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spiderleggreen9 May 2018
I think some people were looking in the wrong place for a movie this one isnt. It's a sci-fi movie, not of the action, space rocket variety. People are talking subdued because that sets the desired mood. Clive looking bored is Clive playing the role as a depressed man who doesn't have to be Al Pacino. Slow pacing? How about creating tension, instead to racing around chasing people. I call it a movie that takes its time and lets you digest it. If you want an action movie go somewhere else.
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It seems I'm trying to like it
nicktatta5 May 2018
I'd say it's one of the better movies at looking and acting like a quality film, while being devoid of life. It seems as though I went and bought the most beautiful dog, brought it home excitedly, and was so happy with it for a week. Then notified it doesn't bark, he doesn't especially like affection, surely doesn't show any affection back, and is seemingly obsessed with standing on three legs. Entertaining at first but quickly loses its luster. At some point you feel guilty not liking such a beautiful dog, but trust me it's not your fault, we would all feel the same way....welcome to anon. Cool tech, hollow lifeless body.
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Example of pure sci-fi
BogdanH6 May 2018
Sometimes I can't understand reviewers here. I mean, if a sci-fi movie is reviewed, then writer should criticize it (good or bad) from sci-fi view angle. And even then, one shouldn't compare one sci-fi genre with another.

Anon is raw sci-fi, without amazing effects and stunning fights. It's story is more actual than ever.. or at least it should be. In a society, where we "feel the need" to be "connected" all the time.. without second thoughts about possible consequences in very near future.

In short: good actors and good idea well presented. Makes you thinking after movie ends -which is the main point of good sci-fi. I give it 8 stars.
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Shocked at Rating(s)
brionh5 May 2018
I am so glad I watched the film before looking it up, something I rarely do. I think the film is Netflix's best movie to date. Granted, I love this genre, and both lead actors.

If I would have seen a score of under 6 there is no way I would have watched this. This may be a (my) needle in the haystack, but I am going to give more series/movies a chance before I look their average score, and reviews up. I still can't believe this is under an average score of 7. Under 6 is downright shocking.
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Neat Idea, And Entertaining, But....
neener37074 May 2018
So let me start off by saying that I understand the film had its problems, but I still enjoyed it, and if you really don't have anything better to watch, then this is a good time-killer. So the idea is neat, people have brain implants connected to the eyes like a cyborg, and someone hacks it, changing reality to become anonymous. And while this idea is very cool and was interesting for about 45 to 50 minutes, but I feel like this would have made a better short film, because that idea is mostly all they have and its drawn out, the techy tricks only go so far. I like the actors in this one like Seyfied and Owen, and they did a moderately serviceable job in their roles. The first few hacker tricks are neat but it gets old after a while, and I found myself waiting for the ending. I felt the film drags on pulling out the same old trick. But thats just my opinion.

So as I said, I like the tricks and special effects involved, but that was truly the only thing I really LIKED. Everything else was average or above average at most. The acting was fine, considering it had some respected actors in it. The cinematography outside the special effects and what not was also very average, nothing to be amazed at like certain genius cinematographers. Honestly it wasn't a fantastic film, but it also wasn't terrible and 1 star like some people are saying, I enjoyed MOST of it, kind of got bored towards the end, but the first couple of tricks were fun, and I'll give them that.
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Solid and topical sci-fi thriller
Lew-151-t4 May 2018
For anyone who has seen Gattaca, you will probably know what to expect from Anon - an original take on the future, but one that is also grounded in topical issues, in this instance issues around data privacy.

Has many similar themes and echoes of Minority reports, although the direction is quite considered. This really helps to build the sense of a dystopian world that is reminiscent of Orwell's 1984, but as a result it doesn't have the pace of Spielberg's movie.

Not Niccol's best, but it's very watchable and has some really interesting ideas that will stay with you after the movie has finished

Ignore some of the other reviews on here. Ridiculous to judge a movie on the basis someone is smoking indoors.
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Gods of Anonymity
BiiivAL7 June 2018
Andrew Nikkol again returns to his favorite topic (about) social science fiction. This time his fantasy creates a world of a near future, in which there is no longer any concept of anonymity. All the basic data about each person are in the public domain, and it's enough just to look at the interlocutor to find out who he is and what he achieved in life. Also, each and every without exception there is a permanent visual recording of the events taking place with him, which is archived and located in the space of the Ether, from which the detectives of the special police apparatus have access to the memories. Every citizen now has become like an open book, which is easy to scan. This, of course, is for the benefit of society, reducing the number of crimes and finally reducing everyday life to the level of monotonous despondency. But what happens if someone can keep his anonymity? With such a problem and faces the protagonist of the film Saul Freeland, investigating a series of mysterious murders, in which the offender also forges inventive inventories of memories of his victims.

