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Shuya Sophia Cai: Meiying



  • Jonas Taylor : You know a lot.

    Meiying : Eight-year-olds hear everything.

  • Meiying : There's a monster outside and it's watching us.

  • Jonas Taylor : Hello, skipper.

    Meiying : You must be the crazy guy.

    Jonas Taylor : Now who called me that?

    Meiying : My mom. Dr. Heller.

    Jonas Taylor : Yeah, well, I'm not crazy. I've just seen things no one else has.

    Meiying : That's definition of crazy.

  • Meiying : [to Jonas after he returns with Meiying's mother]  Thanks for keeping your promise.

    [Meiying smiles] 

  • Meiying : Stop splashing!

    [DJ continues flailing] 

    Meiying : You have a lifejacket on!

    DJ : A lifejacket?

    Meiying : Yeah.

    DJ : Oh yeah.

    [laughs nervously] 

    DJ : I got a lifejacket on! It's right here...

    Meiying : Shhhh!

    DJ : I can...

    Meiying : Shhhh! Shhhh...


    Meiying : The monster's here.

    DJ : The monster's here? No, don't worry about the monster. I got you. If that...

    Meiying : [Whispering loudly]  Ssstooopp talking!

  • Lori : Mac told me about you and Suyin.

    Jonas Taylor : [Smirks]  Nothing to tell.

    Lori : Well, maybe there could be.

    Jonas Taylor : You and Mac are unbelievable.

    Lori : How about you just try something new. So the rest of your life isn't a vast wasteland of misery and solitude.

    Meiying : [Smiling; returning with 2 sodas and a juice box]  I think that's a good idea.

    Lori : You do, huh?

    Jonas Taylor : [Repeating what Meiying told him earlier]  Eight-year olds hear everything.

    Meiying : Jonas...

    [Motions with finger to come closer] 

    Meiying : My mom likes you too.

    [Meiying raises her eyebrows a few times, causing Lori to laugh] 

    Jonas Taylor : This is possibly the worst moment of my life.

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