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Just another guy who now knows who Kate Gersten is.
hijosderoddaria27 October 2017
I just had to IMDb the writer of this episode because it was so fresh, inventive, imaginative and funny that I needed to know the responsible.

I was surprised to see she didn't write that many different things, so I'll be keeping and eye for her work. That gigantic sandwich falling out of nowhere foreshadows some kind of writing greatness in the future.
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Janet and Michael is the Best The Good Place So Far
gacsaly26 October 2017
I found season one of The Good Place mostly pedestrian but my family liked it, so I watched (while playing Boggle against the computer). Season Two (we all agree) is spectacularly better. "Janet and Michael" was the best so far. I seldom review, and generally only review writers. In this case I really want Kate Gersten to KEEP WRITING! The second season episodes have an umami quality missing from the first season (and most TV). The last one second of the episode was subtle, emotionally human (given the characters where all non-human), and wonderfully funny.

I IMDBed the episode to see who wrote it and found Gersten was also involved with several of my favorite "Mozart in the Jungle" episodes (also with umami). Gersten also wrote an eleven minute short "Gwendo & Fiona" which we tried to watch but we were unsuccessful.
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