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Lazy and out of sorts.
bellarrr26 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of Gilmore Girls who must have watched the first seven seasons of the show ten times over, I was sorely disappointed by the long anticipated revival of the show in the form of A Year in the Life.

The overarching tone was different and many characters' appearances felt dropped in for the sake of it. Some references felt forced with over-the-top nods to Chinese takeaway and Pop Tarts, the kitchen looked far too shiny for someone who hates tidying and cleaning, and although the show was never realistic, it felt completely staged. The unnecessary crudeness and swearing didn't feel at all at home in the family show, making it feel more like a bad American comedy film, the efforts to be more modern were uncomfortable, with tacky references to Zoella and Yelp, and the constant drinks of straight whiskey would have been more at home in an episode of Mad Men. For women who were meant to appreciate the simple things in life, far too many characters were bragging about their money to them and offering them loans and gifts, as if the girls were meant to feel looked after by ridiculous and extravagant gestures.

While it was made up of an episode for each season, which suggested that it wouldn't necessarily have a continuous story, the execution was poor. The episodes felt choppy and the whole mini-series felt somehow both rushed and dragged out, as if the content hadn't been properly thought through. The musical scenes were embarrassing and went on forever, and the episode with Logan, Colin, and Finn was unnecessary, leaving the viewer thinking that maybe it was just too much. Rory's subplot with the eccentric British writer was uncomfortable as if it was trying very hard to get a laugh, and her affair with Logan went round in circles with little substance.

The actual story lines were lazy. The explicit reuse of events that happened the last time round was confusing, as if the whole thing was an excuse to redo the final season whilst pretending than no one had moved on. Rory's job crisis and Lorelai's conversation with a therapist were the exactly the same as the last time around, and it was clear that Rory had learned absolutely nothing from sleeping with a married Dean to sleeping with an engaged Logan. Not only was this tedious, it completely removed the possibility for any emotional reaction to the events, over which we have already cried. The disjointed and quickly resolved wobble between Lorelai and Luke did nothing to provoke even a single tear, and it seemed like the writers were totally unaware of how hateful Rory was during scenes when it seemed we ought to have felt sorry for her, casting a dark shadow over what should have been a feel-good story.

This revival couldn't have been further from the original, a show renowned for its pace and quick wit. Not only was the timing off, the self-sufficient and strong protagonists seemed ditsy. Lorelai, once fierce in her protection of her daughter and her belief in the importance of morals, seemed unfazed by the revelation that her daughter was making the exact same mistakes again and not taking responsibility for her actions. Rory was frankly detestable, showing no respect for her 'boyfriend' and walking around as Little Miss Entitled, particularly at her interview at SandeeSays, for which she should and would have been overly prepared. It was difficult to understand how the ambitious and determined Rory would have not matured and developed as a character from her college graduation to the age of thirty-two.

Fortunately, Paris, Kirk, and Jess were as you might have expected, and their acting was on point. Scott Patterson's portrayal of Luke was strong, and his continued devotion to the family was clear, but the plot was unusually lacking in his presence. As someone who should have been vital to this revival, it felt like more attention should have been given to scenes including the brilliant exchanges regarding his WiFi password, which felt perfectly natural.

'Summer' was a disappointment and a disaster, especially after 'Winter' which had been at least promising. The performance by Kelly Bishop (Emily) was excellent, although she was let down by some bizarre lines. However her lack of attendance at the end was more depressing than anything, and it felt like throughout the whole show, nothing had properly been worked out between her and her daughter. Lauren Graham (Lorelai) was brilliant as always, and the scenes between her about Bishop carried the show. A Year in the Life was meant to be a final chance at resolution for a story that hadn't finished right, but we actually ended up with less closure then the last time. Due to an ending with a complete lack of clarity and one that felt like it needed more, the viewer is left feeling dissatisfied. Did Michel leave? Is Sookie back? Has Jess walked out again? Whose baby was it? Did Logan get married? When the viewer should have been left sobbing at the end with the warm and fuzzy feeling we know so well, we are left very angry and sad. Sorry Amy Sherman-Palladino, poor effort.
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Disjointed, disloyal to the original story, and way too many musical bits!!!
SageLis25 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One of the reasons that the original Gilmore Girls gained such a large following was its fun, organic flow and its fast-paced, witty dialogue. Watching the original series, the viewer was never bored or left wandering. The plot was carefully thought out, processed, contained beautiful highs and lows and intricate twists, and it was uplifting.

Sadly, this revival is quite the opposite. It seems to me that the creators of this nonsense passed around a hat in a room full of 30 different writers (not all of which had actually seen the original Gilmore Girls), got 30 different ideas for the plot, angle, and gimmicks, to inject into the story line of the revival series..and decided to use all 30 ideas, without review.

My positive note is that it WAS fun to take a peak into the lives of my favorite characters and see what they've been up to. And it was nice to see that Lorelai finally settled down with someone who really loves her.

Other positives:

*Petal, the pig, a consistent and successful gimmick in the revival, is funny.

*Emily Gilmore's unexpected abandonment of "the way things are done" is refreshing and entertaining.

*The 5 minutes in which we get to see Sookie are so spot-on and satisfying that Melissa McCarthy almost threatens to redeem the last six hours of my life.

Sadly, I have mostly negatives:

*This revival was not consistent with the spirit of the original series. Instead of emotional and uplifting, it was dark and confusing.

*Somehow, Rory, who was taught to treat herself with respect and to think for herself, has become effectively the mistress of the guy we saw her make the right choice about ten years ago, when she let him walk away.

*What in the world is with the musical numbers? Could the writers really not think of enough things to happen in six hours that they had to make us sit through so. many. minutes. of bad musicals???

*The plot, where it actually exists, is so disjointed and inconsistent that I kept watching only for the dashed hope of closure.

*The ending is pointlessly gimmicky.

*Rory herself would have given this revival a truly terrible review.

