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  • Three best friends in high school reunite ten years later for a weekend getaway/private reunion. During their weekend getaway, something from their high school years comes back to haunt them. Something that they must deal with in order to move forward with their lives.


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  • A girl raped at a high school party pretends it never happened, not even telling the man she marries after college. Her husband notices her behavior changing after a year or two--she has PTSD nightmares, and episodic periods of anxiety. Still, she's reluctant to tell the truth but finally has a complete break down and admits that the rapist was her husband's best friend in high school. The friend's whereabouts are currently unknown. Incensed by the friend's betrayal and overwhelmed by his wife's suffering, he cleverly locates his buddy and invites him to a small, private high school reunion, where the husband plans to execute him for his crimes. In private, his wife, with mixed emotions, argues with her husband there has to be a better way than murder to find justice. She can't dissuade him. Rape is a poison that has to be eradicated by killing one perpetrator at a time, he says. If you want to change history, he implies, there is no other way.

    In the end, his wife discovers where the reunion is held and manages to barely save the rapist from her husband's wrath. She can't stand looking at man who raped her but is determined to be as objective as possible. She insists that the rapist, in front of her husband and her own girlfriends, confess the details of his act, including his emotional state, on video, which she posts online for the world to see. The rapist, tormented by years of secrecy and guilt, apologizes to his victim, and explains to whomever is watching that not only should he be shamed, but that the culture of male predation starts in high school and that's where it needs to be stopped.

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