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beautiful piece of humanity
michaelmangia28 June 2018
I really enjoyed this simple film, it has a lot of heart. both the main character cyd and the aunt were really beautiful characters dealing with life and connection. both those actresses are so charismatic.
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A great film in so many ways....
MartinHafer26 October 2017
"Princess Cyd" is a wonderful film in many ways. I was surprised because my expectations weren't particularly high. As a result, I'm gonna seek out more of writer/director Stephen Cone's films.

The story begins with Aunt Miranda (Rebecca Spence) attending a lecture about her books, as she'apparently a famous writer. But her dinner afterwards is interrupted by a phone call...her brother-in-law needs a break from his daughter, Cyd (Jessie Pinnick), and asks Miranda to take her in Chicago for a couple weeks. She's happy to and soon Cyd arrives. Cyd seems like a pretty normal teen and it's obvious at first that she thinks Aunt Miranda (who she hardly knows) is a dull lady...just like EVERY adult. But over time they hit it off well and Cyd learns that her aunt is a pretty cool lady...not just because of her books but because she's incredibly chill about Cyd's sexuality. Instead of being scared to discuss sex or Cyd's bisexuality, she's supportive...which is great because soon Cyd meets up with Katie (Malic White) and they fall for each other.

I noticed that the other review referred to this as a Lesbian film. Well, perhaps Katie is gay...but what makes it interesting is that Cyd is clearly bisexual...something you rarely hear about in movies. I talked with the director/writer and it turns out he's openly gay and he did seem to have a very female-positive attitude in this film. His female characters were exceptionally well written and I also appreciated how he avoided a mistake some other filmmakers make. There is a rape (or attempted rape) scene in the film and he chose to show very little and mostly imply the attack....and this is great because sometimes these scenes are just too vivid and disturbing. This could either trigger PTSD responses in some viewers OR possibly excite the prurient interest of some sick thanks for NOT going there!

Overall, the story does an amazing amount without a lot of money or scope. Just a lot of real people acting in ways we can believe...and I really, really loved this film.
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A rare review
stevesmartpoetry17 August 2018
I don't review movies much anymore, but there were things about Princess Cyd that I wanted to make note of, in hopes that others who are '... hmm... not sure..'. might give it a chance if they come across it. It's on Netflix and I'm sure available other places too.

I've watched a lot of indie dramas through my life and rarely have I come across one that felt as satisfying as this by the closing credits. Poignant without being saccharine, intelligent without being "clever", slow but well paced. Mostly though, I was impressed at the choices made by the writer/director, and very probably the editor, to avoid dramatic cliches and over-used tropes. There's a sense of quiet subversion at work here, a sense of veering off in a new direction at the moments we've been trained to think 'Ohhh, I know exactly where this is about to go, and ohhh I wish it wasn't.' Pleasantly surprising. I don't want to give much away, let others be equally surprised.

If you like films that make you feel you haven't seen them before, that show restraint and intelligent plotting, well you could do a hell of a lot worse than Princess Cyd. I kinda loved it. 8/10 is high for me.
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The best lesbian film at the Rochester LGBT festival
Red-12520 October 2017
Princess Cyd (2017) was written and directed by Stephen Cone. Reviewers have described it as a coming-of-age movie, and that's what it is. However, that's only partly what it is.

Jessie Pinnick plays Cyd Loughlin, a young woman who is visiting her Aunt Miranda in Chicago for the summer. Cyd hasn't clarified her sexual identity, but, as far as we can tell, she's bisexual. As you'd expect, experiences during the summer help shape who Cyd is, and who she wants to be. OK--fair enough, but nothing truly unusual.

Rebecca Spence plays Cyd's Aunt Miranda. Spence gives a riveting performance as an adult who has come of age. She knows who she is, she knows what she is, and she knows where she wants to be. It would have been easy for director Cone to make Miranda a fussy aunt, or a drunken aunt, or a sexually promiscuous aunt. She's none of those. She likes her life, she loves Cyd, and she is a whole person in herself, not just in relationship to her niece. It's wonderful to see the skill with which Spence portrays this role.