To the writers, directors, and producers of Gilmore Girls, a Year in the Life: you should have worked harder and cared more about the spirit of the original series, and I think it was extremely disrespectful and unkind of you to subject these talented and beloved actors to such a poor excuse for a "revival" of the original series. They deserved better. This should have a been a treasure. Instead, it's already a tired joke.
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I'm happy I'm nothing like Rory...
pbelosevic26 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Not to start all negative, I really did enjoy myself watching the show. I made a whole evening out of it, drank beer, ate a lot of junk (Gilmore girl style), and it was fun. Stars Hollow has always been my happy place and seeing those Christmas lights light up, and those crazy town festivals really warmed my heart. The Kirk bits were really funny and the Secret bar made me laugh. I think the whole town vibe was on the spot, it really felt like nothing had changed (and that was one of my main concerns before watching it). And now to the negative…the biggest let down of all was Rory and her character. I mean, it was a total train wreck! Being Rory's age I was always able to identify myself with her, I looked up to this smart girl who knows what she wants from life. She made some mistakes, but was always compassionate and caring. You could really feel the emotion in all 3 of her relationships, they had purpose…it was so sad seeing how they turned her into this heartless indifferent woman with no moral. She has a meaningless relationship with some poor schmuck (forgetting from time to time that he even exists), an ongoing affair with Logan who is engaged to another woman, and a one night stand. Throughout all this her feelings are NOT ONCE addressed. This girl who was so passionate in everything she did suddenly has no emotion at all? The little emotion we get from her is regarding her grandfather and her career. I thought Rory's love life would be the center point of the show, as I am sure most of the fans did too, but it was beyond neglected. The main story is concentrated around Lorelai and Luke, and it made no sense at all since their story has already been told. They forced this cliffhanger between them in episode four which, to be honest, didn't even make me blink. All in all the ending left me with this empty, sad feeling. I've re-watched Gilmore girls multiple times, always dreaming that one day I'll get to watch the show with my own daughter, but I have no desire to watch season 8 again.

And that loooong musical digression....just no!
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Gave myself a week to calm down and the pain is still fresh...
sarah16713 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am a bigger fan than most of Gilmore Girls. I watched the series while it was still airing and continued to re-watch it every year since. Although it was just a show, it felt like a constant source of comfort that was very relatable. After hoping for a revival for many years, I now wish it had never happened. The only good thing to come out of "A Year in the Life" was seeing so many of the original cast members come back.

The plot had so much crammed in that it felt disjointed and awkward. With the exception of their tribute to Edward Herrmann, nothing of substance came out of the first 3 episodes. Lorelai and Rory were going through their separate issues ALONE. The main charm behind Gilmore Girls is the bond between Lorelai and Rory being stronger than just mother and daughter. Not only were they rarely together, but each time they were, their relationship was "light and fluffy" and full of lies.

The fact that Lorelai was having doubts about her life only to have her find herself in the "wild" seemed pointless. When Lorelai and Luke got together at the end of season 7, everything felt complete. She didn't need a mid-life crisis. In addition, it would have been nice to see her finally have the wedding she deserved with everyone she loved there. The fact that Emily and Sookie weren't there was wrong.

Now, Rory, where do I even start? WHY did Amy Sherman-Palladino turn her into a complete mess?! You'd think she'd have learned all her lessons on the destruction of cheating with both Dean and Logan. And the fact that she couldn't remember her boyfriend of two years. At first it was funny, but it should've ended after the first episode. In regards to her career, sure have her go through some obstacles, but having her totally give up on her dream of being a journalist turned her into a character I didn't recognize. I realize everything was supposed to go "full circle", but I would appreciate a little more creativity. Lorelai went through so much and gave Rory everything, only to have her fall apart and end up like 16 year old Lorelai at the age of 32? Give me a break.

I am going to try really hard to believe that this revival never happened, so that my love of the original Gilmore Girls isn't tainted.I guess that I should just be thankful that Amy wasn't able to ruin it the first time around.
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Insulting, Destructive, Horrible
meinezweite26 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Now more than ever I am happy that the cast of Friends never did a reunion. Imagine you would find Joey becoming an addict, Chandler and Monica divorced and Ross cheating on Rachel with a student. This is how you feel after watching the new Gilmore Girls episodes.

I have seen the original Gilmore Girls many times over. The first three seasons are gold. And while the level goes down quite a bit in the last seasons it is still a comfortable place to go to, to relax and enjoy. I never understood why people were asking for more seasons as the content was getting so thin. Aside from some very strong episodes we often had two characters discussing an event that is going to happen then the event actually happens and then they are discussing said event afterwards. But anyway there was heart in the show and you just have to love all the quirky characters.

Hence, I am downright angry at the creators of the show for trashing our fond memories with this revival. It starts out with the fact that some characters really didn't age well, but more importantly everything is depressing. The relationship of Luke and Lorelai is dead. There is nothing going on between them. They live together, but they basically just share a room and she talks about her day while he just follows suit like a dog. Lorelai was a great character in the original, but in this show she is just annoying. She has learned nothing over the past nine years. None of the characters has and apparently nothing has happened in their lives. There are almost no new characters. All we see are the old familiar characters including all the ex-boyfriends of Rory. The relationship between Emily and her mother hasn't evolved one bit. The death of Richard Gilmore is turned into a joke. Not once we feel said as we should. I find this particularly bad as the character wasn't simply written out of the show. No, the actor actually died. And they turn all the scenes related to the death into some weird jokes.

Rory has become a mistress and adulterer at the same time as she has an affair with Logan. Actually she is banging for roof as she is staying at his place whenever she is in London for business. Meanwhile she has a boyfriend that she keeps forgetting. I know this is supposed to be funny, but it is just mean. And to top it of she just has sex with a wookie, just because. As the mother you should worry why your daughter turned out to be such a bad person.

