drugs and very little focus on the music with faceless DJs playing and none of the musical highlights that clubber actually go to experience. The use of German techno and the clubbing scene seems to be used as a marketing gimmick hoping to benefit from the popularity of dance music. This is a good crime/thriller series which will keep you engaged with plenty of violence and plot twists, its just not the series that the promotion promised. Its a fairly standard affair and the clubbing aspects could easily be removed and it wouldn't affect the story in any way. The series concludes in such a way that a second series may be in the pipeline and that the series may end up in that other Mecca of clubland....Ibiza. If that is the case then it seems the producers are intent on exploiting another clubbing scene as a gimmick to increase their audience share. Watch this if you enjoy spy/crime thriller but do not expect much in the way of music or clubbing, despite the title or what any of the adverts promise. I had watched the original German language version with subtitles.
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Worth the ride
jonny-ehleiter14 June 2019
As a german I had to watch it to see if an Amazon Series may be better. And it actually is. The dubbing into English is sadly not so good. You may watch in german with other subs.

First Episodes may be hard to get invested in, but in Episode 4 it is hard to stop watching until you get forced to with the End of Episode 7. Phenomenal actors and grittier. That is adult TV par excellence. It has some weak points with the spy things, but well it was an easy plot to get. ;)

Anyway - 7 Episodes, worth the time and you may get more invested in it as you expect yourself. Have fun.

P.S: and if you like Techno you will get some nice Tracks to listen to. Really happy they kept that part very real with deep basses and driving sounds. My friend does not like Techno but still liked it all. He said: Made more sense then all the spy stuff at some stages ^^
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Much better than expected
patrick-markowski25 November 2018
Although I am German, I am not a fan of German series or movies compared to British or US. But the Niveau rises starting with Dark an Beat has also some scenes, you wont't forget. Escpecially the fantastic villain or the Russian orgy and some more. Great work!
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Flawed Techno Club Guy in the Middle of All Sorts of Crime
bsant5414 November 2018
First of all, Jannis Niewöhner was really good in this as BEAT. At first I thought, oh here we go again another pretty boy to get audience attention BUT as it turns out, the guy's a good actor. He plays a very flawed techno club party promoter that gets mixed up in crime around him of all sorts.

You have sympathy for orphaned as a child BEAT but you come to realize he is one messed up guy with a conscience and a strong sense of right and wrong unless it interferes with his drug taking habit and partying. So in that, Jannis Niewöhner did a pretty good job I'd say of presenting an anti-hero of sorts.

The rest of the cast is pretty good too. The emotionless bad guy that will sell his Mother's organs if had to, Secret Service head and the woman handler that cares about him (when every one else uses him), his well meaning but somewhat clueless best friend, his creepy childhood psycho secret admirer, etc. A lot of variety in characters that kept me interested. And ya, they even threw in your perfunctory Russian Mob gun smugglers and human traffickers...just for good measure.

The show was a thriller from the point of view if he bites it in the end or not as a result of all the dirt he has on the bad guys (and to a lesser extent, if he finally gets to find out who his parents are).

All in all, pretty good. And yes, you hinge on every facial nuance of BEAT through the whole series.
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Good !
ggregod14 November 2018
It is not easy to find a series in which there are several types of crimes converge and the series does not become ultra fantastic and border on the unbelievable. Beat manages to merge drugs, drug trafficking, organ trafficking and conspiracies as a group of legal associations. Extra point for the locations that generate a dark climate.
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Hands down, this is a hidden gem.
sarah_cze23 December 2018
I stumbled across "Beat" by accident on imdb, and it wasn't promoted at all on Amazon Prime - I was even surprised to find it there.

It's impossible to write an extended review without spoiling too much of the plot, so I'll keep it short. "Beat" is a German thriller / crime show; it's incredibly well acted with Jannis Niewöhner, Herfurth and Kostja Ullmann (what a pleasant surprise!) shining in their roles. The pace is at times a bit slow, but it never feels out of place and keeps you at the edge of your seat - it's such a gripping, dark storyline. The soundtrack is just superb!

While I did think there were some plotholes, the overall impression is still great. The English translation is mostly well done (can't agree with a reviewer before me), I'm a German and paid attention when I was watching it with my english-speaking partner.

Highly recommended. I hope this show gets some more attention!
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Some Music, Some Drugs, Some Cabaret, Some Crime
palainausa29 November 2018
I thought it started off very strong, but then tailed off. One of the central plot threads ended very abruptly around episode five or so (out of seven). And the other central plot thread was a giant cliche. Nevertheless, the characters of Beat and Emilia in particular were quite engaging, as was the music and the Berlin disco scene. And on another note - really, it's not exactly news but what's up with German culture and the German psyche, particularly in the realm of sex???
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Best German produced series so far
oren_meiner25 December 2018
Top noch Reality Story , Berlin as it is , Great acting and Perfect Paste.
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German Gem
terry-stamatis6 December 2018
Really good stuff. Well written, well produced, stylishly delivered. Good character development and some tough subject matter. And great music throughout to set moods nicely.
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A Tough Challenge well executed
tbarwick23 February 2019
There is a lot to like about the way this show is made a gritty thriller set in the Berlin Techno scene, could be terrible, the makers are clearly aware of this and take time to avoid. A corny love story, a purely heterosexual lead, he has a sensual tactile side thats so fresh in a male character, the intimacy between the male characters is one of the real successes here. Even between Beat & Philip there is an intimacy a tension.

