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Jodie Comer is the best villian in living memory
karynjsanders27 April 2019
Sandra Oh is wonderful, as is all the cast in this brilliant show - but why didn't Jodie Comer win the Golden Globe? Honestly, she is the best villain in my memory of TV and movies in my entire life - and in my opinion the star of the show. She's just so wonderfully perfect in this role - animated, funny, scary; you name it. Such an entertaining series - kudos to all involved!
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Jodie Comer is crazy good
leahefti7 June 2018
This show had me hooked after two minutes. What sounds like a typical agent hunting serial killer, surprises with great characters, surprising turning points and amazing cast. I absolutely love every part of it.
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Psych Thriller
tgp021016 April 2018
I love the show. INTRIGUING! Someone wrote that this was sloppy writing because there is no background on the characters. That's not true, if you pay attention you have everything you need. Eve is a MI5 investigator but she longs for more in her life, something trilling and something that gets her heart thumping. She secretly loves psychopaths, she wants to know how they work and why. It's a hobby of hers. Villanelle is the psychopath. She has sociopathic tendencies. She mimics emotions because she has no empathy and we see her continuing to adapt to her surroundings (smiling with the child in the ice cream shop, laughing like the lady on the radio). That's what is odd and interesting about her character. Her drive is to kill people because she easily becomes bored with every day mundane tasks. They will become each others next obsession!
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Great first Season.
ElliotMenez25 October 2018
There are many good thrillers out there, where believability and plot are the keys to success but they all feel so similar. So here comes Killing Eve, where plots takes the second plane and the focus goes to the characters dinamic and their tongue-in-cheek dialogues, making this show feels different, fresh and entertaining and with an 8 episodes season it's short and sweet.
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Killing Eve: A Satisfying, Oddly Hilarious Thriller
aaronredis22 April 2018
WOW! Wow, wow, wow! You guys are definitely going to want to give this show a try! It's so intriguing, refreshing, engaging, and oddly / darkly humorous. This series shows a lot of promise and I really hope it stays on this track, because if it does, it will definitely become a favorite.

Now that we have my initial impressions out of the way, here's what I will say:

I am so impressed with this show. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to like it, but, boy, does this first episode impress. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Something about this show has me oddly hooked Something about it leaves me wanting MORE! I love the music choices, the acting is superb, and so is the directing. All excellent.

Another thing: this show has some odd sense of humor and I LOVE it! I found myself laughing, and that was the last thing I expected.

Several times, I thought to myself: OMG why am I laughing at this right now? I'm a terrible human being!

Perhaps the best part of this is show's cast is seeing that Sandra Oh finally got the role she deserves. She kills all of her scenes -- just like everyone else -- but it's clear to see she sticks out from the rest of the cast. -I was so happy when she appeared on one my most favorite shows last year, "American Crime," but her appearance was less than a guest appearance. (I bet that was due to the budget cuts and reduced season length, which ultimately led to season 3's different set up that many hated but I personally loved.) For that reason, though, I was disappointed in not seeing her as much, but she still amazed me and did so great with Regina King. I've been missing "American Crime" so much, and I think this show can fill that void in some aspects. Oh is just amazing.

Speaking of Oh, I started watching this solely because she's in it. And I am so pleased it's actually an awesome show.

I'll surely be sticking around for this one. I'm even happier to know that there will be a season 2 because I'm interested in seeing where this is going.

I give "Killing Eve" an 8.5/10.
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Very good with a "but"
kirail15 January 2019
The show is very good, and Jodi Comer's acting is not getting enough praise (compared to that of Sandra Oh's) because she is really brilliant in this role.

