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"Marilyn Monroe Declassified" is a feature documentary by director Paul Davids about Marilyn Monroe's life and career and her untimely, mysterious death in 1962 at age 36. Perhaps the most groundbreaking aspect of this film: Declassified FBI and CIA documents have helped the director unravel the puzzle of her demise, which was officially ruled a "probable suicide." Many people with first-hand knowledge at the time of her death did not agree with "probable suicide," and information about her affair with President Kennedy and close association with his brother, Robert, came out later. Two policemen and eventually two chiefs of police of Los Angeles (Darryl Gates and Tom Reddin) and Mayor Yorty all made statements that began to unravel a murder cover-up, and declassified FBI files (plus Chief Tom Reddin's statement) pointed to some involvement by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. This film ultimately exonerates Robert Kennedy and proves he was setup for blackmail and entrapment, revealing ...

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