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Even though it has good parts, it doesn't tell the whole story
mehmetbugrabalaban20 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The documentary gives good information on some of the bad things that are added to our food. But, there are major problems with how they deliver some information. Starting with the processed meat. They say that it increases colon cancer risk by 18%. Let's just round that up to 20% for math's sake. Apparently, the baseline risk for colon cancer is 5%. This means that eating processed meat increases the risk up to 6% (20% of 5% is 1%, therefore 5% + 1% = 6%). When you say it the way the film says it, it makes it sound ridiculously high. But when you put in the numbers, it actually is not a big risk jump. Now to my point... Limiting processed meat can be beneficial for most people. Opting to buy grass-fed grass-finished, pasture-raised animal products instead of buying your meat at big chains that carry very low quality food will actually help you....Because we need protein. yeah, yeah, people say that there are vegan protein sources, but look at the breakdown of amino acids between the two. Animal protein is a much better source than soy products (that can give men boobs), and also doesn't come with bunch of carbohydrates (carbs) that are present in beans and lentils which can also cause digestive problems when eaten in high quantities. I'm not saying that you shouldn't eat lentils or beans, but have them in moderation. Soaked and sprouted legumes will be easier on your digestion. If you go high and try to get your protein from only non-animal products, then you consume a lot more carbs than you should, which can make you Type-II diabetic in the long term. Let's get back to quality of the food. Saying that processed, GMO-fed, non-moving, farmed animal products are the same quality as the pasture-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught animal products are absurd! Simply look at the fatty acid profile between them. We need fatty acids, we need cholesterol. We also need good ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in our diets. That's what high quality animal products give us: a good ratio of essential fatty acids and the amino acids that we need to build our cells, keep the muscle tissue, improve bone and joint health, feel full, etc.

Then Kip (the directors) asks Dr. Neal Barnard, MD this question: What is the role of sugar in diabetes? And Dr. Barnard replies that high carbohydrate diets do not cause diabetes. He says it's the build up of fat. This is true but he's not telling the whole story. What is diabetes? There are two types. Type I diabetics cannot produce insulin (a hormone) which lowers blood glucose by shoving the sugar in our blood into our cells. Type II diabetics have too much insulin circulating around on their system all the time. Due to that, the cells become desensitized over time (the analogy simply put is that because there is a constant yelling by insulin for a long period of time, and after a while they just stop hearing it). Then, because of this there is high amounts of sugar in the blood. When you look at both types, the issue is, not getting rid of excess sugar in the blood. Well, how can you fix this? Do not eat sugar! In better terms, limit your carbohydrates, your sugar, your starchy veggies, your pasta, your rice, etc. Low-carb diets (time and time again) are proved to be helpful with managing diabetes. And I do know people that got of their medication and reversed their Type-II diabetes by going on a low-carb diet. How can you better the situation? Do not eat high-fat foods when you eat a high-carb meal (this is obviously for non-diabetic people). If you want to eat some high-quality steak, serve it with grilled asparagus and roasted Brussel sprouts. If you want to eat some sweet potatoes or some rice and beans, serve it with turkey or chicken. It's that simple. Blaming animal meat is just ridiculous. See the WHOLE picture. Then Kip brings Dr. Garth Davis who basically gives the same info as Dr. Barnard who are "conveniently" both vegans and vegan advocates. Kip also summarizes what these two MD's say by saying sugar doesn't cause diabetes and shows a clip of Skittles in a grocery store. I mean.... C'mon!! Furthermore, every time some doctor says something like animal protein increases cancer risk, or diabetes risk, they show animal meat that is cooked at high temperatures. Well, duh! cooking at high temperature will of course make the meat more inflammatory. And chronic inflammation can lead to many diseases. Just have an open mind, and open your eyes. Cook your meat at a low-temperature, bake them. Do not fry your eggs with blasting heat, do not barbecue your meat with flames coming out of the grill. Cook it slowly, cook it better. You can accommodate another 10 minutes to your cooking using low temperatures and your health will thank you for it. Then they are talking about carcinogens in the meat by showing chains like McDonalds and KFC. C'mon people. Everyone knows that these are not healthy foods. They are fried, they are loaded with preservatives, they are low-quality... List goes on and on. Instead of having a binary opinion on meat, saying either meat is good or bad, say that low-quality, bad-cooked meat is bad.

