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Episode List


Season 1

29 Sep. 2018
Uzumaki Boruto!!
Prior to entering the Ninja Academy, Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, meets a bullied boy named Denki Kaminarimon, who is being forced to join the academy for the sake of his father's company.
12 Apr. 2017
Hokage no musuko...!!
After having been suspended for two weeks for the trouble he caused at the entrance ceremony, Boruto finally begins his days attending the academy.
19 Apr. 2017
Bôsô, Metaru Rî!!
Metal Lee is a hard working boy who is talented at taijutsu, but he easily comes under pressure and gets very nervous when others are watching him, which cause him to make mistakes. After Shikadai harshly comments on this, Metal Lee becomes enraged and a fight ensues. Boruto, however, notices that the same phenomenon that happened with Denki is now happening to Metal.
26 Apr. 2017
Danjo taikô ninjutsu kassen!!
Tensions begin to rise between the boys and girls in class. During a lunch break, when Boruto and Sarada start antagonizing one another, Shino intervenes and suggests that things be settled with a capture the flag mission.
3 May 2017
Nazo no tenkôsei...!!
Boruto and his classmates welcome a new student Mitsuki from the hidden sound village.
10 May 2017
Saigo no jugyô...!!
The battle between Shino sensei and the trio.
17 May 2017
Koi to potechi...!!
Chocho believes that she has a stalker following her. When the culprit is revealed, it turns out to be to be a schoolmate who actually has his eyes set on somebody else.
24 May 2017
Yume no otsuge
Boruto has a dream one night of a mysterious man telling him that his special eye power will be the key to fending off great destruction. After this dream, Boruto is convinced he has awakened the Byakugan. However, Naruto and Hinata are not so sure.
31 May 2017
Jibun no shômei
Boruto takes on his aunt Hanabi in a fighting match to prove he has awakened the Byakugan. After the match, Hanabi unfortunately declares that there is no sign of the Byakugan being active in him.
7 Jun. 2017
Gôsuto jiken, sôsa kaishi!!
Boruto's class is having a lesson about workplace experience and are able to learn about any job in the village. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Shikadai choose postal service as an excuse to search the village for the "ghost" that has been possessing people.
14 Jun. 2017
Kuromaku no kage
Naruto warns Boruto to stop investigating the dilemma involving the "ghost" as the situation is starting to grow more dangerous. However, Boruto refuses to stand idly by as this threat continues to bring harm to his friends.
21 Jun. 2017
Boruto to Mitsuki
A glimpse of Mitsuki past is shown. The Academy students take a training course with a three-man team. Mitsuki visits Sumire in the hospital she's staying at.
28 Jun. 2017
Majû, genru...!!
Mitsuki reveals to Boruto the culprit behind the ghost attacks. When a giant monster, the Nue, suddenly appears, Mitsuki tells Boruto that the culprit needs to eliminated. Boruto insists on stopping him, now knowing the culprit is a friend.
5 Jul. 2017
Boruto ni mieru michi
After being sucked into Nue's dimension, Boruto and Mitsuki fight off the monster and try to stop Sumire.
12 Jul. 2017
Atarashî michi
With the ghost dilemma resolved, everything in the village seems to go back to normal. But Boruto and his class wonder what has become of Sumire since she has yet to return to the academy.
19 Jul. 2017
Daburi no kiki
Denki is worried to fail the Ninjutsu test and become a repeater. Iwabe, the repeater student, overhear him. Iwabee is also worried about failing Arithmetic.
26 Jul. 2017
Sarada, hashiru!!
Sarada offers to run an errand for her mother, Sakura, who is going on a trip. Sarada needs to return a stuffed toy to a girl at a hospital and takes the train to get there. When she accidentally leaves it on the train, trouble ensues.
2 Aug. 2017
Uzumaki-ke no ichinichi
When Himawari comes down with a fever, Boruto is reminded of the day of Naruto's inauguration as the 7th Hokage where something strange happened to her. Later, Naruto tries to bond with Boruto by going out to eat at Ichiraku Ramen.
9 Aug. 2017
Uchiha Sarada
Sarada starts to become very envious of her peers because they are able to spend time with their fathers, whereas she has no recollection of her father, Sasuke, at all. After she interrogates Sakura of her relationship with Sasuke, Sarada finds an old photo of him with a group of people, among which is a girl with glasses. After seeing this girl, Sarada begins to question her relationship with Sakura.
16 Aug. 2017
Sharingan no shônen
Sasuke encounters a strange boy that possesses the Sharingan. After being alerted of this situation, Naruto intends to meet up with Sasuke to investigate. When Sarada overhears this, she plans on following Naruto to finally meet her father.
23 Aug. 2017
Sasuke to Sarada
After Sarada is nearly attacked by Sasuke, she is upset with her father for not recognizing her and for no answers to her questions. After Sarada runs off, Naruto tries to comfort her, but they are attacked by Shin and a mysterious man.
30 Aug. 2017
Tsunagaru omoi
After Sakura is kidnapped by Shin, Naruto is unable to locate her, which makes Sarada worried. To find Shin, the group decides to head to the person he may have a connection to: Orochimaru.
6 Sep. 2017
Tsunagari no katachi
After deciding she wants to be the one to save her mother, Sarada and the others hurry to Shin's hideout to find Sakura.
13 Sep. 2017
Boruto to Sarada
The Leaf Village becomes excited with the arrival of the other Kage for the Five Kage Summit. Boruto takes this opportunity to graffiti the Hokage Stone Faces. Meanwhile, Sarada begins to practice using her Sharingan.
20 Sep. 2017
Haran no shûgakuryokô!!
