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Ruby Rose: Jaxx



  • Suyin : I'm trapped! I'm in it's mouth!

    Jaxx : [reassuringly]  That cage will not break.

    Suyin : That's the problem. The cage is being swallowed.

  • Suyin : This is what attacked us. A megalodon.

    DJ : How big is that thing?

    Suyin : Between 70 and 90 feet, 21 to 27 meters. The megalodon was the largest shark that ever existed. It feared nothing. it had no predators. it's jaws were stronger than any other animal, ever. The meg could bite a whale in half, crushing through the bones.

    Dr. Minway Zhang : We are in uncharted territory. Until today, megalodons were thought to have been extinct for over 2 million years.

    Suyin : Wrong.

    Jaxx : A living fossil.

    The Wall : That living fossil ate my friend.

  • Jonas Taylor : Remind me again why this a good idea.

    Jaxx : What? It's a shark cage.

    Jonas Taylor : Plastic shark cage.

    Jaxx : I'm gonna ignore that you just said that. This beautiful thing is polycarbonate, specifically designed not to crack, not to break, but to deform. And in this case, at this thickness, it would take 20,000 pounds per square inch. And you're talking about breaking, that's eight to nine hundred thousand.

    Jonas Taylor : I don't like it.

    The Wall : Doesn't like it.

    DJ : I wouldn't get in there.

  • Jaxx : [to Dr. Zhang as he, Mac and Jonas depart the arriving helicopter]  Sir, we've got a new problem.

    Jack Morris : It's your daughter.

    Jaxx : She took a glider to try and save them.

    Dr. Minway Zhang : Why did you let her go?

    Jaxx : Trust me, I didn't let her do anything.

    Jack Morris : I was sort of under the impression you're supposed to try to save people who are dying on the bottom of the ocean.

    Jonas Taylor : [to Mac]  Who's he?

    Jack Morris : I'm the guy who paid for all this!

    Jonas Taylor : [Continues looking at Jack while walking ahead]  Uh-huh.

    Jack Morris : [to Dr. Zhang and Jaxx]  You know, he looks heroic and he walks fast, but he's kinda got a negative attitude.

    Jonas Taylor : What's the window?

    Jaxx : It'll be close.

    Jonas Taylor : Who are you?

    Jaxx : I'm the one that designed all this.

    Jonas Taylor : So, my life's in your hands?

    Jaxx : Pretty much.


    Jaxx : That a problem?

    Jonas Taylor : Nah. You look like you might actually know what you're doing.

  • DJ : You said it was impossible for it to get up here.

    Suyin : It should have been.

    Jaxx : You guys take a look at this. When the glider came up, the thermocline was intact, so it was one degree Celsius.

    Mac : Yeah.

    Jaxx : But a minute later, when the Evolution came up, the temperature increased by 25 degrees. A shark could come right through there. Twenty sharks for that matter.

    Jonas Taylor : When the meg hit the Origin, it slammed into a thermal vent.

    Dr. Minway Zhang : Those can release millions of gallons per minute. The heat from that vent cleared the path through the freezing cold layer.

    Jack Morris : Are you saying we opened up a superhighway for giant sharks?

    Mac : Not exactly. It seems it was a transitory event. The temperatures are returned to normal and the gap is closed.

    DJ : Yeah. But not before a massive prehistoric killing machine decided to come up and say "Hi."

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