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We’ve yet to see if Kate McKinnon can lead a movie, but she sure as hell can steal one. She did it in “Ghostbusters,” and she did it again in Rough Night, which is surprisingly funny despite a wild premise riddled with potential pitfalls.
Rough Night, a bachelorette-party-from-hell thriller comedy that’s got some push and some laughs, despite its essentially formulaic nature, is a perfect example of why Hollywood needs (many) more women filmmakers.
Rough Night is a seriously funny movie led by some seriously funny ladies, but even more impressive is a mainstream comedy that relies not on cheap shocks like many who have come before.
A sloppy, untossed salad of a comedy, Rough Night survives on funny bits and a game cast.
At its best, the movie turns gender roles on their heads. While the girls party very hard, bride-to-be Jess’s fiance Peter (Paul W. Downs) spends his stag party tasting wine with his buds. Moreover, people can surprise themselves — and do things they don’t expect.
A fun night will be had, but you’ll have trouble remembering it in the morning.
Rough Night is a movie that, perhaps, is a lot like one of these parties – it manages to be remembered not as the best time ever, but fondly.
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While Lucia Aniello (one of many from Broad City involved here) brings a certain energy in her directorial debut and the cast do comedically click, Rough Night too often feels watered-down with a blatant disregard for basic logic, resulting in a comedy that’s ultimately more exasperating than clever.
Like many would-be debaucherous evenings, Rough Night starts off with great promise, only to devolve into a series of poor decisions, regretful moments and a general sense of disappointment.
All the talented women here are stuck playing types rather than characters, in a strained frolic in which both the verbal humor and the physical gags too often fall flat.

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