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muratcini12 September 2018
I can not believe that Fox cancelled this beautiful tv show :(
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Why canceled such a good TV show
danijeljelavich10 June 2018
Nowdays there is plenty options to watch some good TV show but The Exorcist is really in top 10, specially in this genre. Why for god sake and ours :) they canceled the show!?? This is really depressing and not right. :((
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Superb Storytelling
contrarymary-5712130 May 2018
The Exorcist is not a reboot of the original movie. It pays homage to it from time to time, but by season 2 it's on its own track. Ben Daniels as Fr Marcus Keane is simply sublime. His performance is a masterclass in acting from beginning to end. Alfonso Herrera grows into his role, just as his character, Fr Tomás Ortega does in his. Season one has Academy Award winner Geena Davis and Alan Ruck. In addition is the truly great performance by young actress Hannah Kasulka and the strong supporting role in Brianne Howey. Each episode slowly reveals the nature of the demonic possession. The demon is played with exquisite perfection by Robert Emmett Lunney. Kurt Egyiawan plays Fr Bennett who is protecting the exorcists from the Church officials. I don't want to say too much. Suffice it to say the entire cast of season one is perfect. The struggle is real. Season two jumps ahead 6 months with a slow build to reveal the evil. Soon situations come to fruition and Marcus and Ortega find themselves helping a social worker and a foster dad, played beautifully by Li Jun Li and the greatest performance to date by John Cho. Every child actor in this story is perfectly cast. It's as if they're a real foster family. The cinematography in this season and the special effects are remarkable and surprisingly stunning for network television. The music score is perfect. This season surpasses, if possible, season one. The story takes time to build as the expert writers help give great character development, something not often found in horror. There are no cheap jump scares. It's a slow build to perfection. The Exorcist was canceled by Fox and I think they simply couldn't handle the superb show. It's too good for network television. Hopefully one of the streaming services will pick it up. It is definitely bingeworthy and you're left wanting more, much more. Every aspect of The Exorcist is film worthy. Please watch this truly remarkable series! You won't forget it.
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Sad this great show was cancelled
akec-8147714 July 2018
It is difficult to keep up with a story as well knowing as The Exorcist, but after season 1, the show was getting its own flavor and story. The actor playing Father Marcus is phenomenal. He is complex, broken, yet faith makes him stronger. There were a few loose ends that didn't get answered, but overall, a great show for any fan of horror films.
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Because good storytelling is a worthy addiction.
Janine-The-Barefoot27 September 2016
I'm not going to start with comparisons to either the book or the movie. I read the book, watched the film and did that over 40 years ago. Enough has been said about both in prior reviews that it just doesn't seem necessary for me to go over ground that's already been covered be it good or be it bad. So I'll start as I mean to go on and address THIS story in THIS TIME.

Good storytelling is a rare and beautiful thing. Using effects to define your characters instead of characters to be there while you show off the effects is becoming as rare as really good storytelling. So letting a plot play itself out in it's own time instead of at a breakneck pace designed to please horror/action fans who want action and gore to define a story instead of characters and the events that have shaped them is becoming equally rare. As the implosion of Penny Dreadful made many of us aware, good storytelling, incredible characters & actors, beautiful sets and costumes, combined with action in service of the story still wasn't enough to save it from destruction. One that many of us are still hurting over.

So now we have Fox's The Exorcist... and after only one episode (which is all it took me for PD by the way) I know enough to be willing to commit myself to whatever amount of time has been given to this series in it's freshman season. Because, for me, the bottom line is that it's a really good example of good storytelling and it's nice to come back to worthy TV after running off to the solace of my bookshelves after the great debacle that was S/3 of PD.

I like the priests. I like that we're seeing signs that their backstories are going to be more fleshed out. I was appreciative of the nod made to the movie out of what was clearly respect and I especially like that the family involved is both diverse and will also have stories of their own to tell. So, in short, it already appears to me that The Exorcist plans to be an actual STORY; played out over a season and that it takes itself, it's characters and it's audience seriously.

Right now, that's more than enough for me. In point of fact, it's enough to guarantee that I'm going to be there throughout it's freshman season hoping against hope that it too has started as it means to go on.
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This Is A Great One!
ksp-5849124 September 2016
Most series don't pilot well. They usually lag out the plot or leave you struggling to follow along. That wasn't the case with The Exorcist. The plot is step-by-step easy to follow, but the show is very forceful--no lag, here. I am VERY impressed with this show.

