"13 Reasons Why" The First Polaroid (TV Episode 2018) Poster

(TV Series)


Dylan Minnette: Clay Jensen



  • Clay Jensen : [after Clay faints while getting a tattoo] 

    [about his tattoo] 

    Clay Jensen : It's a fucking comma.

    Skye Miller : So it signifies a pause. As in, you paused getting a tattoo in order to faint.

    Clay Jensen : Even just getting the tattoo, I fucking fail.

  • Lainie Jensen : Clay, I need to talk to you about the trial.

    Clay Jensen : What? What trial?

    Lainie Jensen : Hannah's trial. It's moving forward.

    Clay Jensen : What? You told me it was settled.

    Lainie Jensen : We thought it was, but the Bakers rejected the district's final offer today. It starts tomorrow.

    Clay Jensen : Tomorrow? How is that possible?

    Lainie Jensen : They were up against the trial date. At the last minute, the Bakers rejected the settlement.

    Clay Jensen : So, I'll get to testify about Bryce?

    Lainie Jensen : Sonya did tell me that you're not on either witness list.

    Clay Jensen : Why not?

    Lainie Jensen : Clay, each side chooses witnesses based on a variety of factors.

    Clay Jensen : Bryce raped Hannah. Why is nobody talking about that? You heard his confession. You heard everything before you dropped out.

    Lainie Jensen : I didn't drop out of the case. I withdrew because your involvement created a conflict of interest.

    Clay Jensen : Well, I'm not involved anymore, so can someone do something?

    Lainie Jensen : If we knew the girl on tape 9.

    Clay Jensen : Mom, it's not my place to tell you that.

    Lainie Jensen : If she would come forward...

    Clay Jensen : This is a fucking joke. He confessed!

    Lainie Jensen : Clay, I'm worried about your anger.

    Clay Jensen : You're worried about my anger? That's what you're worried about? I'm not angry, Mom. I'm fine.

    Lainie Jensen : That's why you're never home?

    Clay Jensen : We had a deal. I've had perfect attendance, kept up my grades, I get to have a life of my own.

    Lainie Jensen : The deal was that you would be safe. You put a lock on your door.

    Clay Jensen : Which you found out by trying to open it?

    Lainie Jensen : Clay, I know this is going to be very hard for you.

    Clay Jensen : It's not. I haven't thought about Hannah in months, so I'll just keep on like that.

  • Zach Dempsey : [to Clay]  When you're under oath, they can ask you anything, right?

    Clay Jensen : You stole a fucking note. Not like you raped her. What are you worried about?

    Zach Dempsey : What about the tapes? What about the tape you made?

    Clay Jensen : Why are you still hanging around with Bryce? What does he have on you?

    Zach Dempsey : I'm not hanging out with Bryce, okay? I just I have to play baseball with him. And I was just hoping that this trial wouldn't fuck up everybody's life.

    Clay Jensen : Well, too late.

  • Clay Jensen : I love how Walplex locks up their spray paint but not their ammunition.

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