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Season 1

31 Jul. 2018
Episode #1.1
When her children leave home Bel Finch returns to run the Mirror-Bel beauty salon with her vain, self-deluding sister Leanne and her saucy mother Ivy-Rae. Leanne feels resentful though co-workers Heidi and Tina are happy to see Bel, who swiftly revitalizes the ailing salon. Bel's husband Wesley has a brief affair with the glamorous Lorelei Bailey, for whom he has installed a new kitchen but feels ashamed of himself and ends it. However Leanne's husband Teddy, who has long been in love with Bel, exploits the situation.
7 Aug. 2018
Episode #1.2
Now aware of Wes's infidelity Bel plans to meet Lorelei, disguising herself as a plain dumpy woman called Sheila Hoff. She is dismayed by her rival's youth and looks and goes for a glamorous make-over. Despite his guilt feelings Wes resumes the affair with Lorelei but, armed with its knowledge, Bel plans revenge. Meanwhile Bel foils Leanne's attempts to undermine her and the salon but is surprised when Teddy tells her a lie about his wife.
14 Aug. 2018
Episode #1.3
Still envious of Bel Leanne plans to promote the salon with mobile billboards but it is a costly flop and Teddy sides with Bel against her whilst maintaining his lie about his wife. Teddy, along with his gay son Dante from his first marriage, continues to compromise Wes whilst family deceptions are exposed at the salon's official opening. Bel gets Lorelei to confess her feelings about Wes whilst disguised as Sheila but Lorelei is suspicious of her and works out her true identity.
21 Aug. 2018
Episode #1.4
Leanne is surprised when Bel supports her decision to take part in a beauty fair, launching herself as an anti-ageing guru. Here Heidi meets a face from her past and Wes takes time off from a weekend with Lorelei to put in an appearance. Unaware that she has been rumbled by her rival Bel gives Lorelei false information about herself and makes an arrangement with Teddy - which is observed by Lorelei - whilst Wes makes a discovery.
28 Aug. 2018
Episode #1.5
Leanne is dismayed when Teddy stalls on backing her future plans, unaware that her prospective mentor is his ex-wife Shameen. Bel's son Tyler is also shocked to learn that boyfriend Dante is Teddy's son, who has assisted his father in his scheming. Ultimately wise to Teddy's plot to win her Bel rejects him but Leanne, who has seen them together, turns to Wesley for comfort. Before leaving Manchester Lorelei has an honest talk with Bel but Bel has a bigger problem - thanks to Leanne.
29 Aug. 2018
Episode #1.6
As the fire-damaged salon is refurnished Leanne takes to the road with her mobile beauty shop. Bel and Wesley split, with him partnering Leanne and Bel returning to Teddy. In fact Leanne and Wesley marry though Bel and her children attempt to thwart the ceremony and ultimately a bizarre relationship continues despite news from the pregnant Lorelei.

 Season 1 

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