Princess Cyd was shown at Rochester's excellent Little Theatre, as the opening night selection of ImageOut, the great Rochester LGBT Film Festival. My prediction is that it will win the audience award as best narrative film. It was certainly my best narrative film. It will work well on the small screen. It's definitely worth seeking out and watching.
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A Wonderful Surprise
Moviegoer1922 February 2018
As other reviewers have said, I approached watching this film with low expectations, i.e., as one of Netflix's films that don't necessarily measure up, but boy was I wrong! Princess Cyd is one of the better films I've seen recently. I think what makes it so good is that the potential is there for it to fall into predictable, cliched material, and yet it doesn't. Rather, it is a beautifully acted and written script in which the two main characters enjoy and respect each other. The character of Aunt Miranda is so likable and admirable that she sets the standard for the whole film. We watch as she and her young niece spend time together during a summer, getting to know each other as well as themselves. I loved how not only did Cyd learn from her aunt, but her aunt learned from her, too. The film overall has a peaceful, though not boring, feeling, with many likable characters.
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Poorly constructed intellectual masturbation.
kitellis-9812110 July 2018
This was not an enjoyable film to watch, and it took a conscious effort of will to stick with it until the end.

It is by no means terrible. In fact, on the surface it should have been my kind of flick. The central teen character is struggling with her bisexual identity. I did that when I was her age. She goes to stay with her offbeat bohemian aunt who is a celebrated author, academic, and general all-round intellectual. Well, I used to stay with my offbeat bohemian grandma, who was a celebrated author, academic, and general all-round intellectual. So I should have, at least to some extent, related to this film.

But from the outset the whole movie just reeked of intellectual masturbation, of the sort frequently perpetrated by film students.

Technically it is more competent than a student film, although many of the secondary characters are played by actors who seem inexperienced and lacking technique.

The script is uneven, and way too verbose - to the point that it seems to be deliberately alienating the audience, rather than drawing them in. The direction does the same thing (no surprise since it was directed by the writer), and the first two thirds of the movie lurched from unfinished thought to unrealised idea, with jarring edits that confuse the narrative and create a near-constant state of discomfort in the viewer.

At first I wondered if the awkward and discordant storytelling was intentional, and if, perhaps, the writer-director wanted to discomfort his audience as a way of proving some deeper point. But by the end of the film I still can't figure out what that point might be.

I should have connected with the story, because of the specific parallels with my own life, and the fact that it has wider resonances with the human experience. But I wasn't able to settle into it until it was nearly over, and then, after a few good scenes, it lurched into a rushed and clunky ending.

Ultimately I can only put it down to poor filmmaking, from initial script to final edit.
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Fantastically Simple Drama
highdesert420-685-36088514 February 2018
(No spoilers) I started this movie with pretty low expectations, and it started out pretty slow and typical, with a predictable story line. But after about 20 minutes I was strangely fixated on it. I think it was due to great cast, the very strong acting, and the dialogue which was out of the ordinary and gets you just far enough out of your comfort zone to be interesting, but stays enough towards the middle to keep it 100% believable. There are some sexual scenes and explicit language, so don't watch with kids or family members unless they're on that level. Everything is done in a tasteful and artistic manner though, but still sexually explicit. I almost didn't want this movie to end, but it ended at the right time. The scenery and cinematography were pretty basic and standard, nothing special because it didn't need to be, the film doesn't rely on it, but the lighting and camera angles worked perfectly with the story and cast, lots of close-ups, filmed in an intimate manner, felt like I was there in the movie. Once again, fantastic acting by wonderful actors. Most of the newer movies of this genre disappoint me, I watch for 20 minutes then shut it off. So glad I decided to give this one a try. Bravo!
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Family is family
bettycjung15 March 2018
3/14/18. This is a delightful coming-of-age story about 16 year-old Cyd, who spends the summer with her unmarried aunt, Miranda. While their personalities are very different, they are family and they do eventually bond. In the process they learn about each other as they are, and accept each other for their uniqueness. Cyd explores her bisexuality and Miranda, a gifted writer, learns to be more spontaneous in her life. Worth catching because it shows how family ties can really make up for losses that may otherwise destroy one's hope for the future.
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Cute, feel-good movie
anketice16 March 2020
This is really cute, feel-good movie, but somehow very down to earth and realistic. It shows how women in different life stages can grow as persons regarding their sexuality, spirituality and spreading horizons.

Also, Cyd and Katie have a good chemistry. They are little bit awkward in the beginning (just like IRL :) ), but they are getting more comfortable over the time.

