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Very one sided
roughplay30 April 2017
Never mentioned the white people pulled out of vehicles or shot during the riots. They also showed some white people looting making it sound like that was common. Living through it and watching it on TV I never once saw white people looting. They either found the one shot out of thousands or took some other looting to pretend the lootings was more mixed than it really was. They also never mentioned by the time the riots happened in 1992 that the Bloods and Crips had taken over the streets in the area of the riots. They also don't talk about the thousands of businesses that shut down for several days all over LA. The impact it caused to the whole area not just the LA Strip along the 110 freeway. They did not talk about the cost to business in these areas and how their hurt themselves since many chain stores never reopened and only started to reenter many years later when it became safer. The also tried to claim the police could have stopped it if they had come in but the riot spread 20 miles very quickly. I lived here at the time, I was sent home from work, I know people who were shot in their legs walking to their cars in El Segundo just an hour after the riot started. This was a good piece and I liked what the did present. But they only provided 50% of the story. It would have been a much better piece if they told a 360 degree view of the story. They also tried to claim that things were the same today but simply not true. Even the 60s to 92 were very different and 92 to today is extremely different in LA.
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Somethings never change
rcmoore7613724 April 2017
A look back to 1965 and how it parallel to 1992 riots. Then seeing how events now were shaped by the past. "Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." Race relations haven't changed much over the years. That is the main message told at the end.

It's a sad evidence to see the police chief and the mayor be at odds with one another. The riots was a keg that needed to go off.
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