As a Russian-speaker though - I have to say the respective parts were not good, because if you're gonna have non-Russians speak the language - do some better research and make it sound more authentic. There was some lines I couldn't even understand what they were saying in Russian. If you translate the script from English to Russian literally - that's very amateur. We don't say "Konstantin who?", we say "Which Konstantin?" - it's basics that could be covered easily and would add a better quality to the show.
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Excellent Acting but Lousy Story Line
gregory-186-84777210 July 2018
It's a pleasure to watch Sandra Oh. Her performance and that of a number of the other players is a treat. However, I just can't set aside the horrible story lines. The plot of an international elite killer chased by a dedicated police officer has been with us since Victor Hugo. It should be done better. How is it that so few are aware of weekly high profile international assassinations? How is it that MI-5, the police, is not involved but MI-6, the spies, is? How is it that INTERPOL has not seen the weekly carnage and launched investigations. Why has the assassin left fingerprints at every killing? Why has no agency collected them?
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Villanelle is amazing
gphgrm0119 April 2019
Intriguing show, with certain flows. The character of the professional killer is absolutely stunning. Fabulous performance. The best female villain I have ever seen. You should just forget about the story plot, and just watch her face, her movement and her interractions with people. The best female-antiheroine capable of doing anything. Although she is a villain, she is fascinating.

As for Eve, not such a brilliant situation. We all know Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy where she played a weird emotionless brilliant surgeon. However, here Eve was made too soft, too homey, too wifey, too naive for my taste. And her acting is far more boring.

Otherwise, the cast is great scenery is great, and I appreciate that Moscow was not shown as a poor dump, but a place where rich and powerful people live as well, with luxurious places to go, etc, which is really closer to the truth nowadays.
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Great new show
lkalbert200010 April 2018
Love, love, love this show. Sandra Oh is incredible in her role as Eve. The women roles are written strong, independent, and wittly sarcastic personalities. I am so excited that this show has already been renewed for a second season. This is a must watch
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Very Good
monspencer9 April 2018
Enjoyed the first episode immensely, and just to upset the reviewer who calls it a steaming turd and hopes it will be cancelled quickly, the series has already been renewed for a 2nd season.
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Warning: highly addictive!
maria37716 March 2019
Jodie Comer is so charismatic as an assassin that I would hire her to kill me! The best from TV shows that I've seen in ages.
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Great show!
mlombardo-0210810 February 2019
Loved, Loved this show! I didn't want it to end! Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer were incredible!!! I am so glad there is a 2ndseason!
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Second season is alright, but the first season of this show is amazing! Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are stunning in this! Finally a well-written female-led series. It's hilarious and exciting and addictive. A fast-watch that leaves you wanting more.

I would recommend to anyone!
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I'll be stunned if this isn't a hit
terren855610 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sandra Oh, one of the most underrated actors in the business, finally gets a vehicle where her immense talent is utilized to its fullest. I was riveted by her from the first scene-and that was before the appearance of Jodie Comer. There's no screen portrayal of a psychopath, male or female, that I've seen who is more convincing than that of Villanelle.

The only comparable ones, that come to mind, is Michael Caine's portayal, in the absolutely brilliant, original Get Carter, and of course, Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs. There haven't been any such comparable portrayals by a female-until now. Villanelle kills it (pardon the pun).

I noted that Jodie Comer, an exceptionally and uniquely beautiful woman, has eyes that are spaced relatively far apart. I'm wondering if that was a deliberate consideration when she was cast, because my first thought was that I was reminded of a lizard, or bird of prey. Villanelle has as little mercy, or compassion, as either.

The scene captured in the trailer-where she is in the ice cream shop, exchanging gazes with the little girl, was breathtaking in ways beyond what she does to the child when she walks out. In the lead up, when she is sitting across the room from the girl, it's clearly communicated that this is not a normal woman. The first instinct for most of us, upon meeting the eyes of a child in that circumstance, would be to smile. She does not-until she's reminded to do so by her observation of the man behind the counter. Of course; a sociopath is incapable of sentiment or affection. They can only fake it. She could not, until reminded by the man. In the end, walking out, she cannot help but follow her true nature.

She's clearly capable of anything.

She's a monster, but a beautiful, charismatic and extremely compelling one. All the more so, when we find out that she's an assassin, and an extremely skilled and resourceful one. So much so that she's apparently the "go to" killer of her employer, whoever it is. One gets the clear impression that she's not only indifferent to taking human life, she does it with almost gleeful and cruel nonchalance. There's no actor, male or female. that I've seen who pulls that off like Comer.

