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Honest Thoughts On The Film By Jason Statham And Director Jon Turteltaub
ripleyspussy10 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Although I've just watched this film, this is not a review in the traditional sense. I just wanted to make this clear, because I don't mean to mislead anybody. Rather than giving you my own two cents (well, I WILL give you those, but later), I would like to let the people directly involved in The Meg share their - refreshingly honest - thoughts on it, because they had some very interesting things to say that helped me better understand what I'd just seen. Let's start with Jason Statham's recent interview with Frosty Weintraub. You'll notice Jason tries to be diplomatic, but he has a very hard time concealing the fact that he's not too happy with the finished product:

"The film changed a lot. The script was totally different. There was so many different ... sometimes you just go: How did it happen? How did it go from this to this to this to that? I guess if you have the control to keep it a certain way you would, but you don't. They have so many people deciding on what action stays and what scenes stay. How the characters ... In the end they want to put something at the beginning. The whole thing at the beginning where I *spoiler* do a rescue on a sub? That was not in the script that I read. That was all brand new stuff. Good or bad, I'm just letting you know. But (originally) there was other stuff at the beginning that was ... I'm, you know. I'm just saying it was radically different."

"I guess in some ways your imagination and your own perception of what it's going to be is its worst enemy. John (Turteltaub)'s interpretation of this is a fun end of summer movie. It's full of humor. He's put his very light-hearted way into it(...). It's a little bit more directed to a different taste of what my own is in terms of I like more gory adult stuff. You go: Where's the effing blood?! It's like, there's a shark. I'm a lot older but I can't speak for what this film could possibly speak to a younger audience. I might have made a film that not many people wanted to see. I'm not a filmmaker."

"I'm sort of an actor that's going to portray a role. I go there but I've learned not to get too attached with your own idea of what something could be. I don't know. As an audience goer you're spared all of that sort of things that can ruin a movie for you. I think as you're involved in these films you get more and more critical and going: That bit there should have spent more money on the CG. That bit there they should have made that more gory. Where's the other bit that was in the original? You get very critical."

And director Jon Turteltaub had this to add in a recent interview with a horror-oriented film site: "I am so disappointed the film wasn't more bloody or disgusting. My wife is glad about it, and I'm glad my kids can see the movie, but the number of really horrifying, disgusting and bloody deaths we had lined up that we didn't get to do is tragic. We shot or even did a lot of visual effects for gory scenes. There was some really good shìt that didn't survive to the final cut."

As Statham and the director both alluded to in their interviews, apparently, during post-production the decision was made that The Meg would have to be appropriate for teenagers, and the film was significantly re-cut. When Turteltaub was asked if he would like to see his own, unrated version released, he said: "Yes. Mine would have a lot gorier, but funnier, deaths for people. It's just awesome. Killing people in movies is a lot of fun."

So there you have it folks, the star and the director seem none too pleased about studio mandated changes to their movie in their assessment of the theatrical cut. I've watched the film despite myself, and it's actually nowhere near as bad as I feared - it's fun in a harmless, forgettable kind of way - but what Statham and Turteltaub are implying is spot on: the whole film constantly teases you with unfulfilled potential. Now let's hope we get the better version upon home release.
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It's everything you would guess
austin-650059 August 2018
Look, this movie wasn't bad... but it wasn't great either... Everything that comes with a shark movie was here. A cheesy storyline that bounced around a lot, and some great action sequences wth the shark. Jason Statham was the same as he usually is, stone faced and serious. Rainn Wilson did a great job with his part. But other than that, nothing really sticks out.
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Worst Dialogue Ever.
dpb040216 August 2018
Honestly this film has not only the worst dialogue of any movie this summer/year. It is the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a bad movie ever. Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows, and Jaws 3 all had better dialogue than this cliche title.

The Room directed by Tommy Wiseau and this movie go hand and hand for some of the garbage lines and pacing. Halfway through this movie when it appears to be over, I wished it was finally over, however I knew that there was no way they would end it there.

