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This is what happens when non-actors try to act
MovieGuy_abc12326 September 2016
I've seen a fair few KSI and Casper Lee videos over the past few years. I'm 20, so their videos are aimed for that kind of age. I didn't expect this film to be good, because KSI has tried to do things outside of making Youtube videos, for example: rapping, and they just do not work, and my expectations were not disappointed. It's his ego that is the problem. Casper, I feel, is more likable as a "Youtuber", but this film? It is just so, so bad.

It's the typical "we don't have a good script so we'll just use loads of crude jokes" kind of film, it lacks depth or any sort of meaning, it just, exists. It's not funny, the jokes are old and painfully predictable. KSI's brand of loud-mouthed swearing is boring now and this film really shows that, he just has no idea what he is doing. In saying that, neither does Casper. Acting is just so far out of these guy's world and it really shows in this film.

I didn't expect a film with KSI in it to be any good, but this is an absolute disaster of an attempt to make anything entertaining, meaningful and/or enjoyable.
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Finally, a Movie to Rival ShawShank Redemption
obeyjordanedward2 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has everything. British people. Scathing social commentary. A hilarious pun for a title. It wasn't until the fifth viewing that my boys and I realized that 'Laid in America' is a play on MADE in America. Once Peter, our youngest, pointed this out, we blew our milkshakes out of our noses. Whatever wordsmith was responsible for such exquisite wit deserves nine Oscars immediately. I'd even say give him ten titles, but I wouldn't want the creators of this gem to get big headed about it.

Even the slogan. "You'll Always Remember Your First Time". That alone tells an infinite amount of stories. That's how layered this film is. First time? First time for what? Sex? That's what the title of the film implies, but how can we really tell? *Spoiler Alert* It was about sex!

Brilliant. Brilliant all over the place.
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Quite rubbish
hertn2 October 2016
Caspar Lee is awful at acting! KSI was just playing himself, so no acting there, but he was better than Caspar. The rest of the cast were quite professional.

Not a lot to the story, but there are some twists and turns that I did not see coming. If you're a fan of KSI or Caspar then I suggest watching it, if not, then don't.

It looked like there might possibly be a second film, which I really hope they are not making. Definitely one of the worst films I have watched, but then again all youtuber films are quite rubbish.

Giving it a 5 out of 10 rating, only because the cast was "good".
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Laid out to Die
MinistryofDoom3 October 2016
That's what should be the name of this movie because it's so God awful. It stars two guys from Youtube. Well, hell. I mean if Youtube could give us the Biebs, surely it could give us it's version of Thelma and Louise, Riggs and Murtaugh, Laurel and Hardy, Turner and Hooch....Caspar and Olaji...ummm...KSI, two Brits whose comedic finesse is nothing short of a disgrace compared to the legends of British comedy like The League of Gentlemen, Monty Python, the Mighty Boosh.

In a lot of ways, this movie is like American Pie...but without the babes or the humor or the good actors. I suppose you could say it is sort of like those later direct-to-DVD National Lampoons' movies....but worse. Surely you know what I'm talking about. However, as I think more about it, If I were Caspar or KSI and someone offered me a boatload of money to do a movie, however terrible it is, I would do it too. After all, more money to purchase a new....Lamborghini. B*tch I know you see me! In my Lamborghini!!
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Love to know what the budget of this movie was, just to say YOU WASTED IT ALL...
phatzimihail26 September 2016
I adore Casper, and enjoy watching the videos posted by him and Olajide on Youtube... but whoever thought it was a good idea to put these two on the big screen were utterly *cookoo*.

Post the budget of this film and the gross profit so far so we can laugh at how silly this idea was.

Neither brought anything to the big screen, just silly youtube humor which is funny for 1-2 minutes. And thus is what youtube is about..

An hour and a half of this stuff? And yup, you made a mess. There's no question seeing Casper smile brings the wrinkles of an 80 year old out, but that still doesn't defend this "feature" of a movie even being made public in the first place.

At best, did this even come to any theatre outside of mainstream US? I doubt it...

Good try, but please keep youtube comedy stars separate to that of the big screen... It'll keep your finances and stock safe, as well as our eyes.
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Really Not The Best
denden-1348929 September 2016
When I first heard about this film, its only genuine appeal was the casting of well-known YouTube comedian KSI. I did not however expect this film to interest me in any other way; in this sense, it certainly didn't surprise me.

The acting was relatively weak throughout, from start to finish. Having said that, it was very easy- going and straight forward to watch, making it ideal to watch whenever. It's also fairly obvious this film was not made to be loved by everyone, only people with prior knowledge of KSI's humour. By merely reading the plot summary, anyone could conclude this film was never going to be highlight of anyone's week.

Casper Lee's performance was arguably "cringe-worthy" at best. Furthermore, whilst the plot was never exactly inspired in the first place, the film is so unrealistic in some areas, it draws into question the credibility of it even being a comedy- It's NOT funny.

