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florisklaver7617 April 2017
As a fan of the show I was very excited to see what they did for the shows final episode. I have to say I am very disappointed, it did not even feel like a season finale, let alone the final episode of the complete series.

Because it's 'Girls' I did not expect a big booming final episode but I feel they could have gone more into the other characters as well. The episode just features Hannah and Marnie and I am curious to see what happened to the rest of the cast.
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Growing Up
Fiahm17 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went off watching Lena Dunham's 'Girls' a couple seasons back as I felt it had peaked and didn't appear to have any place left to go. Also, the internet drama over her real-world feminist politics had started to sour the experience for me, it all seemed off-topic and served only to muddy the waters, to obscure the genius of her best work.

For some reason, though, the other day I ended up watching the third episode of this final season and was once again hooked: as with her other best moments, stuff happens in that episode you won't see played out anywhere else, which surely is what all of us want. Well, me, anyway.

So I ended up watching the whole season 'til the end, which brings us up to today.

Let me add here that one of the reasons I thought I didn't want to watch the final season was I thought I knew how it was going to end: all Sex & The City fantasy, with the increasingly aged 'Girls' swearing allegiance to each other and partying ever more desperately, with one of them having a baby and the rest all gathering 'round to promise to help her raise it so she can go out partying like nothing's happened, and nothing really changes. You go, girl.

But instead of all that Barbie-doll wish fulfilment we get THIS, a harrowing, bleak future, isolated and alone, with only a baby that cries all the time and a friend you can't stand for company.

This is it for Hannah, this is where the road stops. Guys aren't going to hit on her again - not for a long time, not 'til her baby's all grown and at school at least, and by then it won't be boys but middle-aged men holding their breath and taking the risk of getting involved with a single mother. If she's lucky. We can see it all laid out before her.

It's always puzzled me that, because of Dunham's great sense of humour, so many of Girls' fans miss the inherent critique of modern female solipsism and entitlement that is really at the core of it all. But everything in this episode - and really the whole show - leads up to the scene where Hannah, after running away from her own mother (telling her that motherhood is the first time Hannah has faced something she can't quit, can't give up on, can't drop out from), runs into the spoiled brat in the street she tries to help, even giving the clothes off her back, thinking she must have been abused in some way, only to discover the selfish girl is making a scene for no greater reason than her mother tried to make her do her homework.

Hannah then realizes the girl in front of her is herself, that she - Hannah - has been that spoiled brat all these years, but that those days are over, and that they have to be, because now her job is only to think of someone other than herself.

And that's the meaning, as far as I can make out: that Hannah has to grow up, and this is the point where it happens.

This moment here is the end of her girlhood, and so, therefore, the end of 'Girls'.
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'Girls' no more
emma-feely-886-43121225 August 2018
The way I interpreted this episode was that the series is called 'girls' it ends the moment Hannah becomes a woman. I loved this series, I loved that the characters are a**holes. I loved this episode.
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Strong, satisfying finish
kat-3950822 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent episode, wasn't expecting that. Sometimes last episodes are bold in a way that annoys me this one was bold in a thoughtful way that I appreciated. To the reviewer who wanted to see what happened to everyone else - it seemed to me like great care was taken to wrap up everyone's story. Some are intentionally left on an ambiguous note (e.g. Jessa/Adam) but that was a smart artistic choice, i thought. The biggest criticism i have of this season is how Lena-Adam's story was concluded - i thought it was an excellent idea, but i would have liked to have seen it span a few episodes, the way it was executed felt rushed and inauthentic, Adam was annoyingly not true to character in that episode. But the season redeemed itself in the last episode. Kudos to Lena Dunham.
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isn't it an issue with bonding..
Arth_Joshi25 June 2018

Girls; being critically acclaimed and buzzed at Golden Globes for its originality, is a passion project of the creator and the protagonist, Lena Dunham whose creativity and genuine soul is what keeps this character driven series flow frictionless. The series is shot beautifully and the camera work is utterly pleasing which helps seek attention of the viewers. The writing is strong, witty and brutally honest sometimes, which can be inedible for viewers especially for it resonates eerily with reality that we all reside in. The characters or even the actors aren't given priority especially not at the compromise of the story-line which is what makes it different from one's usual sitcom. Addition to that, the series can afford and does offer a wider range where each notes connects and hits to the audience; from humor to intense drama. The primary reason why it works for the most part of it, is the uncertainty on its trajectory and the unflinching bold moves that writers tend to make to proves its maturity and superiority on standing on something that is equally practical as much as gut-wrenching. It is rich on technical aspects like sound department, costume design and editing. It is no short on execution as it communicates with the viewers and offers a palpable environment, that is cozy, raw, bold and uneven, in short an apt depiction of the current generation's social life. The performance is undeniably effective that helps create the anticipated impact on screen where most of the attention is drawn by Lena Dunham, Adam Driver and Andrew Rannells.

Season 06

Final season, for obvious reasons, comes with a great expectations which it matches in here and doesn't disappoint, by crawling back to its origin form that is to offer concrete material that is fueled with character's perspective and ideology in a subtle way that is layered, though-provoking and gut-wrenching that pours out essential emotions out of the screen through great performance.


The audience being disappointed with the finale seems obvious as it doesn't go loud and lacks any awe-struck moments, but the reason why it doesn't contain any of it, is that it is more like an epilogue at the end of a book.
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