None of the jokes were funny. There is no warm heartiness. It is just sad to see your beloved characters in such bad states and the whole town of Stars Hollow is turned into a creepy place. And we are forced to sit through fifteen minutes of bad musical. I know they want to show that Lorelai is not feeling connected anymore to the other town's people as they all love the show whereas she hates it, but you don't have to show it for fifteen minutes. It just goes to show that there is not much content. There is actually no plot going on. but why? Why haven't the characters met anyone in nine years? Why hasn't the relationship of Luke and Lorelai developed? It is sad to see that we were hoping for them to be together just to be miserable. Why don't do a story with the inn. You could tell so many stories about a newly established inn, but instead it is just running perfectly without even having a chef. Why did they make everything sad, depressing and boring. And why for heaven's sake is the writing so bad. The dialogues are terrible and have nothing of the fast paced wit they used to. Partly because they have nothing to talk about as there is nothing going on. It is baffling to think that the same people who created this wonderful show 15 years ago are also responsible for this.

This six hours are long and not recommended for the fan. I think I understand now how Star Wars fans must have felt after Episode 1. God forbid they make another season. Leave it alone.
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It is not good
urska-pirjevec26 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have been waiting for November 25th to come for a few months now. I wasn't counting down the days like crazy or pronouncing the day a national holiday, I just wanted to see what happens. On the internet, I have come across several comments about season 7, how it is just not worth watching and how evident it is that the Palladinos were no longer part of the show. Personally, I didn't notice any major differences, to me it felt the same. Sadly, I cannot say the same about "A Year in the Life".

It just didn't feel right. The conversations between Lorelai and Rory seemed forced, everything did actually. How they were trying to relive their usual banter and the super long dialogues, but failed. The same goes with friendships: Sookie and Lorelai, Rory with Lane and Paris. The infamous "Gilmore pace" got lost somewhere in the last eight years, with only a few small chips of it surviving the passage of time, mostly to please the fans. And here we are, the "please the fans situation", the one that sucks. I hate when the revivals come down to it, I really do. Unfortunately, the "please the fans situation" is more than evident. The creators were trying so hard to bring all the characters back that it seemed kind of ridiculous. I mean what was with the back of Tristin's head, Francie, or showing Jackson just for the sake of it? Instead of trying to include so many characters, they should minimise the number and create better stories for them.

The biggest issue I have with "A Day in the Life" is the pace of it. Frankly, it doesn't feel at all like the show because it is muuuch to slow for it. From time to time I got a feeling that I was watching some sorts of a lifetime movie. It seems like they were facing quite some issues with filling those 90 minutes and apparently they figured that the best way to do it is with weird musical bits, slow long shots, even slower dialogue and unnecessary story lines that didn't contribute at all. The Stars Hollow musical (and other musical bits) was painful to watch, several times I wanted to skip ahead but forced myself not to. I don't know what was the point of it, perhaps they wanted to recreate the spirit of a typical Stars Hollow event. Anyhow - it was awful.

Also, I was not impressed with the whole Paul debacle. Maybe at the very beginning it was a bit funny how Lorelai and Luke couldn't remember the guy, but it all went downhill from there. Thinking back now, it seems to me that the writers were trying to downgrade the fact that Rory was (once again) having an affair even though she had a boyfriend. It feels like they were trying to portray Rory as an imperfect human being (which I applaud), but at the same time not disappointing the fans about her life decisions too much. Therefore they came up with this horrible idea to pair Rory up with this guy that she keeps forgetting about, trying and failing to make this fact funny, but resulting in making Rory a bit of a bit*h.

It seemed to me there were also quite a few story lines that were either completely unnecessary or too long. The part, where Lorelai has to tell a story about her father on his funeral was horrible. It was painful to watch and I think the story would progress the same way (or even better) without it. The way the writers approached the influence of Richard's passing on both Emily's and Lorelai's life was great. It showed Emily trying to handle the loss and reinventing herself as a widow and it sparked Lorelai's soul-searching. Which brings us to another needless story line - Lorelai's Wild period. Yes, at the end of it, it helps her realise that Luke is the man she wants to be with, but I believe if Lorelai's introspection would be set in therapy (where it started), the story would be much better and not so ridiculous and cliché. Which brings me to the kitchen scene when Lorelai returns home. Once again, spinning in circles, they portrayed Luke as this guy who would forget about everything he wants just to be with Lorelai. They touched this subject already at the beginning, but then at the end, having Luke say that he would change in a second if that meant he could stay with her, that was just horrible. Luke - Lorelai's puppy once again. Some people will probably think that I'm horrible to say this, but the whole thing about Rory writing Gilmore Girls book is just stupid. Once again the writers wanted to create that "oooooh" moment, bring the mother- daughter relationship to the centre of attention but failing miserably. To me it seems like an idea for this came from a mind of an eight year old who still dreams in unicorns and lives in teenage romantic comedies.