Save your money. This will be streamable in 4 months and on sale for $15.
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The Meg was meh
TheTopDawgCritic9 August 2018
16 reviews, and half are all a fake high-rated single review of this film - makes me shake my head why the producers think their viewers are dumb and wont see thru the fakes. All it takes is one click to see the only single review from the poster. Don't get me started on the moronic review from halil-92019: "Playing computer games makes kids smarter?"

This film had it's moments, but it was nothing spectacular. The best parts were the cinematography, visuals and directing. The story itself has been done so many times, making the shark prehistoric doesn't add anything to the imagination. The writers needed to up this a few levels and not rely on Statham (who was great as always) to bring in the moviegoers into the theater. The 103 min length felt a little long, but the pacing good enough to keep you interested, although it was missing that constant extra thrill and suspense I expected. Instead, I cringed at the cheesy 1 liners and poor attempt at humor - most executed at the wrong time.

It's an honest deserving score of only 6/10 from me.
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Pure garbage
briantillman-0504912 August 2018
There is no other way to describe this film. The acting is laughable. The CGI, the writing, plot, it's just bad. What has happened to Hollywood? Seriously. Please try and come up with some fresh ideas other than attempting to butcher classic movies. It's either a sequel to a sequel to a sequel these days, or it's something that has already been done, and remade poorly. I'm just glad we have the classics to fall back on. Film today is at an all time low. Depressing, actually. I literally spent 40 dollars for a trip with my lady to see this. Unreal. They wonder why pirating has become such a problem. It will remain a problem as well. The people trying to stop it will never outsmart the people providing it. Good luck trying. No wonder, when trash like this tops the box office. Unreal.
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Pippin rules!
phmoons-3384817 August 2018
OK, the Meg! This movie was even worse than brushing your teeth with acid. It was clear that this movie was so bad from the start that they involved chinese investors and actors to be a smash hit in China because let's be honest...everything and everyone can be a box office hit in China! The Meg is everything you don't want it to be. A romance chick flick where there is more flirting with Jason Statham than any decent shark shots. Also Jason's abs have better acting skills than his performace in the Meg. During the movie I fell asleep multiple times. They even called an ambulance since they thought I was dead. The doctor told me he has never seen such an acute form of boredom in his medical history and my mind almost shut down my own body in a coma as some sort of survival instinct. Don't see this movie, spend that money and buy yourself a gold fish and watch it all day swimming circles, even that is more entertaining!
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besiktas-4074319 August 2018
This movie was so cringy and cheesy. Lines were lame and the chinese actress was so baad I just laughed throughout the movie. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. I guess Jason Statham really needed the money.
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A fun theater-going experience!
I will be upfront with anyone who hasn't watched this yet. Mindset-wise if you go in thinking more along the lines of Deep Blue Sea rather than JAWS you'll probably have a good time. If you want serious, deep storylines and Oscar-caliber performances you probably should avoid it because this isn't it. Also on that note, why the hell would you go see this movie in the first place if you want that?

This movie is just stupid fun with tons of funny moments. The comedy aspect of it actually caught me off guard. I expected a few funny moments here and there like most films of this ilk, but this is just straight up funny throughout. There are plenty of grandiose action sequences. A character you just flat out hate because he's such an atypical ass-hat and some beautiful CGI. The film itself is very well shot and I even had a hard time telling whether the FXs were practical or CGI in spots. They blended stuff together well. I thought the acting was solid for what this film is. It's about what I expected.

Like anything, there were a few things here and there that could have been better. But, none of those things were enough to hinder my enjoyment of it. I personally would have liked to see it be a tad bit gorier. I think that might have pushed this up a notch especially with the type of story this. On the other hand, that's more of a preference than an actual hindrance type thing.

This was exactly what I wanted out of a Summer Blockbuster style film. It's a fun theater-going experience. It's the type of movie you want to see on the big screen with a great sound system. What I would consider a perfect popcorn flick.