I can write more and more about this movie. As I said in the beginning, they are pointing out some good stuff, but they are not telling the whole story. Find your own resources. Find both vegan sites and find both paleo/keto sites and read them. Read the resources and papers they both share. And make your own mind with the help of your doctor.
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Terribly inaccurate
Eurekasevenman19 July 2017
As a medical student, the biochemistry and physiology regarding the human body are simply incorrect. As well, the entire film is biased against meat and diary because of an extreme influence from vegans. Instead of being centred around the topic of 'health,' it's instead pushing the pro-vegan/pro-vegetarian agenda. I've been a vegetarian for 12 years, and a vegan off-and-on within that, and regardless of that I believe it's my duty as a healthcare professional to inform anyone who watches the film that the studies and and doctors cited were selected in order to produce a confirmation bias. If anyone has a basic understanding of diabetes (ie. sugar), they'd be able to find errors within the first ten minutes.

If you're going to watch this documentary, watch it with a skeptical mind.
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JLuBear21 July 2017
I will preface this review by stating 2 things: 1. I am a researcher by profession. I regularly review health studies for a living and analyze the strength of evidence and how to share results with the public. 2. I only had the patience to watch the first 30 minutes of this documentary.

Where to start about this movie? From watching the first 30 minutes of this documentary, it is easy to tell what Kip Andersen's objective is for this film: to uncover the "conspiracy" that corporations are "covering up" evidence that animal products are linked with common diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Here is the predicable format: tell personal story, talk to a couple experts, show animation of "stuff in body", flash a peer reviewed study on screen showing evidence, call an 800 number for national organization demanding to know why their organization is advocating something that goes against the conclusion of this single study, and act very angry and justified in your belief of the "cover up" because person on the phone cannot answer your question.

This documentary has all the hallmarks of bad communication on scientific studies. First, one study reaching a conclusion is not "proof" of anything. You need to have multiple studies that show the same type of result. Second, association is not causation. That would be like observing that children who are tutored average worse grades than children who were not tutored and concluding that tutoring causes lower grades. There are other factors that you need to account for. They might be hard to measure, but they might be the real cause that two things are associated. Third, "increased risk" measures can be misleading on the surface. For example, a study could say that drinking milk was associated a 50% increase in the risk of developing cancer. This sounds frightening! But read further and you could find that 1% of one group had cancer and 1.5% of the other group had cancer. Does that really sound so scary after all?

At any rate, I don't think that everything that the film presented is false. I do think there are harms associated with the consumption of animal products, particularly processed meats. However, the way this film presents the evidence does not make a sound argument and the approach to presenting the material was so predictable and repetitive!
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Couldn't get through it...
hiero666 April 2019
I love documentaries and have watched some bad ones in my day. However, there was so much misinformation in this one that was just repeated over and over I just couldn't waste my time on it. Couple that with some pretty amateur techniques, such as calling a secretary from a company to question them on official policies and being shocked when they don't have answers for you. In addition, trying to make it seem like there is some kind of conspiracy going on. I don't mind vegans in general I guess, but when I see stuff like this it makes me wonder if veganism is more than a health movement.
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totally biased and not backed by sound science
wholehealthemily20 July 2017
As a fellow conscious consumer who finds our current food system to be inhumane, unhealthy, and terrible for the environment, I found this film completely lacking any legitimacy. The film makers do a great job at sticking to interviews from pretty much ONLY vegans, making outlandish claims against meat and animal products that have no sound science behind them, and taking advantage of people's emotions in order to sway them a certain way (in this case towards veganism).

As a proponent of informed and healthy decisions, I find this film to be an abomination of the progress we've done in scientific community to bust common myths and provide consumers with up-to-date UNBIASED research. The hard stance against meat instead of the hugest proponent of the obesity and diabetes epidemic (SUGAR) is appalling.

I'm all about art pieces and sharing one's opinions, but to propel your own dogmatic views about animals and food as fact when it is clearly not backed with sound science is disgusting. There are millions suffering with diseases that have correlated specifically to the increase in sugar and processed food consumption.

Next time you make a film that has such outdated, biased, and unsound research behind it, don't promote it as a 'health' film. You're potentially killing people.
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Filled with miss information
matte-3267731 August 2017
Although leading a vegan lifestyle is bound to help the environment, holds high morality and has little negative affects on one's lifestyle, the show is filled with miss information and miss-quotes studies.

Sugar is linked to tons of diseases yet they blame fat. They also link eating eggs to smoking cigarettes when there is CLEAR studies out there that prove eggs are not harmful and are also not linked to increase in cholesterol.