Finally, the end - the last four words. The Palladino duo really managed to bring the show full circle. Those four words we have been waiting for left us exactly where everything started, the history is repeating itself once again. Apparently, this is going to be a common theme with all the Netflix's revivals. Remember Fuller House I already mentioned once? The story is the same there. Different characters - same situation. Please, enough with nostalgia already. Based on the interviews with Amy Sherman-Palladino I knew better than to expect Rory to end up with one of the boyfriends for her happily ever after. But putting her in this position just so it would bring the nostalgic feeling to the end is just plain wrong. Next time, please, steer clear of the full circle idea and just write a real ending. Thank you.
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Gilmore Girls deserved better
mtho-0397426 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As sad as I am to write this, watching this revival was a waste of 6 hours. To be honest it just did not feel the same. All the things we all love about the original Gilmore Girls, like the wit and the homey feeling just were not there. We deserved more and so did the show. First off, I hate how they portrayed Logan and Rorys relationship. While ill admit in the beginning they didn't always have the best relationship, I their relationship deserved more than an affair (which is totally not Rory!). People claim he is her "Christopher" while I think that is the farthest from the truth. Out of all her boyfriends it is obvious the love he has for her, how he would go to the end of the world for her, and the biggest attribute that does not make him like Chris is how he is always there for her and is dependable. I think its sad that their relationship turned into what it is when there was so much more love there in the original seasons. I don't think Logan is her "Christopher" and Jess is her "Luke", because honestly Jess has been irrelevant for such a long time in that show, and in the revival a 5 minute interaction doesn't exactly make them soul mates. I am extremely happy we finally got to see Lorelai's life finally settle down, but what about Rory? To me she has always been just as important. If there was another season at this point I'm not even sure if I would watch it but it would be nice to have some answers because the end felt like the end to season seven and honestly we just deserved more and the characters deserved more.
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as bad as Sex and the City 2
corinnahente25 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This contains spoilers, but only of the first episode. I won't watch the rest. I struggled with Lorelai's botoxed and filled face and Luke's fake hair (as if either of those characters would ever have done that!), Lorelai's unforgivable behaviour at her father's funeral, her utter rudeness to the chef at the Inn, Rory sneakily sleeping with Logan, all of their vile treatment of Rory's "boyfriend". Not quirky/funny any more, just quite unpleasant. But the whole surrogacy scene with Paris was when it all jumped the shark for me. Horrid, nasty, insulting, and so completely unlikely. 48-year-old Lorelai suggesting a surrogate? Impossible to imagine. I was so looking forward to it. I've been re-binge watching the original series from the start, but I can't even face that any more.
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Sooo sad to say it sucked :( **spoiler**
marialima1 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm soooo sad to say I hated it. :( I knew it wouldn't be as good as the original but I was sure I'd still enjoy it. I was wrong. Lorelei and Luke had no chemistry. Rory was the other woman AGAIN while cheating on her own boyfriend whom she kept forgetting existed. What??!! Forgetting her bf for a year? Who thought that would be a good/ funny story line? It was just stupid. Unfortunately, every story line written for every character was a miss. The jokes were flat and 6-hours dragged on painfully. I waited and waited for it to get better. I'm actually a little sad and also surprised at how bad this was. At least I'll always have the original. And on another note, I'm also very surprised at the IMDb rating. 8.5??? LOL! NO way! It's misleading. I don't know anyone who liked it even a little. I see on the site the reviews are mixed but that's a really good score.... Don't believe it!!!!
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Beautiful but bad
whensley1-144-59945926 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have had an addiction to Gilmore Girls for a long time and this has cured it. Everything about the revival was perfect and beautiful except the character of Rory. It was very reminiscent of the episode where Lorelei walks away from being engaged to the love of her life and sleeps with Christopher, or when Rory dropped out of Yale because she believed Mitchum It was senseless and sad. The entire show lost me when Rory slept with a random stranger from the streets of New York. OMG!! I also found it incredible that she never in 8 years did anything toward a masters degree and was wasting her time with Logan while he was engaged to another woman. How depressing was that?! This is the antithesis of the other Rory that we enjoyed watching grow up. Even with Dean, she realized her mistake of being the other woman and was only 19 at the time. Now at 32 she is so off track that she is not even recognizable. Basically, she didn't grow up. OK I can buy that... but they changed her to the inner core, they took away the true self, the moral compass, she comes across as incompetent and immature, and very slutty. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Now I can stop watching re runs of this show and become a more productive human being. What a gorgeous show full of talent totally trashed by the substandard story line. It reminds me of the presidential election...2016 continues to disappoint.
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Highs, Lows and Pet Pigs
pmbeatlefan27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers

There is no way they could do a revival and make everyone happy. Fans are bound to be disappointed in something.

I can't write all I'd like because of limits, but will try to get the highlights.

The Bad:

1: Rory is not who we would ever expect her to be. She has a completely forgettable boyfriend that clearly cares more for her than she does for him. It's supposed to be a running joke that she keeps forgetting him, but it's not funny, it just makes Rory look like a jerk. To compound that, she is Logan's mistress. Really? After the whole Dean thing, Rory would be "the other woman" again?

Also, it seemed against character for Rory to be so upset at the suggestion she become a teacher. I'm not saying she should be psyched about the idea, just that it didn't seem right that she found it almost offensive.

2. The Naomi Plot Line: The character was beyond obnoxious and we knew from the get go it would fall through. A waste of time.

3. The Musical: Just a bad idea. So painfully bad. And when all was (finally) said and done, it added nothing but cringes galore and chances for the writers to make a lot of pop culture references. But aren't they supposed to do that anyway?

Side note: Sophie from the music shop, always a grouchy curmudgeon, has apparently been reborn as a smiling, chipper, joiner. So wrong.

4. Life and Death Brigade: At first I was sure it was a dream. Why would she be going to the paper late at night? What's up with the talking bird? And Esther would never go in on anything with them. Another musical number? Rory breaking into Doose's? Shooting golf balls off the roofs? The dance number in the tango club? Sorry, should've just been a classic Logan Grand Gesture to say good-bye to Rory.

5. The Chef Parade: I know Sookie couldn't be there, but the story line fell flat. We got it. Michel was angry and Lorelei can't accept anyone else. Could have been done without the hoopla and name dropping. Would've been better to write it in a way that moved the story and characters along.

6. Needless Cameos: I realize they wanted to have as many characters reappear as possible, but some were SO incredibly forced and unnecessary to any plot line that they were almost an insult. Dean - no point. Seriously there just long enough to say he was there and no purpose. Francine? Really? Why? Just why? April, ugh! It didn't further anything. No show of her and Luke's relationship. And Lane's dad! One of the biggest mysteries of the show and we get the lamest cameo. Either make him a real character or leave him a mystery.

7. Wild: I thought this was the worst departure in the whole series. Lorelei and Luke are set. They have been together 9 years. We didn't need another Lorelei road trip. She was in therapy. She could have had her epiphany there. And come on, we ALL knew she was never going to hike.