Referring to the topics of online surveillance and shadow total data verification by certain government agencies, the New Zealand director, however, does not risk digging a little deeper than what is originally offered to the viewer. "Anon" comes out with such a great generalization, the world of dominant conventions, starting from an unnamed place of action and ending with key plot points and characters. Substitution of reality here takes place not only in the eyes of Freeland, but also in the viewer - Nikkol seems to be returning to the scenery from his "Time", only changes the basic concept, introduces new, albeit unremarkable characters. Divorced, middle-aged detective with a classic set of tragedies of the past, depression, reflection, fatigue and alcoholism and his main opponent - lonely girl-hacker, sociopath, despises open society to which the glass walls of the world without privacy pressuring other stronger. The remaining types of the at least the templates, as well as conservative construction of the plot itself, in which everything is moving along predefined routes - from exposure, acquainting the viewer with the peculiarities of the activities of the protagonist and ending isolation, designed to cast a shadow over all this seemingly harmonious ranked utopian society.

Having on hand an excellent idea that could be developed well thanks to a fantastic assumption - around the clock functioning in the mind of each interface, Nikkol prefers to focus on things simpler. His "Anon" is basically a standard technotriller, in which the level of intrigue is reduced to a minimum, and to study the geometric proportions of the scenery is much more interesting than watching the actions of the characters. The film after the introductory first act is too quick to make a transition from words to deeds, with every step of starting to lose touch with their own reality. Technical details, if negotiated, are only casual, and the content side is gradually surrendered under the onslaught of minor, but more curious details. Study eclectic interior loft hacker opposed to the local geometry of the totalitarian urbanism, or notice how during a given scene the characters for various reasons, look away somewhere amusing, but this impression is not vyvezesh. Niccol brings his directing style - as if detached from the observation with the academic alignment staging diluted oblique angles and close-ups with a reduced degree of emotions only adds to the feeling of total emptiness of what is happening. Of course, "Anona" could save the final twist, which can turn the languidly lined intrigue into another optical illusion for the dejected viewer, but in this component the plot only finally recognizes its helplessness. The need to believe what they saw in order to protect the system from collapse here is simply a banal attempt to avoid compromise, and cause-and-effect relationships remain without due attention. Nikkol decides to play in symbolic postmodernism, completely guarding the viewer from any answers, but his thoughtful defaults look more like the lack of an ideological opportunity to develop his own concept or lead him to a logical collapse. Increasing paranoia stabilizes by itself, mysterious algorithms and databases remain in the form of graphical links of digital paths, and all motivation turns out to be an ordinary model. After all, maybe Nikkol is right - it's easier to get rid of the general in the finale and to impress the viewer that he already knows the answer, than to directly tell him the obvious conclusions. Accidents are nothing but whim, encryption of data is not reliable and it's much easier to permanently disable the interface and get rid of annoying advertisements and dice with useful information, because memories somehow always remain with us. To delete a record, according to the characters of the film, is much easier than to get rid of its contents, and at some point it seems that a little more, and the story will hit at least in the parable, but this information anti-utopia seems to be still unrevealed.
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Don't expect to be blown away
alexbmonrad4 May 2018
This movie doesnt deserve to have under 6 stars compared to many other movies, but doesn't deserve to get much more. If this movie came out 10 years ago it might have been a lot more interesting. It kind of feel like they've taken the computer game watchdogs and a black mirror episode(the entire history of you) and paired them together to make a love child that people will easily forget.

