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Emily Blunt: Mary Poppins



  • Mary Poppins : [singing to Georgie, Annabel, and John]  Nothing's gone forever, only out of place.

  • Jane Banks : [to Mary Poppins]  What brings you here after all this time?

    Mary Poppins : Same thing that brought me the first time: I've come to look after the Banks children.

    Anabel Banks : Us?

    Mary Poppins : Oh yes, you, too.

  • Michael Banks : [after Georgie opens the door to reveal Mary Poppins's entrance; he stares partially open-mouthed]  Mary...

    Jane Banks : Poppins!

    Mary Poppins : Close your mouth, please, Michael, we are *still* not a codfish.

    [he does so, then Jane giggles briefly] 

    Mary Poppins : Jane Banks, still rather inclined to giggle, I see.

    [she sets her carpet bag down on a small couch] 

    Michael Banks : Good heavens, it really is you! You seem hardly to have aged at all!

    Mary Poppins : *Really*? How incredibly rude! One *never* discusses a woman's age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught you better.

    Michael Banks : I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

    Jane Banks : [interuppts]  You came back! I thought we'd never see you again.

    Michael Banks : It is wonderful to see you!

    Mary Poppins : [primping herself in the mirror]  Yes it 'tis, isn't it?

  • Mary Poppins : Everything is possible, even the impossible.

  • Anabel Banks : But we don't need a nanny.

    John Banks : We have grown up a good deal in the past year.

    Mary Poppins : [looking around the nursery room]  Well, we'll have to see what can be done about that.

  • Balloon Lady : Of course, the grown-ups will all forget by tomorrow.

    Mary Poppins : They always do.

    Balloon Lady : Only one balloon left, Mary Poppins. I think it must be yours.

    Mary Poppins : I suppose it must. Practically perfect in every way.

  • Mary Poppins : When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it.

  • Mary Poppins : [to a dolphin, who's just popped up from the bathtub chirping eagerly]  No, not yet.

  • Mary Poppins : Nothing. Such a useful word, isn't it? It can mean anything and everything.

  • Anabel Banks : Everything is possible!

    Mary Poppins : Even the impossible.

  • Jane Banks : Are you sure this is quite safe?

    Mary Poppins : Not in the slightest. Ready!

  • Mary Poppins : [singing]  Some people like to splash and play; can you imagine that? And take a seaside holiday; can you imagine that?

  • Mary Poppins : [whispering excitedly before sinking herself into a bubble bath]  Off we go!

  • Mary Poppins : [singing]  So, perhaps we've learnt when day is done, some stuff and nonsense could be fun!

    Mary Poppins , Georgie Banks , Anabel Banks , John Banks : [all singing]  Can you im-ag-ine that?

  • Georgie Banks : [seeing Mary Poppins catch her carpetbag and umbrella]  How'd you do that?

    Mary Poppins : Do what?

  • Mary Poppins : [after she lands in the park with the kite, which Jack and Georgie reeled in earlier]  You need to be more careful when the wind rises, George; you nearly lost your kite.

    [to Annabel and John] 

    Mary Poppins : And you two nearly lost your Georgie. He might have got away completely had I not been holding on to the other end of that string.

  • Mary Poppins : We're on the brink of adventure, children. Don't spoil it with too many questions.

  • Mary Poppins : When you change the view from where you stood, the things you view will change for good.

  • Jack : May I assure you, you look lovely as always!

    Mary Poppins : Do you really think so? Nice to see you, Jack.

    Jack : Good to see you, too, Mary Poppins.

  • Mary Poppins : Good heavens Annabel, what have you done to your clothes? You could grow a *garden* with that much soil.

  • Jack : You see, there's nothing to it.

    Anabel Banks : Can you speak leerie, Mary Poppins?

    Mary Poppins : Can I speak leerie?

    Jack : Of course she can; she's Mary Poppins!

    Georgie Banks : Can we do it with you?

    Anabel Banks , John Banks : Please?

    Mary Poppins : Oh, very well then.

  • Mary Poppins : Spit spot!

  • Mary Poppins : [seeing the mess Michael and Jane leave]  My goodness, gracious, glory me. You'd think by now they'd have learned to pick up after themselves.

  • Mary Poppins : Georgie, this is a nursery, let me remind you, not a music hall.

    Georgie Banks : Can we have another bath?

    Mary Poppins : Oh, pish-posh.

  • Mary Poppins : [to John and Anabel]  If you two are going to keep up all of this whispering, I'd like you to practice doing so as loudly as possible. It will still be bad manners, but at least then we'll all be in on the secret.

  • Anabel Banks : Where are we?

    Jack : [tapping a glass leaf]  Looks like we're in china, so to speak.

    Mary Poppins : Over here, everyone. This wheel won't fix itself. Now, tread lightly; this is fine porcelain, and we don't want to chip the glaze.

  • Michael Banks : Did you have something to do with them trying to save the house?

    Mary Poppins : I never said a word. It was all the children's idea.

    Michael Banks : The whole time I've been looking after them, they've been looking after me. I had it all backward.

