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darbski17 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Well, something caught up with Nikki, didn't it? I'm shocked she lived, but then there are more shows left this season. Next move is Ray's, I think. More escalation; more bombs hit the fan. Maybe I don't watch enough television, but the F-bombs were interesting, weren't they? I mentioned before about Sy wanting to take Ray's place; I don't think he was at all prepped for what the goons did to Nikki, but the fact is, I don't think he's prepped for anything, really.

Gloria HAS to make a move, now, doesn't she? Because maybe the new dickhead sheriff can tell Gloria what to do, but NOT Winnie. She's St Cloud Police, not Mayberry RFD. The level of stupidity shown to Gloria by her new boss is stupifying, indeed. One would think that he'd notice another cop right there, and decide that maybe some other agency thinks a little more interest should be shown, don't you think?

I wonder if they'll liquidate Sy first? Hmmmm .....
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Nearly Crosses the Line
Hitchcoc19 May 2017
In one of the harshest of all series, I had trouble watching this episode. From the opening, where a phony porn tape is left at Emit's house, to Sy's horrible scene back at the offices of hell. Where Vargas urinates into a cup and forces it on Sy. Emmitt now realizes that Ray will stop at nothing. Unfortunately, he launches Sy at him. Sy is a windbag, full of self- importance and threat, and utterly incompetent when it comes too the realities of the dangerous world. The way that Nikki and Ray deliver the ransom note, which is to be a major source of income. There it is, lying on the ground in front of the house. The wife gets her hands on it, but it could have been a paper boy or a kid walking home from school. These two have reached the acme of idiocy. Somehow, Nikki has gotten it into her head that she is invulnerable. Of course, she and Ray have no idea what the hell is going on with Vargas. He still believes Emit is the parking lot king. The only time any humor comes about are those pregnant moments when Emit or Sy are approached by authority figures, in this case a guy from the IRS who wants to see his books. Then there is Sy, melting in front of the female detectives. The get all worked up about these uncomfortable moments and forget that the whole world is caving in. Emit goes panic stricken when he can't think of an office to put the IRS guy into, because he owns nothing anymore. The final scene where that crazy pair confront Nikki in front of Sy is really unsettling. Off we go to the next week. Can't wait.
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VM Varga
Dreviews1610 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
VM Varga, could be one of the most nauseating characters I've come across in recent times. Vile would be the perfect description for him. But for his appearances in the middle, the episode had little to offer. The con also feel and think the same way as the rest of us, or rather there's a little bit of con in all of us, maybe that's what has been the motto of Fargo series. There are no exact evil characters in dark. It doesn't make too much of an effort to get to know that Ray and Nikki would meet an unhappy ending. But it would be tough not to feel for them, just a bit if in the end. Emit talks of himself as a fine man, but at the same time, he had several options of dealing with Varga. First and foremost, contacting authorities. Of what was otherwise a fine family life and a successful American story of rise, Emit does have his failures. He could have chosen against dealing with the devil. But he does make a deal. However, that doesn't make him full evil. And that is to the credit of this show. He swears revenge on his brother, but clearly has no immediate intentions of telling Varga (who might deal in a swift,violent manner) about his troubles, even when Varga offers to help. Coming to the Sy-Varga scene. Well, wonder if shock value has been high on agenda this season with the vomit, menstrual blood and what happened to Sy and Nikki this episode. It does work well somehow.

P.S. It seems somehow I keep forgetting adding something from the previous episode. Varga does come across as an admirer of totalitarianism and a total capitalist. Wonder (with Uncle Joe's portrait and his snooping skills) if he has ever served in the Eastern bloc during the cold war.
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For Your Eyes Only
ThomasDrufke21 May 2017
For the most part, I'm enjoying the departure from the usual formula of Fargo this season. There has yet to be an involvement from any sort of gang or mob, and there isn't nearly as much violence as in years past. This season is more about two brothers fighting over something stupid, and thus creating unnecessary and avoidable chaos. The Stussy brothers continue to entertain, though the highlight of this episode was Michael Stuhlbarg and David Thewlis as Sy and Varga respectively. It was another slowly paced week for the ongoing conflict at Stussys business and the case that Gloria is trying to solve. So, it isn't nearly one of my favorites of the season, but it sure ended with a bang. Varga's henchman nearly beat Nikki to death right in front of Sy's eyes. At this point, I almost think the real villain of this season is going to be Varga, and the Stussy's could potentially work together to take him down. However, knowing how Fargo usually operates, all of them will face some sort of justice in the end. As for now, I'm just hoping one of the story lines will progress heavily next week.

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Fargo: Season Three
pwest-554-99836117 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Continuing to connect the Dots!

Speaking of "identity theft" and "invisibility," here comes insidious villain, V.M. Vargas, whom Billy Bob introduces as the "Wolf", Vargas, like a wormy, computer virus has made his way into Emmitt Stussy's company. Emmitt takes a short cut when he needed money, during the bank bubble in 2008, and got a loan form an unusual source, without asking too many questions. In the opening episode, Emmitt wants to return the money to get it off the books, so the IRS doesn't look too closely. Short cuts have consequences and Emmitt's now has a silent, but deadly partner. Vargas is a sinister kind of evil. who binge eats then purges or spews the impute from his body in the form of pithy, one liners, like Mike Milligan from season two. The bulimic nature of Vargas not only explains his horrifyingly bad dental work, but may also be symbolic of how his invasion into the Stussy Company through stealth means is like a tapeworm, devouring everything in his path. Vargas is parasitic; eating everything in his path, while purging from his body his own identity while taking leeching off the life of another. He informs Emmitt that Stussy's belongs to him and intends to use Emmitt's "identity" to make himself and all his money "invisible" from the world. Vargas is afraid the "masses" are about to storm the gates of the wealthy and he intends to protect his wealth by hiding it in plain sight: Stussy INC!