It becomes clear that Sandra Oh's Eve hides the scores of demons and trauma that she's clearly carrying with that flawless dry humor and wit of hers. One wonders if those demons are in part what makes her so relentless and driven. That she pulls off her character so effortlessly (so it seems) is a tribute to her underappreciated skill as an actor. It's for those reasons that virtually any other actor would have been well overshadowed by Comer's performance. Not a chance here.

I'll be stunned and disappointed if she-along with Comer-do not become bona fide stars now.

At the end of the first episode, with Vellanelle's already impressive body count-and ruthlessness-showcased to full effect, and with she and Eve (her prospective nemesis and muse) having inadvertently crossed paths, I can't even imagine what is to come between these two very damaged, and very powerful women.

As a member of the male gender, I'm already hooked.
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This Crashed & Burned...!
Mustang9230 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'll get right to the points:

1) Series started out good, and interesting. With promise.

2) But halfway through, it starts to fall apart. (The writers' fault? The head writer's fault? A poorly conceived "show bible"? A decision to just wing it after the first 4 episodes?)

3) Why should we care about any of these characters? We don't. That's one problem. If Villanelle killed Eve (which of course won't happen), I wouldn't care, wouldn't feel sad. And if Eve killed Villanelle, same. Wouldn't care.

4) Sandra Oh is a good actress, but I hate her character. Her character is too weak. And, she's an MI5 agent for chrissakes. So I don't buy her characterization. Maybe she's just miscast here.

5) Sandra Oh's motivations change, depending upon what the writers want her to do. She wants revenge for her partner being killed, but meh, next episode, she doesn't even remember that. WTF? This happens a LOT in the remaining episodes. And then, in the season finale, despite having a gun on Villanelle several times at different points, she never shoots her. She's "conflicted" or she just doesn't have the courage. OH, but wait! At the very end, she is able to push a knife into Villanelle up close & personal. Bullcrap. Someone who cannot shoot another human, CANNOT knife them offensively. Ever. Psychology 101. Or Criminology 101. Epic fail by the writers.

6) Too many character motivation issues for much of the cast. For example, Sandra and Kenny discover Carolyn in prison interrogation room with Villanelle (in video footage), in season finale, but then they NEVER ask her what the heck that was about. And why she was there. HUH? Oh, okay, they must be saving that for Season 2. Pulllease.

7) Last half of the season just fell apart, because essentially this series is built on a "house of cards" premise / storyline, that doesn't really hold up to any scrutiny. So now that Eve and Villanelle have "met" and had an initial confrontation, we're supposed to be excited with anticipation to who are The 12? And the raison d'etre for The 12? And what The 12 are trying to accomplish? Frankly, I don't give a crap.

8) If you had just been knifed and were able to pick up your gun and shoot at Eve, who's now taken refuge around the corner of a refrigerator, are you telling me you wouldn't take 10 extra steps to just shoot her, before leaving for wherever Villanelle went? Of course you would. But we're supposed to believe that despite Villanelle firing the gun at Eve, she opted to leave the apartment, leaving Eve alive. A psychopath that feels nothing for anyone, is going to leave Eve alive? Makes NO sense, except to continue this "cat & mouse" game into Season 2. What horrible writing for the second half of this Season. I won't be watching it further.
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Terrible Second Half Ruins the Series
jimiwight30 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show had a very promising beginning. The first four episodes were interesting and actually made sense, in terms of character motivation and action. Starting with episode five, however, things went rapidly downhill. The behavior of the main character, Eve, became ridiculous. Was she out to stop a killer or out to have an affair with her? Why would she want to have an affair with her? She supposedly cares about her husband, but then, not so much, it seems. The killer killed her partner, so she supposedly wants to avenge his death, but then, not so much, after all. Besides, her husband and her partner were only men, so they don't matter so much to her. The killer likes to mutilate her male victims, so Eve jumps to the conclusion that some man must have done something to her. In modern times, they love to blame men for everything that happens. Sometimes, some women are just plain sadistic. It doesn't mean that any man did anything to her. You can't blame men for women's behavior. Can't women think for themselves? Of course they can. Eve get plenty of opportunities to stop the killer and even opportunities to killer her. She lets her go every time. How stupid can you get? This woman is killing innocent people, but that doesn't matter any more to Eve, because now Eve is obsessed with her. Why would Eve change like that? There is no motivation for her behavior in the last four episodes, leading up to one of the worst endings of any TV series I've ever seen. It's like a good set of writers wrote episodes 1 - 4, and a lousy set of writers wrote episodes 5 - 8. I wasted eight hours watching this. I want those eight hours back.
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Terrible writing, totally unrealistic
SgtSchultz0022 July 2018
The only more inept "spy" than the ones in this ridiculous series would be Inspector Clousseau.