Horror thrillers that air on television are usually fly-by-night and usually don't fair well among viewers. That wasn't the case with The Exorcist. This is a strong show with a strong plot, and is really well-cast. I had it's reel-you-in hooks and I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. One of my favorite scenes, though not scary, was the dining room scene where Katherine berated her dad's mental capacity, only to be chastised by Father Tomas. I LOVED that scene!

I won't publish any spoilers, even if I had any. I just wanted to post that I think this could potentially be one of the scariest shows on television. I'm a die-hard horror fan, and I can appreciate watching (in my opinion, anyway)one of the best horror remakes I've seen in a long time... And, at 58 y/o, I've seen a lot of horror! It isn't bloody-gory yet, but for me, that could well be part of its appeal.

Personally, I would've rated it a 10, but I noticed only five episodes listed. I hope that isn't so, as the first episode was really intriguing and five episodes do not equal a fulfilling season--it's more a tasteless tease.

KUDOS to everyone involved in the making of this show. It is very well written, cast, directed and produced. This is truly refreshing. My television screen was getting boring.
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Keep your crucifix handy
rushail1525 September 2016
When they remake a movie it generally sucks, even more so when they try to televise probably the most loved horror movie of all time. Fox finally got it right, I'm a huge fan of horror and have seen pretty much every single title that has anything remotely scary in it. Special mentions to the original exorcist, the exorcism of Emily rose and the conjuring the unholy trinity of horror movies in my book.

Just like the Omen which has now been made into a series i was worried for the exorcist but I was pleasantly surprised. The casting is excellent the conflicted priest, the exorcist whose having a crisis of faith. I won't give away the twist but it is quite entertaining.

They haven't let us down so far in my opinion the pilot gives you just enough to make you definitely come back for another episode and hey what more can you ask for from a pilot, i enjoyed it so much it became my first ever review on IMDb.
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Awesome series!
rwfanj15 October 2016
This is a GRITTY and teeth clenching series that will make you think and feel that terror inside. Better than the latest big screen prequels BY FAR...and it doesn't shy away from incredible religious aspects that make some uncomfortable...yet doesn't promote religion. It is not shy about wryly criticizing the politics within the church while focusing on the good individual men, women, priests, nuns, etc who aren't afraid to defy said church (under threat of serious personal and spiritual consequence). I think it frames the truth of demonic possession along with everyday lives of normal people fairly well. Call it science fiction, horror or whatever you want....the show is certainly not afraid to push the boundaries of individual, societal and religious beliefs while providing an incredibly complex story line that is as good as any suspense thriller! Just one thing FOX Network....move the show to a better night than Friday!
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Bring back the Exorcist series!
repingol27 August 2018
Wow this was a extremely entertaining series. I am very disappointed in Fox for cancelling it. Will some other network pick it up? I am sure there is a large following of watchers interested in seeing its return just as I am!
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Decent first episode
rstonesfan23 September 2016
Strong characters. Going to see how the two main priests interact and relate. Thoroughly did keep me from not changing the channel and wanting to see what happens next. Not going to compare it to the original. There is no point in going there, just keeping an open mind. Not going to bash anything. Believable story line. Interested enough to continue watching next week. Pretty sure there are going to be many more twists. Better than most of the crap on television nowadays. Its about time they had a decent thriller/suspense TV show. Hoping this show continues. Surprised it is on at 9pm around here and not 10pm for content and concept. If I had children under the age of 10 I would not let them watch it as they sure would have nightmares. Just say-in. Then again if my parents would not have allowed me, heck I would have anyways, then not slept !!
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Fantastic Show that is yet another victim of Fox Poor Decisions.
adamspring10 October 2018
Great show, nothing else quite like it at the moment and such a shame that Fox has wielded the axe on a promising asset once again. I think i'll Boycott Fox shows in future to save myself the disappointment when they inevitably axe it.
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So I watched the first episode...
ledgerheath24 September 2016
UPDATE: I've watched three episodes now and my reaction is exactly the same as it was after watching the premiere, great show.

