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If you're a fan, you'll love it
miron-924-4979922 May 2019
Even though it's only based on Nolan's work, it actually did feel like Nolans creation. The original soundtrack by Zimmer works great wiht this prequel. If you're a fan of Nolan's work as well, then you're going to love it!
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Solid prequel to the "real" movie
Horst_In_Translation20 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"The Cobol Job" is a 14.5-minute comic-book style short film that takes place right before Christopher Nolan's Academy Award winning "Inception". You will find some of the characters in here as well, especially Leonardo DiCaprio's Cobb. The story is fine and it's certainly nice to recognize some of the protagonists, but I am not a great fan of "Inception", even if I somewhat like it, and I also do not like the style used here really, which are probably the main reason why I did not totally enjoy this little film here. Huge "Inception" fans will probably think differently. For them, it is certainly worth the watch, while almost everybody else can skip Ian Kirby's film from five years ago. It probably also helps to have (re)watched "Inception" right before seeing this one as you will need to remember all the details to understand this film here. Usually not a great premise to be so dependent on another film to understand this one. Still, overall, I give it a thumbs up. For a comic-book film, it is pretty good, even if I cannot take JGL serious as a badass character.
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