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The Tall Grass, The Giant Rick,The Church= The Redeemer
thebahrams6 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those movies, if you fail to miss a small scene, then it will really confuse the hell out of you. My understanding of this movie is that the big giant rock in the centre of the field is linked to the church. In the bible, the New Testament the redemption word group is used to refer both to deliverance from sin and to freedom from captivity. The two main characters story is that Becky is leaving to give her child away to another family and leaving her husband. When they both hear a voice of a child calling for help. Both go into the field searching for him.

What happens next they are all lost and searching for one another. Why I say the Rock is the redeemer, you touch it and it shows you the way back out? Simple- Ross has touched it and instead he turned into a greed man, who wanted nothing but to keep selling the idea of touching the rock is amazing- resembling a liar of a salesman; at the beginning of the story you see him on the phone talking to a member of staff regarding being untruthful, deceptive. That's why he would never show others the way around as he just wanted other to buy the idea of touching the rock.

Tobin touched it; he was a child and said he knew the way out at the beginning- told Travis to touch it but he didn't. Tobin was free of sin and that's why nothing had happened to him.

Becky; didn't touch the rock but the rock showed her a big lesson- of not giving the child away by feeding her the child, one flesh.

Cal touched it; he Continued to die every-time, why because loved his sister more then he should, he kept telling her to continue the journey it giving your child away and leaving the father, he pushed Travis- attempted murder and continued to sin.

Travis touching the rock- killed Ross first who was a man of sin to save himself and the rest. By touching the rock he did find the way out, sent the child back to stop Becky and Cal every entering the grass and stopping Travis every coming to search for them. The boy turns up in the church a person free of sin to send a message to Becky that taking the child away from his father is a bad idea, so she decided to return and stop by the police station to help the child as his parents are dead, dad being a sinner and killing his wife.

It is a moving maze with only one way out, touch the rock and if you are sin free you are redeemed back into the church.
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Technically Impressive, Narratively Lacking - It's an Enjoyable Mixed Bag
TwistedContent4 October 2019
This is the 3rd Netflix feature film Stephen King adaptation (Gerald's Game, 1922) and, for what it's worth, I think they can surely make some more. "In the Tall Grass" is not flawless, but it's entertaining, aesthetically pleasing & there's great bits in an otherwise mixed bag.

A lot of people are and will call "In the Tall Grass" pointless or empty, and it's true that its biggest flaw is the near miniature plot. The story never leads to anything shocking, huge or, well, to nothing quite satisfying enough. The shallowness of the main story line is compensated with shabby side plots of some of the characters. Sadly, I have not expierenced the novella and can't do any comparisons. I've read a LOT of King though. Besides the story, there were other aspects that kept me watching & engaged. Compliments to the cinematographer and camera & sound crews - technically "In the Tall Grass" is a treat, the stylistic solutions add a lot to the atmosphere & the sound design is the kind that can give you goosebumps given that you have the hardware of a melomaniac. Besides the technical side of the movie the acting's also top level, as much as it could be taking into account the script & characters. You'll probably find yourself not caring for one or few of them, but if one thing's for sure it's that Patrick Wilson most definitely doesn't fail to entertain. The pacing is quite fine - the middle part might get slower but it picks up again.

Overall "In the Tall Grass" is a mood piece, if you're not looking for a lot of substance, this is a good horror movie to watch loudly & in the darkness. I'll eat up any Stephen King adaptation and this one's grantedly above average. My rating: 7/10.
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Not as bad as people are making it out to be
apommermstore5 October 2019
So, this is not by any means a ground breaking piece of cinema. That being said I found it to be rather enjoyable. I put it on at 11:30 at night thinking it would be something to fall asleep to. Let's face it, most unknown films you find randomly scrolling through netflix usually are good for a snooze and that's about it. I ended up engrossed in the film and watched it all the way to the end feeling rather involved in the story. I see a lot of people complaining about how the characters made bad decisions. This is a horror film people, horror wouldn't exist if it weren't for people making bad decisions. If characters did the smart thing in any horror film it would be about 5 minutes long. Secondly the film's ending is quite easily understood ad long as you dont need your plots soon fed to you. Solid acting, good atmosphere and an amusing if not horribly original plot. You could definitely find worse things to watch.
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Think twilight zone and you'll get through it.
just_in_case11 October 2019
I liked it. It was on the level of a really well adapted Stephen King TV movie. It's horror with a dash of science fiction. I can't think of anything more descriptive than that. It gets a 7 out of 10 because it doesn't really follow its own rules and the ending is one of those "Because I believe in love" magic endings rather than something that felt really earned. Then and the dialog is hit and miss.
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For those confused....
Craigelink7 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Basically 6 people are stuck in a time loop that lures them into a field. For those that watched this thinking what the hell did i watch, i'm so confused, the best i can offer is this.

