Glass (2019) Poster


Bruce Willis: David Dunn



  • [from trailer] 

    David Dunn : I'm in security.

  • Elijah Price : [Through intercom]  How you doing David? I always though of us as friends

    David Dunn : Elijah?

    Elijah Price : You shouldn't be hiding in the shadows David. You're able to hide because people who steal cars and mug people in alleys don't need your full potential. You're only using 1% of your abilities with these petty criminals

    David Dunn : Maybe there's nothing to hide Elijah

    Elijah Price : I have found someone who will require your full potential to come out. A superhuman serial killer

    David Dunn : Don't do this. How can we be the only ones? Maybe we believe something that isn't even true

    Elijah Price : [Exhales]  We are going to the tallest building in the city, The horde is going to be revealed there. There are 3 floors that house a chemical company in that building, I am going to blow up that building using their chemicals David, You might want to try and stop us. Today is your coming out party. At least you know what to wear

    [pushes buttons] 

    Elijah Price : I've turned of the water hoses in your room David. There's only the door left...

    David Dunn : Elijah!...

    Elijah Price : It's metal, But you can't get through it because peoples bones break against metal, and your nothing special. A lot of people are going to die! Overseer, If you don't. Get through. That door

    [Shuts intercom off] 

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