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After having seen almost all the films based on the Escape Room n Haunted House, I can surely say that this is a very creepy, tension filled n brutal horror film.
Fella_shibby21 September 2019
I wasn't aware of this film until I read a review written by BA_Harrison. Was not even aware that it is directed by the writers of A Quiet Place n produced by Eli Roth.

One of the best part is the editing. Ther is not too much lingering on the gory stuff. The ending is good, kinda reminds u of The Collection.

This film has some scary masks n some terrifying faces under the masks. Much better than The Furies. The guy with the spikes on his face is creepy man.

Watch out for the head exploding like a watermelon scene.
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You'll be screaming...
danwilberforce28 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
...but not out of fear, just at the stupid characters.

Not a bad film overall, it kept me entertained, but please stop with the idiotic characters who after knocking the bad guy to the floor try to run away instead of finishing the job! And the other typical idiot move "Hey I just killed a bad guy, go me, (looks at weapon) not gonna need this anymore", next room, "oh no another bad guy, if only I had a weapon to use against them!"
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A Cut Above The Usual
fatfil-414-45179714 September 2019
To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am not normally a fan of the torture/slasher genre, more of a supernatural horror fan. But I really enjoyed this movie. Yes there is nothing to much new here, but let's be honest, those truly original stories are few and far between. The acting was great, the set up was good, and the various traps and puzzles were fun. The film doesn't try to explain itself, just a mental scary haunted house. But the suspense is maintained through out, and I particularly liked the ending, which was a change from the usual return of the psycho shock.
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Haunt is the hidden gem horror film of the year with legitimate brutality, tension, and bleak atmosphere throughout that would have been a hit with a major theatrical release.
tresm8715 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
8.7/10 When I saw the trailer about a month ago i was pleasantly surprised with its promise shown, and even more surprised and bewildered it wasn't getting a major theatrical release. Having Eli Roth produce, and Beck and Woods directing/writing hot off their momentum from writing A Quiet Place, you would think the studios would have been confident enough and should've because this was higher quality than most big budget horror's released this year.

The film starts out in usual fashion and introduces us to what appear to be standard teenage horror characters that were definitely more tolerable than most other characters in other films yet still fit the cliches. As we get a bit more introduced, you can tell that one of them has more emotional depth to her which is an important factor for audience relateability that's overlooked these days in most horror films. When things progress in the plot we are introduced to the main setting in which the mayhem unfolds and for the low budget they were working with, they executed the set designs flawlessly and creatively. The haunted house/maze aesthetic is elevated to new heights of fright through wide arrays of different set pieces, colorizations, and overall foreboding environments. They absolutely knocked it out of the park with the overall visuals and camerawork as well, and it added so much to the already supreme tension. When the antagonists start showing up with their ill intentions, the creepiness and chaos takes hold and never lets up building into a brutal conclusion that honestly will stick with a lot of people with its ultimately disturbing reveals and shocking plot turns.

This film really deserved to be released in a major theatrical format and i honestly believe it would have been a hit at the box office. I expected it to be solid but did not expect it to be my favorite horror film of the year. It has so much tension, atmosphere, and an incredibly visceral visual style. It has potential to become an underrated cult classic once word spreads and a definitive haunted house/halloween film. I really hope Beck and Woods stay in the horror genre because they have some clear cut talent in creating tense atmosphere that oozes through the screen.
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Could be 2019's best horror film
jtindahouse14 September 2019
I can't remember the last time I said "wow" as many times as I did during 'Haunt'. This movie just never stopped amazing me. Every time it produced something brilliant I'd think to myself how the film had just reached its peak, and then five minutes later it would one up itself with something even better. Imagine this over and over again for 90 minutes and you have yourself an insanely good movie.

Very rarely any more do horror films impact me in any way. Mostly I'm just bored by them because either I've seen it all before, can predict what is going to happen next, or simply don't care about any of the characters. More often than not it's all three. In 'Haunt' however I found none of those things. There were countless occurrences I hadn't seen before, I had no idea what was going to happen next, and I literally wanted every character (on the good side of course) to be alright.

I had a really uncomfortable feel in my stomach watching this movie and that is what I dream of when I go into a horror movie. That means it works. There was so much to love about this movie. The set-design, the acting, the fact that it didn't rely on false jump-scares or dream sequences, the look of the bad guys (blew my mind), the unpredictability and the non-stop pacing just to name a few. Please see this movie. It is incredible.
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Nothing New but Fun & A Solid One for October Horror List
TwistedContent13 September 2019
The Writers of "A Quiet Place", producer Eli Roth, halloween themes, a haunted house - sounds like a decent recipe for a fun horror flick, which it was. Even though I liked it, I wouldn't trust those who say that it's fresh, inovative or is the best haunted house film.