Also, for people worried about IMDb listing only 6 episodes in the show, worry not! Hannah Kasulka (the excellent actress who plays Casey Rance in the show) has told me that they are filming ten episodes for the first season! :D

Original review follows:

OK, so let me start off by saying I'm a huge The Exorcist (1973) fan, and think that it is the best horror movie ever made. Similarly, I also liked The Conjuring 1 and 2, Insidious 1 and 2, The Ring, The Babadook, and The Thing (1982). Talking about TV shows that are usually categorized as horror, I also enjoy The Walking Dead. American Horror Story is meh-ish but Season 1-2 were pretty good. Lastly, Supernatural isn't exactly horror nowadays, but I still enjoy watching it.

I think it's important that you know about my taste in horror, so you can judge and weigh my review. I started watching this episode with a skeptical mind, knowing how this reboot of a TV series of my favorite horror movie could go horribly wrong, likely many other remakes and reboots out there.

So, the episode started off as you might have expected, hints of horror and tension, but nothing really to make you jump out of your seat. However, after around 10-15 minutes, it started to become really interesting. There were scenes of genuine suspense, and no, I'm not talking about strange noises (which are pretty standard in all horror movies), but actually a few attempts at exorcism.

This is where the show really started to shine for me, the special effects used were decent, though I would appreciate a little less close-ups to the face and shaking cameras in future episodes. But generally, it was overall pretty good and reminded me a lot of the movie and the book (yes, I've read it) it's based on. I also liked the references sneaked in (especially the one in the article, and right at the end).

Acting was spot-on. I have seen Ben Daniels in House of Cards, and Geena Davis in Stuart Little, but the rest of the cast were generally unknown to me. That said, all of them really surprised me with excellent acting, especially Alfonso Herrera, Hannah Kasulka, and Brianne Howie. These characters actually felt relate-able and not the usual nincompoops we see in horror movies. I liked how the characters immediately consulted specialists instead of dragging the thing out for two or three episodes.

As this is a spoiler-free review, I'm not going to go into the details, but if I had to rate the following out of 10, this is how I would do it:

Story: 9 ||||| Cast / Acting: 9.5 ||||| Dialog: 8.5 ||||| Horror: 8.5 ||||| Direction / Effects etc: 8.5 ||||| Originality: 9.5

The only thing I found slightly lacking was the amount of horror in it. Sure, there were legit scenes of terror, but I'd really like to see the show go beyond and scare the hell out of me like The Exorcist did. (I couldn't sleep the entire night after I watched that movie almost four years ago, when I was 16).

All in all, if you're bored of the current "horror" shows which are kind of failing at horror *cough* AHS *cough* Supernatural *cough*, this is looking like the show to go to. That said, this is just my reaction after watching one episode, and I could be wrong. However, the preview for the next episode looked really awesome and I really think that this show is going to be great, must watch! ;)

P.S: Also, watch out for that twist at the end of the episode, pretty great! ;)
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A pleasant surprise in the form of a compelling story and its breakout star
matthewdgabriel24 September 2016
This new FOX entry to Fall 2016's television lineup makes a great companion to FX's "American Horror Story." As a lifelong fan of the original 1973 classic, I fully expected to be disappointed by this offering. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the 9/23/16 pilot episode. While it's great to see Geena Davis back on TV, the two main reasons I highly recommend this series are (1) a compelling story, especially for horror fans and believers in the supernatural -- including a clever twist in the first episode which I will not spoil, and (2) the affable lead actor, Alfonso Herrera, a Mexican telenovela star who shines in this major network English-speaking breakout role. Herrera portrays Father Tomas with such authentic emotion, he proves that he's got genuine acting chops to accompany his smoldering good looks.
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Two Enthusiastic "Thumbs Up" for First Episode
smoothsoul-8120624 September 2016
I agree with anyone who believes the Exorcist is the scariest movie ever. In fact, I think it's the scariest by far. The TV show wasn't as scary, but it was creepy enough...for TV. I watched it alone, and that is something I cannot say for the original (even though I've seen it many times.

It was actually a lot better than I dared hope. It was well filmed, smart, stylish, and compelling. It has some great actors playing characters who appear to have at least some layers of depth to be unraveled in the coming weeks. It was good to see Geena Davis. That was a nice surprise. The casting overall seems well thought out, and it works for me.

There's only been one episode at this point, but it was pretty, pretty good (to borrow the Larry David phrase). I've got my fingers crossed that the show can maintain its current level of intrigue.

I may be overstepping a bit, but it has the POTENTIAL to measure up to American Horror Story (season 2) and maybe even...Penny Dreadful (season 2).