In summary, it's a short and easy film to watch purely to see KSI's mediocre performance. Aside from this, there are no real highlights in the film. Nowadays, there truly are better films to be watched.
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Another Youtube Movie. Don't expect much.
piyushp-3263125 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is nothing special. It is about two virgin teenagers in America. They are going back to their home countries in a day and want to get laid before returning. KSI and Caspar Lee star in the movie. They have a total combined following of 20+ million of YouTube on all their channels but that doesn't increase their acting skills. Caspar has his annoying fave and cry baby voice for the whole movie. KSI is funny in a few bits but what can he do when the script is not funny at all.

**Spoilers Ahead** KSI plays Duncan who is basically KSI from real life put into a movie. A full of energy horny teenager who is trying to get big of YouTube. All he is able to attract till almost the end of the movie is a 'BLOB'. Caspar Lee plays Jack. An confidence lacking teenager who is looking for love and finds it in a beautiful girl in high school. Jack is basically the real life Caspar Lee had he not found fame through YouTube. A few twists and funny moments are what make this movie watchable. But don't get your expectations high. The movie will make a good amount for obvious reasons. You can enjoy it when you have nothing else to see or do.
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Not that bad
senesertekin28 September 2016
It was not as bad as I thought it would be. There are some funny moments. KSI was behaving and acting the exact way he does in his channel. Absurd laughter and swearing. That is pretty much him. But Caspar, I do not think anybody gets close with the Caspar's character. It was a very bizarre performance. He was about the cry in every scene. He just did not belong to the movie. He could have done better. Even though it was a performance of stereotype, 'Tucker' did a good job. I do not think there were some exceptional acting or plot. The only thing keeps the plot going is the fact that these two main characters are virgins. When you think about the target group of viewers maybe it is not that bad of an idea to attract teenagers.
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Pretty funny movie
xxxgamingsr1 October 2016
The acting wasn't any thing special neither was it professional by all means but I guess you cant really expect that from youtubers. It was good enough though to make it easily watchable. The story was just plain stupid just like the acting of most characters, but in a good way (I'm mainly referring to KSI's acting). God i was laughing so much throughout the movie. Those silly jokes and the exaggeration made my day. Obviously people who don't know them as youtubers will see this movie with different eyes but I'm not going to go any further into that.

To conclude: If you don't seek a brilliant movie with great plot and acting but just want a good laughter, then this movie is definitely worth watching it!
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Decent for a Youtube movie.
nasseralanniyas2 October 2016
I was coming into this movie with very low expectations considering it was a Youtube movie, but I was actually quite impressed and had few good old laughs. The movie had some very funny scenes and the whole idea of the movie was pretty good. The 2 main actors KSI and Caspar didn't pull any Oscar worthy performances, but the way they portrayed their role was pretty good. There were a few unnecessary scenes, but the movie didn't get sidetracked too much. The whole movie was kind of predictable and it was if you knew what was going to happen next. Overall I would recommend you watching this movie if you are looking for a few good laughs and a light movie.
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Don't hate on me
xxchloewhiyexxx23 June 2018
Okay. I know. I am gonna seem weird for saying this. But this film only really makes sense if you have watched both Caspar and JJ before even thinking of watching. It's not too bad overall.
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terrible and nothing but
genemorrissey30 May 2017
Laid In America is about two British guys who are about to leave the school they go to in America but there's one problem, they haven't had sex yet, OH GOD. This movie stars Casper Lee and KSI. If you've never heard of either of them then let me explain, neither of them are actually actors, there both Youtube stares, are you seeing a problem yet. The acting in this film is some of the worst i've ever seen in my life. I did sorta buy the two characters as friends but y probably just cause they are in real life, when the enviable conflict come in and they start fighting its so unbelievable. Also this movie is marketed as a comedy, and in comedy's your meant to laugh, i didn't laugh through this whole film. possibly the worst thing about this film was that after it had ended the two characters hadn't changed at all. They didn't have any ark, they were both really annoying at the beginning and they were really annoying at the end, if not more. There are no redeeming qualities about Laid In America, its a complete waist of time. The people who made it obviously don't that in order to make a good film you have to do more than just point a camera at people and have them talk and say unfunny jokes. I've tried to find people who like this movie and the ones i have said "its so funny" i said "why" and they said "well not really but i really like Casper Lee" Im not kidding i actually had that conversation with someone.

I would recommend Laid in America to no one. It's not even so bad that is good, its just bad really really bad.

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voshchullon5 March 2019
In my personal opinion, this was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. That being said, if you are looking for logic in a movie then this is not it. This movie is about just nonsensical Brits going to America trying to get laid. It's funny.
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Somewhat refreshing
jjgj-5735816 October 2016
As this is a "YouTube Movie" expectations for the movie were that it would be completely awful, with the acting quality at a completely fecal level, and a generic base plot. I was pleasantly surprised with KSI or rather JJ's acting, as it was convincing and gave his character decent depth. However, everyone else's acting was pretty crap. Caspar especially was really bad, although his performance did get a bit better over the duration of the movie. The plot itself followed the teenage flick clichés, although it did add a bit of variety, and honestly wasn't too bad. I did enjoy the movie, it was a good laugh and fun to watch. Not something to watch seriously, just something for a drunk night/ a mess about with your mates!
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Fun, good story
sieger-1305227 September 2016
I thought the movie was quite good. It had a good story and the acting, filming etc. was good. Though, I must say the beginning of the movie was better than the end. I had quite a lot of laughs at the beginning of the movie but not really in the end. Also, for this kind of comedian movie, it was amazing. It was funny and had a good story for a comedy movie. There weren't any unnecessary action scenes like in some comedy movies. Though, I must say, there were some side-scenes that didn't make any sense at all. But if you look at the whole movie it doesn't really matter. Also, I didn't think KSI and Casper Lee (the 2 main characters) were able to act but boy, was I wrong.