Cook dinner for a murderous assassin who breaks into your apartment? Sure!

Chase a murderous assassin into a dark nighclub unarmed? Why not!

Walk up to her unarmed & expect her not to shoot? Certainly!

But if these scenarios sound good to you, then you'll like this totally unrealistic show about the most inept bunch of MI-5/6 staff you've ever seen, complete with plot holes through which you could drive a truck. Otherwise, watch something infinitely better like "The Game".
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Fizzles out rapidly
bobou-513-70824530 May 2018
Interesting premise with a fun performance by Jodie Comer that starts out well then rapidly goes down hill. After about the third episode, it would seem the writers went on strike, the plot vaporizes and the viewer is left wondering what purpose the characters serve, or what their quest is. It's almost a though the director decided to throw out the script halfway through and make up the rest as he or she went along. The result is, by the end of the series you're watching a production that's far inferior to the one you started out watching. If you don't want to pass on it completely, I'd suggest watching the first three episodes then switching it off.
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Started very promising, became the silliest tv show
carolrmag2 June 2018
I got really engaged in the first couple of episodes, thinking it was the beginning of a very good TV Show. People must stop reviewing Tv shows after seeing the first episode! It completely ruins the ratings! Got less exited after around the 3rd episode and lost will to see any more of this silliness after the 5th. Did make myself see the full season (maybe it would turn again). It didn't. And, being a psychologist with some experience into psychopaths it shocks me the lack of research made to make Jodie Corner's character. It is appalling really. A joke of a portrayal. Really sad to see
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Jodie Comer WOW
davnar_au-6638418 July 2019
Sorry Sandra but in my mind Jodie is the star of this show - her performance is compelling. It could be argued that argued that the role of Eve was more difficult but Villanelle (love the name) was spectacularly portrayed by Jodie. Not once was I left doubting her character, whereas Eve's character growth was although skilful, in the end not convincing. The entire cast did a sterling job of keeping the magic happening. Script writers take a bow. Mood music great as well. Can we have some more please?
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Lost me - Spoiler if you haven't already watched Season 1
kuhio-1540330 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely loved the first couple of episodes. Couldn't stand to miss it. But, by the episode where Eve is trying on clothes from Villanelle when she gets trapped in the bathroom, I was rooting for Villanelle to kill her and get it over with. Love you Sandra, but they've written Eve just too stupid for me. Eve doesn't seem to get out of dangerous situations, she just stumbles along and (lucky for her) Villanelle doesn't pull the trigger. I watched every episode hoping it would recapture my attention, but it didn't happen. I probably will watch the first or second episode of Season 2, but unless Eve starts relying on skills and brains, rather than dumb luck, I'll be checking out. :(
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10-star build-up, 1-star finale
myfam-8650528 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The first seven episodes had me on the edge of my seat. The finale sent me to the floor in utter disappointment.

The failure to conclude the primary plot point - the pursuit of an evil, psychopathic killer by a smart, wily, unconventional investigator - ruined the series, which had built up to it with seven intriguing, thrilling episodes. Leaving open the fate of Villanelle is simply lazy writing; quality writing in the detective-pursuit genre involves a beginning, a middle and an end, which wraps up the plot points raised in the previous sections.

Viewers deserved a resolution. Who wants to watch another eight hours of a conflicted investigator pursuing a pathetic, heartless killer?

