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darthbalzzz22 January 2017
I like Manu Bennett so when I saw he was in this I decided to give it a shot, and I am glad I did. I see people complaining about it being so low budget, and to them I will say duh it's Roger Corman. They obviously are not familiar with him. Low budget usually means terrible, but every once in awhile a gem is released. If you have seen the original and liked it then you will like this one. If you hated the original then you will hate this one. If you have not seen the original, but you like nonsense, campy, and over the top violence then you will like this. If you do not do not watch. I really thought it was going to be just complete crap, but to my surprise it was crap, but it was fantastic. So I give it the honor of being called Craptastic. Not many movies make my list of craptastic, but when they do they are a must see.
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Much better than the current 3.4 rating.
stratmandude11 January 2017
I saw the original Death race 2000 back in 1977, My Dad was one of the first people to get HBO back then and he let me stay up and watch Blazing saddles with him, He fell asleep then Death race 2000 came on. An R rated movie, I was 11. I loved it. the other death race sequels got it all wrong, the original was a cult B movie with a very dark sense of humor. the two sequels that followed were bad action movies.

If you liked the original Death race 2000, you will love this movie. It is as if no time has passed. It captures the same feeling and has the same wacky humor and blood and guts as the original. this is destined to be another cult classic as it was Intended to be. The acting was better than I expected. it has good cast of characters. It starts off slow but about 20 minutes in I was hooked.
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Amazing as long as you have the right perspective and have seen the original
videodan3224 January 2017
OK. So it is cheap. The effects are terrible. The acting OK. The music choices vary in quality. Now that I got that out of the way....

This remake was fantastic and amazingly true in tone to the original making many improvements along the way. No spoilers here except to say that the updates made sense, the characters were fun, and everyone seemed to be having a good time making it. Malcolm McDowell did what he does so well playing the villain.

It was episodic, but so was the original. You get the feeling that the director studied the original for what worked, then brought that and a lot more into the remake. Roger Cormen and his daughter produced, so you know it was made by the right people (Cormen produced the original as well)

If you did not like it, you would not have liked the original. It was a worthy remake that reminds us what a lot of imagination can do on a limited budget. Cormen devotees should be thrilled.
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Crazy and campy.
MonsterVision9918 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love the original "Death Race 2000", the remake was OK, but I wanted the Death Race series to go back to it's origins, I wanted another death race movie that takes place in a dystopian future, and I got it. "Death Race 2025" it's a very enjoyable modern day grindhouse film, it's quite campy and over-the-top, but that's why its so fun.

The film its a pseudo-remake of the original movie, it follows the same plot, but I guess it takes place 25 years after the original, anyway, the film has a very interesting collection of characters, but my favorite has always been "Frankenstein", I loved him in the first movie and in the other movies he's fine, but they can't compare with the original, here he's played by Manu Bennett, who does a good job at portraying the character, I didn't have too much of a problem with the other performances (that may be because I watched the film with the Spanish dub).

The film biggest problem it's the disjointed editing, but of course it's bad, it was meant to be bad, the only thing I can compare this film to it's to a Troma movie, and I just love Troma movies, so of course I was going to like this one.

It's better than the average campy exploitation film but it doesn't do anything new either, its severely flawed (even if most of it it's intentional), but I found it quite entertaining.