8. Emily's New Maid: Emily Gilmore, who holds the World's Record for firing maids would never, ever, under any circumstances accept a maid she cannot understand and she would certainly not allow her whole family to move in and over run her home.

The Good and Bad (Mixed Things)

1. Rory's Book: I love the idea of Rory writing about her and her mom. But Lorelei's reaction was wrong. She is always Rory's biggest champion and never shies from being the center of attention. I can see her saying she wouldn't want certain things written about, naturally, but not to be dead set against it.

2. Jess: I have never liked Jess one bit. Could not stand his character. But the scene where he suggests the book to Rory is one of the best. It makes sense he's there, and their dialogue is easy and authentic.

3. Rory Takes Over the Gazette: I love the idea of her saving the paper, but ... trite stereotypes and jokes. Eh. Seemed lazy.

The Good:

1. Back to Stars Hollow: it was like visiting an old, dear friend to go back to the endearing, quirky town that celebrates everything.

2. Remembering Richard: The way all 3 of the Gilmore girls mourn the passing of their patriarch feels true and right.

3. The Evolution of Emily: More than any other character, we go on a journey with Emily. We watch her deal with her grief and her new situation in a way that is satisfying like nothing else in this series. Relocating to Nantucket, Emily finally puts her history degree from Smith to use along with her flair for the dramatic (that she would never admit she shares with her daughter).

4. Kirk: The town chips in and buys him and Lulu a pig (named Petal) when they discuss having a child. Petal gets a starring role in Kirk's second short film. Not as funny as the first film by Kirk, but it's funny. And you will never hear anyone say Uber again and not think "Ooo-ber".

5. Emily Tells Off the DAR: Seeing Emily tell off the DAR ladies and tell the trophy wife she wasn't getting in was one of the best moments of the whole thing.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff. Plus stuff that doesn't warrant enumerating, like what the heck is up with Cesar's hair?, why can't anyone figure out what language Berta speaks? etc. But all in all, I have to say I enjoyed it more than I disliked it.
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I'm not upset. I'm not really disappointed. I'm just... confused.
taylorhammons26 November 2016
Gilmore girls is my all-time favorite show. Quirky, smart, and expertly cast, the original series left us wanting for nothing. This is why I was so hoping that the revival would carry on the original spirit of this modern classic. I was wrong. I didn't want to get my hopes up, because revivals are hardly ever as good as the original, so I came in expecting very little, but at least hoping that it would keep up the original spark of the show. Instead, we got 6 hours of disjointed banter, none of which succeeded in matching the original level of cleverness. Many of the characters, such as Jason, Dean, and Doyle, seemed to have been shoehorned into the script just to check a box. Their interaction with the main characters seemed forced and very scripted, not at all in keeping with the Gilmore banter we have all come to know and love. It seemed as though the writers were so set on having the story come full circle that they forgot that this show is less about that and more about the comedy. We watch Gilmore girls, partly to watch a refreshing, albeit unnatural, mother daughter relationship, but more than that, we watch it to laugh. And the writers seemed to have forgotten that that was what we loved most. More than anything, I was hoping for a better ending to the show than I got in season 7 of the original. I'm not sure I got it. I'm not really sure what I got. All I can say is that I'm left scratching my head. It wasn't good, but it wasn't really bad either. The bottom line is it wasn't Gilmore girls.
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Wasted my time watching
lindamiriama29 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What was that???? If you didn't already watch it, DON'T! Do yourself that favor. You will walk away very disappointed. There just didn't seem to be any effort or thought put into this. I loved Gilmore Girls back in the day. But this???!!! Horrible. I wasted enough of my life watching it. Two minutes is all I'm willing to spend on this review. I kept hearing about the cast being reunited but Dean, Jess, Sookie and Jackson were in it for a combined total of about 3 or so minutes IN 6 HOURS! Maybe that wouldn't matter if the overall story was good but it wasn't. I kept waiting for it to get better. I kept thinking "Maybe when the original characters come into it..." I hate to say it but it was really bad. Especially anything Rory- related. Forgetting her bf for a year and losing her underwear!? Really? That's the best they could come up with for her? And why is she still sleeping with unavailable men???? Ugh! Overall it's very disappointing and beyond boring. :(
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This review pains me to write - Jess is Rory's Luke
jouavelc25 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert but I do not care I stayed up till 4am PT to watch it

I've been waiting for this very moment for a year now (well more than a year, waiting since it was abruptly canceled) and an extra 21 hours because I live in New Zealand and time zones etc. etc. Gilmore girls I love you so much you have no idea (my first child will be called Lorelai whether it is a female or not) but this revival toyed way too much on my emotions. Firstly what the hell, I felt like Rory needed more closure this was her time to shine not her mothers, we got it at the sudden ending of episode 22 season 7 that Lorelai was gonna live happily ever after with Luke. We knew it was gonna happen we even knew there would have been hurdles they would have to overcome for it to happen, we all saw it coming a mile away. My real peeve was that there was no closure for Rory, for the most part I didn't know who Rory was anymore with her sleeping with an engaged man 99% of the time she was on, OK you kind of dropped a main hint when she slept with Dean when he was married, but in our defense we thought she would of hopefully grown up from that! Logan did sport one hot bod though. And then the whole window after Luke annoys Jess with the question of feelings he still holds for her. That look how could you end it with that look between them or just between him, you broke my heart. Then Rory being pregnant not a shocker, we all know who's baby it is and it isn't the wookies I'll tell you that much. I feel like and hope your going in the direction I'm about to theories… Rory is with child she tells Logan cause its of course his, unless its Pauls and she forgot she slept with him, anyway really its history repeating itself Lorelai Luke and Christopher, it'll be Rory Jess and Logan. Logan will want to do the noble thing and marry her because lets be honest that marriage isn't lasting with Odette, I mean she didn't even get a face in the show. Any who it'll be that back and forth with Rory and Jess until she realizes its always been him. And Jess will pretty much raise Logan's child like Luke did Christopher's because we all know (well everyone who's team Jess knows and that's like 99% of us the 1% is team Logan and who do you think you're kidding there's no team dean) Jess is Rory's Luke. On the good side Kirk is still he best character ever, so glad you made 'a second film by Kirk'. Plus i loved the progression of dear old Emily Gilmore. Don't get me wrong i still loved it, i guess its just not what I wanted so I am being totally biased.
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Every decision you make is a mistake
zbrak28 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Note: If they'd shaved five minutes off of the musical (which still made me laugh a lot), this would be a 10. It just falls short.

