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  • Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran's warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way.

  • Bronn saves Jaime from the lake and he is surprised with the power of Daenerys' dragon. Daenerys offers the prisoners to bend their knees and join her army, or to die. Randyll and his son Dickon from the House of Tarly refuse to serve Deanerys and her dragon turns them into ashes. Arya confronts Sansa at Winterfell and suspects of Littlefinger. Samwell has a deception with the Maesters and decides to leave the Cidatel with Gilly and their child. Tyrion advises Daenerys and Jon Snow to bring a Wight to King's Landing to prove that the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers do exist. Jaime tries to convince Cersei that they do not have any chance fighting Daenerys and her three dragons, but she plots a scheme to destroy Daenerys. Then Jaime has a surprising encounter. Jon and a group head to the Wall and meet prisoners of he Night's Watch that accept to join them in their journey to capture a Wight.


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  • Bronn and Jaime surface gasping from the river. Jaime is worried about what three dragons can do having seen one in action.

    Tyrion walks through the burnt wreckage, prisoners are gathered in front of Daenerys and her dragon. She asks the remnants of the Lannister army to bend a knee or die, Drogon encourages them with a roar. Lord Tarly is defiant, his son Dickon also refuses. Tyrion tries to get Daenerys to show some mercy but she orders Drogon to flame the two. The rest of the prisoners kneel quickly.

    Jaime reports to Cersei, Jaime is now pessimistic but Cersei will fight on with mercenaries. Jaime then reveals Olenna Tyrell killed Joffrey, Cersei accepts the logical truth.

    Drogon approaches Jon Snow, nervous he touches the snout, the beast relaxes. Dany gets off, she reports her victory. She asks about the knife in the heart, he changes the subject.

    Jorah Mormont arrives, Jon is introduced, Dany and Jorah hug.

    Brann wargs into a raven and flies over the wall with a flock, they find the advancing wights. Brann wakes and says they need to send a raven.

    The ArchMaestre reads the warning from Brann but is doubtful with the other Maesters. Sam suggests they take it seriously and do something but the others laugh it off.

    Varys and Tyrion share a drink, Varys remembers Aegon Targaryeon and his cruel rule, he urges Tyrion to get her to stop the burnings.

    Jon gets his message, he takes it to Dany's Council. They plan to capture a Wight to show Cersei, Tyrion is to convince Jaime a truce is needed, Davos will get Tyrion into Kings Landing, Jorah will help bring the Wight. Jon will lead the mission beyond the Wall.

    The North Lords grumble to Sansa about Jon's absence, she settles them down. Arya complains afterwards that Sansa let some insults go and some heads should roll, she suggests Sansa wouldn't mind if Jon didn't return.

    Davos and Tyrion land near Kings Landing, Davos says he is off to Fleabottom leaving Tyrion. Bronn leads Jaime to the meeting with Tyrion in a catacomb. The murder of Tywin still is between them, Tyrion raises the idea of an armistice while they deal with the north.

    Davos meets a blacksmith, Gendry back at work making swords. Gendry is happy to leave with Davos and takes a big warhammer. At the boat two nosy guards approach. Davos pays them a bribe and jokes. Tyrion arrives and the guards recognize him, Gendry kills them with the hammer.

    Jaime reports to Cersei, she knew from Bronn he met Tyrion and realizes an accommodation with Daenerys would be useful. She also says she is pregnant with Jaime.

    Gendry meets Jon Snow and the two talk of meeting their respective fathers, Gendry will go north with them. Tyrion wishes Jorah luck and gives the lucky coin from their earlier travels. Snow, Mormont, Davos and Gendry leave by their launch.

    Sam Tarly is frustrated as Gilly reads from one of the manuscripts he is transcribing. She puzzles over a passage about a Prince Rhaegar marriage and coincident annulment. Fed up, Sam takes some old documents, packs up his family into a wagon in the dead of night and leaves the Citadel, wanting to do more.

    Littlefinger gives a serving girl something, Arya watches and spies on his activities. A man brings a document to his door, Baelish thanks him then leaves. Arya picks his door lock and enters his room. She searches. She finds a tiny scroll under the mattress, signed by Sansa. Leaving the room, Baelish watches from a dark alcove with a devious smile.

    Snow's Group arrives at the EastWatch Castle. They brief Tormund on their mission. Tormund shows them three prisoners, the Hound, Dondarrion and Thoros. After some back and forth about old slights the small group agree to work together. Davos will stay behind. The gate raises and the team ventures north into the snows.

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