Take this documentary with a pinch of salt, if you read into the studies used you'll find this doc. really comes to far fetched conclusions.
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Misleading, Irresponsible, Mostly Vegan Propaganda with Little Scientific Backing
privetmanya21 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are different ways to reach your goals. One is engaging in an honest debate, backed by verifiable research, stating even inconvenient truths and the other is use of selective information and data to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. Unfortunately, the director chose the latter.

The alarm bells went off right away when the narrator and the "doctors" interviewed stated that the meat / eggs / dairy and not the sugar are the main causes of diabetes and cancer and that carbs do not lead to weight gain. Anyone who has ever tried a low carb diet, both meat based and vegan, knows that is complete and utter BS. Anyone who did even the most basic reading of recent scientific studies that compare different diets knows that low carb diets such as Atkins, Paleo and others are most effective at maintaining a healthy weight and great general health.

The ethical angle, often touted by members of the vegan cult, is also questionable. Many of them seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that hordes of small animals (mostly rodents) that feed on vegetables/crops are regularly killed off during growing seasons. Google "The Least Harm Principle May Require that Humans Consume a Diet Containing Large Herbivores, Not a Vegan Diet" for relevant research paper.

If you want minute by minute debunking of this sorry excuse of a documentary and the expose of its shoddy science and doctors, Google "What the Health A Wolf's Eye Review". It is very detailed and contains scientific references to most recent studies on the subject.

To the author, the only thing I can say is you make me sad, dude. You may think the ends justify the means, but what you did is simply disgusting. Intentionally misleading people by misrepresenting facts, research and the conclusions of scientific studies about health and the causes of major illnesses is a bridge too far, in my books. You should be ashamed of yourself! I truly hope people educate themselves by looking at scientific literature instead of this piece of garbage.
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Skip it, it is totally inaccurate
achreflabiditn24 March 2019
From the first minutes you can tell this documentary is just non accurate at all, saying that sugar does not cause diabetes? Seriously? We all know that pancreas generates insulin in order to lower sugar in blood, and when you eat lots of sugar your cells become insulin resistant, your pancreas needs then to higher insulin doses until it stops working correctly, and then you are DIABETIC! They were talking about diabetes and showing blocked arteries. Seriously skip this documentary it is all lies, and no interview is accorded to a non-vegan professional.
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Vegan Propaganda
mcarrato14 October 2017
I looked up six of the expert doctors presented in the film. All were vegans. I don't know if I've ever seen a more blatantly biased documentary. Sugar doesn't cause diabetes? Really? Mountains of research debunk this claim. That alone makes this documentary a work of fiction. But they go on to blame pretty much every bad human condition on meats, dairy, and eggs. In the fictional world created by this film, how did the human species even survive thousands of years of hunting and gathering?

Never trust someone with an agenda, and everyone in this film has the same agenda.
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i feel like i lost brain cells from watching this documentary... don't fall for it without checking the reviews.
dale-rohrer22 August 2017
Many of my friends are watching the documentary about the bad health consequences of eating meat called  "What the Health" and telling me they will never eat meat again.  I watched it and it just seemed off to me. It seemed like vegan propaganda. Looking at the reviews, many experts also have problems with it being full of bad information, outright lies, scare tactics and fear mongering. These tactics seem in style these days everywhere. If you watch the documentary be sure to check out the expert reviews. It's getting so you can't believe anything anymore and we have to verify every single piece of information. We've gone from the Information age to the Misinformation age.

There are a few valid points made but overall the rest of the documentary loses credibility when they make claims that go against basic physiology.

Watch and make up your own mind.
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Biased Vegan propaganda
Allards-NL22 July 2017
I bailed out of this documentary after 23:45. At that point it became clear to me this movie is just vegan propaganda, trying to scare people at all cost and then pushing them towards 'their solutions' veganism!

I can accept that eating too much processed meat might be unhealthy. Unfortunately this movie almost tells you that 'even looking at meat, fish, dairy, and eggs) can send you to an early grave.

It doesn't even bother to focus on the basics of a healthy lifestyle just go vegan is the cure.

This documentary is just a waste of time..
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Watch it again
brianhleighton2 June 2017
The negative reviewers here did not watch the full documentary. This documentary is an evidence-based and that's fact. Non USA Government funded research (what I call agendasearch) is presented in this documentary. Without getting too biased I can tell you as a clinician what I have seen a plant-based diet do is amazing. "Look at the research and facts presented and go look for yourself." That was the message I received watching this.

