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30 Mar. 2016
Quit Your Job
Colin Quinn stops by our season premiere to help us talk to people who aren't happy with their current line of work. In the process of helping people quit their jobs, we start a "F&%# Chain", speak to some of Donald Drumpf's real employees, and almost do something fantastically illegal. The Chris Gethard Show is back, what can possibly go wrong?
6 Apr. 2016
The Diddy Episode
When our special guest if forced to cancel, TCGS looks like it's about to fall apart. Luckily, the one and only Sean "Diddy" Combs AKA Puff Daddy surprises everyone and arrives just in time to save the show.
13 Apr. 2016
Slam Dunks and Slam Poetry
John Hodgman and NBA Legend John Starks come by The Chris Gethard Show to help us marry poetry and basketball together - for some reason. Gethard also gets to live out his life long dream of dunking a basketball.
20 Apr. 2016
Under the Sea Prom
Prom is a nightmare for a lot of people. With the help of Lena Dunham, we threw an "Under the Sea Prom" that was all about being inclusive - no matter what your situation is.
27 Apr. 2016
FU#%IN Censorship
Pete Holmes finally comes to The Chris Gethard Show to help us test the bounds of television censorship. How much would we be able to get away with on TV? Also, homemade bidets.
4 May 2016
The Truth Might Be Out There
We wanted to focus on an entire episode on the world of the unknown. We take calls from people who are aware of conspiracies, take on the Illuminati, and even sit down and chat with Donald Drumpf.
11 May 2016
A Nice Family Dinner
Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show) stops by the show, and we're determined to have a nice family dinner. Nothing crazy, nothing outside-the-box, just a bunch of people sitting down for a nice family dinner. Musical Guest PWR BTTM.
18 May 2016
Comedy Plus Time
Most comedy shows would shy away from diving into mental health and medication, we wanted to dive into it head first. Maria Bamford joins the show to help us find humor in even the darkest of places. Also featuring a reunion of The ERGS.
25 May 2016
One Man's Trash
Stars of "The League" and the "How Did This Get Made" podcast Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas join us to guess what's in a dumpster we found. Seriously, there's something awesome in this dumpster.
1 Jun. 2016
Fight for the Fish
Season Finale! Vacation Jason has kidnapped The Human Fish, and is threatening to destroy Chris Gethard for good! To help win back his friend, Gethard enlists the help of professional wrestlers to take his nemesis down in the ring once and for all. Who will win? And how the hell did Jon Hamm get wrapped up in all of this? Musical guest Beach Slang!

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