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I Am Vengeance Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD October 23rd

Brace yourself for hard-hitting action when I Am Vengeance arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital) and DVD October 23 from Lionsgate

I Am Vengeance is currently available On Demand. Professional wrestler and former champion bare-knuckle boxer Stu Bennett stars as John Gold, an ex-soldier turned mercenary determined to avenge the death of his best friend. Winner of the Best Feature Film at the London Independent Film Awards, I Am Vengeance is “a heavy-duty, weapons-grade action masterclass” also starring Anna Shaffer and Mark Griffin. The I Am Vengeance Blu-ray and DVD includes never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes and will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

When John Gold, an ex-Special Forces soldier turned mercenary, learns of the murder of his best friend, Dan — and Dan’s parents — he heads to their hometown, seeking justice. Gold soon discovers Dan and his father were murdered while investigating a Special Forces unit led by an enigmatic,
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Film News Roundup: Ted Welch’s Comedy ‘Wild Man’ Bought by North of Two

  • Variety
Film News Roundup: Ted Welch’s Comedy ‘Wild Man’ Bought by North of Two
In today’s film news roundup, the comedy “Wild Man” gets a deal, Vinnie Jones will play a villain, and Jack Klugman’s son Adam has directed a short film for the 9/11 anniversary.


Ted Welch’s comedy “Wild Man” has been acquired for global distribution by North of Two for a winter theatrical release, Variety has learned exclusively.

Jacquie Phillips and Stefanie Black directed from a script by Black and Welch about a man who drinks his way into a 90-day house arrest while home for his high school reunion. He forms an odd friendship with an awkward former classmate who lives across the street.

“It’s the perfect mix of charm and nostalgia. Jacquie and Stefanie have knocked this out of the park,” says North of Two CEO Mark Cartier.

Wild Man” also stars George Dalton, Christine Woods, Mike Vogel, Kate Upton, Stefanie Black, Joe Mullen, Brandon Hirsch,
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‘Snatch’ Star Vinnie Jones To Play Lead Villain In ‘Vengeance’ Sequel Alongside Ex-WWE Wrestler Stu Bennett

  • Deadline
‘Snatch’ Star Vinnie Jones To Play Lead Villain In ‘Vengeance’ Sequel Alongside Ex-WWE Wrestler Stu Bennett
Snatch star Vinnie Jones is set to star in the sequel to action thriller Vengeance alongside former WWE wrestler Stu Bennett.

Former professional soccer player Jones, who recently starred in ABC magic crime drama Deception, will play lead villain Sean Teague, a former elite special-forces operator turned rogue mercenary.

In the sequel, Teague is being chased by former special-forces soldier John Gold, played by Bennett, who recently hosted Netflix reality series Ultimate Beastmaster, after betraying the latter’s team on their final mission in Eastern Europe. Gold must fight off Teague’s team who are attempting to extract him, as well as a sniper seemingly hell-bent on killing Teague before he can be secured.

The original film was released theatrically earlier this month, as I Am Vengeance, through Saban Films and Lionsgate and will be released in the UK next month via Evolutionary Films. Ross Boyask is again writing and
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New York Readers: Win Free Tickets to Our ‘I Am Vengeance’ Screening and Q&A

Reader, a few questions: Are you a pro wrestling fan? Do you like big, badass action? Have you been paying attention to in-ring superstar turned action leading man Stu Bennett? Are you going to be in New York on August 23rd and are you interested in checking out a movie before it hits theaters? Good news! Collider is partnering with Saban Films for a screening of I Am Vengeance at 7:30 Pm in the Times Square area. After the movie ends, I will be moderating a Q&A with star Stu Bennett. To attend the screening please …
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Trailer Round-Up: ‘Elizabeth Harvest,’ ‘Notes on An Appearance,’ ‘I Am Vengeance,’ ‘Hostile,’ and ‘The Night is Short, Walk On Girl’