My Rating: 7/10
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Moderately entertaining
Leofwine_draca16 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
THE MEG is the latest movie in Hollywood's obsession with killer shark movies; this ranks beneath the likes of JAWS and even DEEP BLUE SEA, although it's moderately entertaining as a one-off watch. If you're looking for quality in the genre these days then I'd recommend going for the lower-budgeted likes of THE REEF or BAIT. THE MEG follows the fortunes of the crew of a scientific base in the middle of the ocean when they accidentally reawaken a megalodon from its prehistoric slumber; this massive shark proceeds to dominate and eat all and sundry. This is a co-production between Hollywood and China, so expect Chinese supporting actors and more than a little propaganda. Jason Statham does his action man routine with ease and is given able support from an up-for-it cast, while the action scenes are certainly larger-than-life, although with all the CGI they're hardly realistic. An undercurrent of humour makes some of the more ludicrous scenes easier to swallow. It's hardly great, but it does the job as a piece of switch-off-the-brain viewing.
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Pain of shark bite would have been better than watching this movie
vikram-polasa12 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is all about talking. Everyone wants to become a hero. There's literally no planning, just dive into the water and show off you're trying to be a hero. The main characters always gets saved no matter what, and the side characters die out of no where. Why is Hollywood obsessed with adding comedy sequences without any sense? A friend dies and Page is trying to create a comedy about his race and profession. Page has no role other than making himself look like a fool through out the movie. The quality of movie making in Hollywood has degraded a lot. They always want to add comedy and romance in every movie. This movie is disgrace to its category.
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ricemuscle10 August 2018
I want to start this I saying I love the book series, well at least the first few. I read all five books that were out at the time in 5 days total. I was so excited for this movie. When I saw Jason Statham was cast as Jonas Taylor I was immediately bummed out. I like Jason Statham but we all know the type of movies he's in and I was really hoping that they would go more the route of Jaws and not the route of Piranha 3D. Make a really good film with great actors that just happened to have a shark. Then I saw the trailer and was even more disappointed. The tone of the movie was all Goofy. Even with all that I still was very excited and I dropped my expectations and just went into it expecting a type of action Blockbuster sequel quality movie. I have not been this disappointed in a long time. I'm not one of those people that's going to give a movie a one or a two when clearly a movie of this caliber is not that bad and that should be reserved for straight to Syfy 1 million dollar budget crapfests. Dont.listen to people who give it a one. Thats just false. However holy crap was this a huge let down. The CGI was actually pretty good in some parts and then other parts it wasn't at all. The film started off pretty good and there were quite a few changes in the characters in the story from the book which is expected. But once the shark got to the service it just went downhill. Statham actually wasn't that bad although I maintain my position that he was not the right guy for Jonas Taylor. Li Bingbing was absolutely atrocious. I haven't seen her in any other movies so it could have just been The eay it was written but her dialogue was horrible and it just seemed like she was acting which a movie shouldn't be like that. I love Rainn Wilson but again I didn't enjoy him in this movie. I thought the little girl was completely useless and I don't know why that character was even added. The actress was fine but the character itself was just ridiculous. Page had a couple parts where he was really good but his scenes were just silly. I really wanted to like this movie but the comedy just too much. I'm a firm believer and I've said this before and I'll say it every time that death should not be funny in movies like this. It's okay to have comedy in these movies if you have to but if someone is in a scenario where they're going to die or potentially going to die don't make it funny. My biggest issue with the movie is the fact that they were constantly in life or death situations and never seemed scared. There's a 70 foot shark that just flipped your boat over and you're on the turned over Hull and you're making jokes and you don't seem like you're in trouble at all. Without giving away spoilers there's somewhat of a Chase and they just act like it's no big deal. Even if you were going to go the route of over-the-top ridiculous action movie there's absolutely zero reason why the characters shouldn't be absolutely terrified. I wasn't a big fan of the end and although there were some funny parts and there where some really cool scenes I just in no way thought this movie was good. It doesn't take a lot to please me normally. I love dumbed down movies from time to time but this was just stupid and in no way believable and I just can't express how disappointed I am. I would really really really really was looking forward to this and even set my expectations lower than I wanted them to be and still came out shaking my head. I honestly think I shook my head through the entire movie and threw my hands in the air as if to say what the hell. I'm not going to tell people not to see it because I love the books and I love the author and I want to see the movie do well anyway. Maybe a sequel will be better but doubtful Jaws 10 The shallows 6.5(cgi was better sadly) Meg:( 5
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Stupid enough to be on the SyFy Channel
mhorg201813 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
How did this not end up on the SyFy Channel? This is one hackneyed, stupid movie. Basically while exploring the Marianas Trench, a gigantic shark, the Megaldon or some such is released. Previously to this a deep rescue submersible encounters it and the main guy, Jason Stratham is ignored. He gets called back to rescue others which is when this stupid movie really gets rolling. The effects are so-so changing from scene to scene. The best thing is when the little Yorkie who goes for a swim survives. This movie is a great video for how not to remain safe on any type of boat. No one wears a life vest, or any other survival gear. The story is barely above the worthless garbage shown on the SyFy channel. This is really just one stupid movie. I'm sure it'll show up on tv in a matter of months, if not weeks.
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Jason Statham versus a 75-foot prehistoric shark - it's as simple, as cheesy, but as enjoyable as that
moviexclusive8 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Meg' is basically short for 'Jason Statham versus a 75-foot prehistoric shark', and if that doesn't sound like your idea of an exciting late-summer movie, then this slab of B-movie cheese is clearly not for you. Oh yes, the science-fiction horror novel by Steve Alten on which this movie is based was precisely meant to be that sort of pulpy entertainment, and director Jon Turteltaub ensures that his adaptation is balanced squarely between self-awareness and self-seriousness, even though it does start off being more of the latter before tipping into more of the former.

