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The Suffragette Movement
GeekGirl1930 April 2018
Timeless just keeps getting better and better with each new episode! "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" teaches viewers about the American suffrage movement and Grace Humiston, aka Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, in one very well crafted episode. If you like intelligent programs with history, adventure and some romance mixed in, check out Timeless!
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Another top episode
Kingslaay2 May 2018
This week we looked at the Suffragette movement and the rights of women. Timeless is good at pinpointing a moment in time that led to bigger events. It was unique to see Rittenhouse and the crew team up to kill the sleeper agent.

The biggest turn of it all was the revelation of a photo of Jessica found in Rittenhouse files. What could this mean? It was interesting how the season began with mention of sleeper agents throughout time waiting to be activated. Why wouldn't they think of bringing Jessica back to possibly act as the biggest sleeper agent and destroy the team internally? There could be another reason all together for the photo. However I hope they don't do the usual she's the bad guy lets get rid of her. It would be intriguing if it was more complicated and she in fact was in both camps.

Solid episode and cannot wait for next week. 8/10
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One of the best Timeless episodes EVER
gretchiekc9 May 2018
This episode was chock full of goodness. The dialogue, the back and forth, the story, the relationships...masterfully done in this one episode.

The relationship between Wyatt and Lucy goes through so much in this one hour...and at the end, you feel the heartache of both characters as they stand together, obviously in love but unable to do anything about it.

The budding friendship and teamwork between Flynn and Rufus was probably my favorite relationship of the Season. "Flynn it up, Flynn" is my new favorite catch phrase.

And then Timeless made you care and sympathize with one of their most notorious villains, Emma. I never would've thought that possible, but they do...because this episode was BRILLIANT

Add to it, the sufferagette movement, the detective work of Grace Humiston and the passion of Lucy Preston and you have an episode that knocked it out of the park.
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Not the best episode but almost... :-)
Yes, its good that the suffraget manage to get woman to vote, but suffraget was only about getting white womens vote. No one really fought for the avarage man to be able to vote.

The truth is, and its in sense the same all over the world. Somehow all believes that men had the right to vote, when the truth is it took a darn long time to get all men to be able to vote. Just for one example Sweden. Before 1921 the rules was that all could vote, even women. But women wasnt allowed to vote if they were married. Men on the other hand was allowed to vote, if they did the military, wich not all Swedish men got to do. So just one small click had the right to vote, those in sense that had money and power. If you did the military, that opened lots of instances in Sweden. Despite this men in prisons, or mentally disordered men or for that matter men with handicap wasnt allowed to vote. 1921 all this changed. The first time that all women in sweden got to vote. Still not all men got to vote. That law changed first in 1924 when almost all men got to vote. The law that said a swedish man had to do military, was removed. Still men in prison and such wasnt allowed to vote. And to be honest Swedish sitizenen living in other countries wasnt allowed to vote either. If they should, they had to be in sweden. So ok. Not all women could vote maybe. But that change so late as in the 2000- century, when our election accepted voting at embassies and such.

So in sense, the suffragets fought for only white women to vote, not all people. The feminist has said during all years now, that women didnt get to vote, but thats not true. At least not in sweden. Yes women wasnt allowed to vote for parlament before 1921, but in smaller elections they were... but as I said... not all men got to vote then either. But strangly enough, feminist had changed the history to "All men got to vote" when it was just the more priviliege once. If i lived during 1921 I wasnt allowed to vote if I didnt to military.

And one more bad thing about suffraget, and their shaming of young men that didnt fight in the first world war, so that they felt force to enter. So they was not all good. BUt they were important.

Yes the show got it right, when they had No black women into the suffraget ranks. So historical correct, suffraget didnt fight for all women, just the more priviliege ones. BUt depsite this feministic vibe, and all men bad (in this show except for our heroes I guess) and not really that intelligent. I did like it. It was told in a good way. So not bad.
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The Suffragettes
serrakiper29 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I like the idea of female Sherlock Holmes:) She is just like our Sherlock-that Benedict act- Distant, coldbloded and clever. The era was quite important for the women rights in American History. Alice Paul is worth to remember. By the way Flynn is getting closer to the team. It has been shocked to see Emma changing side just for once and we learn about hidden truth about her childhood. There is something about Jessica, just wait. I don't like the Keynes.
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