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Joel Edgerton: Nick Jakoby



  • Nick Jakoby : I think we might be in a Prophecy.

    Daryl Ward : We're not in a Prophecy, all right?

    Nick Jakoby : How do you know?

    Daryl Ward : We're in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

  • Daryl Ward : No holes?

    Nick Jakoby : Only the holes I was born with.


    Nick Jakoby : How are your holes?

    Daryl Ward : How the fuck can you make a shootout awkward?

    Nick Jakoby : Sorry. Sorry.

  • Nick Jakoby : You're fearless. You always know what to do. What you did tonight, that's what it takes for an Orc to get blooded. An act of great bravery. To me, you're like a blooded human.

    Daryl Ward : I used to be like you. Think you can save everybody and fix everything and... Now I just pretend to be a good dude. You still are one.

  • [laying dazed and singed on the ground] 

    Daryl Ward : Hey. Nick, the firemen are here. We should've been firemen.

    Nick Jakoby : Yeah.

    Daryl Ward : Hey, can I get a aspirin?

  • Daryl Ward : I need to know if you're a cop first, or an Orc first. I need to hear you say it.

    Nick Jakoby : Ward, I... I wanted to be a cop since I was a little kid. I am nothing else. My badge means more to me than the air I breathe. So don't question me.

  • Nick Jakoby : [after gangster picks up the wand]  Where did they all go?

    Daryl Ward : I think we're breathing 'em.

  • Nick Jakoby : [about the wand]  This is like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes.

  • Nick Jakoby : When an Orc sees me, they see a man... a wannabe human. When humans see me, they see an animal. They hate me.

  • Daryl Ward : Let's give this motherfucker the wand.

    Nick Jakoby : What?

    Daryl Ward : Look, we're gonna get everybody in here killed, and then he's gonna take the damn wand anyway.

    Nick Jakoby : I'm not giving that guy the wand. Over my dead body. He's gonna have to kill me first.

    Daryl Ward : So you want to die, in a gunfight, in a nasty-ass titty bar? That's what you want?

    Nick Jakoby : I don't wanna die anywhere.

    Daryl Ward : Well, you know what? Now I do. Fuck it. I wanna die. Let's do it right now! We're gonna titty-bar-gunfight die! Let's do it, right here, right now! Are you ready? I just wish your dumb ass was a better shot.

  • Nick Jakoby : Everywhere I go, why have orcs always gotta be the bad guys?

    Rodriguez : Hey, don't look at me, man. Mexicans still get shit for the fuckin' Alamo.

  • Sophia Ward : Hi, Nick.

    Nick Jakoby : Hey, Sophia! What's up, rockstar?

    [They bump fists] 

    Sophia Ward : We're gonna go to Grandma's.

    Nick Jakoby : Grandma's? Well, hop in, we'll give you a ride.

    Daryl Ward : Shut up! This ain't no Uber, man!

    Sophia Ward : Don't tell Nick to shut up! He's a person, too.

    Daryl Ward : Thank you, sweetie.

    Nick Jakoby : Enlightened kid you got there, Daryl.

  • [the Altamira gangsters' truck pulls alongside the police car; Ward shocks the driver with his taser, causing him to lose control, and Jakoby rams the truck off the road] 

    Nick Jakoby : [chuckles]  They don't teach *that* at the academy.

    Daryl Ward : No, they do not.

  • Nick Jakoby : Are we friends?

    Daryl Ward : No, Nick. We're not friends. You don't want me as a friend.

  • [Nick carries Daryl out of a burning building, and they both collapse] 

    Daryl Ward : Still not my friend.

    Nick Jakoby : Ah, I never really liked you anyway.

    Daryl Ward : Think you're a big dog now that you're blooded, huh?

    Nick Jakoby : Yeah, pretty big.

    Daryl Ward : Hey, Nick?

    Nick Jakoby : Yeah?

    Daryl Ward : Fuck magic.

    Nick Jakoby : Oh, I don't know. I still think it's kinda cool.

  • [last lines] 

    City Councilman : Faced with armed terrorists, obsessed with myths from thousands of years ago, two of our officers held the line...

    Daryl Ward : [sotto]  I hate seeing those scumbags up there with Rodriguez.

    Nick Jakoby : [sotto]  Let it go, Ward. We know, okay? That's enough.

    City Councilman : ...Officer Daryl Ward, and our nation's first Orcish police officer, Nicholas Jakoby. Jakoby...

    [Nick bows, allowing the Councilman to hang a medal around his neck. Daryl sees Tikka hiding in the crowd, and smiles for the first time] 

    City Councilman : Ward...

    [Ward bows, and receives his medal] 

    City Councilman : Congratulations, Ward.

    Daryl Ward : Thank you, sir.

  • Nick Jakoby : I believe that you're lacking in love, Ward.

    Daryl Ward : I'm what?

    Nick Jakoby : By love, I mean, like... physical love.

    Daryl Ward : Yeah. Um...

    Nick Jakoby : Right?

    Daryl Ward : I'm straight. I don't need no physical love. Trust me, I'm good.

    Nick Jakoby : You can't hide it, Ward. Humans have physical tells.

    Daryl Ward : Tells, huh?

    Nick Jakoby : Yeah. It's called a face.

    Daryl Ward : I ain't making no face.

    Nick Jakoby : Like the face you're making right now.

    Daryl Ward : I ain't making no face. All right, what face am I making?

    Nick Jakoby : "A human who needs a lot more conjugal love" type face.

    Daryl Ward : "Conjugal love" face.

  • Daryl Ward : So you know human faces. Show me another human face. What's another one we make?

    Nick Jakoby : Oh, uh...


    Daryl Ward : What's that face?

    Nick Jakoby : Human who doesn't get any more pancakes.

    Daryl Ward : [laughs]  We do like our pancakes, for real.

    Nick Jakoby : I got a lot of 'em.

    Daryl Ward : You got a lot?

    Nick Jakoby : I got a lot of them.

    Daryl Ward : Show me the face an Orc makes when he just shut the fuck up, and don't say shit, and just drive to work.

    [Nick glares at him] 

    Daryl Ward : Yeah, that's it! That's it! Oh, you got that one! Yeah, you killing that one. You should do that one. Do that one, like, all the time.

  • Nick Jakoby : [to Kandomere]  There was an elf woman. She owned the wand, right? It must have been hers. Not a very nice lady. Dressed very well - like you - but she was a terrible woman.

  • [after interrogating Nick and Daryl, Dorghu prepares to execute both of them] 

    Dorghu : You didn't break. You would have been a great Orc.

    Nick Jakoby : I *am* a great Orc.

  • Daryl Ward : Look, you need to un-fuck this right now, you got to magic our asses to Cabo or something...

    Tikka : I saved your friend's life. Isn't that enough?

    Daryl Ward : It's a start, but...

    Nick Jakoby : Ward, enough. I happen to think it's a pretty big deal.

    [to Tikka] 

    Nick Jakoby : Thank you.

  • Tikka : [gasps, starts jabbering in Elvish] 

    Daryl Ward : What's she saying?

    Nick Jakoby : She says the Devil is coming.

    Daryl Ward : The Devil's ass is out there in that wheelchair!

  • Nick Jakoby : I shot a human. Did you see?

    Daryl Ward : Yeah, I'll get you some ice cream later.

  • [during a gunfight] 

    Daryl Ward : First time getting shot at?

    Nick Jakoby : Yeah. I have to say, I dislike it very much.

    Daryl Ward : Yeah, it fucking sucks.

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