Trailer Round-Up: ‘Elizabeth Harvest,’ ‘Notes on An Appearance,’ ‘I Am Vengeance,’ ‘Hostile,’ and ‘The Night is Short, Walk On Girl’
In today’s trailer round-up, we dive into a suspenseful riff on the Bluebeard fable, Elizabeth Harvest, a surreal anime rom-com The Night is Short, Walk on Girl, a documentary about tennis hothead John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection, the war thriller I Am Vengeance, the apocalyptic survival movie Hostile, the experimental narrative film Notes on an Appearance, and the highly anticipated Dragon […]

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British action thriller I Am Vengeance gets a poster and trailer

Ahead of its Us release next month, a poster and trailer have arrived online for writer-director Ross Boyask’s upcoming action thriller I Am Vengeance which stars Stu Bennett, Anna Shaffer, Bryan Larkin, Kevin Leslie, Gary Daniels, and Keith Allen; check them out here…

When ex-Special Forces soldier turned professional mercenary, John Gold (Stu Bennett), hears that his former best friend Corporal Dan Mason (Kevin Leslie), and Dan’s parents have been murdered, he heads to their home-town to find their killers. Gold discovers that Dan and his father were investigating a Special Forces troop led by the enigmatic, highly decorated Sergeant Hatcher (Gary Daniels), that went rogue in Afghanistan. What unfolds next is a heart-pumping action thrill ride that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

I Am Vengeance is set for release on August 25th.

The post British action thriller I Am Vengeance gets a poster and
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Official Trailer for Action Film 'I Am Vengeance' Starring Stu Bennett

"You best stop shooting your mouth off, now – or you're a dead man!" Saban Films + Lionsgate have just released an official trailer for another one of these low budget, super cheesy, totally awful-looking action films. This one is titled I Am Vengeance, a variation on the original Vengeance title for UK release. I Am Vengeance stars former WWE wrestler Stu Bennett (who wrestled under the name Wade "King" Barrett) as an ex-Special Forces soldier turned professional mercenary, who goes to a small town to investigate the murder of a friend and his parents. The film's cast includes Keith Allen, Gary Daniels, Anna Shaffer, Bryan Larkin, Sean Blowers, Sapphire Elia, Mark Griffin, and Wayne Gordon. I'm so, so tired of these films, only about guns and muscles and bravado and being men and honor and glory and all that crap. Here's the official Us trailer (+ poster) for Ross Boyask's I Am Vengeance,
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‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing On A Former Male Model For A New Character Role

Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Welcome to one of our Saturday news edition. In this report, we've got some very intriguing casting news for you guys. It turns out that the Bold And The Beautiful production crew has reached out yet again to get someone new to join the cast. According to the folks over at Soaps.com, they've hired a former pro football player and model to come onboard! This guy's name is Keith Carlos. They say his Bold and The Beautiful character name will be "Danny." Unfortunately, other than that, Soaps.com had no other details to share about Carlos' character. They did say that he has already started filming episodes. So, his first onscreen appearance should be coming up pretty soon. We don't know when it's scheduled yet. Hopefully, some extra details will pop up in the not-to-distant future. We do not know if Danny will be a guest,
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Die Hard Gets the 4K Ultra HD Treatment for it's 30th Anniversary

  • Cinelinx
The classic Bruce Willis action film, Die Hard, is getting revamped for the 4K Ultra HD format in order to help celebrate 30 years of kicking ass. Come inside for all the details!

If you're looking for another reason to buy Die Hard, or simply want to keep upgrading your home entertainment collection to the new hotness (4K Ultra HD), you'll be able to pick up the 30th Anniversary version of the film next month. Die Hard comes to 4K on May 15th:

The action classic, Die Hard, celebrates its 30th Anniversary with an all-new 4K Ultra HD™ re-master and Blu-ray™ available May 15 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Bruce Willis is John McClane in the film that launched the billion-dollar action franchise, Die Hard. McClane, a New York City cop, flies to L.A. on Christmas Eve to visit his wife at a party in her company’s lavish high-rise.
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Contemporary Chinese Cinema: A Blander Tomorrow

