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Alf is suffering from a cough but refuses to see a doctor despite advice from Roo and Nate. James' father David turns up with a one-off child maintenance payment of $250,000 in return for signing the contract. James has agreed, since his family will never accept the baby, but after talking it over with Alf Roo refuses. Irene is convinced Leah will change her mind about selling her share but when she sticks to her guns she decides to go away for a while. John tries to organise a black tie ball but the surf club committee refuses. Marilyn is annoyed that his acts of charity are just to convince her he's a good man. VJ offers to help him organise an anonymous fundraiser for the burns unit. Leah calls a doctor when Alf starts coughing badly. Roo pulls her car over in pain and then collapses.

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