The Academy has its very first field trip outside of the Land of Fire and Boruto and the rest of his class head to the Hidden Mist Village in the Land of Water.
27 Sep. 2017
Mizukage no kôkeisha
The Leaf Academy students meet with the Mizukage and tour the Hidden Mist's ninja academy, where Boruto is offered an opportunity to spar with Kagura.
4 Oct. 2017
Yûjô no shinobi bauto
After Tsurushi Hachiya and his gang kidnap Denki, Boruto and his friends, along with Kagura, go to save him and end up going to battle. During the battle, secrets about Kagura are revealed.
11 Oct. 2017
Sensen fukoku
Shizuma Hoshigaki appears before Boruto and Kagura with the desire to enlist Kagura in his cause to start a revolution and wage war against the peaceful shinobi order.
18 Oct. 2017
Shin shinobigatana shichinin shû!!
Boruto and Sarada accompany Chojuro to find Shizuma and his friends, including Kagura, who have declared themselves to be the new Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Meanwhile, Mitsuki meets with Suigetsu.
25 Oct. 2017
Sharingan vs raito kiba
After being separated from Boruto and Chojuro, Sarada engages in battle with the kunoichi Buntan Kurosuki, who wields the sword called the Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang.
1 Nov. 2017
Boruto to Kagura
Boruto fights Kagura and tries to convince him to stop following Shizuma and return with him. When Boruto's words fail to change Kagura's mind, Mitsuki arrives and reveals the contents of the scroll he received.
8 Nov. 2017
Omiyage kuesuto
After returning from the Hidden Mist Village, Boruto had forgotten about his promise to Himawari that he would bring her a souvenir. Boruto begins a search for an authentic Mst Village item so he doesn't upset her.
15 Nov. 2017
Suranpu!! Chôjû giga
Inojin suddenly starts having trouble being able to perform his Super Beast Scroll jutsu and looks to his father for help. Sai makes a suggestion for Inojin to join an art competition to find out for himself what the problem is.
22 Nov. 2017
Hoshi furu yoru
With the graduation exams coming soon, Boruto wants to create a memorable experience with all of his friends before they graduate by going on a camping trip.
29 Nov. 2017
Sansha mendan...!!
The Academy students have parent-teacher conferences to discuss their futures as ninja. Boruto, despite having excellent skills, has never thought about his future as a shinobi. He meets Sukea, a journalist that notices his carefreeness.
6 Dec. 2017
Sotsugyô shiken, kaishi...!!!
The Academy students begin the graduation exams. After they pass the written exam with ease, the practical exam has the students taking on their sensei, as well as the sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake.
13 Dec. 2017
Shinobi no kakugo
Boruto continues to fight Kakashi until he is immobilized by him. Kakashi proceeds to criticize Boruto's class, believing the students are not taking the idea of being ninja seriously enough, with Boruto's attitude to blame.
20 Dec. 2017
Sûrîmanseru, kessei...?
Now as genin, Boruto's classmates are sorted into their three-man squads. When it is decided that Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki will become a team, Sarada and Boruto wish to repeal the decision, not wanting to be together on the same team.
27 Dec. 2017
Michita tsuki ga terasu michi
In the past, Mitsuki had once lost his memories. He goes on a mission with his parent, Orochimaru, to retrieve his memories. During the mission, he learns a truth about himself and needs to make a difficult decision.
10 Jan. 2018
Dai nana han. Hatsu ninmu!!
Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki begin their first mission as the new Team 7.
17 Jan. 2018
Kessoku no chikara
Team 7's mission turns into a rescue mission to save the village head of Green Banks after she is kidnapped by rogue ninja.
24 Jan. 2018
Ninja no oshigoto
Team 7 is assigned a mission to detain a man that has barricaded himself inside a bank.
31 Jan. 2018
Byakuya-dan, arawaru!!
A group of noble thieves known as the Byakuya Gang, commit a robbery in the Hidden Leaf Village. After gaining information on where they can find one of the thieves, Team 7 tries to detain them.
7 Feb. 2018
Shikadai no mayoi
The Byakuya Gang's activities begin to increase in number. Some people revere them as heroes and others, like Boruto, as villains. But Shikadai's thoughts lie somewhere in-between. Amidst the turmoil, Shikadai again meets the boy, Ryogi.
14 Feb. 2018
Yuki no hi no kioku
The Byakuya Gang begin to stir up unrest by leading civilians to protest the Kaminarimon Company because of its wealth. Ryogi worries about his new friend Shikadai, but memories of his past push him forward with the Byakuya Gang's plans.
21 Feb. 2018
Kekkô!! Goku yoru sakusen
The protest against the Kaminarimon Company grows more intense and ninja of all ranks are called to control the crowd. Shikadai senses that the situation is similar to a game of shogi, and suspects the protest is being used as a decoy.
28 Feb. 2018
Naritai sugata
Boruto and Shikadai go after Ryogi and Gekko to stop them from stealing Katasuke's scroll.
7 Mar. 2018
Genin dokyumentarî!!
After their suspension has ended, Team 5 is given a mission from the Hokage to take part in a documentary about genin for the Academy.
14 Mar. 2018
Wasabi de Namida
Team 15 is given a mission to capture animals that have escaped from a zoo. Hanabi Hyuga, their leader, believes that Sumire, Wasabi, and Namida can handle the mission by themselves, but Wasabi and Namida begin to bicker with each other.
21 Mar. 2018
Chûnin senbatsu shiken suisen kaigi
With the Chunin Exams coming soon, Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, and Shino discuss their genin teams and recap their past actions, contemplating if they would be able to handle the exams.