I would recommend the film for those who love campy and trashy films, like Troma movies, but for those who want a genuinely good action film, don't even bother.
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Throwback awesomeness
nothingmusic4219 January 2017
this is a 70's B/ grindhouse movie throwback in the best way possible. Manu Bennett is awesome as always, Perfectus was the perfect foil, Malcolm McDowell was hamming it up as only he can, and it was just genuinely a ton of fun. they went old school for the special effects,and it works for the tone of the movie. face on shots into the cars in front of obvious green screen, body parts that are obviously fake, tiny skips between vehicles crashing and then exploding. these techniques were done in just the right way to bring back the nostalgia feels if you grew up on classing cheesy cult movies. the storyline isn't a carbon copy of Death Race 2000, and throws in a few nice swerves. the social commentary is still there. seeing some of the new names for areas in America was a running joke that kept getting funnier the further West the races went. from the intentionally dated special effects,to the biting political satire, this is a worthy successor to the classic cult movie.
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A subtle masterpiece
creativedoom14 January 2017
The Village Voice said this "is the only movie that matters in 2017" and with only two weeks into the year, they very well may be right. Death Race 2050 is set in a well thought out dystopic near-future, masked with a ridiculously fantastic premise. I loved this movie and give it 10/10 because it accomplished what it set out to do, with many subtle threads and social commentaries. The humour can be silly without being stupid, the political and social messages are profound without being preachy, the casting is great, and the acting is perfectly dialed in. The movie has an uplifting and inspiring conclusion despite not taking itself seriously all the way through. If given a chance, it will gain a cult following similar to "Idiocracy."
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Death Race 2050
Argemaluco27 February 2017
From the title itself, the movie proudly proclaims: "ROGER CORMAN'S Death Race 2050". However, this movie doesn't have the characteristic attributes from this legendary producer, whom I have admired practically my whole life, since I saw his name over and over again in the horror and science fiction films I obsessively consumed when I was a kid. Sure, Corman has always worked with very limited resources, and his movies have rarely been masterpieces; but at the same time, they made an effort to reach an artistic and dramatic level which didn't insult the audience's intelligence; or, in the worst of the cases, Corman tried to avoid the cons to become obstacles for the entertainment of the audience. Unfortunately, Death Race 2050 doesn't make the slightest effort to keep that standard, and the result is a tedious experience with confusing action and a weak political message. The problem isn't the low budget of Death Race 2050, but the absolute incompetence from director G.J. Echternkamp to follow the "Corman method" to adjust the ambition of the movie and apply ingenuity to dissimulate the lack of money. On the opposite, Death Race 2050 follows the principles of the studio The Asylum ("let's do it intentionally bad"), and the result tramples the legacy of the original Death Race 2000, recycling its story without a pinch of that black humor, narrative integrity or political subversion. For the rest, the performances are quite poor (yes, even the one from Malcolm McDowell, the only famous member of the cast), the special effects are awful and the insipid violence lacks of any impact or excitement. I know that Corman is very old nowadays (he will turn 91 in April), and he probably had nothing to do with the real production of Death Race 2050 (besides of lending his name). Nevertheless, I still expected Death Race 2050 to follow his directive of achieving very much with very little; instead of that, I ended up watching a boring film which seems made by The Asylum or the TV channel SyFy.
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It Isn't What It Is
grz-98-88062910 June 2018
Death Race 2000 was an original cinematic charm. A timeless gem with great casting and raw implementation. This one tries too hard to capture the original magic and fails. Everyone's trying too hard without the same natural charisma. The characters in the first were cast as naturals, but not here, which is the flaw. Loved the original. Perhaps a concept that does not replicate well, but this one's not even close to the original. The first, a classic; this one, forgettable.
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Give us liberty or give them death
nogodnomasters13 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a reboot of "Death Race 2000." The plot and scenes should look familiar and predictable. The film has been updated for the modern era as far as soundtrack and characters for satire. Malcolm McDowell plays the Chairman of the United Corporations of America who has hair similar to that of Donald Trump. Manu Bennett plays the role of Frankenstein except he removes his mask early because it itches. Burt Grinstead plays driver Jed Perfectus a genetic modified human who replaces Sly Stallone as the main antagonist. Folake Olowofoyeku is driver Minerva who is famous as a singer and for her sex tape. Anessa Ramsey plays Tammy, who has her own cult religion. Yancy Butler leads the resistance.

The film is critical of the media, corporations, and a bunch of other stuff. The script had a number of good lines, some satirical, some just fun like, "Jihad for Jimi Hendrix." If you loved the original, you should love the reboot.

Guide: F-word, nudity
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Snarky, True, and Well Thought Out
industrialwonk2 February 2017
Death Race 2050 addresses some of the less than savory trends that are now both operative and readily apparent in our semi-functional somewhat- dysfunctional society. Technology has caused self-absorbed people to live vicariously through others and in the process have become lost in their own "virtual reality." This movie points out the fact that corporate propaganda, ignorance, feminism, identity politics,, religion asexuality, selective fact choosing,and big data feedback have caused our society to degrade and to lose a understandable- controllable overview.

Almost every line of dialogue, scene, visual (map), and character (zealot, hedonist, AI, voyeur, executive) in this movie have been crafted to explain and bring to light the current trend. Truth can be unpalatable even when presented in humorous and snarky manner. Unfortunately, the people that do not understand this movie are the people in need of it the most.
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Tries way too hard to entertain
Wizard-825 February 2017
Being a B movie fan, it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed the 1975 Roger Corman production "Death Race 2000". As for the first remake of that movie - the 2008 "Death Race" starring Jason Statham - well, not very much, namely because it took the title of the original movie and not that much else. But when I heard this second remake was out and that it was going to be more faithful to the original movie, I decided to give it a whirl in my Blu-ray player.