A year in the Life was outstanding and extremely satisfying. I sincerely hope that all of the upset fans out there griping about the plot lines don't discourage that Palladinos from exploring more of these characters if they truly want to. Warts and all, these are some of the best characters ever written.

So Rory's a mess. What's new? She's been a mess since meeting Logan. Or did we conveniently forget dropping out of Yale, stealing a boat, getting arrested, doing community service, and having a huge blowup with Lorelai? We wanted her to be "more together" in the interim? I'm not sure I know anyone whose 20s weren't a mess. It comes with the territory. Maybe being pregnant is what will FINALLY get her to come to grips with growing up, something that Logan (as much as we kinda like him) wasn't ever going to insist that she do. Quite the opposite, actually. He can't grow up either.

Lorelai's a lesser mess, but still a mess. At the Inn, she misses Sookie like she misses her right arm. She still can't commit completely to Luke or be completely honest with him. She's holding back and stuck. Somewhere inside her are some serious daddy issues that she can no longer resolve with her dad. The scene with the "Unbreakable" song was gut-wrenching. Lauren Graham didn't have to say a word to make everybody bawl -- she just sat there and looked scraped raw. It was powerful stuff.

The real heroine of A Year in the Life -- the character with the biggest arc -- is Emily. She owned the revival. Emily sees what Lorelai and Rory have and it hurts her because she'll never have it. She never knew how to have it. But she had -- and loved and adored - - Richard. And now he's gone and she's just wrecked and lost (sleeping until noon!). But she's tough and she'll get through it and burn whatever bridges need to be burned. Kudos to the Palladinos for making Richard's death the linchpin event of the whole revival. I can't think of a better tribute to Edward Herrmann than having Richard's palpable presence driving the narrative. And Kelly Bishop was awesome. I think both her and Lauren Graham deserve Emmy nominations (if not actual Emmys) for the revival. That's what great acting looks like.

Here's the skinny, folks. These characters, with all of their mistakes and bad decisions, belong ultimately to the writers. They do not belong to us. We can love them, but with these particular characters, it's kinda like loving a real live human. They will say and do things that will confound and frustrate us. They've been doing that the entire time, maybe some of us weren't paying attention. Carping about what happens in their lives is like carping about what happens in your friends' lives. You can choose to care for them or not, but they're gonna do what they do. And thank you to the Palladinos for doing it your way. If that's the end of the story, it was a great, great ride.
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bad, bad, bad, don't know why they did this...
terezamarsik30 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First I wanna say that I love old Gilmore Girls. No one, absolutely no one can say a bad word to me about Gilmore Girls... but this new mini-series was such a disappointment! The only parts i liked was first half of episode one and second half of episode four. Everything between was just weird or totally pointless. The musical part? WTF? Or why is Rory such a b*tch. I mean she is totally arrogant, so often... Lukes and Lorelais wedding was not a surprise but it was nice, OK. But what about the end? If there is not going to be any more episodes in future then I don't understand why they even created these four episodes. All episodes are quiet long and in all that time we got to see only short moments with most popular characters. Also, Rory is in a bad place in her live and at the and she just says ,,I am pregnant"... the end. This is the end? We have no idea who the father really is (yeah probably Logan, great). We have no idea what Rory is going to do with her life. And what about Jess... he obviously still loves Rory. There is simply too many questions if these four episodes are supposed to be IT. This end is even worse then the original end in old series. Also Sookie should have been included much much more. Five minutes with Sookie and Larelai was not enough. They had just some obviously cheap reunion after two years. And another thing is... who the f*ck was Paul, why was he even there, why did they keep including him so often. No one is so stupid to keep forgetting to break up with someone... for months! Especially not Rory. It was funny the first time but not later. I just don't know what to think about all this. I was so happy about this and know i am so angry! They just created very unoriginal TV show that has nothing much to do with original Gilmore Girls. If I had a smallest clue about how disappointing this is going to be... i just wouldn't watch.
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What happened to Rory??
kittyskittles27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Ugh, okay, there were parts of this I didn't completely hate.


-The mother/daughter stuff between Lorelai and Emily

-Emily's growth as a character

-any scene with Paris in it

-Kirk and Ooober

-Luke and Lorelai, while I was surprised they hadn't addressed some of these issues after 9 years, it was rewarding to see them show growth here


-Rory's character is so entitled and disgusting it's amazing. She doesn't even prepare for an interview because she believes the website is beneath her, then yells at the girl when she isn't chosen for the job.

-Rory is STILL having affairs and sleeping with married/engaged men 10+ years after the Dean fiasco. This one can't be pinned solely on Rory, since both she and Logan are cheating, and both made to seem really slimy, but it's a complete downer the way the whole revival is wrapped up in their affair, and then what? There isn't even a happy ending or anything to show for it. Not even any emotional resolution. Rory is so trashy the entire time, not even caring about cheating on Paul, talking about breaking up with him to so many people like "OMG, I'm just too busy!", having a one night stand with some random stranger in New York, and sleeping with Logan. They could have theoretically repaired the Logan thing if they had had some big emotional growth moment and had the two characters talk it out, make a pledge to be together, or SOMETHING. Or they could have had Jess be a stronger presence in the show, had her break things off with Logan, and had something real form with Jess at the end. I like both Logan and Jess, to be honest. I can live with either ship. What ASP chose to do was to sink both of them.