All in all, really cool move.
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This film makes you say wow and not in a good way.
sreuben-539217 February 2020
Wow. Where to begin with Princess Cyd? I'll start with how pretentious it is. It is yet again another artsy LGBT film which "did well" yet I found amazingly dull and absent of life. I was bored out of my mind watching this film, and had to force myself to watch the last 30 minutes. The characters won't mean anything to you because you won't grow attached in any way possible. In fact, I found Cyd quite annoying. I can't even remember the other girls name, she was so drab. In fact, I cannot remember any of the characters names except the titular Cyd. (Only because she's in the title mind you) It's just drivel, and the acting is okay I guess. The cinematography is nice but doesn't make up for what the script and overall storyline lacks. I don't think I'd be watching this one again.
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Lackluster Chemistry
tsanflip5 September 2019
I don't typically type out reviews, I usually give movies and shows whatever star rating I think they deserve and move on with my life but I have to give people a heads up on this movie. I originally watched this movie because of the good rating rotten tomatoes gave it and the general consensus so... I thought it wouldn't be too bad. But I was wrong. The actress who plays Cyd is beautiful, but the personality of the character is really weird, to the point that I found her very unlikeable. Her and Katie did not portray good chemistry, didn't seem like they would be friends let alone be romantic with each other. The only saving grace from this movie was the Aunt. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.
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Nice intellectual summer movie
siderite7 July 2018
A young girl goes to spend the summer with her famous writer aunt. They haven't seen each other for a long time, for reasons unknown, and the entire film is about the interaction between the two women and some locals. There is some lesbian romance involved, discussions about books and sex and a bit of coming of age. The acting is good, the characters complex, the story all about exploring those characters. There is little tension and it's all about women being women. If it weren't for the success of Call My By Your Name I would have liked almost everything about it. However, with that movie in mind, Princess Cyd felt a little bit derivative, although the subject matter is reasonably different.

All and all, a movie I recommend to people who enjoy complex characters and discussing real human issues.
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Bad movie.
stella-5985429 December 2018
That was a bad movie. Definitely won't see it ever again.
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zondaar-887-73383718 July 2019
Rebecca Spence is the only one who does This movie can be seen from beginning to end. Her acting performances are good and she makes a very good figure.

An otherwise jumble of a movie.
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A Princess indeed
darkreignn24 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Princess Cyd" is one of the most lovely LGBTQ films I've seen in recent memory. With all of the raw romance of "Blue Is The Warmest Color," without the gratuitous, overly long sex scenes, "Princess Cyd" is truly a beautiful movie that'll give you butterflies in your stomach and make you fall in love with the characters just as quickly as they fall in love with each other.

Now, was that a mildly pretentious opening paragraph to this review? Of course it was, but I really wanted to convey how gorgeous this movie is, both aesthetically as well as internally. For one thing, the cinematography is truly a sight to behold, bursting with light and color and beauty. There are scenes in this film that I'm still thinking of because of how pretty they were to look at. And of course, the romance between the two main characters was a joy to witness as well.

The movie shows Cyd, played marvelously by Jessie Pinnick, slowly realizing that she's gaining interest in a local barista. Now I've had plenty of coffeeshop crushes, the only difference being I've never actually been successful in getting a date out of any of them. Cyd, she should be teaching day game classes because she starts dating this girl faster then you can say "I'm not gay but at this point if a guy was interested in me I'd be willing to give him a chance." My own ramblings about my love life aside, the one thing I didn't enjoy about this movie, or rather the one thing I found mildly unrealistic, was how quickly the relationship between Cyd and her love interest moved. It seems like within a few days of knowing her, Cyd is already talking about have sex with her, which is not a bad thing at all, it just seemed like the director kind of wanted to rush their romance instead of taking a little more time to develop it.

Also, there is some mildly cringy dialogue in this film, dialogue that I cannot imagine ever taking place in real life. For example, there is a scene where Cyd tells her love interest that she plays soccer, and she responds with, "Soccer? That's fu*king hot!" Now maybe that's a normal reaction to have when someone tells you that they play soccer, but I'll be damned if it didn't make me cringe in my seat because of how unexpectedly sexual her response to Cyd playing soccer was. There are a few other moments of uncomfortably unrealistic dialogue as well, but other than that, "Princess Cyd" is absolutely gorgeous.

If you like romance films, and if you like LGBTQ romance films, I'm betting that you'll like this film. I really like romance movies, and I especially find LGBTQ romance films heartwarming for whatever reason, and "Princess Cyd" seemed to be just what I needed - I'm not ashamed to say that I fell in love with the film.

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Just What My Soul Needed
ppedream10 June 2019
Can't say enough about how this film was special. I needed something just like it to shut out all the noise. Very well done.

In addition, I lived in Toledo for a spell after college and there was a similar thing called Any Wednesday. It was always a special, unexpected evening as well.

Watch it.
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