It did not take long into watching the movie to realize that the filmmakers had seriously botched things. There are many problems with this movie, ranging from the cheesy special effects to the racing sequences being very poorly directed and edited. But the biggest misstep the movie makes is that it is *extremely* strident in tone. It crams in so many attempts at heavy-handed humor that you'll be wanting some dramatic relief from the comedy.

Actually, had the humor been actually funny, that might not have been a problem. But I counted only three gags that made me smile slightly. The rest of the humor is extremely unsubtle with its writing and execution.

The cast shows signs of talent, but apparently because of director G. J. Echternkamp's command to endlessly mug and shout their dialogue, all the actors come across as thoroughly obnoxious. Not one character in the movie comes across even remotely sympathetic.

The best that can be said of this movie is that it makes the Jason Statham movie look much better in comparison. Needless to say, it makes the 1975 original come across as deserving of multiple Academy Awards.
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horror of movie
slamnati-jeti23 February 2018
This is the worst movie i ever seen. And i seen a lots of movies. I would say nothing if this was a elementery school movie and kids shoot it with old nokia cell. Full of meaningless killing , stupid conversations,...and even car dildo??? what was wrong with director and screenwritter?? where they stoned on job?? scenes are not funny and they are not even close to be scarry like in horror movie...they were only horrible...whole movie didnt make any sence at all...

if you dont watch it you will miss nothing,..even you will spare time...better see some ED Woods film...they are better!
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An excellent B-movie in the tradition of They Live and Robocp
vkaufold24 January 2017
This is the Thing. If you ever loved a B movie --for the right reasons-- this is the Golden Glove. If you like They Live, if you like Robocop, Machete... you may have a new favorite. Not only is it freakishly on point for the new Trump epoch, it also has a very elusive ingredient for B-movies : Intelligent writing!

Now keep in mind the film is satirizing a culture of stupidity, violence, and greed, so you have to look closely for the intelligence hiding behind the explosions and vulgarity, but it's there, sometimes winking at you from behind a flaming haystack.

It's the abundance and timing of the jokes, both subtle and sometimes deliciously brutal, that should warrant a justified cult following for this jam.

What's that? You didn't come to this movie for jokes? For sly throwaway gags about a dystopian future? No problem. There are so many other movies where big men drive cars that go fast. Please watch one of them instead if that is your thing. Leave this rare movie for me and my people. We need it.
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Hopefully There Won't Be Another Movie This Year as Annoying As This One
Michael_Elliott23 January 2017
Death Race 2050 (2017)

* (out of 4)

The second remake of the cult favorite 1975 film has Manu Bennett playing Frankenstein, one of five racers who is in the cross country race that gives its driver bonus points for running down pedestrians.

DEATH RACE 2050 is an extremely lazy, extremely boring and extremely annoying remake that sadly doesn't really get much of anything right. I'm one that is all for remakes but there's no question that sometimes they are disastrously wrong and that's the case for this one. The original 1975 film was a very fun film that's low-budget was used for some campy and it worked. The 2008 version wasn't all that great but it was mildly entertaining for what it was. This one, however, has so many bad things in it that it's hard to recommend anything about it.

There are all sorts of annoying things here but I think the most annoying is the fact that the film tries on purpose to be campy and it just doesn't work. The characters all seem to have been influenced by THE HUNGER GAMES and this too is rather pointless. The film has the majority of the characters either acting stupid or just so over-the-top that you're wishing they'd be killed off. The Frankenstein character, on the other hand, is extremely bland and just doesn't come across as entertaining. It certainly doesn't help that Bennett doesn't add much to the role but to be fair none of the supporting players bring much to their roles and this includes poor Malcolm McDowell who is picking up another paycheck.

The CGI effects are embarrassingly bad and some of them rival what you'd see out of an Asylum movie. The story is stupid, the added melodrama doesn't work and in all reality there's just nothing here. Well, I'd say that the over-the-top gore helps for those who enjoy the red stuff but you're best bet is to stick with DEATH RACE 2000.
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beastnbella16 January 2017
I can not for the life of me find any kind words for this movie. This movie is the worst movie ever. what the f, why would anyone put money up to make this god awful movie is beyond me. Crap. Absolute crap. I feel embarrassed for these people who were in it, if I was an actor in this terrible movie I would never tell anyone I was in this movie. Go get run over by a truck, its less painful. I can not waste any more of my time and life on this movie how dare IMDb make us write 10 lines minimum before submitting. I am warning everyone, not like Deathrace with Statham. Very poor movie, terrible acting, if there was a budget of a thousand dollars I would be shocked. Cars look made of cardboard too.
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Beyond Bad
mhorg201829 January 2017
First, even though I do like Manu Bennett from his days on Spartacus and Arrow, I don't usually see a movie or TV show because of whose in it. Seeing that Roger Corman was behind this (the last two remakes/reboots were OK, but just OK), I figured I'd give this a shot. Having watched it I can see why it never got any large release. Absolute trash. Not even the fun kind of trash, but just poor, badly written, directed and acted Trash. I'm sure everyone who was in this mess did it only for the paycheck. Roger certainly isn't the Roger of the old days, not if this is the best he can do. Sitting through this was like getting one's teeth pulled without Novocaine. Avoid this at all costs. Just a waste of cinema.
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If you're a fan of really, really bad B movies this is for you.
skipbrott19 January 2017
The original Death Race 2000 was at least somewhat excusable being it was made in 1973 and it was truly a "B" cult style movie. Death Race 2050 movie is so awful it is as though no time has passed and we're still making films in 1973.