    Mary Poppins : A Banks family trait.

    Michael Banks : What was I thinking?

    Mary Poppins : Some people think a great deal too much. Of that I'm certain.

  • Jack : Say, what's with all the glum faces? Lost sixpence and found a penny?

    Anabel Banks : We've made a mess of everything.

    John Banks : Father's furious with us.

    Georgie Banks : And we can't find our way home.

    Jack : Lost? Are you, Mary Poppins?

    Mary Poppins : Hopelessly.

  • Anabel Banks : Which way do we go, Mary Poppins?

    Mary Poppins : Now, why would you ask me? The three of you are leading the way, after all.

    Anabel Banks : Us?

    John Banks : But we were...

    Mary Poppins : Walking around in a fog.

    Anabel Banks : No, we weren't. I mean, we are in a fog, but...

    John Banks : We were only talking.

    Mary Poppins : Yes, too focused on where you've been to pay attention to where you're going.

    John Banks : But Father told us to go straight home.

    Anabel Banks : He'll be furious if we're late.

    Mary Poppins : Not much to be done about that now, is there?

  • Mary Poppins : You have guests, cousin. You might at least greet them at the door.

    Cousin Topsy : And how am I to do that, please, when I am down here, up on the ceiling?

  • Mary Poppins : We need you to fix this bowl, dear.

    Cousin Topsy : No, no, no, no, no. It is as I have told to you, second Wednesday of the month, when everything is turning turtle.

    Anabel Banks : Turning turtle? What exactly does that mean?

    Cousin Topsy : It means my whole world goes flippity-flop like a turtle on his back. And I don't know my up from my down, my east from my west, my topsy from my bottomsy.

    Mary Poppins : Yes, I think we've all grasped the concept.

    Cousin Topsy : Good. That's quick for you.

  • Ellen : Michael, your briefcase! Blimey, he'd leave his head on the breakfast table if it weren't screwed on.

    Mary Poppins : Here, Ellen. I'll take the briefcase. The children and I are heading that way on an errand. We'll stop by the bank afterwards.

    Jack : I'll give you a lift. My rounds are done.

    Mary Poppins : Wonderful.

    Jack : [leading them to his bicycle]  All aboard, everyone. Come on.

    Anabel Banks : On the bicycle? But there are five of us. We can't all fit.

    John Banks : The weight on those wheels alone. Mary Poppins, how much do you weigh?

    Jack : [her eyes widen in shock]  Never you mind about that. It's all a question of balance.

  • Mary Poppins : You were having a nice sort of nightmare, I must say.

    Georgie Banks : You were right, Mary Poppins! A cover is not the book. We thought they were nice, but they were mean!

    Mary Poppins : Whatever are you talking about?

    Georgie Banks : They tried to take Gillie!

    Mary Poppins : No, Gillie is right here, sleeping, as you should be.

    Georgie Banks : But it was all real! They stole all our things and the wolf said we were never going to see our home again!

    Mary Poppins : That is absurd.

    John Banks : But I had a nightmare like that, too.

    Anabel Banks : So did I. It seemed awfully real.

    Georgie Banks : I don't want to lose our home.

  • Wolf : Hurry, hurry! Only a few seats left! Get tickets while you can for the one-night only, and only...

    [seeing Mary] 

    Wolf : Mary Poppins! What an honor it is to have you join us this evening.

    Mary Poppins : Thank you.

    Wolf : And who is this I see? Why, it's John, Anabel, and Georgie Banks!

    John Banks : You know us?

    Wolf : Of course. Everyone knows the Banks children.

    Badger : We've all been watching you in the nursery for years.

    Weasel : It's so good to finally meet you.

    Wolf : Hurry along, now. Get yourselves some peanuts and candy floss and go right on in.

    Georgie Banks : May we, Mary Poppins?

    Mary Poppins : Yes.

    Georgie Banks : [hurrying away with Anabel and John]  Come on! Let's get candy floss!

    Mary Poppins : Just keep away from the edge of the bowl.

  • Anabel Banks : Mother always had us take our baths in the evening.

    Mary Poppins : Well, in my experience, Anabel, the perfect time of day to have a bath is when one needs a wash. Georgie, you will go first.

    John Banks : [stopping Georgie as he moves forward]  We are perfectly capable of drawing our own baths.

    Mary Poppins : How very helpful, John. In that case, you may turn off the tap.

    [he moves to do so] 

    Mary Poppins : But not quite yet. Still need to put in the bubbles.

    John Banks : But I don't like soap bubbles.

    Mary Poppins : Well, then you shall have to try to avoid them at all costs.

    John Banks : She's a tough nut, isn't she?

  • [During the song "The Cover is Not The Book"] 

    Penguin #1 : [about one of Uncle Gutenburg's stories]  Mary Poppins, could you give us an example?

    Mary Poppins : Certainly!

    [Mary Poppins "plants" a kiss on the penguin's bill with her finger] 

    Penguin #1 : [lovestrickened]  Mm!

    [the penguin wiggles his eyebrows coyily at Mary Poppins as the Royal Doulton Hall audience laughs] 

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