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Season 1

5 May 2015
A Trio Grows in Brooklyn
Take a personal journey with Paul Howard (Moe's son) back in time to the 1890s when the sons of a strong-willed Jewish mother learn about love, laughter, and shtick on the streets of Brooklyn.
5 May 2015
A Stooge Is Born
The Howard brothers Moe and Shemp, and pal Larry Fine, morph into The Three Stooges and step up from Vaudeville second-bananas to acclaim as Columbia Pictures' brightest stars. Shemp quietly exits the trio as little brother Curly steps in with gusto and brilliance. Can they really make it in the big time? "Soitenly!"
5 May 2015
Slap Happy
It's the 1930s and a new era as the Stooges give an upper cut to the upper class in an avalanche of wildly popular slapstick movie shorts. Although riding high, Curly's off-screen antics leave the Stooges just a pratfall away from misfortune.
5 May 2015
Paul witnesses firsthand Curly's downward spiral while the Stooges' Hollywood star soars. They're busier than ever and surrounded by a talented cadre of wildly inventive writers, directors, and character actors. Success takes them abroad, but storm clouds are gathering in Europe and around the world.
5 May 2015
Good Night & Good Nyuck!
Stooge Shemp rejoins the act, infusing new life in the knuckleheads' shtick. Television invades America's living rooms and as the first of many generations discovers the boobs on the tube, The Three Stooges are catapulted back into the world's spotlight.
5 May 2015
Bum's Rush
Enter the new Stooge Joe Besser and exit 24 years of "Short" but sweet times at Columbia Pictures. Paul Howard tells of the growing tension in the family as the winds of change blow upon The Three Stooges yet again and a lovable old friend enters the picture.
5 May 2015
Curtain Call
TV captures millions of new fans and they want more Stooges. Their feature film career blasts off and they're soon clowning around with the likes of Sinatra and Ed Sullivan, voicing their own animated series and selling out live shows.
5 May 2015
A Son Also Rises
The world bids farewell to Moe and Larry as the days of the Stooges end but their legacy proves eternal, new generations meet the Stooges on the Internet, and Paul and his family return to Brooklyn to celebrate a legacy of funniness and family.

 Season 1 

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