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This is Rick and Morty at its best!
kalkaanslag-6220528 August 2017
For any other show this kind of episode would have been my favorite by a long shot... and even by Rick and Morty standards this is solid top 3! I was beyond thrilled the entire time with my eyes glued to the screen. And even knowing the show, and its plot-twisty nature, this episode caught me wonderfully off guard!

Without spoiling anything, I can say that the "transformation" our main characters go through this episode, reveals entirely new, fresh and different standpoints from them. Also Rick's caring character trait towards Morty gets an unexpected perspective.

This is my new favorite episode of the season, and it eliminates any shiver of doubt I could have had about this season not being at least as good as the previous ones. Perfect 10/10!
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R & M at it's core
gus49529 August 2017
Alright, I decided to write this review because reading other reviews on the web I didn't feel like they did the episode totally justice. There's a lot of depth to this episode and also a powerful message, and I feel it deserves at least some attempt at an analysis.

The more I'm watching Rick and Morty the more I'm getting convinced it's just Star Trek buried under layers of disturbing content and gore. And that is definitely a good thing. Rick and Morty as a series has its own style and its own jokes, but at its core it's a show about depicting reality as it is and showing us everything happens for a reason. Even when it comes to the things that are totally bonkers and reprehensible (something you'll see a lot of watching Rick and Morty), it's probably still a good thing that it's there, because without it the world wouldn't be real and simply cease to function all together.

"Rest and Ricklaxation" serves as a thesis statement of this case, in addition to the earlier "Rixty Minutes" which also fought to make this point clear. In "Rest and Ricklaxation", we see a dream unfold that seems appealing at first sight: what if we were able to get rid of the parts ourselves we didn't want? What if we could get to live as our idealized versions? Though it may seem great at first sight, it may not be all that fantastic as it appears to be.

In the current episode, after a traumatic event, Rick and Morty both split in two different personas: the toxic and "healthy" versions of themselves. The toxic version contains every "bad" character trait Rick and Morty want to get rid of, the healthy version contains what they see as their "good traits". For Rick this means that he splits off his alcoholism, vulgarity, narcissism and insanely inflated ego as toxic, whereas Morty splits off his low self-worth, anxiety, depressive feelings and self-detestation. What remains are the idealized versions Rick and Morty have of themselves: Rick is a meek but cold being, whereas Morty turns into a shallow sleazy person.

A case can be made that this episode shows us that our idealized version of ourselves are never able to obtain what we want them to. This happens to both Healthy Rick and Healthy Morty. Healthy Morty ultimately never gets the girl he so very desperately wanted and Healthy Rick is so meek and devoid of ego that he is in no position anymore to protect himself from threats, let alone protect the world around him from them. Thus the dream is better than reality and getting everything you want isn't nearly as good as it seems. But what I think is the most interesting is that this episode makes the case that your idealized version of yourself is not ultimately something you WANT to be living as. For both Rick and Morty, a dynamic starts to exist that moves their Healthy and Toxic version back to their counterparts. Thus, the toxic naturally moves towards the healthy and vice versa. We see this most obviously with Rick: Toxic Rick moves towards Healthy Rick because of his need to keep Morty safe; Healthy Rick moves towards Toxic Rick because his sense of responsibility tells Toxic Rick that he needs Healthy Rick to survive. But, even though it is delayed the same thing ultimately also happens to Morty. After getting a phone call from Jessica, Morty purposely does not hang up the phone, leaving him to be traced by Rick and reunited with his Toxic self. Thus, Healthy Idealized Morty moved back to Toxic Morty. Why? Because Healthy Rick simply needs, and also wants Toxic Morty to be able to feel good: without the "bad", insecure, anxious side of him he is not able to feel the good feeling of love Healthy Morty so desperately craves.

With this, I think the episode teaches an important lesson that has been made in other episodes (most notable ST:TNG "Tapestry"). Though it sometimes seems like things could be better differently, such as a better life to be lived by an idealized version of ourselves, this simply does not exist. The good and bad both function in tandem and always move towards each other, being part of each other. I think that is the point of this episode, and it is deliver beautifully is all I can say.
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You wanted character development? Take it!
petrow-3130828 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I like, how the creators reverted to trolling their audience. I personally was whinging about how the characters lacked development in the 2-4th episodes. Now, you have it all, just buckle up! The pace is downright crazy, and it was excellent to see, how the title characters act, if they get rid of their annoying traits. And really, you could find even Moral Rick's most basic lines hilarious, because you knew how off-place they are to the character. I hope the moral(?) of the story will be a good guideline for the writers too. You'll need every shade of the character's personality to make and keep it interesting: A-hole Rick and Moral Rick, Flimsy Morty and Confident Morty too. Overall: a really nice episode, keep up the good work. Oh, and kudos for the references from the earlier parts.
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Note on continuity
davebptripp28 August 2017
Wanted to reply to ruxandraileanagherman and his continuity remarks. Rick takes Jessica to the ball in the universe where the Earth gets "Cronenberged", so in this current universe, no continuity issues.

