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Sex & Nudity

  • In season 2, a naked man is thrown out of a window. His genitals and buttocks are very briefly seen. This is the only instance of nudity in the series.
  • N/A Nudity or sexual content beyond a Man saying someone "fucked his goat half to death" and a reference to a "peck" (penis)

Violence & Gore

  • In season 2, episode 2, there is a scene where a man is whipped by a priest. After that, he graphically gouges out the priests eyes. Very gory and intense.
  • Intense with gory bloody violence. A character is burned at the stake, and while not overly graphic, it is emotional - the charred body is seen later. Demons visibly disembowel and claw at "innocent" villagers. You see body parts and severed limbs lying around. Sky rains blood, Heads on sticks, intestines wrapped around a pole, people wake up to family members murdered in their homes (you see mutilated corpses). Corpses piled up from those killed by demons. Guy pukes. Man "whips off" a man's finger and eye. Monster gets stabbed in eye. People shot with arrows including the face, limbs lopped off with swords. Man graphically stabbed by numerous blades and a pitchfork. Demons are dismembered and explode. Sword fighting.


  • A woman calls after a man and he responds, "I'm not interested in fucking you!"
  • Numerous uses of Fuck are used. Words like piss, shit, bastards are also used. Character tells a story about a man who "fucks goats". Man curses at other men wishing they would "bleed out through their asses".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters socially drink in a bar, one man "chugs" ale to calm his nerves. Another man claims he's sober

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • (Deleted. Personal opinions regarding suitable ages for viewing are welcome in the Reviews section.)
  • This show is seriously disturbing.
  • Demonic creatures and satanic elements, vampires visage appear in fire and sky. Note: Some disdain for Christianity, if that upsets you. However, this is all done on purpose given the show's content and setting.

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