I hope the best for the film and I don't regret watching it.
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Solid 8
michaelbrownlie-3238822 June 2019
What do people want from a movie? This was great. Original, slick, clever, sexy and kept you interested. Deserves so much better than 6.1
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Perfect timing after the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach
barbarellacom4 May 2018
The film addresses the issue of online constant tracking, data tranparency and privacy, in a world where records can be falsified and therefore no one can know the truth anymore. Anyone with the means can thus find a hacker to delete his misdeeds. Rings any bells ? Whether you think of Bitcoin and it's blockchain technology, the Facebook data sold to spin doctors world wide (in the UK and the US, that we know of). Here we try to solve murders, but how do we do it when the murderer is deleting his/her online meta data and can't be tracked or found? You'll find out.To the uneducated critics, in case you did not know, everything sci-fi addressing major contemporary issues isn't a Black Mirror wannabe. The track-record of this film-maker speeks for itself. He's been on this very issue of fundamental freedoms for decades and he is not new to the sci-fi genre. Indeed Writer/Director Andrew Niccol started questionning major philosophical and now everyday issues, back in the 90s when he made the screen adaptation of "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley (1932), the formidable Gattaca (1997). Some writers have it in them to question whether our fundamental freedoms are endangered by technology and this one has consistently done so over the years, with the brilliant Truman Show or Lord of War, and his work skillfully brings us to the depth of the questions he asks in a very entertaining fashion, and whether it is a drama or a comedy, it is always relevant. Clive Owen is perfect as the detective in charge, a classic detective of the genre : somber, smart, sad, somewhat rebellious with great instincts. A must see.
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Empty black mirror
laetitiapayombo6 May 2018
Despite great actors, special effect and photography, Anon lack of depth. The subject of the importance of privacy is too obvious. It seems they had a great pitch but didn't take time for a great script. It's disappointing because it could have been a great movie.
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Good concept but lacks pace
erincarter2565 May 2018
Starts of well and is a believable future we could be heading towards, but the pace stays consistent the whole way through and drags on. The character archs are 2 dimensional and you find yourself not invested in them or the story.

It's not a "I want those hours of my life back" movie but it's nothing I would recommend as a must watch.
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Slow paced yet intense
grim-sarath21 August 2018
Not a kind of action packed sci fi. But yet its a fabulous one with a concrete futuristic theme.
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A perfect layout as a whole, brilliantly executed cinematography
kamilsurgeon2 February 2019
A masterpiece .... typical NICCOL (directed by) .... reminds me all the sci-fi novels from 5Oss .... and again the photography and editing .... just bravo 2 all involved in this piece .... satisfaction all the way up & around
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Death of Privacy
Jack_C_9 May 2018
Anon explores the classic science fiction theme of a fully connected society where every newborn is fitted with visual implants and internet connection. The implants record every moment in a person's life and returns search results on every person and object in a person's field of view. The pop ups in each characters view make for entertaining reading and I found myself sitting close to the screen for the first 30 minutes.

Themes such as cash vs electronic payments, visual pollution in augmented reality, warrant-less police searches, and instant total recall are simply revealed through everyday activities with minimal philosophical analysis. Clive Owen plays tortured Clive Owen masterfully as he did in 2006's Children of Men. Amanda Seyfried reprises a disaffected, emotionless hacker reminiscent of her other role as a disaffected, emotionless billionaire's daughter in "In Time".

It is a timely reminder of the dangers of technology in the age of Facebook and Equifax. Unfortunately, it deviates too much into gratuitous sex and nudity, and not enough time is spent on how a society came to accept totalitarian control over their lives. Recommend a watch, but know that female members of the household may be offended.
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Flat, ridiculous characters, rife with mediocre acting
roger_and_out6 May 2018
It starts out very promising. The idea is interesting, albeit very Black Mirror-esque, and the special effects are subtle enough to convey the premise well. However, it's the future and the main character is smoking cigarettes like it's 1987?

There are way too many script cliches and tacky one-liners to a point it distracts from the plot. Of which there seems to be little of as the movie progresses. The promising start seems to get watered down drastically with the bad script and mediocre delivery (sometimes it's hard to distinguish which is at fault). Cheap nudity is abound, a shoehorned sex scene (Amanda Seyfried's trademark), all the tell tale signs of low confidence in the plot's interest levels. The problem with the plot is that even the gratuitous nudity couldn't keep it afloat.

The dead son sub-plot was an interesting touch that wasn't explored enough. Instead of deepening the character it was brushed off as leverage for cheap tension. Somehow more hookers seemed more important to the plot's progression than building the characters.

The decisions made by the main character (Sal) are at best baffling, I don't understand that character nor was I able to relate to him in any way.

I will not watch this movie again nor will I recommend it to anyone.
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infoalwaysacritic5 May 2018
If Clive Owen and Dystopian futures playing off of the Ghost in the Shell-like concept of hacking coming together sound like a good idea, then the premise of this film might be right up your alley. As a fan of both concepts of futurist cinema, the premise is all there, and with its slow-moving plot, surreal POV camera work that is painfully slow and characters unable to use their brains, the execution leaves much to be desired while its portrayal of women could be considered contemptuous. Clive Owen plays a detective that works in a criminal system that can see everything and recall everything because it's recorded. This big brother concept takes a twist by placing the recording device in the eyes of its people, and it is by hacking the eyes and recordings in people's minds that a string of murders take place while concealing the identity of the killer - who imposes their own vision over the senses of those they kill. As the main character says, this brings the police back to a genuine "who done it". If the story followed a "who done it plot", then this wouldn't be too bad, but the police seem to be incapable of using basic forensics, which leads to over an hour of sitting around tables while staring off into space, smoking, drinking and shagging hookers instead.