I would have liked to see arguments from the other side, but when your living in a nation that has 30 million people with diabetes it is hard to listen to what has been preached during the rise of so many of these chronic and autoimmune diseases anymore. If you graphed meat consumption starting after WWI as one variable alongside the rise of disease they would both correlate nicely.

When we see a documentary that helps explain the rise of trillion dollar business we can begin to understand our health was never considered from the beginning. Watch this again and do some more digging on your own if you gave this a negative review.
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The truth that people do not want to hear
ariannasofia1 July 2017
It is amazing how people reject new information and claim that this documentary is just vegan propaganda but they do not complain about the propaganda that raised them to eat meat, milk, cheese, and consume medicines for every little discomfort.

Loved the film.
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Take time to educate yourself before judging....
emmanutella11 July 2017
All these bad reviews aren't based on true facts but on doubt. It is normal behavior to get angry when another person comes up with conclusions that doesn't resonate with our own beliefs. You probably have these thoughts because doctors not yet have found "the cure" for every disease..

Look at people at the retirement homes..Do they look healthy? can they walk, remember, are they super energetic? most often the answer is no..

I have now seen thousands of remarkable situations, which you can see on Mcdougall site.. There was this man who could not walk, talk, feed himself or remember. He changed his diet, and even took his driver license again, played crazy memory games and can now talk again..

I can tell you that Dr. T. Colin Campbell was raised on a farm, and he believed that milk, eggs and meat were natures best food, until he found that several illnesses DIDN'T EXCIST in Asia.. until their kids got the typical Western diet (meat, cheese, eggs, and guess what. these kids got diabetes, cancer, stroke... (these people were eating mostly plant based with little to no meat)

He began studying mice, and tried to feed them animal protein.. what happened? The cancer cells GREW! then they reduced the animal protein and the cancer cells reduced...

Dr. Mcdougall used to eat A LOT of fast food and even got the stroke..

Neal Bearnard used to see his mother carefully pour the grease into a jar and use again..

NONE of these doctors were raised plant based, but they became unpopular, because they were more interested in making people healthy than profit (medicine)

Doctors have little to NO education on how diet can prevent and reverse stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acne, dementia, Alzheimer's, Astma, and more..

What is so bad about turning one belief to another? It can safe lives. From a very young age, kids are thought to believe one thing, and cannot see things from other perspectives.

I can tell that I used to eat so much meat, gravy, cheese and thought I was fine... I had terrible joint paints, acne, felt tired, and after going vegan, the symptoms were GONE And I'm NEVER EVER SICK(!) I have muscles now, and have so much energy, and I never thought I could feel so light and energetic...

They are not promoting Sugar, but saying that saying that sugar does not have any effect on the body alone...

These doctors have told to eat FRUIT SUGAR which is ABSOLUTELY not the same as refined sugar, which in great amounts can cause bad teeth...

There is a lot of information to find on YouTube with plant based diets, Ted Talks for example, and speeches from the doctors.. Not everything is what we believe, so it is our own responsibility to research

What if someone told you there was another way to do something and you got mad? Just educate yourself, and see how much your life can improve...
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This is a hit piece by the sugar industry
jenwu-6491817 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first 15 minutes were riveting. But then this documentary quickly unraveled, not even trying to hide the unbalanced and biased arguments. I felt like someone was forcing fear down my throat - supposedly anything you can find that is an animal based product will lead to your sickness and eventual death. After reviewing the other commentary here, clearly a few of these individuals posting positive comments have not watched the documentary and have written pretty generic standard pump-up review pieces for this movie.

The documentary (heavy-handedly) discusses cutting out from your diet processed meats, red meats, white meats, lean meats, organic meats, and all eggs, all dairy and all fish. While exploring the downside of animal-based products, there were no concessions to discuss the benefits of animal-based products (or maybe in the eyes of the creator, there are absolutely no benefits from such a diet, which is misinformation in itself. WHO recommends eating animal products in moderation - which surprisingly wasn't mentioned in this documentary even though the bulk of the research supporting its thesis is from WHO). Furthermore, for a documentary so determined to analyze every negative aspect of eating animal-based foods, they seem to entirely miss the obvious limitations to a pure plant based diet - including incomplete nutrition unless you know what you're doing, heavy chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides, GMOs, water pollution, etc. The irony is they mention water pollution's impact on fish, and yet no comment on water pollution's impact on our plants. If I took this documentary at face value knowing what I know, I would be incapable of eating anything besides pasta (which in itself is processed... Yikes!). After the thin arguments regarding the downside of animal- based products (a few of which are easily debunked by just looking at the WHO website), I couldn't get too bothered about the stories of the government taking money from big businesses. The documentary in general, is a very poorly articulated argument.