-Instead, ASP chose to close the revival with a cliffhanger that gave no closure and only left more questions, that did not feel "organic" as she claimed, but instead left viewers feeling they had just wasted 6 hours and been slapped at the end. I have not seen such a terrible ending to a series since "How I met Your Mother." Way to ruin a great thing, ASP.

-The musicals and movies and other goofy things and kitschy and classic Stars Hollow, but took up too much time. They could have been included, but in smaller number, and much shorter.
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kjerstimhaugseth27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first 5 minutes of this show was like coming home. I saw real potential, but my biggest let down this year is this series. 4 episodes of people showing up to say hi. Nothing else. Nothing happens. Nothing of meaning at least. It felt rushed and just thrown together. The trailer bit where they comment on Amy Schumer was funnier then this show. Mostly i'm disappointed in what they did with Rory. Last i saw her she was going to cover the campaign for Barack Obama, and now she is a freelancer with no spark. Cheating on her boyfriend with Logan, not having learned anything from the thing with Dean all those years ago. She seems weak. The only story-line I liked with her was that she took over the Stars Hollow gazette. Sookies two-minute pop-up was the highlight of the show.

Don't get me started on the musical thing.

I'm left with more questions now than before i watched it. Lorelai and Luke still haven 't learned to coexist, still with the "her kid and his kid". Still the same thing with April. I did not care for that. I also hoped that they would have been married and had more kids.

I really liked that they brought everyone back, i just wished it would have had a meaning and not just running in to each other. I was always team Logan, but i feel like Jess and Rory are perfect for each other. The fact that there were no closure there either, i need closure. And with her ending it with "I'm pregnant"?! What! With who? Wookie?

Emily and Paris are the only other characters who have stayed true to themselves.

I waited in excitement for this. I'm glad it was only 4 episodes. Because at the end i just could not watch anymore. It was nothing like i expected, i wanted a cute reunion, not this half angsty thing i got. I wanted Gilmore Girls. I hope they will make a new one and make it true to the story.

I did not hate the whole thing, at this point I am just really disappointed by this and i need time to pick up the pieces of mye broken heart. I need to watch it again with new perspective.

All in all i just did not get where Amy was going with this.
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not sure why everybody hated it so much
blanche-227 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I watched 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls like a lot of people did, and I can't say I was disappointed in this "A Year in the Life." I will, however, be disappointed if there is not another season.

First of all, I think it was fantastic that the show managed to get all of the regulars from the original show back together, including Melissa McCarthy, now a big movie star.

The story picks up something like 9 years later. Rory is living a vagabond life, co-writing the autobiography of a raving lunatic (Alex Kingston) in London, visiting her mother in Stars Hollow in between trips, after leaving her Brooklyn apartment and dumping boxes everywhere she went. She had a good piece in the New Yorker, but although a website is begging her to work for them, the offers aren't pouring in.

Love-wise, she's a mess. She has a boyfriend named Paul who is a nonentity, and she's seeing the engaged Logan (Matt Czuchry) when she's in London. She finally moves back to Stars Hollow - temporarily, she insists, and takes over the local paper. She also starts writing a book.

Lorelai is living with Luke (Scott Patterson) and running her inn, which needs expansion; and her mother (Kelly Bishop) is dealing with the loss of her husband (Edward Herrmann).

The handling of Herrmann's death was wonderful and also sad; Lorelai has a heart-rending monologue on the phone to her mother toward the end of the miniseries.

One thing people didn't like was the musical that was thrown in. Despite the beautiful singing of Sutton Foster, I agree, it was too much and too silly. We could have done without it.

There were funny scenes: Lorelai tricked into going into therapy with her mother, a funny scene with Paris (Lisa Weil), who now runs a surrogacy matching service, a crazy town meeting with a loud air conditioner, movie night, Kirk and his OOOber cab company, along with the fast dialogue associated with the show. And it was great to see Melissa McCarthy as Sookie again.

The best moments were between Rory and her mother - what a great dynamic those two have, and the scenes were realistic.

Okay, people objected to Rory - her behavior regarding Logan, her non- sticktuitive-ness, and taking the easy way out by staying in Stars Hollow. First of all, she's 32. Thirty-two is nothing today. When I was thirty-two, it was a big deal. Rory is a product of her generation - an only child, things came easily for her, she found out she had to work harder than she has been, and she panicked. She's jumping from one city to another, one job to another - a ghost writer, a web site, a magazine -- and one bed to another -- a one- night stand, her boyfriend, and Logan. A right of passage. Believe it, don't believe it.

Rory is still finding her way. Everyone is very clear at 22. By the time they're 32, they've seen reality.

She's writing a book, and people on various boards consider this a major cop-out. Why? If she can get it published, it will open a lot of doors for her. Authors write articles for big magazines, op ed pieces, and do all sorts of things besides writing books.

At the end of the show, there's a twist. What will it mean? We don't know, and why speculate? Let's see first if there's another season. If not, we can speculate then.

I enjoyed it, what can I say.
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This hurt to watch
vagianakiviky18 October 2018
(Watched only the first episode) The beginning started out kinda good, but the spirit of the whole series was gone after some minutes. It was so much more serious, too many close ups on the faces like a dramatic movie and not like a tv comedy sitcom/drama and the dialogues were so much slower than the original.

The only actors who stayed true to their characters were Kirk,Michel, Emily and Sookie. Between Luke and Lorelai there was no classic caustic humour, just a constant feeling that something is off. The humour was bad and cold, they weren't ''themselves''. Also I expected them to have developed as individuals, Luke didn't have to wear the same clothes as '10 years ago', it wasn't realistic. Even Rory and Lorelai's relationship seemed too forced and they rarely made eye contact and when they did it was awkward and looked like watching an amateur theater play.

