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Ignore the clueless reviewers
davidbdr-115 October 2018
Before I even get into the laughable complaints made by the clueless, I must write that this is the first film in a very long time that I found compelling and didn't notice the "long running time." Some films deserve to take their time to reveal the story. If that bothers you--go watch the latest inane, super hero CGI fest that spoon feeds you your shallow entertainment.

The idea that Man corrupts religion for his own ends is the main theme. It is obvious that many viewers have lost the ability to actually watch a film and grasp its concepts. They complain about "no plot" when it's right there on the screen. If the film is not edited with the frenetic pace of a television commercial--it is considered slow.

Yes, there are thematic similarities to the original Wicker Man (not the pathetic Americanized atrocity made recently) but that is just due to the use of an isolated setting and Pagan religion and mythology. The plots are distinctly different.

Someone made a comment about the use of a "Zippo" lighter being somehow how bad the film was. Quick research (which obviously the filmmaker did) shows that "automatic" lighters where available by 1889 and the particular lighter shown was available in 1905! Zippo did not invent lighters--they just refined them and mass produced them for WW2. Don't claim knowledge if you don't posses it.

Another complaint was the island's village was too primitive for 1905? Really, Hand-hewn buildings look just like this. Again, every idiot who can thumb type thinks they know better than the filmmaker.

This is not a review of the film but more a review of the proliferation of useless, pointless "opinion" blurbs that people believe are reviews. A review is also not just a recounting of the plot. Just typing "this movie was a waste of time" is not relevant to anyone but the typist.

If a film about man's corruption of religion and an creepy use of Celtic/Earth mythology acting as the metaphor and some gruesome violence thrown in doesn't hold your interest maybe Transformers would suit you better.
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Its a sin that this film did not get a theatrical release.
eliasmmorris12 October 2018
I cannot believe there are any bad reviews for this film. I'll keep this brief.

This film is an absolute gift for anyone who loves true horror. Much like The VVitch it is a beautifully acted and written period piece set in the early 1900's. The pacing is perfect, the tone is driving and rhythmic, never was there a point during this film where I was bored. The characters were fleshed out and easy to empathize with. Overall I thought this was fantastic. I think it's almost a waste that its a netflix film and did not get a theatrical release.

Anyone who loves the idea of paganism, cults, religion without pandering to Christians (which is what The Conjuring does, even though I am a fan of those films), or period pieces will love this film. Do your self a favor and give it a chance.
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The horryfying nature of men is scarier than the horrors of the supernatural.
Fella_shibby14 October 2018
I saw this film without watching the trailer, without checkin about the star cast n without reading anything about it. The name of Gareth Evans was suffice. Been a huge fan of him after Merantau, Raid 1 n 2 n Killers. After completion, I was not at all disappointed. I was waiting for a movie like Black Death n this movie came like a pleasant surprise. The cinematography is top notch n the music appropriate. Dan Stevens n Sheen did a wonderful job. The film started with some beautiful scenery of the train on the bridge n the island hamlet resembling a poetry. There is something sinister about films based on cult theme. There is one particular ritualistic killing scene. That made me cringe man. Fans of Black Death, The Sacrament n Wicker Man will definitely enjoy this. My two cribs - If only the pagan goddess shown was as hot as Carice van Houten from Black Death. There was no explanation regarding the Grinder n the Witch.
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Apostle: Starts strong, trails off
Platypuschow13 December 2018
Apostle is another Netflix original, a collaboration between UK and US production companies and is certainly a memorable tale.

It tells the story of a man who visits a secluded island housed by a mysterious cult that have kidnapped his sister. But beneath the visage is something even more sinister than he could have possibly imagined.

It comes under the horror genre, I question that. Is it really? Thriller seems to suit it better.

Starring Michael Sheen in a truly excellent performance by him this grisly, dark, moody little film really got my attention early on but by about half way it seemed to have lost its way. Like the writer had a good idea but didn't know how to follow through with it.

I'm not saying Apostle is a bad movie, it has some great themes and looks great but from an entertainment perspective it finds itself somewhat lacking. I'm not a person who needs everything spelling out for him, I don't mind things being left open to interpretation but there is a fine line between that and just leaving things a tad too open.

Apostle is a watchable effort with some nice ideas but as for what they were actually aiming for I think it's a swing and a miss. Shame.