So it goes that our introduction to Statham's deep-sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor is no laughing business: in the throes of his latest mission to save the crew of a nuclear submarine trapped at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, Jonas is forced to sacrifice two of his own men inside the submarine after it is purportedly attacked by a giant creature which crushes its hull. Jonas' account of the tragic event is disputed by another key member of his very own crew Dr Heller (Robert Taylor), and after being accused of suffering a psychological meltdown, he retreats to seclusion on a rustic island in Thailand.

Five years later, Jonas is given the opportunity to get even with the creature when he is approached by an old friend Mac (Cliff Curtis) to lead an urgent operation to save his ex-wife Lori (Jessica McNamee) and her two other crew mates stranded underwater in a deep sea submersible names Origin off the Chinese coast. Mac and Lori are part of a larger team on a modern research facility called Mana One exploring if there is life beneath the depths of the ocean as we know it, and the first successful so-called 'insertion' (cue the geek joke delivered by Masi Oka and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) into the hydrothermal sphere at the bottom of the seabed brings the Origin face to face with the titular super shark previously thought to be extinct.

At first, Jonas' history means he is greeted with scepticism by the team on board Mana One, including chief oceanographer Dr Zhang Minway (Winston Chao), his equally accomplished daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing) and no less than Jonas' former colleague Dr Heller himself. It goes without saying that Jonas will quickly prove that he wasn't crazy after all, but after having also rescued Suyin who had valiantly but foolhardily gone to try to rescue Lori on her own, the two divorcees will begin to sketch the contours of a romance through some rare character moments, many of which also wisely draw on the precocious charms of Suyin's eight-year-old daughter Meiying (Shuya Sophia Cai).

It should come as no surprise that 'The Meg' is built on a number of elaborate action-driven set-pieces mostly executed by Mr Statham, but it is also worthwhile acknowledging that Turteltaub and his screenwriters (comprising of genre specialists Dean Georgaris and Jon and Erich Hoeber) do give the characters just enough texture to craft some memorable scenes within these set-pieces. Among the notable archetypes on display here are the self-absorbed financer Morris (Rainn Wilson), the tough-as-nails independent female type Jaxx (Ruby Rose), as well as the timid plus-sized African-American comic relief DJ (Page Kennedy); and without saying who lives, who dies or how either way, these characters in their respective ways inject verve into some of the gloriously over-the-top sequences.

