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Season 1

8 Dec. 2016
Giant vs. Giant Problem
A giant that attacks walls rather than anything else wants to earn back dignity and respect by training and facing a level 10 cannon.
8 Dec. 2016
University of Goblin
Goblins are being taught so they don't have to steal any more whereas the archers are involved in a shooting competition.
15 Dec. 2016
Hog Rider Rides Again
A giant wants to make friendship with archers as they have cool and amazing conversation but however archers are not interested to let him join. Meanwhile a hog rider and builder makes a deal of giving builder a new hammer and hog rider a new hog.
23 Dec. 2016
12 Days of Clashmas
Two builders finds a Santa's surprise spell while upgrading spell factory. They decide to sell it in exchange of plenty of gems and started dreaming about village with plenty of gems. However before selling it, one builder drinks it accidentally.
29 Dec. 2016
Ballad of the Barbarian
A barbarian lost his sword in the battle and is disheartened, will he get his sword back?
6 Jan. 2017
A Knight to Remember
A knight falls in love with the archer tower queen. However her dad won't allow them to be together. Whereas in other village, all the villagers are eagerly waiting to see the new troop.
13 Jan. 2017
The Barbarians Red Balloon
Two barbarians steal the red balloon only to be remembered by their next generation barbarians. However neither knows how to fly this thing.
20 Jan. 2017
Goblin's Eleven
Goblins decide to steal all the elixir which the town has preserved for upgrading their laboratory. Will they succeed?
26 Jan. 2017
Bowlers Anonymous!
A bowler loves to bowl however it creates chaos inside the villages. Bowler promises not to touch the bowl for whole month.
3 Feb. 2017
Wiz Con!
Roy builds beautiful sculptures in the village. However during an enemy raid, enemies takes that statue with them. On the other side all the wizards are gearing for a wizard contest.

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