"Into the Fire," also shows brief connections between characters which not only move the plot along, but also raise the question, as Hawley did in the first two seasons, how do humans connect with the world around them and how much other people's perfections of us affect our own identity. Does perception equal reality, or is there a discernible objective reality we (mankind) can share with others. He between Nikki and Gloria, as they walk past each other on the sidewalk outside the parole office. Gloria is going in to talk with the brain bashed suspect's parole officer, Ray, while Nikki has just left him with the news about a bridge sponsor. In this passing, both women sniff each other out and know instantly, the other woman poses danger to her. In her meeting with Ray, she learns her suspect's parole officer has the same last name as her step-father, Stussy. As she takes his business card, Gloria knows this is no coincidence. She's connected one of the dots.

Gloria has one other passing connection, which yields results. She meets a perky, talkative beat cop named, Winnie. Gloria is trying to wash her hands after a bathroom break, with no luck, when Winnie asks for a tampon. Winnie should have asked Nikki; Nikki would have had one. Winnie is a chatty, Cathy and could easily be dismissed by Gloria, who is quiet. However, over the first four episodes this season, we've seen Gloria and know she has a naked, innate sense of understanding human flaws without passing moral judgment. We also know after she passes Nikki, Gloria instinctively knows a "Tigress" when she sees one. Winnie may talk a lot, but she, like Gloria, listens and knows a lie when she hears one or just stammering like she heard from Sy. Winnie also knows about Gloria's murder case because there hasn't been murder in that small Minnesota town in years and while investigating Ray's accident, she learns the car that hit Ray's Corvette belongs to his brother, Emmitt Stussy's company. Winnie connects the other dot, Emmitt, and where he lives, Eden Prairie, not Eden Valley. Thus, Hawley, brings back another theme from seasons one and two: how do humans connect with the world. Gloria likes human connections and listening to learn. The way Carrie Coon's eyes light up when Winnie brings her the connecting dots in person, not over the phone, in a text message or email. Gloria refuses to believe perception equals reality and does not all other people's perception of her to move her from the path she is traveling. Gloria moves at her own speed and changes directions when her instincts, senses, tell her two. So, Hawley once more begs the questions" Does our perception of things or people, create their own reality, or is there an objective reality we all can know? Do we allow people's perception of us to shape or reshape up into someone or something new. Remember, how Hank Larson, from season two wanted to create a new language based on symbols because he believed words could mean different things to different people, thus causing the ability to communicate with other people more difficult. Moreover, our inability to communicate with each other on a human level becomes the source of all the ills that plague the earth. Each season, Hawley shows characters trying to connect to an ever-changing world. Some connect with their minds, other with their senses, but these connections are often miss-perceptions, like Hawley's opening scrawl, "This is a "True" story."

Tonight's episode continues the "turth" verses "perceptive truth" when Ray and Nikki send a porno of Ray disguised as Emmitt having sex with Nikki in disguise. Gloria has another conflict when she and Winnie bring Ray in for questioning. She knows he won't like it, but as she puts it "you don't have to like the truth for it to be true." The new sheriff dismisses her once more and says cut Ray loose cause she cannot prove the "truth," and he won't let her try.
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It's a family matter
antonellarzp18 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this episode, and I think one of the reason is Michael Stuhlbarg. He's my favorite actor so, I love his participation in this episode, and the way Sy goes through a lot of different situations (the one with Varga was...something).

The previous episodes were a bite slow, comparing with the first seasons, and I think this is where the thing's starting to get really nasty.

In this episode, we had a Varga who is allow to do everything to take the control, maybe, we don't know for sure. So, Sy has to deal with it while he's dealing with Emit and his family problem (alongside the legal problems, with the car accident).

In the other hand, we had Ray and Nikki, they're going to get marry, but it seems the things are not going to be like they wanted and they'll going to take revenge, for sure.

I like Gloria working with the other police, but the thing between they and the boss seems a little like Molly and Gus in season one, so in a way I like that but in the other way it's something that we already saw.

+ Michael Stuhlbarg participation.

+ David Thewlis's getting better in every episode.

+ The sex tape idea.

+ The end.

+ Ray.

  • I will love to see more of Varga, though.

  • I couldn't stand Emit so much in this episode.

  • Same idea as the first season.

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that.. is a true story..
Arth_Joshi14 March 2018

The House Of Special Purpose

Fargo being critically acclaimed and buzzed at awards shows is actually worth the hype and deserves the respect for its richness in acting, execution, writing and background score department. Fargo breeds power and vulnerability two opposite sides of the coin and walks right in the middle of it attaining a perfect balance between practicality and drama.

Season 03; being nominated in Golden Globes for three awards, is witty and talkative unlike its predecessor that used to express itself more on violent tone whilst this one believes in humiliation, trickery and threats which in account of excellent execution works far better than any of it could ever have. On common terms, it still relies a lot on depiction of it hence on performance and execution on which it doesn't fail and addition to that it; as always, has amazing background score.

The plot thickens and the politics kicks in which is mixed with misunderstanding, mistakes, vulnerability and loss of power, all of it blending in perfectly delivering one of the finest tale where its lead actor (Ewan is surprisingly funny too) is doing some of his career's best work.
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