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4 Aug. 2013
The Turin Shroud
The Shroud of Turin. Is it the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? A work of art? Or the greatest prank ever pulled? The Vatican itself refuses to take an official position on its authenticity, and with limited access to the cloth for testing, there's seemingly no way for scientists to end the debate. Or is there? Join four experts as they explore four radically different theories, using groundbreaking research and archeological expertise. Their one goal: to decode a treasure that has been revered, rejected, and argued about for more than 600 years.
11 Aug. 2013
The Sphinx
Archeologists search for and interpret tiny clues to determine the origin of the Sphinx and who it represents.
18 Aug. 2013
Golden Raft of El Dorado
A ten-inch golden statue discovered in a cave near Bogota may be the key to the greatest treasure never found: El Dorado. For centuries, rumors of a "Lost City of Gold" attracted explorers and fortune hunters to the Colombian Andes in search of riches. Now, after 500 years of futility and bloodshed, investigators try to finish the job, using the found statue, a beautiful model of a golden raft, as their guide. See legend and fact collide as we apply forensic techniques and decipher ancient documents to uncover the truth behind the myth.
25 Aug. 2013
Richard III Revealed
Secrets looks at the discovery of King Richard III's burial place in a parking lot in Leicester. It follows a team of researchers as they excavate the bones and later run genetic tests to verify that they belong to the former king. Researchers discover that the king suffered from sever scoliosis and that he suffered several injuries in battle before dying.
1 Sep. 2013
A Viking Map?
Secrets looks at the Vinland Map which was supposedly created fifty years before Columbus. The map clearly features the coast of North America. If it is real, it shows that Europeans knew about North America in the years before Columbus. Experts try to determine whether the map is real.
The Gospel of Jesus's Wife
A tiny fragment of papyrus that refers to the wife of Jesus stirs immediate controversy. This program describes the efforts to validate the document.

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