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Quite good episode
modemanslutning6 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers

This episode was funny when we followed the guys and their struggle dealing with the flat tire problem. I really laughed out loud when Sheldon was singing and when the car was burning. Something that I seldom do when watching sit-coms.

The problem with this episode was the focus on the girls. They were not funny at all. They just tried do deal with petty problems and it wasn't in a funny way either. All the things Amy said that her mother had done and said to her almost made me want to punch her mother in the face.

Penny was, well, not giving any funny response to anything. She did not deliver the lines in a funny way and frankly few of them were funny.

Bernadette was almost invisible in this episode.

I really think they missed an opportunity not making the girls go out and try to get Amy a new look. First of all, the clothing try outs themselves could've been funny. Also, Amy could've got a sudden realization that "Damn, I'm hot!" and try to get a guy in a bar or something later as a way to deal with the breakup. Just a suggestion.

But instead they just sat at home and discussed problems. Funny, really funny... not.

The Bachelor part I give a 10/10. The Bachelorette (or whatever) part I give a 4/10.

Since I think that I at least laughed I don't want to meet in the middle and have (4+10)/2=7 out of ten. It deserved a little better than that so I give it more of a 7.5-8/10.
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Sad end to what was once OK
christiank76 October 2015
Sorry to say this but the show has seriously lost the plot and the humor has evaporated along with the entire tempo. The concept has run its course and the time has changed. Geeks are no longer a topic of interest or unusual fad of the moment. I would suggest that the entire show be put to rest and let these people ie the characters die a silent death. I am sure that the producers are really ticked that they paid so much for the actors. Laughable really. Instead of trying to continue with the same story development they require a totally new direction and if they do not do this then the end is already here. In its present state it fails big time.
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Post wedding bachelor parties do/don't rock!
dvintih9 November 2015
Men 'kidnap' Leonard to his bachelor's trip and the women decide to avoid strippers' club and inform their families of their relationship statuses.

Cool Stuff: 1. Men drive off to Mexico for the bachelor's trip in Sheldon's "personal favorite physicist" Richard Feynman's van. 2. The science that the guys put in on the flat tyre is as always innovative. The best one- "We will, we will, Percussive Shock you".

Highlights: Penny's hair looks absolute delight....

For more, visit http://electrongal.blogspot.in/2015/10/tv-review- tbbt-season-9-episode-3.html
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