So, for any people that haven't watched the movie yet, I recommend watching it. Hope to see KSI and Casper Lee in more movies.
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tomwoodland-965999 January 2020
Can we just stop? youtubers trying to act and now doing music and boxing...its just embarrassing..who is signing these people? the movie is poorly acted and 0 sense to the film and was obviously thrown together just so they can say "yay we did it".....anyone giving this good reviews are just delusional kid fans that say everything he does is his music etc.

If you want to bore yourself to death watch this movie.
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Not terrible, not great.
malhaas-jacobsz30 October 2019
This movie is in the style of American Pie, Sex Drive, etc. It has a couple of funny moments, but also a couple of really dull moments. KSI does his usual screaming at the top of his coice over the top stuff, and Caspar's character is a bit more shy, and subtle. I think KSI was not bad and Caspar was actually much better than I expected. It is a typical teen comedy about two dudes trying to have sex for the first time. For what it is, I think it was okay.
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bad acting by non actors how suprising
benjod-0688522 February 2019
The acting is bad, the writing is bad, well nothing is good ....
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Awesome if you know the main actors!!!
niefross26 September 2016
Laid in America does have quite some charm especially for die hard KSI and Caspar Lee fans. Some scenes require a bit of experience regarding both channels, but other than that, the movie is hilariously funny. If you know who both JJ and Caspar are in real life, you'll like this movie! Caspar and KSI actually have a lot of further acting potential. KSI is seen with his usual weird, crude and sometimes pervasive humor, which makes scenes in this movie seem like a collection of video snippets created by his YouTube channel (based on one topic). Caspar supplies all of his scenes with his mostly shy, innocent and overall funny South African personality. The movie may seem "insiderish" for inexperienced KSI and Caspar viewers, but other than that, enjoy!
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Good Startup Movie for Startup Actors
radreveche1329 November 2016
This is a decent movie for youtubers. Unlike to other startup movies, this one can be considered as one of the best. Caspar Lee and KSI is funny in the way they act. This helps this movie to become funny and interesting. Though this movie could only be that interesting if you know the two youtubers. As for the other actors, they made a good impression. This movie could be a huge hit if they used the supporting actors kinda popular. The popularity of this movie was only carried by the main actors due to their popularity on YouTube. I can say that this movie is enough to gain higher ratings. Some startup movies really do sucks. Good thing that this one isn't. So be cool to watch it.
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dancud21 January 2019
This is a great movie if your a KSI and/or Caper fan. It is a shame KSI is not making another movie, because it's 2019 and KSI is a lot better at acting.

I think the story line of the movie was good, and the casting was good also.
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jrxok19 January 2019
Not watched but i like the sidemen so yeah. Ok review to short now so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah.

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Laid in America
MaxHaydon199414 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Laid in America follows two foreign students Jack and Duncan living in the U.S.A, both desperate to loose their virginity. However they hit a few bumps a long the road that might jeopardize their last minute plans to get some action.

I watched this film out of pure curiosity, having enjoyed KSI's work in the past I was hoping that same hysterical humour would translate to the big screen. I wasn't disappointed, this really was a laugh a minute type film. There are themes of crass toilet humour throughout, but as silly as the humour is, I couldn't help but wet myself laughing.

The main positive from the film is the performances of the two youtube stars, Casper Lee and KSI giving confident comedy performances. Although the story line wasn't the strongest, I'd give Laid In America a 7/10 for the laughs it provides.
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The modern American Pie
montage1011 October 2016
This was a very funny movie. I liked how they took the masturbation scene from American pie and added their own twist to it. I liked how they set up the punch line "God bless America". Also they added their own twist to this common phrase "If you can make it in New York, then you can make it anywhere". The movie had an interesting small parody for the movie "Duff" which they called "BLOB". Everyone can relate to the movie for the High School experience. You can not expect a nice comedy movie to have a great story line because they wanted to make it funny. The movie made a funny parody of Uber taxi service, and Tinder dating sites.
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Worse than Adam Sandler's movies
andreywert8 January 2017
No joke, this is so bad, i could film a fecal matter on my phone and it would make a better movie than this.

Both Caspar Lee and KSI are not even decent actors whatsoever, the script is as cliché as it can get, even the soundtrack is a huge disappointment. This movie is like a sad, disabled brother of the American Pie, where jokes are twice as bad and the plot development is nowhere near the 1999 movie.

Sadly more and more comedies are being made without any creativity being put in it, and get a ton of promotion, while decent movies are disregarded although they have so much more to offer.If there is any reason that you want to waste 2 hours of your life, than watch this movie. Really hope there wont be part 2
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