It's not funny, not campy, and so childish that there are videos produced by middle school kids with better overall quality. Malcolm McDowell has done some decent work during his career and he should be fighting to get himself removed from the credits on this one it's such an embarrassment.

If you like the concept of a death race then I strongly encourage the reader to watch the Jason Statham and Luke Goss films and avoid this one.
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". . . It's more than just a cracker topping, it's a delicious treatment for clinical depression."
vindalootiger20 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In a world of such terrible movies that take themselves way too seriously, this movie was such a relief. There was no attempt to take themselves seriously which made this movie good. This one is no less cliché or less terrible then the earlier incarnations of this movie that I grew up watching. Do not expect anything resembling good, but expect something fun, especially when you have had a bad week at work. It did feel as if the writer thoroughly studied previous incarnations which did strike a chord of nostalgia for me, the writing, the rhythm and the feel of the movie was very similar to the other versions. Albeit character development was considerably better than I expected, special effects were still out of the 1980's with drones though. The anti-hero was predictable but like-able, the ending just as predictable but fun. If you don't expect much more than a good time and absurdist comedy with dark political undertones then you will not be disappointed. The one-liners were much better in this one than in previous versions. (It deserves a much better rating then it currently has.) I like cats too…
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bolerus6 May 2017
In true Deathrace style, Death Race 2050 is a low budget gory 90 minutes of entertainment.

The cars are a bit...cardboard and sticky tape ( well the AI one in particular) but don't let that put you off. Enjoy the film for what it is.

And its another chance to see Jonathan Manu Bennett (Crixus from Spartacus) who is pretty decent.

Yo be fair the acting is pretty decent throughout, cliché in abundance, but good fun.
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Attempts to go back to its campy roots
jackmeat11 January 2017
My quick rating - 3.9/10. If you look at my database, you'll notice I kept this. Not because it was good, but because it tried to go back to the schlocky nonsense of the original (1973. of course, the year I was born). So the movie is the same ole, post apocalyptic world where a way to trim the population, even though they don't much bring attention to that, is by allowing drivers to kill people on the roads for sports and ratings. In doing so, this movie also tries to take jabs at the tech and always connected world along with politics. These attempts are slightly amusing but mostly fall flat. The effects are a joke, and the action is choreographed by a blind man (no offense if he/she was actually blind). This is what made the original so great, and what makes this pretty bad. It just needed to take this campy feeling and do something slightly different with it. Back to my original point, the cult classic is just that, and this belongs in the collection just because of its existence. So if you feel that way as well, check this one out. Nods to Mr. Corman for bringing that campiness back.
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Did not finish it.
thehatch200221 January 2017
First five minutes I realized that most of this film is done on a green screen with a parked car. I skipped a chunk to middle of the film to see if it was worth to stomach through. Unfortunately I ended the film at this point. Very low budget, poor acting. I have never seen the original death race, but i have seen the last three of them. Little upsetting that this film used there name and was such poor quality. I wish my thirty minutes of my life could be returned to me. If you like the other films, stay far away from this feature. You will not like it at all. This belongs in the mystery science film comedy show, that would make this film enjoyable!
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Death Race 2050
burlesonjesse522 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Drive drive, kill kill, drive drive". That's a song lyric and/or spoken line from Death Race 2050 (my latest review). Split screens, a game of "chicken", Malcolm McDowell surrounded by topless women wearing a topless toupee, virtual reality as an audience medium, video game likeness. "Race 2050" has it all. Sadly, it's an elevated form of cinematic torture, pure torture.

First off, I wonder what Sylvester Stallone might think of this uninspired, post-dated sequel to 1975's drive-in sensation, Death Race 2000. Currently, it's a straight-to-video release so I'm sure he might have been too busy to check it out.