"Haunt" offers us an old concept with minor changes - addition of some cool elements which I won't discuss. A bunch of teens, with a (one way or another) troubled girl as the main character wind up in a hanted house attraction in the middle of nowhere. It's heard of, innit? This is where the better part of the movie starts, directors Beck and Woods manage to entertain us without cheese or unnecessary humor, instead giving us atmospheric enough trip through a what feels like an improvised but effective haunted house. Cool masks, many killers, fun times. With time it gets more gruesome, but also starts to suffer slightly from pacing issues & the characters start doing (or not doing) questionable things/choices/actions. Let's just say that a some amount of general horror movie dumbness can be found in here as well. I found the ending to be a bit underwhelming, it felt like something either more original or more crazy could've been done there. From an aesthethic standpoint, "Haunt" is just fine, not a Hollywood production, but not sloppy either & the gore is great.

After the first 50 minutes or so I was sure it's gonna be a 7/10, I can always appreciate and get a kick out of halloween-themed horror movies, but, sadly, "Haunt" ended not as a great movie, but as a good (or decent) one. A solid, relax-your-brains entertainment which You might visit another year around the time of Halloween season. My rating: 6/10.
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Woah! Good work Eli!
chris-prowse18 September 2019
Lovely! What a great little movie. Not too much gore but enough for you imagine the sensation. Kept me on my toes, I didn't know who was safe. Very well done, GIVE IT A GO!
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A film is really only as good as it's dumbest moment
FilmWarrior200618 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There are some great moments in the first and second acts. I liked the characters. The cast did a really good job in their roles. But, a film is really only as good as it's dumbest moment.

SPOILERS That dumb moment comes in the third act, when the main characters are unarmed and being hunted by some dangerous creepy bad guys. In one scene, the main character is trying to release a shotgun from a mechanical contraption. I thought, "That's very smart trying to do that." But, sadly, she is unable to get to free of the device, and has to run. that is absolutely forgivable. Also, I should mention, even with it fixed in that contraption, she managed to use it to kill two bad guys. Nice! Right? Then, she and another character manage to catch and severely injure a freak who has a handgun. In fact, they practically amputate the arm holding the gun. I was like, "There you go, kiddo! That one is NOT locked in place. Grab it!" But, no. She doesn't. Instead, she and the guy grab each other's hands and run away, leaving that nearly fully loaded pistol behind. Well...I stopped caring about the movie right there. I didn't care anymore if they lived or died. The inconsistency of the character broke the fourth wall, the veil was lifted and I was reminded I was just watching a low budget horror film. I watched the film to the end, without caring, and afterward, I got something to eat, and then went home and put in John Carpenter's The Thing on, hoping to get rid of the bad taste that movie left.
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On the surface this looks like another run of the mill horror film, but it's actually a very relentless ride and the best haunted house film yet.
JF50010 September 2019
At first I thought this looked like hellfest or 31 except more of the haunted house theme, but it's a very solid horror film with some grimly clever subject matter. It's apparent the writers behind A Quiet Place and Eli Roth are behind this, as there are many moments of fantastic tension, ominous atmosphere, and sheer brutality. Some excellently weird and bizarre set pieces and utterly disturbing moments throughout keep this from being a standard release. There are also some plot twists that keep it intriguing. This will probably go under the radar at first but eventually people will definitely hold it as the go to haunted house horror film.
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Fun Halloween haunted house film.
dar041710 October 2019
Fun Halloween haunted house film but the story was has recycled over and over again and this version brought nothing new to the table.
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Are all the positive reviews for real?
nysalesman17 September 2019
Even though I knew this was by Eli Roth, who has yet to be involved with a film (horror or otherwise) that I find entertaining, I still got fooled by all the positive reviews. Let me set you straight, this is a typical college kid slasher movie. Nothing new, nothing inventive, no clever writing, everything is rehashed from every cheap haunted house/slasher movie that preceded it. I found myself bored to death and unable to connect with any of the characters or the movie itself. In fact, I would have felt less cheated if they ended the movie at the 30 minute mark by simply throwing all these kids into a giant blender and killed them off at once. BTW, the backstory the girl added absolutely nothing to this movie. I find it hard to believe that the positive reviewers are all connected with the movie, but I cannot think of any other explanation. "The best horror movie of 2019" - really? "Every time they did something that made me say 'wow' they did something else to top it" - NOT even close. This movie was boring, predictable, and slow!!!

To be totally truthful, it should rate about two or three stars, but since it was obviously so heavily biased by what I see at false positive reviews, I'm giving it one star. If you spend $5.99 to rent this thing, then you will feel cheated. Do yourself a favor and wait until it is free on Netflix and you have 90-minutes to kill sometime.
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Solid Horror movie
midwesternhooligans20 September 2019
What a pretty mask...