The problem for new detective shows, is that the writer needs a person that would naturally be moving around within a situation with a reason to be able to move between societal strata. The detective, the busybody old lady, the vicar, the lawyer, the spy, its' a limited pool. A club promoter is a clever addition. We believe BEAT would be able to be at operate with the very rich and also be credible to the more hand to mouth clubber as well.

He's an obvious replacement for James Bond in that sense, this hero is not a misogynist, he believes in the power of collective unity, he is innocent and cynical. Bond is cynical through experience. BEATS character is likeable in that sense, vulnerable. His 'handler' Amelia is concerned for him but not in love with him, in thats sense he is the 'Damsel in distress' and she is his knight in shining armour, it's a nice twist with classical undertones as she gives him gun training to protect him, but also to draw him into the 'Quest'.

Clever editing cuts between two often quite different storylines, as things happen simultaneously. Great trick to extend viewers engagement as we process two things at the same time. And contrast in general is used really well all the time that paradox between a strong sense of family and that desire to be hedonistic and escape from it all is used to great effect. We believe BEAT is a self-centred pleasure monkey AND a caring man too.

OUR VILLAIN is very good, establishing from the start that the more he attempts to be normal and charming the more chilling he becomes. He's a real monologue guy a proper BOND villain, puzzled by morality and humanity but not challenged by it he's aimless, unlike old villains, thats more scary. The chunkier the sweater the colder he seems. Beautiful understatement as he stands with another monster waiting for the coffee machine to complete its cycle, heart beat probably at 48 bpm

SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE...keep going, the club origin is now back story for a potentially great character as he grows and navigates an amoral universe.

Favourite scene

Amelia says absolutely nothing and just stares at the doctor as he speaks, so powerful, power held back, just this stare. This makes me feel she is tougher and cooler than any amount of shoot out action.

I feel this is being made by a team that think obliquely, see pitfalls and cliches and actively work through them or steer away from them totally taking the heroic quest and making it as nuanced and morally ambiguous as the 21st century deserves.

One star held back, because the score is good, BUT come on guys decades of techno to draw on a more 'Tarantino' approach is advised. Enjoy those tunes more. HE LOVES TECHNO, share that with us old clubbers a bit more.
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Brilliant Beat
nealehanvey-5613210 August 2019
I was initially turned off by the dubbed soundtrack (personal gripe), but was able to disable this and hear the actors own voices. I'm glad I did because this is a great crime thriller, with a great soundtrack. It's in the league of other great Euro crime/thrillers like The Killing and Engrenage, but it's is also very different. The acting is superb as is the cinematography, plot lines and script. 10/10. More please.
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uneven but absorbing series-1
manschelde-11 June 2019
#Series-1 seem uneven for me, 7 episodes each up to 70 minutes in length which is perhaps too long.

Despite that unevenness I found it was absorbing enough. I watched it with English-subtitles as my Deutsch is poor.

Sometimes there were double-subtitles if characters spoke Russian (Deutsch subtitles), which obscured the English subtitles, annoying.

Chaotic early scenes lead to more straightforward later episodes. Difficult to care for the cokeheads from these early episodes.

Somewhat difficult to see the relationships as anything other than superficial for most of the episodes, although the plot requires a blood-brothers type of connection to accept later plot twists.

Some twists are obvious long before they happen. At least once scene is incomprehensible. An earlier main character suicides in Episode-5, so it's somewhat a mess but somehow works overall.

It allows a few of the main characters to engage in philosophy at times, which is engaging for that genre.

One might think differently at Berghain, if sober, after seeing this :-)
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dfhbac016 December 2018
Most English subtitling lately is atrocious. Looks like auto translaters are being used. Bad language translation does a major disservice to the original.
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Boring plots, heavy acting and big clichés.
olivier-hergault4 September 2019
I was really excited to get a german serie with a Berlin techno-scene background.

Alas, I felt no empathy for the main characters or interests in the plots: the direction is too conventional and full of too obvious effects. For example: as the main character hesitates to collaborate with the police, you get a 3 seconds close-up on his tense hands (E02). Before that, when he becomes aware that he cannot spend his life under drugs, you see him throwing away cokes and starting some .. crunchs. Yes! The first things he does to start a new life is working on his abds! This is just ridiculous. I'm soooo disappointed. I won't even continue watching this to work on my german.
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