And the really unique part of this documentary is that, as other commentators mentioned, apparently sugar isn't that bad for you, and they claim the genesis of the negativity on sugar is from a hit piece from the diary industry. Well, sounds the sugar industry got back at dairy with this documentary. For a documentary related to healthy eating, I found it wildly surprising that they interchangeably used the term "carbs" and "sugar" as if both were the same and "not that bad for you". I mean, come on, that's the most basic food concept to mess up in a documentary about healthy eating.
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Misleading and it sucks
brian-doucette23 March 2019
High carb diets are good for you? I don't think so.
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Best lies are best administered with some truth
jeffbocurtis22 August 2017
While there is merit to some of the claims with respect to meat, nitrates, fat, dairy, etc, my spidey senses really started to tingle with the claim that sugar is actually good for you, or not a contributor to bad health. The carefully selected short clips, and even the short clips of the good Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn featured on the balanced documentary "Forks over Knives" reporting on the China study, etc I felt were an intentional manipulation to bring credibility to the unsupported conclusions made in this film. It has all the hallmarks of snake oil patent medicine presentation, including a 60 y/o woman that could barely walk and only with a walker and dependent upon a kitchen table full of serious prescription medians, suddenly tossing away her walker and medicine in only two weeks following a vegan program -- was a bright red flag. Similarly, sedentary couch potatoes, suddenly competing and completing consecutive triple and quintuple Iron Man races served to really frame this "art" as a farce. Had they stopped at a simple Marine Corp or Boston Marathon-type event, it may have possibly slid through - but No..... they went for the naked preposterous. While there is no doubt that the meat and dairy lobby substantively influences the regulatory agencies, this film digs deep into a schizophrenic zombie conspiracy paranoia. No doubt, a vegan diet is likely better than a meat inclusive diet, as addressed in the Forks over Knives film, however, this film dwells in the absurd. Need to pull back the curtain and see if the sugar or corn lobby is behind this.
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SOME good, but also a lot of very BAD and DANGEROUS points here...
george-8299421 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had a lot of hope for this documentary, it was recommended to me by a lot of people...

At first, seeing as though it tackles the issue of how diseases are dealt with in most modern countries, they do not give you a cure, they just give SELL you a treatment, I was looking forward to what this film had to offer.

However, it took a sharp turning point..

It started out with a lot of GOOD information, such as statements that processed meat is bad (duh), and facts on the general state of the health industry and food production, and how this information is lobbied by giant corporations.

Then there are the red flags...

Such as a MEDICAL DOCTOR stating carbohydrates and sugar have MINIMAL to do with causing diabetes? Seriously? Manipulating insulin and overloading your pancreas ain't got much to do with that?

It was clear after around 30-40 minutes in that this movie is a big pitch for the glorious vegan diet, claiming that ALL kinds of animal products, and I mean, EVERY KIND is bad for you and will cause you all the diseases under the sun.

If you actually research more than the 2 studies that happen to be in this film, you will find that it's perfectly okay to eat GOOD QUALITY meat, and with enough vegetables and healthy fats, your bloodwork will show you are perfectly healthy, as long as you're not over-eating and move around enough.

This is another thing this vegan is doing, I'm not sure if he's completely naive (which some vegans are), but he seems to be deliberately giving misleading information to the general public about nutritional advice, such as the cholesterol part. There is GOOD cholesterol (found in egg yolks) and BAD cholesterol, such as in a lot of 'plants' which he didn't get into.

Eating certain 'plants' such as Soy, Wheat and Legumes have been proved to be just as, and even more toxic than just the 'generic meat' which seems to be the ultimate enemy to human health.

Sunshine - We've been EATING MEAT for hundreds of thousands of years. We have evolved to eat meat. If you want to look at what a vegetarian human looks like, go to the zoo and see a gorilla. Any evolutionary biologist will tell you that we are natural meat eaters.