These sequences of course dictate the course of the narrative, which sees the megalodon emerge from its hidden depths by some Deus Ex Machina to travel hundreds of miles over open ocean to terrorise hundreds of summer-loving beachgoers at Sanya Bay. Each one of the three distinct settings forms the backdrop of a significant encounter with the megalodon, with the latter two especially allowing Statham to flex his physicality without being in any claustrophobic confine. More than simple logic, that explains why Statham has to swim within 100 metres of the shark in order to fire a GPS tracker at its dorsal fin, or dive below the surface to rescue Suyin trapped within a shark cage, or in the film's pièce de résistance escape from a damaged submersible just in time to spear the shark in its eye.

Indeed, there's not a lot of common sense involved, though nothing so exaggerated as to qualify irrevocably as parody. The operative word here is fun, and on that account, 'The Meg' definitely scores. Statham carries each one of these outlandish scenes with a knowing wink, and his ability to deliver the intentionally corny one-liners is matchless. On his part, Turteltaub gleefully seizes every opportunity to emphasise the relative size of the competition between Statham and the Meg, and patiently waits till the climax to unleash all restraint and let the campiness overflow - there in Sanya Bay, you have young males ogling at the opposite sex on separate floating platforms before being forcibly rammed together by the marauding shark, a man in an inflatable bubble float trying to roll over his fellow swimmers before his bubble is literally burst by the shark, and a plump and pampered young boy holding a paddle pop getting his just desserts after defying his mother's caution not to go into the ocean.

It probably won't escape you that the movie is one of the high-profile US-China co-productions this year, and while that is reflected in the locations and choice of co-stars, the pleasures here still seem more culturally attuned to Hollywood sensitivities. To its credit, 'The Meg' never comes off being sillier than it intentionally puts itself out to be, and boasts more than its fair share of entertaining man-versus-enormous-shark sequences. But hey, we thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was worth, and considering that the movie has been stuck in development for over a decade, we'd add that we couldn't have seen it any other way than 'Jason Statham versus a 75-foot prehistoric shark'.
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Truly Terrible with appalling acting.
phil-160-33899712 August 2018
What can I say? This movie is truly terrible in every way. Way too many cliches and whoever cast Bingbing Li must be on something as her acting was despicable.

A waste of a couple of hours of my life I will never get back :-(
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That happens when studios interfere to much
Silberfalke10 August 2018
As someone who really loves the first "MEG" novels I could not wait to see the movie. It was clear to me, that it will be different, and that from the moment on the trailer hit the screens. And I was okay with it and lowered my expectations.

I also love shark movies since "Jaws" (which I saw in theaters, just to say ;)) and I watched all of them since then, besides the Asylum productions...

"THE MEG" could have been a very entertaining and fun watch, despite the differences. And in some parts it was/is. Hell, I was and I am even okay with the cast. But I am totally sure the studio prevented it from all it could have been with its theatrical cut, that just plays it safe and makes the "Movie Meg" just a movie that you won't remember after a few days.

And that is a shame and a waisted opportunity!

I still give it 8 stars because I liked the cast, the music, the effects (they are not half as bad as some here are stating) and yes: I was entertained enough to like it. But I was all set to LOVE it, and that did not happen.

Rough cuts and jumps and way to less of a thrill but more of a loud action vehicle. There are enough successful movies nowadays that show at the box office that they score because studio bosses were risk taking.

So all we got is a popcorn flick above average. At least an original one :)

And hey: that's something in the times of uninspired sequels, prequels and reboots.
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A REAL and HONEST review
jwcstorage17 September 2018
Dont listen to most of these reviews. The Meg is a steaming pile of hot garbage.

