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Season 3

28 Sep. 2018
Power Struggle
When King Pen is kidnapped by Strykore, the Skylanders must put aside their search for Spyro and rescue their old friend. Meanwhile, Stealth Elf tries to help Kaossandra find her purpose now that she's on the good side.
28 Sep. 2018
The Truth is in Here
Undercover at the Academy, Dark Spyro hopes to find the location of Arkus by creating an app for Eon's phone that will brainwash him into revealing the secret. Meanwhile, Kaos thinks he's finally discovered the perfect evil way to serve Strykore.
28 Sep. 2018
Sky Hard
When a mysterious new villain destroys an island, the Skylanders bring Kaboom along in order to diffuse the villain's explosives. However, the Skylanders inflated egos may get in the way of victory and of discovering the identity of this new threat.
28 Sep. 2018
A Traitor Among Us
Eruptor is convinced that Kaossandra is Strykore's evil spy and must be stopped, but when the two are abducted by mischievous trolls, they suddenly find themselves forced to work together.
28 Sep. 2018
In Like Flynn
When Eon enlists the help of the famous Captain Flynn to assist the team in bringing Kaos to justice, the Skylanders discover the legendary stories about him may just be tall tales.
28 Sep. 2018
Weekend at Eon's
When Eon is knocked unconscious, Jet-Vac and Dark Spyro are transported inside Eon's body and must work together to convince a visiting inspector not to shut the Academy down.
28 Sep. 2018
Road Rage
Hoping to become Kaossandra's protégé, Stealth Elf volunteers to accompany her on a mission, but a cursed bracelet turns Kaossandra from a willing mentor into an evil assassin.
28 Sep. 2018
Three Sides to Every Story
When it's discovered that Eon has been vaporized, Jet-Vac interrogates his three suspects-Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor-who each tell their own wildly different version of what happened.
28 Sep. 2018
Days of Future Crash
To gain info about the Wumpa Islands, Eruptor and Dark Spyro travel back in time to their first encounter with Crash Bandicoot. But when they return to the present, they wind up in a dark version of the Skylands that's under the rule of...Glumshanks?!
28 Sep. 2018
Off to the Races
The Skylanders and the Doom Raiders face off in the Skylands 500, a massive airship race with a huge cash prize, but infighting amongst the crews makes crossing the finish line easier said than done.
28 Sep. 2018
The Skylanders realize there's only one way to cure Dark Spyro of his evil: they must steal venom from a family of vicious Fire Vipers in order to make a serum. However, it turns out the serum has some unintended side effects...
28 Sep. 2018
Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 1
In order to beat Strykore to Arkus, the Skylanders hatch a dangerous plan to rescue Cynder from the clutches of her evil father, Malefor. Meanwhile, Glumshanks tries to figure out how to break Kaos out of his underwater prison cell.
28 Sep. 2018
Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 2
The Skylanders come up against Kaos, with the help of Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco, while Eon and Kaossandra fight to finally defeat Strykore.

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