There are some fun ideas that they don't milk to heavy which allows them to stay fresh and can be expanded on if sequels happen. The film hosts some familiar elements to other horror movies so most will be comfortable in this title.

A main issue I have is that our main cast seemingly isn't into Halloween at all with a few of them even claiming to have forgotten the holiday was coming somehow. Which confuses me as to why they would search for an "extreme" haunt.

But their lack of Halloween gloom is made up for by our main Villains. For those who love Halloween; the Villains really make this movie a real treat!
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Had potential
rarepeperonis19 September 2019
Eli Roth movie so cookie cutter characters and a lot of gore.

No character backstory besides basically men are bad they beat their girlfriends and wifes.

The haunted house is pretty cool and the face prostethics of the bad guys are well made and some of the kills are well executed but it's your average slasher flick nothing too crazy.

Maybe a watch on halloween if you have nothing better to do. Definately not a 10/10 i think a 5/10 is a fair score.
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Poor Man's "Hell Fest" Without the Fun Atmosphere
Yee_Reviews13 September 2019
Good: The haunted house setting is always fun. There lies some suspense in the beginning, but in the second-half loses it. The play around with haunted house aspects can be entertaining somewhat.

Bad: The acting is terrible, the characters make poor choices. The film lacks themes so there is no redeeming factor in the end. Some plot points do not connect and some things are not explained well.

Overall: The movie should not be bad. It is evident that Eli Roth produced it by the movie having some gore and over the top violence. The poor execution and generic storyline make it a run-of-the mill horror movie that adds nothing to the genre.

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rosaparksxxx1 October 2019
I am SO disappointed in Eli Roth for this movie! If Knock Knock wasn't the stupidest movie I ever seen, this one certainly tops it for being completely stupid with no storyline, no point at all, just teenagers being killed off for no apparent reason. Let me tell you what happens, the teens go into a haunted house, they all get killed except two who are obviously into each other and end up dating and surviving in the end, such a predictable typical old school overused plot here. There wasn't any suspense or creepiness or gore or anything! It was just a complete mindless stupid snooze fest! The people who wrote the positive reviews obviously haven't truly lived or seen any good horror films or are scared by poorly written badly acted out garbage films like this one. This was NOT worth the watch. A total let down, a waste of time, good movie if you want to take a nap. Don't waste your time. Watch something else. The Green Inferno was better than this, I would watch that one instead, it's pretty much the only good film Eli Roth has made so far.
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Haven't seen something this good with Eli's name on it in quite some time....
turkishjade13 September 2019
I don't review many films, but this one was really exceptional. Solid special effects, great acting, and NO plot holes. Reminded me (ever so slightly) of The Collection, especially the ending. I hope Eli Roth throws more money behind projects like this.

Great fun.
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Don't understand al the 8-10 stars reviews
varna-anastasia26 September 2019
Honestly don't understand what's up with all the great reviews. Are they paid?

I got bored halfway through. The characters were nothing special. Clischeic situations galore. You knew what was going to happen around every corner.

There is one reveal that I liked, but that was it.

I would say all in all 3,6- not great, not terrible.
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Good premise, spoilt by thick characters..
Devils_advocake26 September 2019
You'd need a frontal lobotomy to make the sort of decisions the characters in this film do..

Scenario.. You've seen one of your friends murdered in a haunted house type exhibition by one of the 'characters'. Later in the night, another one of the 'characters' of the exhibition, who refuses to remove his mask when you ask him to, or give you his name, follows you outside, brandishing a hammer in his hand.. Do you a) run like hell away from him, b) face him and get ready to bolt if he should attack or c) turn your back on him and stare at a door asking him where your friends are whilst he rambles on nonsense about you wanting to see his face behind you? If you answered C then this is the film for you.. As is a lifetime of stupidity.

It's a shame, as it starts off really well, then just descends into a thickfest.

I spent the majority of the film shouting at the screen, then laughing at the final scene which is just so stupid it's insulting.
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This will haunt you to boredom!!!
kanishka-7060522 September 2019
I never review a movie. I especially registered on imdb to review this piece of crap. I want to save you guys the trouble of watching some umpteenth time repeated concept of haunted house with its boring cheap trills. Its a shame to call it horror. Obviously positive reviews are paid ones. Best horror movie of 2019??? Really!!! Dont buy that guys. This movie will bore you to death.There is zilch horror only bits and pieces of slasher stuff which we all have seen thousand times. Nothing new. A movie to forget. Thank me later for saving your time watching this crap.
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Sigh. ANOTHER Movie Where Young People Are As Dumb As Bricks
redrobin62-321-20731114 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this genre of horror films, dumb kids making dumb decisions that put them in jeopardy, went belly up in the 80's. I guess not. HAUNT is a revival of sorts. Stupid young people? Check? Sadistic killers with no purpose for being? Check? Predictable murders? Check. Hero strange girl? Check. Killer Klowns From Outta Space? Maybe. You've seen this flick before if you're over 15 years of age. If not, you'll enjoy it.
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This movie was made with a mixer machine !!
rezadodangeh226 September 2019
Poor script, Unreasonable story, Poor acting, Things without reason, Additional characters, Without any excitement....