First I want to address the Chinese influence in the room. If you like sub-par, nonsensical movies where China and Chinese things are shoehorned in as hard and as often as possible for no real reason, then this just might be the movie for you! If you want to watch several Chinese "actors" who cant act (Bingbing Li and Shuya Cai... God if you got used to seeing good child actors like those in Stranger Things are you in for a treat seeing this kid "act") in an unimpressive "spectacle flick" then this movie might be for you! If you're a teen or sub-teen who thinks flicks like Paranormal Activity are good, then check this bad boy out! If you're all of China, well you've probably already watched this.

For real though, if you have a pulse and are not in a medically induced coma, dont waste precious brain cells on this!

The Meg is an extraordinarily predictable, laughably bad (but not so bad its good) effects driven garbage movie with a pointless plot. It is the typical "Chinese funding movie" where you can clearly see the influence the investors had in regards to the movie. There really isnt a plot, which would have been fine if there was some character development but there is no character development either. Even the special effects were VERY meh and 2008 video game cut-scene feeling. The "best" thing about this movie was Jason Statham, but he had little to work with and even his acting felt... disappointed. I wouldnt say hes phoning it in, but he DEFINITELY is not giving his all. All of the other actors, including Rainn Wilson, were pretty awful. Unfortunately there are several long shot attempts for us to empathize or care about characters but when their acting is worse than a 1st grade play its hard to take seriously.

And Bingbing Li... we get it, you're a pretty face who probably did a LOT to get into the position you are now but you're not a good Chinese actor and you're a tremendously terrible actor in every western film that your bf paid for you to star as. Surprisingly Shuya Cai was even worse than Bingbing, but she at least has the excuse of age on her side.

There is really only one thing going on in this film: Who is the Meg gonna kill? These kills are telegraphed that these people are going to die a mile away with crappy lines that are supposed to be foreshadowing but are HORRIBLE.

Then comes the main star of the show, the Meg. It acts completely unrealistically as a natural predator. You know they just wanted it to act like a movie murderer, but they have it do so many stupid things that are out of character for an apex predator of the seas. It ignores abundant food sources, stays at or near the top of the ocean, and instead of going deep into the ocean and away from shore, somehow this super shark just KNOWS that there is a nearby Chinese beach brimming, and I mean BRIMMING, with swimmers several miles away. While that sounds like a good place for a super shark to go have a nom, there are vastly better, more plentiful fish in the sea than Chinese people on a beach. How and why it makes a bee line to that beach is a mystery of bad writing.

The way they 'take care' of the Meg at the end of the flick is probably one of the dumbest, lamest, so unlikely of a scenario that I let out a huge laugh. This has got to be the worst ending in a mainstream movie I've seen since I cant remember when!

The whole thing was over China-fied that it almost felt like one long advertisement for China. That wouldnt have mattered if they made it part of the script for some reason but no, its Chinese for the sake of being Chinese so Chinese audiences can go OOOO CHINESE!

3/10 for Statham and... well I couldnt really think of anything else. I was going to drop it to a 2 but I guess the effects bring it to a 3. However bad you might think it is, trust me its MUCH worse than that!

IF!!!! you want a super dumb turn off your brain and watch pretty colors on the screen, then see if you can get through this sludge. Everyone else STAY AWAY!!!!!

The worst part is that if the Chinese investors actually let filmmakers do their thing, I' sure someone could have made this unique or interesting... but its just not.
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Dull and boring
sarahbriggs7917 August 2018
Watched this last night at the cinema. Nothing happens for about 45 minutes really and most action in a out the last 10 minutes of the film. All the good bit have been shown in the trailers and apart from a few laughs (Not the ones the have tried to add but at how bad it is) I really could have given it a miss
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lots of fake reviews calling this garbage 10/10
achan-930469 August 2018
So, I came back from the theater with my girlfriend and I wanted to warn people against this turd.

I login to imdb and what do I see?