Anyway, the producer of "Race 2050" is 90-year-old Roger Corman. The days of his Boxcar Bertha are long gone. Now, he really needs to check himself. This film is truly bad camp and frankly, I don't get how it could have any appeal whatsoever. Death Race 2050 starts off 2017 in a lousy way. Call it the nonchalant face of death and destruction. Heck, deem it the bastardized lovechild of The Running Man, the bloodied up version of The Cannonball Run, The Road Warrior for the radically inept, or the more violent, trenchant mirror of something like 1971's 200 Motels. This is hyper satire but not entertainment folks. That's unless you're under the influence of some heavy drugs (I don't endorse that notion just so you know).

Now the characters in Death Race 2050, are remorseless, unfeeling, and brainwashed. They arrive in their automobiles with the B movie techniques of rear projection and bluescreen totally evident. Their acting is hammy and shoddy. The soundtrack to "Race 2050" is I guess, annoying heavy metal rock. Finally, the cars featured (the title has "race" in it so go figure) are pointed and atypical. Within "Race 2050's" plot workings, heads are severed, torsos are cut in half, and blood spattering is cartoon-like. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Oh yeah, everyone gets hurt and dies without so much as a whimper (or empathy for that matter).

Silly, over of the top, and taking place in the year 2050 (duh), Death Race 2050 makes you long for something more akin to 2008's remake of Death Race 2000 simply titled, Death Race. That film wasn't really good to begin with. However, it at least took itself seriously enough to be made for somewhat compelling viewing. "Race 2050'" tries to be compelling in its last half. It even throws around the terms "Resistance" and "rebels". Futile attempt (ha ha). Don't the producers know that this is something already taken from the Star Wars franchise? Natch.

Lack of originality and kookiness aside, "Race 2050's" cast is comprised of Malcolm McDowell playing the same, sadistic monitor that he channeled in last year's 31. And look for Drop Zone's Yancy Butler in a small yet overacted role (it's sad that "Zone" is the last flick I remember her being in). As for the special effects, well they are cheesy and caricaturish and you know what, I think the filmmakers wanted it that way. Ugh.

All in all, the story concerning Death Race 2050, is about planet Earth being post-apocalyptic and overpopulated. America has renamed its 50 states (Arkansas is now called "Walmartinique") and in order to control said population, drivers compete in an annual "Death Race". Basically, they drive across country while killing everyday denizens with their slickly automobiles (they hastily score points too, double ugh). The main trouper is Frankenstein played by New Zealand-born Manu Bennett. He's like Mel Gibson with a big fat frog in his throat. You know what, I'm just gonna refrain from going on and on. Here's my overall rating: 1 and a half stars.
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It's no Death Race 2000, but it tries
Smokey_T7 April 2018
It's a sequel/remake of Death Race 2000... and while it's not as good as the original it has a lot of fun, and there are some great moments.

I'm guessing most of the really negative reviews are from people that actually sat through the newer sequels to Statham's Death Race, and would never have enjoyed DR 2000.

The cars look naff, the acting and script is appalling, and the CGI and explosions are terrible. This is Cormanesque cinema at it's best, un-apologetically entertaining trash and unafraid of our seeing the 'wires' where the obvious budget limitations gave way.

Some films you have to have low expectations going in to them to enjoy. Given this is being true to Death Race 2000 and not the modern remakes this film nails the schtick very well.

I gave it a 6 because I love Death Race 2000, but it would be blasphemy to give such a shiny turd anything more than that. But it is fun, and stupid, and entertaining - you just have to get over 'America' being entirely populated with Hispanics, and looking like Mexico... All part of the charm of this dodgy little film.
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Massive fun - on two levels!
iantrader7 January 2018
You can watch this in two ways - as a straight-forward (semi)gorefest and/or as a satire on America and the American dream/way of life.

Both work.

It's fast-paced, there's lot of action, but some of the lines just dig between the strata of American society so if you watch it with that in mind you'll get twice as much out of it, assuming you understand irony which may rule out a few million of the people it's aimed at.

Ah well... To those, just watch the heads fly and hope that the good guys win.
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Seriously unwatchable.
brianjcavanaugh16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS. I'm at a loss to see so many 10-star reviews here. Must be from the director/writers/producers, because this film is, without exaggeration, unwatchable.

From the early and zero-climax reveal of Frankenstein, to the endless dialog during endless poorly done green-screen background driving scenes, to the campy and disappointing sped-up shots of car by's, to the very stupid Liberal philosophy strewn throughout the awful script, to the very disturbing scene of parents putting their disabled children in harm's way of the cars just so Frankenstein can score points, it is unbearable to sit through.
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