The Good:

Looks the part

Michael Sheen

A few decent ideas

The Bad:

Doesn't really come together very well

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Concerningly that lifestyle (Minus the religion) oddly appeals to me

Christian torture devices are the stuff of nightmares
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A witch is for life (not just for a pagan festival)
bowmanblue18 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
You know how it is... you buy a witch for your children when it's young. Sure, it's cute with its little broomstick and pointed green nose, but soon the kids grow up and only want a cell phone and Snapchat account. And you find you're the one left feeding and looking after the confused elderly woman who doesn't know whether to pet her black cat or boil her cauldron. What do you do with her? Flush her down the toilet and run the risk of her mutating in a sewer into a giant witch, or drive her out to the middle of nowhere and dump her, leaving yourself open to allegations of 'witch abuse.' No, the best thing to do is lock her up out of site and occasionally feed her then pretend like nothing ever happened. Welcome to 'Apostle' - Netflix's latest original horror film.

Only it's not present day, it's roughly a hundred years ago and the whole thing feels like someone has watched 'The Wicker Man' (the original, not the one with 'The bees! The bees'! Not the bees in my eyes!') and kind of changed a few things around. A man from mainland Britain (Dan Stevens) travels to a 'backward' island off the coast to find a missing girl. There, he discovers the settlement isn't quite as perfect as people have led him to believe.

I know I'm being a bit flippant about the whole storyline, but it's actually pretty watchable, especially if you already have Netflix and are into horror - then it's a definite watch. Dan Stevens does well to 'roughen' his natural good looks and make himself appear more dishevelled throughout the whole film and he's a good leading man. The head villagers are suitably bonkers and when we see the more 'otherworldly' inhabitants, they're done with make-up rather than CGI, which is nice.

What's definitely worth a mention is the cinematography, which is pretty amazing. I'm not sure where this was filmed, but it really does look an amazingly beautify location and the set is built to replicate the time period perfectly. The scenery and establishing shots look so crisp the almost reminded me of some sort of Playatation 4 cut-scene which has been rendered to look that good.

The film's does suffer from being a little on the long side - two hours, rather than the more 'standard' ninety minutes and there's probably at least quarter of an hour that could have been cut to move things along a bit. There are a few sub-plots which could have been trimmed to accomplish this. But, all in all, it's a good, atmospheric, slow-burner of a horror film which many should enjoy.
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Good Horror
Pairic12 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Apostle: A truly savage Horror Film which only falls down on it's excessive running time. Thomas (Dan Stevens) goes to an isolated island to track down his sister who has been abducted by a strange religious cult, they worship She, the Goddess of the Island. The religion was founded by three men who claim to be escaped felons, imprisoned for treason. The leader (and Prophet) of the Cult is Malcolm (Michael Sheen), he preaches a gospel of sharing and equality, the island is presented as a refuge for the down trodden. It soon becomes obvious that Malcolm has a group of enforcers who see that his orders are carried out and who seek out dissent and blasphemy.

Thomas saves Malcolm from an assassins dagger and gains his trust. Wounded in the attack, thomas is nursed by Malcolm's daughter Andrea (Lucy Boynton) who is independent minded. As Malcolm and his deputy Quinn (Mark Lewis Jones) discover the conveyor of the ransom is on the island and seek him out. Getting crazier and crazier, going from mere repressive Theocrats to mad Prophets.

Apostle is reminiscent of The Wicker Man at times with the need to appease a Deity to secure the harvest and also has Lovecraftian influences involving the worship of a Sea Goddess; it even made me think of the recent Cold Skin. Torture, murder and ritual execution abound and this is not a film for the squeamish. The tension builds but at times Thomas (an ex-priest) goes into asides regarding his lack of belief. But he does become a one-man army determined to rescue his sister and vanquish the Cult leaders and their thugs.

A good Horror Film rather than a great one is delivered by director and screenwriter Garth Evans. Apostle might well benefit from a cut of perhaps 20 minutes in the 130 minutes running time. 7.5/10. On Netflix.
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Beware of high praise and scathing critique
flynncam11 December 2018
The people giving this film 10/10 are being too nice and those giving 1/10 are being overly critical. The truth, for whatever my opinion is worth, is somewhere in between. The acting is actually quite good, with Michael Sheen giving a particularly extraordinary performance. The setting is beautiful and the film overall beautiful to look at.