Also, I never understood why they never developed the friendship between Lane and Rory, we didn't get to see them hang out much and bond truly. When Rory saw Lane they didn't even hug Lane just said ''oh hey, you came..yey'' like ok. Such a disappointment, I expected more excitement from both of them.

Stop this. It hurts to watch. I found myself scrolling through my phone every 2 minutes because of how uncomfortable it felt to watch it. It's just wrong on so many ways, the negatives outdo the positives unfortunately.
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Heartwarming & Bittersweet - All You Could Want
anamisra27 November 2016
Gilmore Girls will always have a special place in my heart. It was the show that got me through high school with characters as refreshing and relatable as Lorelai and Rory. The story arcs were captivating and Stars Hollow becomes a distant place you hold dear. If you can't get enough of the Gilmore Girls, the revival is all you could hope for and more.

It's as endearing as when Gilmore Girls began, and although the show changed stylistically, it represents the modern age well and brings the characters back to life with their original personalities and characteristics. Cameos from Parenthood actors and references to other relevant Netflix shows were a great touch, making the revival as lovable as the original show! The revival does a spectacular job of giving previous story lines closures that just feel right, and bringing possibilities to light for future episodes.

This show is an absolute must watch if you have ever known and loved the Gilmore Girls. This can't be the end! I have very high hopes for this revival and it's continuation. Waiting for more!
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Why can't people just be happy?
jessmdmb28 November 2016
I don't know why everyone is complaining so much. This was a GREAT revival and aside from a few scenes that I really could have gone without sitting through, I am super pleased with what they did. I decided long ago, after spending way too many months hating the ending of Buffy, to just enjoy what my favorite writers decide to do with THEIR characters. I'm not saying you have to love it, but when you spend years investing in your favorite towns, characters, and stories, what is the point of being angry with how it ends? Calm down people...Were there dumb scenes? Yes, Were some of the plot lines senseless? Yes. Did a few of the scenes feel forced? Yes. But overall they captured the essence of the characters and their lives in Stars Hollow and I will continue loving GG and hoping for another season!
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Stars Hollow. The burlesque (SPOILERS)
dosk-582-61474126 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Back to Stars Hollow after almost 10 years. A beautiful thought. A risky venture. But one that had every chance of success - gathering most of the original cast, keeping the time frame 'real'.

So, I'm a huge fan of the original Gilmore girls and like many fans I have spent the last few months in a frenzy of anticipation. And however thankful I am for the chance to see most of the cast together again and re-visit Stars Hollow, I am also disappointed.

ASP's disregard of season 7 (personally I found season 6 to be the low point) has lead to bizarre directions in which the characters have developed, incongruous with how the show ended and frankly, incongruous with how they developed in earlier seasons as well. This concerns Rory especially.

She had had one period of having no focus and purpose in her life when she dropped out of Yale, she had some serious crisis just before graduation (oh, sorry, that was season 7, so strike that, ASP didn't know that), so nothing surprising with her finding herself in a new one. But why is she still as immature as she was in season 5? Why does she leave her career when she has been doing well? We could speculate that she could not cope with the uncertainty of her status, not having a position but freelancing, but if that were the case why would she switch to something even less stable? And the idea for the big career to be to write a book about her mother and herself?! And when that is done, where will she find a new theme? And to be angry at Lorelai for not agreeing to have her life sold and paraded around?! And how offended she was with the suggestion that given more education she could become a Chilton teacher..

Her love life is laughably unbelievable. How did she begin dating a guy she does not remember? Did she forget him by the second or the tenth date? Or was he more memorable two years earlier? How come Logan is back to his season 5 self, when in season 6 (created by ASP) he became the committed and reliable guy, a sort of Dean with brains and money? (btw: how Logan changed between his intro in season 5 and by the end of season 6 was also hardly believable).

But apart from the unbelievable and unlikable Rory we also get four films with absolutely no plots. There is no story line, just a random collection of scenes, some funny, some great, some boring, some longish. There is no punch line. Not even a 'How about that schnitzel' one. Apart from the famous last words, which are good, but would have been better 9 years ago.

Since the music seems to be so important in this 'season', and so much space is devoted to the musical, I would like to propose a new name. The burlesque.
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Nostalgia to his maximum!
Fy_o026 November 2016
And six hours later I smiled again. Of course, I'm a mega fan of the series. I looked at it when I was a teenager, I saw it again last summer when I got the news of the sequel. And I must say that I am the perfect audience for this type of series. I love comedy, romance, family, drama and girly type of shows, and most importantly, I like series that last. I had no expectations except for a few characters I was hoping to see again. It worked for me, I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every second. It was like putting in old slippers, everything was the same, just a little older! The only negative thing was that it was only 6 hours ... I loved meeting my Gilmore Girls again, Amy and her husband stayed true to the original series. It was, for me, a perfect continuity and I was delighted with each of the four episodes.
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You had ONE JOB.
ChasingAimee-129 November 2016
My daughter & I are HUGE fans of Gilmore Girls. We bonded watching the original series as she grew up, have Luke's Diner t-shirts, and videos of us being silly & singing the theme song. In fact, at important places in our lives we have given speeches were I said "You are the Rory to my Lorelai" and vice versa for her. We were so excited, as she enters her senior year of high school, to catch up with our favorite mother & daughter pair which we related & bonded with so much. We anticipated it for months. After binge watching all 4 seasons I can tell you that relaunching a beloved classic is a BAD idea.

We wanted SO BADLY to love this. We were routing for it. Our expectations were very low as we expected more of the same. The bar was so low I cannot believe it wasn't met. If you are a true fan of the original series, skip this revival as it will taint your memory. Your favorite characters (Lane, Jess, Sookie, Michel, Dean, and others) are glossed over to make room for pointless musical numbers, weird "Across the Universe" style scenes, TERRIBLE cinematography, and even worse writing. HOW could you mess this up so badly ASP? You had ONE JOB.
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