On a visual level, the stark environments are desaturated even further in editing, adding to the underlying tension of the film. Sets are concrete, institutionalized and imposing structures, which could have been symbolic but aren't fully realized within the plot. Societal regression might even be considered as a visual element considering the nostalgia that persists in characters' near-constant smoking and drinking in suits cut in a style that is reminiscent of the 50's. Sadly, there is barely a woman in the film who isn't there to take of their clothes and spread their legs. It might be considered a shame that women couldn't find a role in in this movie without having to have sex for it.

The lynch pin for psychological thrillers of this kind could be said to be in the pondering of greater societal questions. In this case there is some thought to the impact of current technology and the implications of cybernetics and transparency that isn't without merit, though as a story there isn't a grand reveal or a strong conclusion.
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A nice idea but poorly executed
roshanin-812054 July 2019
The ideas in this film are good, the plot is interesting enough (barring a few relatively minor plot holes) and the cinematography is also decent. The script, however, is truly terrible. So much so that it is hard to tell whether the acting is wooden because of the actors themselves or because they have to follow such artificial dialogue.

It's a shame, the setting and concept of the city and technology could be the basis for some really good material. The premise did remind me of some of Phillip K Dick's stories. Sadly the writer took his idea and tied it together with a long string of cliche. There's a gritty cop with a troubled past, a corrupt governing system, an ineffective senior cop and a poorly thought through overexplained plan to catch the villain. No subtlety at all, no development of character.

If you are able to switch off from the poor dialogue and just enjoy the story for the setting and concept, it's not unwatchable. I'm afraid that's all the praise I can give it.
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7 for originality, I really wished they went the whole mile.
parkerrodney30 December 2018

Imagine a world where everything you see is collected in your brain and stored as a digital record, which can be accessed sometimes with your permission, and sometimes without. It's a world where everyone is accountable for their actions, because their actions cannot be hidden. We can immediately imagine the benefits of such technology because lying, cheating, stealing and murder cannot occur in an environment where everyone's digital record can be accessed, and evidence of consciousness of guilt gets written and stored on your digital brain, which can then be either downloaded or shared telepathically.

However, in the real human world, the desire to lie, cheat, steal and murder does not go away, simply because there is technology to uncover one's deeds. In the real world, people want privacy for non-nefarious as well as nefarious deeds. And in Anon, this is where computer hackers come to engage and sell their services. One such hacker specializes in erasing client's records, as well as the records of those who interacted with her client in planning or engaging in criminal, and sub-criminal deeds. The only problem is that there is a serial killer killing off the hacker's clients and framing the hacker for the murders.

Anon is both an original and clever movie which addresses the philosophical question of how much information should the government have regarding your personal life, your thoughts and your memories, all at the expense of privacy and anonymity. It forces the viewer into a creepy world where your personal thoughts are public, and that nothing is secret, or even worse, that your record can be altered.

I'm not sure if Anon is as much original as it is simply taking existing technology and extrapolating where tech companies, and a police state would love to have tech go. Because it has not been done before, and subtly integrates into the discussion, the tension of the technology privacy debate, and a serial killer, Anon, gets high marks for originality. This simply has not been done before.

Anon, however, doesn't go the whole mile. Anon disappoints in that it had the potential to be a truly superb film. The failure to show the political, social and economic struggle as to how the world got to the point of implementing such technology is a catastrophic failure in that it suggests that this level of intrusion is simply the new normal, and that there is, and was never outrage behind its implementation. WTF. It also, fails to discuss or elaborate the potential for such technology to be weaponized or simply create world wide anarchy.

Additionally, I took issue with (1) slow pace of the film (2) underdevelopment of the serial killer (3) somewhat monotone acting and (4) seemingly lack of suspense and drama, given the potential issues which could have been incorporated into the film.

The above issues notwithstanding, it is the kind of movie, you get drawn into to watch and listen, because there are some good nuggets in the script. Given the message, I'll watch it a second time, and maybe a third, even though the ending was both anti-climatic, and disappointing.
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A lot of staring at walls, sitting and subpar dialogue
maxeldesign6 May 2018
Worth a watch if you are really bored and there is nothing else to watch.

The film is really slow, a lot of people just staring at walls and sitting on chairs while they look at video logs in their heads. A very cheap rip-off of Black Mirror.