The whole movie was: Take some of "SAW", Mix with some of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Add a little "The Hills Have Eyes". Well, our tangled movie is ready !!
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Nothing to see here
gameoveraus19 September 2019
It's just a mindless weak slasher flick

Nothing is really explained other then, they are in a building that is meant to be a haunted house on halloween night and turns out to be more "real" as they try to work out a few puzzles to try and escape. That's it, fell asleep 4 times watching it

I guess there is a bit of a suprise with the people that reside in the house but still no reasoning for what they are doing and the acting is awfull
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marstons-4502114 September 2019
Dont waste your time,i would have gave this minus 10 if i could have.
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kniveswords22 October 2019
I guess all the good ratings are written by young age auditory. Movie is NOTHING above 5. I read reviews and went to a movie but was very dissapointed
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Haunt!? It Didn't Haunt Me... Will It Haunt You?
stephenabell21 September 2019
To be truthful, most of the time this film is a yawnfest. The story has been done before. Quite a few times now... and a lot of them are better than this.

The story starts well enough. The teens are bored on this Halloween night (where's Mikey when you need him?) so they decide to go to an extreme haunted house. The trouble is they can't find it. However, while driving down a deserted country road Harper (Katie Stevens) spots they are being followed. In an effort to lose their shadow they take a turn off. This section is the tensest part of the film. Shame it's for nothing as the truck doesn't follow them... it was just a way to get the lost teens to an extreme haunted house, which may or may not be the one they were trying to get to. This scene is one of the better sequences in the film and wasn't even needed - why couldn't they just go to the haunted house? Why did the story need this nonsense? This is when the story started to slip for me.

I have to say that the haunted house and its inhabitants aren't too bad. Though more extremity in the scares would not have gone amiss. At the beginning, they have a silent creepy clown - nice. Inside and sans mobile phones they have a cheap plastic skeleton, a witch who supposedly tortures people (though, you never see much), a tacky maze made of pallets, a tunnel to crawl through, and a few holes to push your arms through. There's a couple of sections where spiders are involved but apart from that, there's very little to scare you here. Now don't get me wrong, the directors do an okay job of creating a little atmosphere and tension at some of these points to make you feel a little uneasy. However, should you have been in there, without the spooky music and ambience, then you'd, more than likely, just be bored. The story started to slip a little more. There had been plenty of opportunities to scare the bejesus out of the audience as well as the cast and the writers threw it away.

But we can't put it all down to the writers. The actors can share some of the blame for the weakness of scares. Especially the "holes in the wall" scene. Here was the perfect moment to show off your well-honed acting talent... okay, maybe not. To be honest, the cast is as average as it can get. The only one who brought some skill to the show was Andrew Caldwell who played Adam.

Then we get to the last third of the film and now the crap hits the fan... in a good way. You begin to realise that something isn't quite right about this haunted house. Yep, it may be boring as... hell, but what's happening behind the scenes? Blood, guts, and gore... that's what. The special effects are well decent. I especially loved the hayfork through the head... but not because of the hayfork through the head... but for the eye. Watch the eye of the attacked woman; it's details like this that adds the cherry to the top of the cake.

But all of this smacks as "too little too late". Some of the viewers may have turned off or switched over to watch Downton Abbey well before now. What the writers and directors, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, should have done was offer this excitement to the audience right from the off; or at least built up the story to this crescendo. Not put us through a dull two-thirds of the film and then dunk us into the mayhem all at once.

Then when the reason for the carnage is revealed it's weak and, well, rather silly.

Back in the fifties, it was the teenagers who were the evil ones. Dancing lasciviously to raunchy rock and roll and being wild and uncontrollable... with the latent desire to cause chaos and take drugs... In the seventies and eighties, it was the red-necks who could kill you and add you to the cooking pot. In the nineties and the noughties, the corporations were not to be trusted. They'd sell their souls and their families to be rich. For this film though, it's the body dysmorphic and the body modifiers who are evil... and for no other apparent reason but this. Come on guys, what did you do? Just pick a minority group - hey nobody's used these guys before, let's do it.

The thing for me is, I know a few people who have had implants and other modifications to their bodies. To me, it's not shocking. It just feels that Beck and Woods chose these just to shock... so for me, it was just a trashy gimmick.

In conclusion, I would only recommend this film to horror fans and only if you're all viewed out of the good stuff. You should enjoy the ending section though you'll have to wade through a lot of missed opportunities to get to it. But it's this climax that lifts the film into mediocrity and out of dreadfulness.
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