I think Morty's love for older women is just a way to show his overt confidence now that his toxic side has been removed. It would take a pretty confident 14 year old to hook up with an older bombshell.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode.
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Still great
ericstevenson3 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I ended up loving this episode, but not as much as most people. Please don't kill me! It's mostly because there were a lot of times where this episode was just awkward and the pacing seemed off. It still ends up being very rewarding and is worth watching. This episode features the title characters going to a relaxation place to have their toxins removed. The toxins are actually a big part of their personalities and they develop their own minds. I guess it's hard to tell who the real Rick and Morty are supposed to be. Well, I guess neither group really is.

My favorite part of this episode is actually at the very end. It features Jessica and Rick restoring Morty to his full self after he disappeared for weeks. It actually seems like Jessica is showing concern for Morty, almost like she actually does like him. Now, Jessica isn't well developed as a character so this was very interesting to see. Oh, and the scene after the credits answers the last question. The funniest part is probably when they corrupt the world. ***1/2
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Never going down
huygta25 September 2017
Brilliant episode. I'm so happy about this episode. It's clever , it's funny . This episode makes session 3 as good as the other two seasons. Hopefully, it gets even better in the future. Without a doubt I gave this one 10 out of 10 . Definitely, one of the best episode in my opinion.Warning: Due to our advanced end-to-end encryption, it is mathematically impossible for us to recover or reset your password. If you lose your password, you will lose access to the data in your Porn account. We highly recommend you make a backup of your Recovery fake
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The best episode of Rick and Morty
sedaniel-7675111 November 2017
Great Animations, great emotions, great plot - One of my all time favorite episodes. Morty faces his insecurities and Rick his rebellious personality which lets the viewer connect with the characters on another level than in most other episodes. The fight scene between both Ricks is amazing and the Wolf of Wall Street reference is as well.
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Evil Morty Origin Story?
dalegcollier-052758 February 2019
I think this episode potentially gives valuable insight into how Evil Morty might have come into being. Perhaps he started as a detoxed Morty who was never 'retoxed'.
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So much fun!
maxglen13 September 2019
This episode was such an unexpected surprise! Once again Rick and Morty takes a simple yet genius idea and uses it to its full, hilarious and disturbing potential. Although season 3 hits a few low points for the show episodes like The Ricklantis Mixup, The Rickshank Redemption, The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy and this are definitely a case for the show's quality going forward
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the best of this season
spartanben-001836 September 2017
This is classic rick and morty, a original idea, without stupid constructions like pickle rick, this was great development of characters, the action was very genius it only has a few minutes but it was very awesome, this season was so low before this last two episodes ( the Jerry episode, and this one), because the others was very boring and they were not original. This was great i hope to see more things like this in the next episodes, and not over-hyped episodes like pickle rick that was the worst episode of this season so far.
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Better than expected, but still not satisfying
Violet199928 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It wasn't as mean spirited as usual and the characters seemed more consistent. The premise of someone being split in a bad and a good part is cliché, though I must admit it was uniquely done. It still ended like most other shows though, the characters got back to normal without any major change. It would've been better if the characters learned at the end that they need to control themselves in order to be happy, but no, we can't have that! A question: didn't Morty go with Jessica to a ball episodes earlier? She said out loud that she just broke up with Brad in this episode. Continuity, what's that? Rick is jet again taking Morty on adventures during school. When Jerry was still there he didn't accept this, so Jerry ain't so dumb after all. Other than that, I just didn't find the jokes hilarious, they were O.K. at best but nothing more. Also, why does Morty suddenly like older women? Or did he like them before and never showed it?

Note to davebptripp: Morty took Jessica to a ball in the Tiny Rick episode, which took place after Rick Potion Number 9, so it wasn't in the old universe. And about Morty liking older women, I get that it most likely was an effect after getting rid of toxins, but to me it just felt out of nowhere and wrong. A grown-up dating a minor is illegal and for a good reason. Yes, it's a cartoon, but why would they wanna do that? I don't think that a teenager dating older women is funny.
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