There is no action, not even running. i think people in this film are sitting 80% of the time and all scenes are usually just people around a table :)

No impressed at all.
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Would have enjoyed it more playing it at 1.5-2x speed
TheTopDawgCritic28 May 2018
Great directing, cinematography, cast/acting and concept but the screenplay and editing needed to chop this film down to 60 min, instead of the 100 min is was, that felt like 3 hours long. Way too long dragged out scenes and the pace was slower than a turtle crossing the road. It really takes the enjoyment away from the great qualities this film had when you keep looking at your watch wondering when it will finally end. A 6/10 from me that could have easily been at least an 8/10 had it not been so dragged out.
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231. Anon.
tfminfl4 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Netflix original sci fi movie, you know what that means, a dark bleak future ahead, also, its a great sci fi flick of things to come... Stars Clive Owen as Sal, a cop in a future where, crime is literally played out for you in front of your eyes. Its a 1984 type future, where Big Brother is watching you constantly and is also looking through your very own eyes, which means, privacy is a thing of the past totally. Its a Google world, everywhere you look, each face, has a pop up along with it giving stats like a facebook page, look at a plant a pop up tells you what it is, and of course, memories... those are recorded for later viewing. So Sal gets a case where someone gets a bullet through the center of the head, and the memories show... ooops, the killer, has hacked the brain, and all the cops can see, as well as all the victim can see through their own vision balls, is the killer's Point of View. Retracing the victims steps they find out he was a naughty boy and needed some memories erased, yup your brain is a computer, we are in the matrix, and he contacted a person who could do such tasks, a person that shouldnt exist, an anon... anonymous, get it get it?? And it just so happens Sal, passed a rather attractive one on the way to the crime scene, she, only known as the girl is played by Amanda Seyfried becomes the focus of the investigation, because well she didnt have a pop up as she walked by, which shouldn't happen, and then when Sal goes back to review it, whoops...file not found. Is she the key??? I thought it was pretty awesome. I liked how instead of the Blade Runner type holo advertisements, and everything was a filthy mess, to just seeing them in your own head, and the outside world looked nice, as long as you go into your brains personal settings and turn pop up ads off. A paranoid thriller that brings new meaning to the phrase "I can't believe my eyes", because you can't! Filmbufftim on FB.
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Give this Movie a Chance
markkbranson25 January 2019
I approached this after a "B-film" that I enjoyed but did not make me think. This film is just the opposite. It challenges views to really think and because of that challenge, that's why I rated it 9 and writng this review.

First this film has a solid performance by Clive Owen. I appreciated his work in "Children of Men," and this performance is just as good. I seems deadpan, but I empathized with his character, particularly as certain memories begin to be wiped from his sight (literally).

This idea of "wiping memories" is another reason why I recommend this film to you. The effects are unbelieavable when these effects are showing how we are networked--and the scary part of this movie is that these special effects REALLY to mirror our digital lives today. Think of how hard it would be for anyone of use to go "off the grid" with the footprints we leave EVERY WHERE. This film explores this idea both with its effects and its theme.

Lastly, I recommend this film because it is SOOOO "film noirish." I know the debates over whether noir is a genre or style. Doesn't matter to me. This film capture either and for this "flashback" to another time is one reason this film is solid for me and can be for you if you will allow it the time to work its magic on you.

I have to confess that I saw this video on my computer and thar lessens the impact. I wish I had seen this on a big screen in a theater to relish to details. If anyone is interested in a university thesis, I would recommend simply analyzing the huge amount of text that is shown and assessing what this information communicates. OR you can deconstruct the film by saying that this information is really not information that is useful. See how this film makes one think? Give it a try and enjoy this heady film!
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Nothing to say
kinoki19845 May 2018
At its best (the concept) it's a second rate Black Mirror episode. At its worst (the entire runtime) it's an uninteresting lull that simply passes by without offending. It's not bad; it's just never good either; it's simply okay.
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Yet again the overdone formula
mariamakesmusic6 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mm let's see what sells and let's just do more of it to make a buck. Formula 1: 2 girls together having sex - find a way to fit this in the story line. What is the story line again? Formula 2 Accomplished middle aged men sleeping with female "hotties" half his age and find a way to fit that into a plot whatever that is. Plot isn't important- formula for success is patriarchal sex and don't forget to throw in the gun before the sex - that works too to trick the viewer that there's actually a movie with a story here. I guess hollywood still thinks these things haven't been done enough and it is really difficult to find a good story in the hollywood empire of film. All I can say is there are a lot of creative scripts and filmmakers out there that know how to tell a story and know how to make a film. Imagination, great story telling in film can be found elsewhere.
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