The 'medical professionals', who treat patients, are not EXPERT scientists, so just bear that in mind when you listen to them. One 'Expert' is claiming the healthy plant based diet is the end-all cure to a lot of diseases, when he himself is clearly obese man, I think this is a case for practice what you peach?

Any real health scientists will be able to see right though this film, it's just sad that it's been released without proper guidance by any real medical experts on the field, and the director has just chosen other fellow vegans who agree with his point of view.

I wouldn't even mind it, for all it is, it has some great points. It's just certain information which is misleading and DANGEROUS, and has holes in a LOT sections...

...Especially the woman who apparently cured her thyroid cancer by going 'plant based'. No other information is given. What the hell does that even mean? If this gets exposed to cancer patients, they may do what the other women did, get off their potentially life saving medication and eat tofu with a few broccoli sprouts, trusting that their stage 4 cancer will suddenly get cured because those 'damn corporations been controlling us all this time, am I right fellow vegans'? He then shows footage of a man who cured diseases by eating sugar from the 1940's? Like seriously? You couldn't show any studies from at least 1970?

Just take everything in this film with a grain of salt, there is some good information on how animals are treated and abused, and how this is affecting human health, but please, do NOT listen to the dangerous stuff, such as eating boatload of sugar, carbs and any plants you want.

I seriously think some parts of this movie needs to be edited and re-released, or people could be potentially killing themselves.
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Wake up
finman-8225914 July 2017
If you really care about your family you need to watch this The documentary was crowd funded by people that care ...

Wake up, you have been fed fake advertising about food for decades With the amount of science we understand that what we were told was healthy really isn't Driven by profits from unethical corporations... This made me angry and I hope you wake up too Self-educate, your family's life depends on it
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Just as Good as Cowspiracy
vegederrian14 July 2017
I got to see the world premiere in NYC followed by a Q&A with the directors. I found it very captivating. The documentary entertains, shocks, informs, angers and inspires you. If you watch how they try to investigate health organizations and medical facilities, I think you'll be baffled by the frankness with which they refuse to discuss important information regarding saving people's lives. The personal stories in the film give you hope that there is a better way to how we are going about our diet and health care. We can have a better option than just suddenly dying of cancer or heart disease after a few decades of life if the information, such as in this documentary, would be exposed to the public. I hope people will take a look at the significance of diet after watching this. People would not demonize carbs and sugar as much if they would realize what they're calling carbs contains tons of fat. Pizza is not a carb; it is carbs with a bunch of fat from cheese and processed meat and oil. Potatoes get a bad wrap, but people cover them in butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, salt, oil and any other unhealthy food you could think of. The combo of fats and carbs leaves your body unable to handle the carbohydrates as they cannot be absorbed into your cells; that is how diabetes arises. People don't even understand what a true high-carb diet entails: plain potatoes, rice, oats, lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, without adding salt, oil, meat and dairy to all their meals. I hope this film clears that up for people.
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Excellent documentary
amybk28 June 2017
Anyone who left a 7* or less rating just isn't getting it, sadly. Or they didn't watch the entire thing, or they love our government. This is not a vegan propaganda. This is entirely about all the crap we don't realize we are eating, and how it kills us, and also how eating a plant based diet is soooooo healthy. I mean come on people. You honestly don't understand how eating a plant based diet is so much better for us? Really?! You think all the animals we kill to eat are so healthy and holy and blessed and make sure that they don't allow any crap into their bodies?! Our world is overpopulated so we need to mass produce the animals. How to do that? Steroids, antibiotics, not caring about how they're raised, not thoroughly and gently treating them all as they need to be treated because we are eating them. I am very saddened at how many negative reviews there are. That's a shame. You think we all get cancer just because? Just for the heck if it? NO. It comes from somewhere you fools. What do we do the most on our lives? Eat. Just sit back and think about it. Y'all are just to ignorant, naive and LAZY to eat a plant based diet. God forbid you do something to make a complete change to your life.
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Groundbreaking just as Cowspiracy, and some more.
xo-jb-bhuvi17 March 2017
Last year, near my 18th birthday..I stumbled upon a documentary while researching the ill effects of animal agriculture and environmental destruction, got to watch "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" from the same directors and writers. It changed my life, basically changed the way I lived my life.

After discovering the big ugly lie that we are told about how the environmental crisis is all and just because of the fossil fuels. It goes on uncovering how the majority of us eat is killing the planet. I went full vegan, right then and there with my family of five. The FACTS were in front of me. Peer- reviewed studies. I highly recommend everybody to watch that.

