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17 Jan. 2018
The Beginning
Sarah deals with a horrific consequence. Eddie has an experience that changes the course of Myerism. Cal struggles to make his way without the movement.
17 Jan. 2018
A Beast, No More
An angry couple attempts to forcibly remove their daughter from the Myerist Center. Sarah believes the true essence of Meyerism is at risk. Cal has flashbacks surrounding an event from his past.
17 Jan. 2018
Eddie creates controversy when he defies the Meyerists. Cal tells Mary he needs a change. Sarah's relationship with a College professor progresses.
24 Jan. 2018
De Rerum Natura
The compound receives a bomb threat. Cal returns with plans to become CEO of Meyerism. Sarah discovers the history of The Ladder and realizes Steve may not have been the only author.
31 Jan. 2018
This episode is actually listed as "Pageantry" on Hulu.
7 Feb. 2018
Sarah studies Steve's secret journals trying to find out who wrote The Ladder, bringing her closer to Professor Neill. But a death in the family brings her and Eddie together, and it makes Sarah long for her faith. Harold discovers Mary stole his Championship rings, so he and Cal must find out who has them, and try to get them back.
14 Feb. 2018
The Gardens at Giverny
Eddie travels to Paris to open Europe's first Meyerist Center, and he brings Sarah along with the hope to restore her faith; but her insatiable search for Lilith may have taken her beyond the point of no return. Meanwhile, Cal and Mary have their own plans.
21 Feb. 2018
The Door
Eddie leans on Cal to help him cleanse away the increasing darkness within him and the Movement, while Cal continues to plot to overtake control. Sarah reconnects with an old friend, risking her new relationship in the process.
28 Feb. 2018
The Veil
Sarah's determination to find the source of Meyerism pulls her farther away from her family. Eddie struggles to manage the flock without Vera, who has returned to bare her secrets to Cal through one of the rituals.
7 Mar. 2018
The Strongest Souls
Vera makes a key decision about her relationship with Eddie. Sarah takes extreme measures to see Lilith's vision of the future, furthering her path away from Eddie and the Movement.
14 Mar. 2018
Bad Faith
Eddie and Hawk take a trip together to break Caleb out of Christian conversion therapy; Cal's repressed memories make him confront his past; Sarah and Vera face off over Lilith; Mary surprises herself in a challenging situation.
21 Mar. 2018
A New American Religion
The movement gets criticized on live T.V and Cal must decide between defending his faith or leaving with Mary. Eddie and Sarah confront Lilith and Eddies announces a shocking decision.
28 Mar. 2018
Blood Moon
Forces conspire to stop Eddie from revealing the dark secrets at the core of Meyerism, endangering his family, and changing his vision for the future of the Movement.

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