The concept is interesting as well and the first 45 minutes actually seem to fly by because the premise is so compelling; you'll want to know what's going to happen. Unfortunately, the plot seems to slowly deteriorate after that as Gareth Evans remembers that he needs to throw in a healthy amount of gore to please his greatest fans and the storytelling takes a serious hit in the process. It ends up somewhat confused and chaotic and not in an interesting way.
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A very intense horror film - and a potential cult classic.
Councillor300412 October 2018
Gareth Evans, most famously known for his films in "The Raid" franchise, has crafted an enchanting and thrilling potential cult classic surrounding a mysterious religious cult within a period horror story. With an atmosphere reminiscent of the famous Scottish film "The Wicker Man" (1973), perhaps even similar to 2015's "The Witch" to a certain extent, what Evans came up with is a tale of violence, revenge and hatefulnes, a tale in which love is punished and has no future. It's incredibly violent and nothing for those who can't bear the sight of blood and pain, but beneath the violence which is so indispensably linked to the core of the story, there is also a well-constructed plot filled with memorable characters. In so many horror films, you will have a memorable story, but weak characters you can't connect with, whereas with "Apostle", it's impossible not to get attached to most of these characters, or at the very least to feel interested in their ultimate fate.

Evans delves deep into personalities of his characters and confronts them with morally significant questions, in the process also benefiting from the strong cast he was able to assemble. Dan Stevens is a good actor, albeit with a limited acting range, but in "Apostle", he manages to get back to the roots of what made the 2014 film "The Guest" so great. In terms of going absolutely crazy, Dan Stevens' performance could even be compared to Nicolas Cage' acting in "Mandy", another potential cult thriller released just a few weeks ago. He was the perfect choice for the character of Thomas Richardson, and so was Michael Sheen for the prophet's role. Bill Milner, a rising British star who I think has a very interesting future in the business ahead of him, Mark Lewis Jones and Kristine Froseth add to a number of haunting supporting performances. In the end, "Apostle" is probably about twenty minutes too long; its material is not deep enough to justify a runtime of 130 minutes, and on the other hand, there are a few scenes which could have been cut for the purpose of making the film more fast-paced. However, that's something I didn't have much of an issue with, as I personally enjoyed the film tremendously from beginning to end. Not everyone is going to like it, perhaps due to the runtime, perhaps due to the violence, but even aside from my personal opinion, this film is well-directed and well-acted, the cinematography is superb and the plot just keeps getting more intense, more engaging, more and more thrilling after a slow, yet harrowing beginning. Reactions to this film are probably going to be divided, but I hope "Apostle" will nevertheless get the audience it deserves, as it is, in my humble opinion, on par with the best horror films of 2018.
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I liked this
marcusdavis4013 October 2018
I thought Apostle was a great period piece,i was reading some the negative reviews about this movie.I don't know what the hell some of these reviewers were watching or talking about but it sure as hell was'nt the movie that i was watching.This movie was very well made ,the acting was first rate. The story was great kept my attention folks should definetly give this a look see.
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Chancery_Stone9 November 2018
Overly long, feels like it runs for 4 hours, although it's only 2, and sadly lacking in a plot - or point. It looks great, grimy and 'authentic', but authentically what? It felt like it didn't know what period it was, or even what country it was in. Western frontier houses in what looked like Wales, with WW1 costumes with what looked like Regency guns. But worse than all of this was Dan Stevens lead character. I don't know what the had been told to emote, but all we got was 'addict-having breakdown' combined with what was supposed to be, I assume, 'distraught black sheep desperate to find girl'. Instead he just looked cross and pouty all the time, constantly gurning and giving sidelong glances. He was meant to be 'hidden' but spent so much time looking shifty and furtive he more or less had a sign above him. Then there was the 'earth spirit', for want of a better word for her. She was evil - or maybe not. She didn't want to eat, yet sucked down blood like she was starving. She was tied up but spent all the time somehow wandering about the woods, taking strolls or just popping up randomly. And the leaders were religious, or maybe not. Maybe communists, or radicals, or maybe just a branch of the Rotarians. Who knows - they certainly didn't.