"10/10, best film evar!" "Better than Jurassic Park" "amazing. I re-wtached it with my extended family." "I ejaculated into my popcorn"

Shut the full cup. These are fake reviews along with vote manipulation from fake user accounts. This film was a boring 3/10 film at BEST.

Derivative characters, dumb plot, horrible cgi, the lead characters just phone in their performances.

Awful tripe.

Note - If imdb doesn't clean up the fake reviews plaguing the site, people will just leave.
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Dont bother
stella_iz8 September 2018
Its a terrible movie. Super cheesy & predictable. Dont waste your time.
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I think my IQ went down just from watching this movie
pjpatio30 September 2018
I know, it is a shark movie. It is supposed to be cheesy and ridiculous. But I cannot help to hate this movie. Maybe because I had high expectations? Maybe because Jason Statham is one of my favorite actor?

This movie is just predictable and full of cliche. The one liners that is supposed to make the audience laugh failed miserable and most of the time cringe worthy. The CGI is Sci-fi channel worthy at best.

In addition, soon as I see a Chinese production company at its opening, I already had a bad feeling. The Chinese actors can't act for their lives especially the little girl.

If you are reading this and you havent seen the movie, do yourself a favor and save two hours of your life. And yes, this is my first review, the movie sucks so much that it triggers me to make one.
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Megalodon eats JAWS! A Cryptid Approach to the Megalodon Legend
hilaryswank20118 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood and the other countries made thousands of famous or unknown shark films in film history. Film history is total film production and distribution activities of human kind since 1893. Shark films are also made in both Western and Eastern countries. Shark film master pieces we are familiar with are JAWS ( Dir.Steven Spielberg, 1975) and Deep Blue Sea (Dir. Renny Harlin, 1999) However, no films could exceed JAWS franchise (1975-1987) without The Meg (2018).

What kinds of sharks successful filmmakers selected as film characters in their Shark film master pieces? For instance, Spielberg chose the great white shark as its dramatic device in JAWS (1975), a realistic approach, then Renny Harlin created genetically engineered short fin mako sharks as its killing machines in Deep Blue Sea (1999), a science fiction approach after Jurassic Park (1990) released. And in The Meg (2018), Dir. Jon Turteltaub took legendary mega shark Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) which lived in 23 to 2.6 million years ago as its eating machine in the blockbuster which starring action star Jason Statham (played Jonas Taylor), it is a biological fiction. In this film, Megalodon accidentally appears without any cause and explanation. We can also say it like encounter with unknown creature, such as the Loch Ness Monster and Yeti. It is a cryptid approach to the shark.

Main feature of a good shark film is neither the shark itself, nor quality of being a slasher film, but it is a human conflict, a drama between protagonist and antagonist.

In JAWS (1975) which costed $9 millions and grossed $471 milliions, we were mostly impressed with Chief Brody (played by Roy Scheider)who fights for saving Amity beach landers from shark-like Mayor Larry Vaughn who is politically blind to shark attack and its devastating damage to the island. JAWS is the best of the bests among all shark films and genre films in the world. Although Megalodon can eat JAWS as a great white, however its Megalodon story can not eat JAWS. In The Meg (2018), Tyler and its crew manage to attract Megalodon and scratch it to let other sharks to eat Megalodon. Jason Statham saves Chinese coastal beachgoers from Megalodon. This is the entire story.

The Meg (2018)'s plot mistake is that Megarodon did not even live in Chinese sea and it was not found in Chinese territories at present. On the contrary, many ancient Japanese legends relate Megalodon. Ancient Japanese people thought fossils of parts of Megalodon as parts (e.g. tooth) of Tengu, a Shinto-related fictional creature. Chinese history is seemed to be 2,000 to 5,000 year long, however, Japan and Megalodon has had 23 million years of historical relationship.

I think Megalodon should attack Japanese coast beachgoers. It is more persuasive than attacking Chinese coastal beach where Megalodon did not even live in 23 to 2.6 million years ago.

Anyway, it is a quality work and the Megalodon is actually larger than JAWS!

