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Cliff Curtis: Mac



  • Dr. Minway Zhang : [to Jonas]  We have a shark cage and spearguns on board. If we can shoot the meg in a soft spot like its mouth or gills, we can inject it with something lethal.

    Mac : Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's gonna take at least 20 minutes to rig the cage. And that thing will be gone in two.

    Jack Morris : Why don't you just put a tracker on it? Don't you guys ever watch Shark Week? You have one of those, like, GPS tracker tag thingamajigs. Keep an eye on the shark till the cage is ready.

    The Wall : We should be able to put a tracking dart in that dorsal fin.

    Jack Morris : You're welcome.

  • Mac : How're you gonna kill it?

    Jonas Taylor : Evolution. I'm going to make this thing bleed.

  • Dr. Minway Zhang : Mac, have Dr. Heller meet us in the medical bay.

    Jonas Taylor : Heller?

    Mac : Did I not mention that?

    Jonas Taylor : [as the elevator door shuts]  You mother...

  • Heller : He's in perfect shape.

    Jonas Taylor : Just like the last time you examined me.

    Mac : [walks in the medic bay]  Suyin took a glider 15 minutes ago. She's planning on taking the Origin back up.

    Jonas Taylor : Take me to the sub.

    Heller : We're not done here.

    Jonas Taylor : Yeah, we are. Lori's running out of air and we're in international waters, which means legally I can beat the ever-loving shit out of you and get away with it.

    Mac : It's true. Legally, I mean

  • Mac : Suyin, be advised. Evolution is now en route. Request you return to Mana One immediately.

    Suyin : Negative. He can give us an escort on our way up.

    Jonas Taylor : Tell her to get out of the way, Mac. More people means more risk and she's in way over her head.

    Mac : Jonas, you just told her yourself.

    Jonas Taylor : What?

    Mac : The little green button on your intercom, that's for single channel communication.

  • Mac : This tracker rifle only has a 100-foot range.

    Jonas Taylor : Hundred feet?

    Mac : Get really close before you shoot.

    Jonas Taylor : Great.

    Mac : If you want me to get it instead, I will.

    Jonas Taylor : I got this, Mac.

    Mac : Okay, good, 'cause I was lying. Be safe.

    Jonas Taylor : Yeah, thanks, pal.

  • DJ : You said it was impossible for it to get up here.

    Suyin : It should have been.

    Jaxx : You guys take a look at this. When the glider came up, the thermocline was intact, so it was one degree Celsius.

    Mac : Yeah.

    Jaxx : But a minute later, when the Evolution came up, the temperature increased by 25 degrees. A shark could come right through there. Twenty sharks for that matter.

    Jonas Taylor : When the meg hit the Origin, it slammed into a thermal vent.

    Dr. Minway Zhang : Those can release millions of gallons per minute. The heat from that vent cleared the path through the freezing cold layer.

    Jack Morris : Are you saying we opened up a superhighway for giant sharks?

    Mac : Not exactly. It seems it was a transitory event. The temperatures are returned to normal and the gap is closed.

    DJ : Yeah. But not before a massive prehistoric killing machine decided to come up and say "Hi."

  • Mac : Origin crew, we are good for insertion.

    Toshi : Toshi: Insertion.


    Lori : Lori: Is everything sexual with you guys?

    Toshi : Toshi: Sex, food, power...

    Toshi , The Wall : And money!

    The Wall : Blow it up, now.

    [Toshi and The Wall fist bump and make exploding sounds] 

    Lori : Dive control, we are a-go for...

    [pauses and smiles] 

    Lori : insertion.

  • Suyin : We've got nothing left.

    Jonas Taylor : Almost nothing.

    Mac : How you gonna kill it?

    Jonas Taylor : Evolution. I wanna make this thing bleed. Suyin, what you said before, you were right. It's not about the people you lose... it's about the people you save. Signing off.

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