Muddled, sullen, unentertaining and incoherent. Not surreal or weird, just incoherent. Dreadful.
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I mourn a great idea, directed to smithereens
seiteom27 October 2018
When watching Apostle, I get the same feeling as with some other bad movies in recent years. A lot is just right; there are really interesting and good ideas in the material, and most actors are okay, music quite good, and the visuals are great. But the direction and editing of the film just kills it. I think this is the basic incorrect assumption that moves the director in this case: the audience will totally buy anything that happens if it fits within the stereotypical narrative I signal at the start of the movie. A cultish and isolated community = brave but haunted individualists fight against weak but cynical communitarians that always become too dogmatic for their own good. If the film narrative is kept within those parameters, the audiences will totally buy everything. But that assumption is wrong. We, the audience, are capable of noticing when characters act out of character (happens a lot here), when people suddenly seem to have dressed up in black sacrifice clothes in seconds, or people change their opinions of each other between two scenes. Lesson learned: don't adapt everything to a stupid, stereotypical narrative. Instead, adapt the narrative to great ideas and interesting characters. I know it's hard, but that's what they pay you for! Anyway, I mourn the really interesting idea at the bottom of this train wreck of a film, as well as the great photography.
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Little substance
javan2323 April 2019
Great visuals, creepy atmosphere, however the story steadily loses its grip and devolves into sillyness.
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Not as good as it should be
Leofwine_draca13 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As a massive fan of director Gareth Evans and his two RAID masterpieces, I was eagerly awaited his much-delayed next feature. But it turns out that APOSTLE is a very different beast altogether, and nowhere near as satisfying as those pulse-pounding masterpieces. It's a perfectly acceptable watch as a film, but there's no denying that this is a derivative and minor work, in which the storyline feels stretched out to fit the two hour running time. The obvious inspiration here is THE WICKER MAN but I was surprised to see this turning GAME OF THRONES lite in the second half. The first hour is a definite slow burner and very well directed, although Dan Stevens is a bit over the top as the protagonist. The second half is quite bitty, featuring some decent set-pieces, action and gore effects, but feeling disappointingly thin overall. The supporting cast put in assured performances but once every slightest bit of mystery is explained the film loses its mystique and the supernatural elements never really gel with the story of human jealousy and rivalry. I'd say that APOSTLE's worth a watch, but it's not one I'd be in a hurry to revisit.
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A totall mess
jovanovicjelena25 October 2018
Just a pointless totall mess. Seems like the director had ideas for at least 17 movie plots and decided to combine them in this one. Absolutely nothing makes sense.
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Not a fan of modern horror, but wow.
odmanout13 October 2018
While I enjoyed the VVitch, it seemed a bit slow. This movie takes that tone and runs with it. I would say it's sort of like Wicker Man meets the VVitch with a soundtrack like There Will Be Blood.

I read a review that said there was a ton of violence (especially towards animals). Made me think it would be as bad as Canibal Holocost. That, it was not. I assumed I wasn't ready for the amount of violence, but honestly, it was done with some restraint. Enough to frighten, but being a fan of the raid, I could be biased.

I honestly didn't think Gareth would have the chops to make a good horror film, but lo and behold, the cinematography was excellent, acting was great, direction and pace was fine. Maybe the VVitch made me ready for something slower, but the supernatural elements were a bit of a surprise.

Great horror movie. Watch the trailer. It's exactly what the trailer says it is.
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Amazing horror/thriller.
jashezilla12 October 2018
Apostle absolutely blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning until the crazy, climactic end. Evans creates a tense, atmospheric, twisting thriller that all comes crashing down into its horrific end.
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Visually stunning garbage
brendan-821-65485515 October 2018
The new Netflix film Apostle is 2 hours of my life I'll never get back again. Unlikeable characters, gratuitous violence, clunky and pretentious dialogue, plot incoherence, and if the pacing was any slower it'd be going backwards. A film so bad only professional critics will like it.
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The further it goes, the emptier it gets.
Tehmeh13 January 2019
"Apostle", on the surface, is a good movie. Technically well-made, cinematography is good, actors are very good, it's atmospheric and very thematic and seems quite driven.

That's until it starts to resemble a pile of loose ideas and themes, and the last 30-40 minutes feel like someone was trying to make it all come together, while losing the plot.