We'll soon find out.
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Great start
rikuriku-8717525 September 2016
Just finished watching the first episode, and now I'm eager to watch the next one which is not due until 30th Sept. The atmosphere was great, the script was great, and plenty of 'actions', which I didn't expect for a show like this in the first episode. The story was straight forward and the acting was good, especially with Father Marcus. On the other hand with Father Tomas, I probably need to watch a few more episodes and understand his background more before I can judge, his character seemed to lack patience and short tempered, which may not be a good thing for the leading character.

Let's hope the next few episodes can keep up to the first.
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Very good and needs patience and time to grow on
moviesvideoman29 September 2016
First you need to know something about the films and book to understand the nuance of the series. But it's only the first episode so have some patience and open your minds. Stop with the religious aspects and enjoy the acting and story lines. It's much more than the run of the mill fright flicks. I thought the Pilot was excellent and twisty. Looking forward to the next episodes. Series does not use the same characters and names as with previous films. This is refreshing. The special effects are surprisingly very good and delivers the goods. Very happy that FOX took a chance on this series as well as Lethal Weapon which I feel was a success to open things up.
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fccs2352112 August 2018
The first season was extremely good, with moments of extraordinary horror way beyond the rolled-back white eyes and body contortions (though these were also done very well). There are a few meetings between R and CB but one in particular stands out as one of the best scenes in the horror genre I have ever seen.

S2 is also good though not as good as S1.

I am devastated that this show is cxl'd, I have been expecting a S3 all year, hoping the story would lead us back to the family from s1.

Geena Davis, Ben Daniel and Alfonso Ferrera are phenomenal, as are all the cast in both seasons.

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The Exorcist is here to stay
grnadeem_u26 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
UPDATE: After watching episode 5, hands down, this is the greatest homage given to the original 1973 movie! A Must watch!

Episode 1: Having seen almost all the 'Exorcist' series including the Chris MacNeil case, I would say this one has done an amazing job for a good T.V. 'The Exorcist' has been the scariest movie ever made and the producer Jeremy Slater decided to be brave and created a new T.V version of it paying homage to the original without stealing the entire story line, however kept affiliations with the same (I am a big fan of 'Tubular Bells' theme from the original).

This case is of the Rance family, though I am not sure if series is going to get beyond a single case. Angela Rance (Geena Davis, YES!) is a devout Catholic who turns to her parish sympathetic priest, Father Tomas Ortega (played by Alfonso Herrera), when her house seems spooked. Tomas had doubts about his faith and having believed for so long that demons are not real, starts his research by simply doing a Google search on exorcism. He finds a newspaper article alluding to the deaths (as portrayed in the 1973 movie) of Fathers Merrin (Max von Sydow) and Karras (Jason Miller) in the Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) case. Hence, this T.V version can be considered as a prequel. He also discovers a link to an exorcism performed in Mexico City by Father Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels), an apostate living nearby in the St. Aquinas Retreat Centre. He takes interest in finding more about Father Marcus as he has seen him in his visions/dreams performing exorcism on Gabriel, a boy who was possessed. (scenes from his dreams were really chilling and spooky!)

There were few things that did not go well. The connection between Father Marcus and Tomas is yet to be understood (may be they have a purpose, together as a means of help to the Rance family?).

Horror movie scripts take a lot of time to build the case with characters getting involved in some sort of demonic happenings that makes them believe that their house/family is haunted. Here, however, the story went two-three gear ahead with characters self-concluding the demonic presence in their house. That was quick. (UPDATE, after watching episode 5, this is now justified)

There are scenes that are scary, the story line from the very first episode gives you a surprise element. The ending was spot on, leading viewers to get hooked for upcoming episodes. Overall, this is a must watch. Do not get disappointed if you feel the pace was kinda-slow in the beginning as this is pilot (first episode) and hopefully the makers are trying to build the case before we actually see what is this all about. I really liked the way how the T.V version kept it's association with the 1973 movie. You have me, you definitely have me!
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Why cancel it???
crankaintdead7 October 2018
Please continue making the series 😭

