"The Magicians" Hotel Spa Potions (TV Episode 2017) Poster

(TV Series)


Rick Worthy: Henry Fogg



  • William 'Penny' Adiyodi : If The Beast gets to the Wellspring right now and sucks it bone-dry, magic dies in Fillory. It dies there -...

    Dean Fogg : It dies here. On Earth.

  • Dean Fogg : Fillory is very real.

    Prof. Pearl Sunderland : Ooooookay. And this is going to be on the syllabus next semester?

    Dean Fogg : We shall see.

  • Dean Fogg : This is a Cacodemon.

    Quentin Coldwater : Jesus.

    Dean Fogg : They'll grow much bigger. Unleash these and believe me, they'll keep The Beast plenty busy. Each of you will be given a special word to command your Cacodemon to attack. They're a one-shot weapon, so pick your moment with care.

    Quentin Coldwater : What are you, uh, gonna do with it?

    Dean Fogg : Lift your shirt, Quentin, and turn around.

    Margo Hanson : Oh. Those words never led to anything good. Well, almost never.

  • Dean Fogg : This is my school. Not a safe house.

    Marina Andrieski : I was the best student you ever had here. You said that.

    Dean Fogg : I confused talent with character. You need both to be a true magician, Marina. Kicking you out wasn't a choice. I couldn't have you infecting my students then and I certainly won't now.

    Marina Andrieski : [scoffs]  You fucking prick. Where am I supposed to go?

    Dean Fogg : You can keep your memories. I hope that whatever you've learned here will help keep you safe.

    Marina Andrieski : What I learned here will get me killed.

  • Quentin Coldwater : So why was Battle Magic outlawed?

    Professor Bigby : [sighs]  Humans least attractive qualities. Panic and paranoia.

    Dean Fogg : And there were several student deaths that semester.

    Professor Bigby : Far fewer than the 1870s, or the 1920s, or the '60s. Another human failing; short memory.

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