Beside this, the other major defect of this film is that there is no bad guy, only we can see is the eating machine, The Meg...This could be the fatal mistake.

Talk about co-production between US and China (G2), Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) was a terrible disaster as a less known US-China coproduction film, however The Meg (2018) is actually a better co-production between China and US like Geostorm (2017). I sincerely recommend and enjoy the film. In this era, new and a big challenge must be made in international sphere, not in one country. International co-production within one or several regions must create new fields and varieties of filmmaking. Filmmaking in One Country is the 20th.century's nationalistic old-fashioned mode of film concept.

Traditions of different countries should be more deeply interacted with each other and more synthesised.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa depicted that larger fish eats smaller one. However, I can say that look at The Meg! Even the largest fish can be eaten by a bunch of smaller fishes like this.We should not stick to the dogmatism of food chain.
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The most insultingly bad movie I've seen in ages
jjdausey12 August 2018
From the complete artificiality of the environments and effects to the horrible acting (put Statham back in the pub he came from) to the broken language performances from the Asian cast members, this was a ratchet p.o.s. And shame on warner brothers for their false advertisements around LA, pretending this was in any way a movie about a shark attacking Americans. This was like a bad Sci-Fi Channel movie funded by the Chinese government.
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stevienic739 August 2018
The 'vote bots' have been out in full force here as nobody could possibly rate this movie higher than 3/10. The story of how they find The Meg isnt too bad but the acting....the acting is nothing short of nails scratching a chalkboard, excruciating. You can see a country mile away they are trying to attract the American\Asian audience but the Asian actors look very uncomfortable and extremely unconvincing. The one redeeming feature this movie has is the amount of frights you get, however even the way these are contrived is repetitive- they're in the boat, they're knocked out the boat.

All in all this movie is a shocker and I have no idea how people are scoring it any higher than 3/10.
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Predictable, cliched and corny
vegagolfer8 August 2018
Saw a preview of The Meg this evening as a Sky VIP member. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this. I know it's a shark film and should know what to expect, but this was so predictable I had to tell my wife to keep quiet, as she was telling me what was going to happen next,every 5 minutes and every time she was correct ! There are some scenes that are almost a Jaws clone but there is none of the suspense or shock, so brilliantly delivered in the original Spielberg offering. The worst part of the film for me, was the poor humour and one liners, relentlessly thrown about. One minute somebody's best friend, or father is killed, next minute everyone's having a giggle about some crap shark joke, seconds before the ship they are on, is about to be attacked. Too much corny humour and not enough suspense. On review read "Jaws on Steroids" to me it was more like "Jaws on Valium" combined with "Carry on Shark Fishing."
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To Compare this to Sharknado is an Insult to Sharknado
wwodka26 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This was horrible. Movie is all over the place and can't figure out which way to go. Meanwhile they just forget about the blonde the entire movie until she is forced to play cards at the end with the little girl (she's apparently his ex wife) the shark also apparently has selective killing like I have selective hearing. To not eat any person in what is obviously a studio pool and literally pop the bubble is a joke. Page tries acting like LL Cool J when he was in Deep Blue Sea while they try ripping off Samuel L Jackson's character from that same movie by having a "millionaire" come in. All it was missing was Thomas Jane standing in front of the glass as the shark took a bite at the glass and poof you have Deep Blue Sea reloaded. It tries to blow up the shark like jaws (yawn) and then tries to jump scare you like 47 meters down. I was actually waiting for Idris Elba to come out and talk about the breach (Pacific Rim). Also, how is it, the shark instantly picks up on the sound of the doctor splashing yet the next scene she can swim all the way over to the convienent life rafts? Also, lets not give any explanation to the fact that the shark hanging on the boat even got there In the first place. If it wasnt the meg then how is it the same size as meg. In all a terrible movie with horrible acting, worse dialogue in a movie ever, I don't think it even realizes its a shark movie (no gore, one character doesn't even die by the hands of the shark). If you want to watch a horrendous movie watch this.
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