My review is short but my feelings aint
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Luckily they released the two seasons that aired!
chrismartin03017728 August 2018
Such a great show! Fox sucks for cancelling it! Definitely give the two seasons a watch, you won't be disappointed!
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and it took for the show to be cancelled for me to write a review
ayamisr12 May 2018
I am just sad that this show is not renewed for a third season and even disappointed but not surprised, not even a little bit, after all we are talking about Fox, the people who cancelled Firefly, Terminator the series and Futurama so of course their hit horror TV series would get cancelled after its second season which has a 100% score on rotten tomatoes. the show was amazing and successfully revived a franchise everybody thought was dead and its connection to the original movie was used very very cleverly, so her I am, writing this review hoping that it wouldn't turn into a eulogy, that one day after the Fox\Disney deal is done someone would look at the pile of good TV series cancelled by fox, dig up The Exorcist from the shelves and give this beautiful story a proper closure. until then goodbye Father Marcus, goodbye Father Thomas, Farewell strangers
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Highly recommended
joanassrodrigues14 October 2017
I was drawn to The Exorcist by its publicity. The first season aired on FOX Portugal last August, and I didn't really know what to expect from it other than that it was set in modern day Chicago, had some pretty faces, and seemed to have some good scares.I was very pleasantly surprised, and by the end of episode 1, I knew I would be coming back for more. I thought season 1 was brilliant all around, better than most TV Shows on air, but season 2 takes the cake. (Don't worry, this is spoiler free). All characters are well-rounded and well-explored, even if they only appear briefly on screen. The twists and turns and knots of the story lines are fascinating, and will take you on an exciting, emotional ride. The relationship between the two main characters really make this show breathe and live, and the chemistry is quite clear. Casting nailed it. The cast is diverse, with representation from many fronts (from sexuality to race to creed), and everything from imagery to music is beautifully crafted. I highly recommended you watch this show, because it isn't cheap horror with sporadic jumpscares placed for shock value. Above the fact that it is a horror show featuring possessions, it is a story about people coming together to fight wrongness, about the dichotomy of light/dark, good/evil. It's about love, family and forgiveness and all the ways those can be found. I rated it 9/10 for now, because this show just keeps on getting better, and I can't wait to see their 10 delivered.
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A really great show... can't understand the low viewership.
shredchris13 November 2016
By far the best surprise of this fall, along with stranger things, as a fan of the original movie. This show has it all. Great story, twists, fantastic acting and great direction. I really struggle to understand how it hasn't found a huge audience as it will be considered classic in years to come. I'd be very disappointed if it is canceled, but as long as they wrap up the story line in this season, it can be self-standing, but it will be difficult to follow up on this precisely because of the story line if they decide to do a sequel at some point. Either they wrap it up and that's it forever, or they don't and they're screwing up future sequels if they don't get renewed right away. Recommended.
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SO FAR SO GOOD. may contain spoiler.
tonyt-2459924 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I heard that Fox was going to create this show I was a little hesitant to watch. Usually remaking great movies into T.V. series don't work but the success of Hannibal changed my mind. Hannibal was one of the greatest T.V. series on a regular network I have ever seen. Some people never seen the movie but I was a teen when I seen the Exorcist in a movie theater. I had read the news about this scary movie and how people were fainting so me and my friends had to see it. See it we did with an ambulance parked outside the theater and later watching women in tears leaving the theater in the middle of the movie. Back than we were able to bring a sub sandwich in the theater to eat but well that never happened. Not during this movie. Watching the movie you never moved. I will never forget the feeling I had after the movie was over I was literally numb but my knees were shaking. There was a eerie silence in the theater that I will never forget. I had seen Psycho when I was really young in my home which shook me up but this movie took it beyond that.

So the challenge was o.k. lets see and so far the show has potential. I like the actors and Geena Davis as the mother is encouraging and for the first episode it was scary especially the scene in the attic. But since I seen the movie what put chills in my spine is the music by Mike Oldfield which I acquired this movie score back in 1972. I will be watching and hopefully being able to sleep. If anyone hasn't seen the movie don't watch until you see this classic either somewhere where they may show older movies or in the safety of your home. Shut the light but have someone to lean on because you are going to need it.
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Finally the legend continues and is actually darn good!
blackfurredwolf1 November 2016
Just saw the first 5 episodes in 2 days and just love it! Being a big horror fan that I am, it's hard to find decent TV shows that stand out and deliver at the same time. Glad this one does. Also, if you loved the original from 1973, you will not be disappointed. The story pulls you right in and keeps you on the edge of your couch. When I first heard of the show I was skeptical. Let's be honest here. So many spin-offs out there that are just weak. So glad this show isn't one of them. I applaud the writers, production and the actors. It has been a while where I just could not wait for the next episode to come out. Nothing then compliments! Chapeau!
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