I know the writers can claim they simply were capitulating to the mores of television by providing a cliffhanger that will bring back viewers for a second season but that is no excuse for leading us to a concluding confrontation and then leaving us hanging.

Eve's complete obsession with Villanelle, as a woman, just didn't wash, and her panic upon stabbing her also made no sense.

This was built up and presented as part detective-pursuit drama and part character study. In failing to deliver a conclusion on the former it left viewers to concentrate on the latter. If I had known that in advance I would not have watched.
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Jody Comer is my new favorite!
dickbootmediadesign14 February 2019
Jody Comer.....what an EXCEPTIONAL ACTRESS!!! . I was already a fan after Dr. Foster where i found myself SCREAMING at my tv-set because i hated her SO much :) But in Killing Eve she is amazing! She has a certain lovely-craziness in her eyes that captures you. Killing Eve, sure, the story has to be taken with a grain of salt here-and-there. But all-in-all i really liked it and i can't wait for season 2....and 3...and
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Crashed and Burned
p-seed-889-18846922 May 2018
It is difficult to know what to make of Killing Eve. If I was asked to describe its genre I would have to pass. The closest I can think of is "black comedy" although that fails because it is actually not funny. Sure there are frequent attempts to be "quirky" but quirky is just and cheap and easy way out of a screen writer having to think. I gather we are supposed to find Vilenelle funny because she says "oops" when she kills someone. If it worked the first time, it has sure worn thin by the second, third and fourth time.

I have no idea what Killing Eve is all about, not that that is necessarily uncommon in many "spy" programmes, in fact it is almost obligatory. The original "mcguffin" of trying to find the assassin has now morphed into finding "The 12", the shadowy organisation that is the stock mcguffin of every James Bond movie and its ilk from time immemorial. Mcguffins are OK but they have a purpose, which is to provide a reason for something interesting or at least visually arresting to happen, even if that something is as predictable as a car chase, an explosion or some other form of deering do. This Killing Eve fails to do, labouring under the misapprehension that a liberal dollop of quirkiness is sufficient reward for the audience.

No offence to Sandra Oh but I have never warmed to her as an actress although presumably many have. Perhaps that is more a reflection of the roles she has played than her acting ability but she always appears to look like a stunned mullet to me. To my surprise I think she does a good job as Eve, although her role is a thankless one. She doesn't actually seem to do anything, she is largely an observer whose main task is, I gather, supposed to be some totally unfathomable sort of fixation for Vilenelle, so basically a human mcguffin without which the whole "premise" would fall apart. And therein lies the (largest of many) problem, because this presumed and inexplicable fascination is simply unbelievable, for both parties. Sure, some sort of tension and competitiveness between the "Cat" and the "Mouse" is standard fare in this type of story, for example Sherlock Holmes fascination with Irene Adler or Professor Moriarty. But these are battles of wits whereas the whole Eve/Vilenelle thing is just some sort of random and baseless construct concocted by the writer to support a house of cards.

Jodie Comer seems to have a ball playing Vilenelle and she does an outstanding job of pulling off a difficult, if not downright ridiculous, character. If the genre of Killing Eve is indeed a "black something" then the line between what is just black and what is unacceptably evil is a very fine one, and it only takes one facial expression to tip from one side to the other. Regrettably, presumably under instruction from the director, she overdoes her smug smile to the point that if I see it one more time I will hurl something large and heavy in the general direction of the television screen. Not only is it an exceedingly tedious cliché it is destroying the whole character of Vilenelle, for while we may put our morals temporarily to one side to tolerate the depiction of someone who is indifferent to killing most of us draw the line at taking outright pleasure in doing so.

At the end of Episode 1 I was yet to be convinced. At the end of Episode 2 I was hooked. At the end of Episode 3 I was totally over it. I have watched up to Episode 7 only because my wife wanted to. I really have no interest in the fate any of the characters, or in the "story" such as it is, and I presume that Villenelle will turn out to be Caroline's daughter, or something of that ilk. But I really don't care.
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superbly dark
pbratulis12 April 2018
Loved the acting, the sound track, the mise en scene - the English humour and nuances. All in all a total treat.
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