  • MUBI
Contemporary Chinese Cinema is a column devoted to exploring contemporary Chinese-language cinema primarily as it is revealed to us at North American multiplexes.Ding Sheng’s remake of John Woo’s classic A Better Tomorrow (1986) encapsulates much that’s wrong with contemporary mainstream cinema, both in China and abroad. Ding, most known for directing moderately successful latter-day Jackie Chan vehicles like Railroad Tigers, Little Big Solider, and Policy Story 2013, is a competent director of action who seems to feel deeply bored by anything that doesn’t have an explosion of some type, and so he cuts aimlessly and pointlessly through expository dialogue and ostensibly character-building scenes, a remedial Michael Bay without any of the panache. The remake hews closely to the plot of the original film: a pair of gangster “brothers,” Triad counterfeiters in the first film, now Mainland smugglers, are betrayed on a mission in a foreign territory (first Taiwan,
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Exclusive Interview – Dimitri Logothetis, Director of Kickboxer: Retaliation

Tom Jolliffe chats with Dimitri Logothetis, the writer, producer and director of Kickboxer: Retaliation

Writer, director and producer, Dimitri Logothetis has had a long and successful career in TV and film. He’s worked in an array of genres over the years, from action, thriller, sci-fi, and horror, as well as a highly regard documentary called Champions Forever which featured Mohammed Ali. He’s had a number of cult films, such as Slaughterhouse Rock and Sleepwalkers (A Stephen King screenplay).

In more recent years he has overseen the successful rebooting of Kickboxer. He wrote and produced Kickboxer: Vengeance and has recently written, produced and directed its follow up, Kickboxer: Retaliation which starred Alain Moussi, Mike Tyson, Christopher Lambert and Jean-Claude Van Damme who once again returned to the Kickboxer universe. Dimitri also has a background in Martial Arts which makes the Kickboxer franchise a natural home for the film-maker. Dimitri
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‘Vengeance’ Board Game Review

  • Nerdly
In Vengeance, the latest game from Mighty Boards and the mind of Gordon Calleja, up to four players recreate the same kind of blood-soaked revenge sequences that we’re more used to seeing in movies like Kill Bill and Death Wish. With card and dice drafting plus a unique take on miniatures combat, Vengeance presents a complex setup at first, but the memories of stacking decks and placing dens soon gives way to fast, crowd pleasing combat and a satisfying variety of options.

I speak often about how important it is to link the theme of a game with its mechanical components. The longer and/or heavier in weight a game is, the more I believe that to be true. Where Vengeance is concerned, the link between game phases (beginning The Wronging and then alternating between Montage and Fight scenes) could not have been handled better.

In The Wronging phase,
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The bleak, grimy brilliance of the Kent coast: why The Tunnel was TV gold

A heart-tugging plot and dazzling central performances made Sky’s reworking of Scandi noir The Bridge an unmissable triumph

Rare is the remodelling of an acclaimed and popular TV series that surpasses the original. The Us version of Broadchurch – retitled Gracepoint – lasted just one season, despite importing David Tennant to reprise his role as the detective, albeit with a new accent.

Once in a while, though, something special comes along. I’ll admit that I first watched Sky Atlantic’s The Tunnel more out of indolence than anything else. I’d already seen The Bridge, the Swedish-Danish co-production it reconfigured; I was tired, and watching something in which I already knew what happened was about as much effort as I could be bothered to make. But The Tunnel surpassed low expectations by far. In fact, I’d say it’s significantly better than The Bridge, and, given the risible third season of The Bridge,
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Not All Sequels Suck

Helen Murdoch with ten sequels that are actually decent…

2016 has been hit and miss for sequels and reboots. So far we’ve had the dull Independence Day: Resurgence, the reboot of Ghostbusters, as well as the forgettable Now You See Me 2 and Bad Neighbours 2. Sitting through the latest Alice in Wonderland film was physically painful and a complete misfire. Whilst it seems that we’re dying for more original material, I thought it was worth reminding everyone that not all sequels are bad. In face some can argue that some sequels are better than the originals.

For the sake of this list and to keep it to a top 10, I’ve excluded the superhero genre so no Marvel or DC love here. I’ve also taken out planned adaptations i.e. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Jason Bourne.

Comment at the bottom of this article with your favourite sequels.
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