Dan Stevens has charisma. Give the man more roles! He can carry a scene without effort. Most of the actors here do a really good job, and I thank them, because their talent, in hindsight, masked a lot of meaningless filler. That filler was almost always atmospheric, exciting and sometimes grotesque and haunting - and by itself deserves recognition, but when I think of the scenes as vital part of the story and movie, I can't help but feel that most of the movie was empty, cynically dressing itself to look like it wasn't. Ultimately, I thought most of the characters were wasted as well. That makes me dislike this movie more, because it's pretentious. It doesn't have a beating heart, it really doesn't even have anything to say, if we don't count it as some kind of nihilistic commentary, and even that is ruined when one of the main characters has to explain some of the themes and plot with a few forced lines at the end, just in case someone didn't get it. Yes, I get what the movie pretended it was about. It didn't hit home, it didn't land, and no, I'm not going to watch Transformers after this.

This movie, to me, is the same thing as "Altered Carbon" the series, only more subtle at times, with better acting and better individual understanding of a scene. They both represent something I've come to loathe.

I won't go as far as to say that this film is only torture/misery porn, even if it often is, there is something about it. It's not all lost, it's not all ruined, and if you're the sort of person who cares more about moods and wandering thoughts than an impactful, meaningful story, there's a good chance you will like this one. It isn't popcorn horror, there are no jumpscares, and it can be unsettling. To me, that wasn't enough. I almost feel like movies like these are trying so hard to be different to certain kinds of mainstream movies that they become prisoners of their own ambition, and forget about the core when they're too busy with appearance. Cinematic craftsmanship and surface-level quality can't always hide it.

It's not bad, in many ways it's good and technically quite sound, but I ended up with nothing, Give me a movie with a heart, give me a movie that's composed of vital organs. Don't give me surface, don't give me this. No amount of torture, misery and horror isn't enough to mask all this emptiness. (The cast was awesome though!)
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Absurd and WAY too long
mamalbg15 October 2018
This movie is just a marathon of stupidity. There's no real Suspense or horro. It's just backstabbing religious nuts with some teen girls wearing too much makeup

There was a point I figured it had to be wrapping nil already after what seemed like endless boring pointlessness , and there was another hour to go.

I really don't u understand the 10 star ratings. Save tourself some time and skip this
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Pretty good, but should've been better
TwistedContent13 October 2018
I was really hyped up for this one - I loved both "Raid" parts & folk/cult subgenre is one of my favorites in all things horror. I was expecting a sort of mashup of "The VVitch" and "Wicker man" (the original, of course), but what I got is a sort of a Lovecraftian "Wicker man", which is totally not bad. Let's start with the pros: amazing cinematography, decent acting, intriguing settings and well-done gore & fight scenes. That's enough pros to make a movie average or better than that. But what was wrong? Mainly pacing & plot. This could've easily been a 90minutes long horror flick, without losing much of the atmosphere. "The Apostle" was shook by a set-up too long, consisting of many uninterrupted long shots, walking, watching, staring etc., they were making suspense and doing an overkill at that. What about the plot? It's engaging enough (just enough), but ultimately fails to deliver some answers to some burning questions. To sum it up, it's an above-average Netflix original, a very decent horror film, average mystery drama & an entertaining watch for any folk/cult/religion/Lovecraftian loving horror fan. I give it a solid 7/10.
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Metaphors only work when they teach a logical conclusion
digitalbeachbum13 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mixing religions and ideas from different eras and communities does not work. It's like mixing water with oil. They don't mix. You shake them up and it appears they are thoroughly mixed, but when you let it sit, the oil separates and your efforts are wasted.

This movie is about mankind and religion. It mixes christianity with a variety of other mythological folklore, such as witchcraft. This is failure number one because the mixing of the religions doesn't work. You can't mix water and oil together.

The movie also has poor character development. You have a leader who is supposed to be in full command of the island. He has these "warrior guards" who are willing to defend him against an assassin. You also have some followers who listen intently and follow his every command. Then a few scenes later, they all go against him for no reason. Everything falls apart and is forced because the director and/or the writer(s) don't understand about natural development of their characters. It was rushed and forced, just so they could get from the beginning to the end. There was no middle. Failure number two.