Now this one is sort of a sequel to Cowspiracy. Brings us to the next big issue effecting everybody but in a more personal way. HOW YOUR DIET IS KILLING YOU! The best kept secret in medicine is that your body wants to heal itself, if given the right chance and conditions. It was lovely to see all my superheroes in one feature: Dr. Micheal Greger, Caldwell Esselstyn, Neal Bernard and many more. This is a perfect documentary to show to your friends and family and I don't this any sane person would turn away from this and not at the least consider veganism as a way of life.

As I like to put it, you go vegan for a reason and stay for a hundred.
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Occassionally interesting, consistently one-sided.
javierwinstondiaz10 January 2018
I think it's fair to say we're all increasingly aware that the kind of eating habits that became the norm in the last part of the 20th century are just not good for us. Too much of what were previously "luxury" items has, unsurprisingly, seen so-called "rich man" health issues like gout, diabetes and obesity have been on the rise in the same time frame.

Normally the blame for a lot of that is placed on sugars, fats and additives but what this movie suggests is that actually the real culprit is animal products. And not just the usual suspects like processed or red meats, but chicken and fish too.

It's an interesting premise and one that could have been a fascinating documentary, but the lack of a balanced take (all the doctors and all the statistics support the filmmakers point) lazy documentary 101 tactics (pitching complex dietary questions over the phone to the minimum wage customer advice workers) and feigned naivety (companies exist to make money, who knew?) ultimately reduces proceedings from "Wow" to "Meh".

As someone who has recently turned vegan it would've suited me down to the ground if this had been a measured, thoughtful and compelling argument for the health based benefits of a plant-based diet that I could recommend to Vegans and Non-Vegans alilke, but as it is, I wouldn't suggest it to either.
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Be entertained and have your life changed
jodyferguson-6993414 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie for the same reasons I loved the other film this team made (Cowspiracy) which is that it moves at a brisk pace, so that we are getting lots of important and accurate information quickly. To be fair, I needed to watch this movie more than once to absorb all of the information. So, while it may sound contradictory, I would recommend watching it with pen and paper on hand, and be ready to hit the pause/replay button if you think you are not catching the whole story of any segment. The first time I watched it, I did not pause, and I was not as excited about it as I was with Cowspiracy -- BUT a few weeks later, I spent a whole day, taking notes on almost every segment of the movie. This was time well spent because the information is so important and compelling. Since spending that time with this movie, I have made the leap to become a full vegan, eliminating every trace of animal-based foods from my diet, and even though I eat as much as I want, I lost all of my extra weight, and can now wear those clothes I bought when I had been slim, some years ago. Kip and Keegan once again do an excellent job in connecting the dots to illustrate how big money and the animal agbiz collude, at the expense of the health of people. In this case, the newly outed culprits are the so-called disease "charities" (diabetes, heart disease and cancer) who take money from the people pushing the animal-based foods that cause these ills!
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The part about following the money is good, the health advice is questionable
mrmanke-5773420 June 2017
I was really engaged with this film at the start when it was about the detective work of Kip chasing the money in the non-profit health foundation industry, and I was disappointed when it turned into a vegan puff piece, trying to get us to drink the kool- aid. (For the record I am not anti-vegan, nor do I deny the health and environmental impact of meat consumption.)

There were several very interesting points posed by the film which I thought could have warranted more attention including the incestuous nature of various health organizations and their sponsors, why it's beneficial for the healthcare industry to keep us sick, and how the meat production industry harms socioeconomic groups that live nearby. These sections are relative short compared to the portion that attempts to convince us that veganism is going to fix everything based on several anecdotes, several biased doctor opinions, and very few scientific references. In fact the studies presented as pro-vegan evidence were probably sponsored by some conflicting entity just like the studies the film dismisses from the pro-meat/dairy side. The film even says that sugar isn't bad for you at all and that it has nothing to do with diabetes. It also claims sugar and carbohydrates don't get converted to fat, and that dietary fat gets converted directly into body fat. That was a red flag for me.

Anyway, if you're vegetarian, vegan, or looking for more reasons to become vegan you will probably like this film, and you will like it even more if you distrust corporate America and don't like donating to non-profit health organizations.

If you're not vegan you might like the first half of this movie. Even as a non-vegan it got me thinking about some non-dietary things I'm going to start investigating, so I can't say it was a complete waste of time.
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