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Better than average for a LMFC
opieandy-128 May 2018
The cinematography is better than average for a Lifetime Movie for Chicks, and the story is interesting. I even wondered if this was an original Lifetime Movie. A number of times, swear words were edited. A little different for a LMFC, where everyone involved knows the words will be edited. The story does not fully resolve some aspects, such as why someone imitated Nicole online and had her entice men. That seemed just left unresolved as the movie edged towards the climax. However, the climax and resolution were good and surprising (in a good way) despite that seemingly false trail.
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edwagreen6 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst films imaginable. Terribly confusing and you don't know who to trust from one minute to another.

It's not so much that she lost her memory after the train accident, it is the discovery of the people orbiting in her life after the crash occurs.

We have some blond crazy pulling out a gun and blowing herself away in front of the victim. We have her husband who you don't know where he is coming from and especially his upper-class parents, great examples of status seekers.

You just keep imagining what is going on here and the ending isn't really that satisfying as well.
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Plot Holes Galore
Stoshie17 June 2018
The synopsis here claims this was based on true events. I find that very hard to believe, considering the absurd plot, all the holes in it, and all the plot points that were left unresolved. If it was based on anything real, they took a story and fictionalized it to the point where it no longer resembled anything real.

The ending, both the events that took place right before the very end, and the very end itself, were totally unbelievable and unrealistic (I don't want to get into details about this to give spoilers; I prefer reviews that don't have any). But that's typical for a Lifetime movie. They have a structure they follow, and this movie followed it all the way.

It isn't listed as a TV movie, and appears to have had a theatrical release. If so, I'm sure it was very brief, and made no money in theaters. It is a movie tailor made for Lifetime only. So if you like Lifetime movies, this is as good, if not a little better, than most. Just know what you are getting into beforehand, so you don't have expectations that won't be met.
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Poor acting
geoffox-766-41846711 November 2017
And poor script. You don't care about anyone in this loser. Leading lady walks around being nosey and invading people's homes looking for her past. She spends most of the movie on a computer or cell phone. Ah, the modern day touch. You wonder what she'd do without all these technical devices. Not much going on here. Actually rather boring and bad acting. Also you feel like you are going nowhere with this film. It's that confusing and silly. As her husband, I'd drop her like a glass of water. OMG she's on a cell phone again.
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