The idea of blood giving to plants is an ancient one, but this movie apparently has the entire life of the island related to the blood of a few individuals. Blood was supposed to be, on many levels, an elixir , which could be poisoned or cleansed.

You also see an evil man giving his blood to the witch. This would be poison and not nourishment. It is confusing and shows that the writer(s) and directors didn't understand the ancient myths about how blood was used in their rituals.

It wasn't that one drop of it could make whole crops grow. It was one drop for one drop. Equal parts. This movie makes it that one drop will solve all the problems of the island.

After the which is burned you see the guards are all impaled in the trees and there is confusion. People appear to be leaving or running away. The girls escape to a boat and there is a explosion with a waterfall of blood in to the ocean? Too much symbolism, to much confusion. No explanation of the situation, no character development, no resolving the story.

My final beef with the story is that the the "savior" guy then takes the place of the witch, thus saving the island and the cult. You see the leader realizing that he has a new witch who he can exploit and use to save his religion.

All in all, the movie felt like they were trying to push a square peg in through a round hole. They rushed everything, they lacked proper character explanation and development. It did have a few interesting scenes, but the characters didn't have any motivation. They lacked continuity. They seemed pushed through the movie to do things just to make a scene happen.

It sucked. I could write a better story and I did so. I wrote a short story about a witch who would trick people in to her home and then she would use their bodies to grow food, which she later sold at market, back to the villagers who bullied her. She was finally caught, executed, and the village died because none of the crops would produce enough food for them.
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It goes far beyond bad
Joakimxj8 January 2019
Normally, I do not write reviews, but I had to do one for this movie. For everyone who watched the movie and read this review afterwards, I feel sorry for you and that you had to watch this masterpiece of trash.

In brief, there was a great deal of confusion, and there was disorder and chaos. It felt like they spend the whole budget of the movie on the first half and then forgot, that they were making a movie that lasted for more than 120 minitues. And seriously?! Can we talk about why this movies is 120 minitues?! What the actual f...............

I cannot recommend this movie. It goes far beyond bad. Words cannot describe. The characters were boring, the story was crazy weird, the acting was so bad in the end, and there are so many boring scenes, that should have been shorten down or should not have been there. This was endless torture. Do. Not. Watch. It. ZzZzZzzzZ.
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Not black and white but grey and bloodsoaked.
arthall9217 October 2018
I've watched many films recently where I found myself reaching for my phone to aid my distracted mind through a dull moment of storytelling. However with this I was genuinely captivated. It looked fantastic, the music helped guide me through the film and the setting was particularly refreshing.

Nobody takes on a tired cliche here (except for maybe strap face, bit more back story there would have been appreciated). I cared for all the characters and the choices they were making. The relationships they held. And ultimately the consequences of those choices. I believed their decisions.

As for being scary? Not so much. But it's a horror film and horrific it was. Found myself squirming at a few scenes. Horrified by the things people do for their beliefs (or what people use there beliefs to do perhaps).

I enjoyed it a lot. I don't think 99 percent of films deserve a one star review so when I read the reviews on here I felt the need to lend my voice. First review so sorry if it is poo.
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Interesting and compelling thriller
crom-dubh13 October 2018
Not sure why all the very negative reviews. While not a masterpiece, I found this pretty enjoyable. Yes, if you're expecting the in media res of The Raid you're probably in for a disappointment, as this is a bit of a slower burn. There are some pretty intensely violent moments but they are in the minority. No, it is not a perfect movie, but I think it successfully segues from period piece to horror film pretty well. Some people will probably have a problem with the fact that it isn't enough of one or the other. It's a difficult film to classify and there are some narrative holes. But I think it has enough interesting elements, stand-out scenes, and general intrigue to warrant a 7/10.
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Bloody awful
rzemph15 October 2018
It starts out silly and implausible, with two-dimensional characters in unexplained, hard-to-believe situations, spouting trite, cliché-ridden dialogue, and then rapidly descends into a free-wheeling, plotless, characterless mess. This may seem an exaggeration, but it is not. The creators seem to think that to see gore on the screen is all the public wants by way of entertainment, and the screenplay (it seems almost absurd to dignify the writing n this film with the name) veers all over the place, regardless of sense, characterisation or narrative, just to provide instances of blood-spattered violence. The last twenty minutes or so are cringe-makingly bad, enough to make you feel embarrassed for everyone involved.
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