The grass is in front of the church, thus the grass is pergatory, the rock is the is the judge of who is a sinner and who is not. The grass is punishing you for your sins, and then only releasing those that pass its judgement.

By travis admitting his sins he was granted a second chance at life and saved along with those he loved. Tobin is either an innocent and was spared, or he was kept there also after being judged by the stone as his parents talk about how he is badly behaved early on. The church is where those that absolve their sins are sent to move on. Tobin's dad continued to sin whilst being judged, and is doomed to live in pergatory. Animals arent supposed to have souls in some religions, and thus couldn't leave. Tobin's mum isnt explained but i assume she too failed the sinning test since she also can't leave. The tree people are tortured souls unable to move on due to continued sin, and are driven mad from eating grass seeds for sustainance. Becky is forced to eat her child as punishment for considering aborting it and having it out of wedlock.

The cars at the church of the cars of those that didnt past the test in the field saying this has been happening for ages and is unstoppable. The dude crushing his wife's head?!! No idea, Im guessing perhaps a glimmer of the suffering that will await you if you are judged to be evil? The phone call to herself was to show her you can't change fate, this has been planned all along and is not stoppable. The scenes with multiple bodies of themselves dead is to show how many times they have failed and force them to see or a punishment for each sin.

All i got. If I'm wrong, someone please explain it!!!
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A non-boring slow burn with childhood imagination
MoistMovies4 October 2019
From the really creative director of 'Cube', one of the greatest scifi films made in my opinion. The film maker has unfortunately moved primarily into television episode directing since then, with a couple hit n miss films in-between like 'Splice' which was so-so. Nothing living upto Cube. 'In the Tall Grass' in my opinion is his second strongest film now. Shot. directed and mostly written really well, follows a creepy Stephen king story.. what more could you need?

The concept of this story reminds me (and I assume anyone who grew up in rural areas) of the many types of games you would come up with when you were young with a wild imagination. Yet with the addition of horror.

So many make believe games you come up with as a child, put into a adult perspective. Can be made totally horrifying because death or injury is often the end result. The one even city kids would know and love would be stepping on parts of a sidewalk without cracks or lines. Or you brake your back/die/get lost in another world.. etc. Forests and fields were a gold mine for these types of games and this film plays to that idea perfectly.

The only thing that let the film down was some writing/plot hole issues that could've been filled quite easily in my opinion. The father of the pregnant woman not calling the police when he finds the car (not a spoiler dw) could have been supernaturally excused easily, but they just don't address it at all. Some of the dialogue was kinda 'meh', but mostly it was good enough for this type of film.

I really like films that don't fit in a stereotype of what most movies post 2010 have become. I think around that year the decline really began with original film makers. Probably earlier. But it's become very noticeable now. It's worth trying films like this out and giving them a fair opinion, not steeped in cynicism. On a off day where the current world is bringing me down to much, I could've given this a standard 6/10. But that would be a mistake and not giving credit towards the successfully accomplished vision of the director for a story such as 'In the tall grass' . Please give this movie a shot. Especially if you're sick and tired of most of the generic toeing the safe ground story writing type films. 8/10
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I got trapped into this purgatory only after seeing Patrick Wilson in the trailer. Weak plot stretched unnecessary into 101 mins of boring grasses n wtf stone.
Fella_shibby5 October 2019
The trailer is enticing, the names associated is even more enticing. I saw this only cos of Patrick Wilson. Stephen King's name wasn't suffice to pull me into this purgatory. It is directed by Vincenzo Natali, the guy who gave us Cube, an awesome thriller. In this film he takes the similar concept from his previous movie Haunter which is decent compared to this.

There is unnecessary repetitive scenes of a pregnant woman screaming, irritating scenes of blurred visions, 101 mins of jus grass swaying which gets repetitive n boring. Ther is absolutely no explanation. I used to think that only Victor Crowley cud smash a person's face/head with bare hands but u have to check out a scene in this film. In some scenes, the child's acting is weak. He is seen trying to control his laughter. Mayb he was laughing at the lousy plot.

Better films on similar concept : Farmhouse, Triangle (Melissa George) n Haunter.
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A stupid story with bland characters and nothing to redeem it
jtindahouse9 October 2019
I remember 'Family Guy' once making a joke about how Stephen King just looks at an item in the room (in their example a desk lamp) and decides that will be the topic of his next book. It's kind of hard to argue with that when he starts writing about grass. At least when he wrote about corn back in the day he threw some evil children into the mix as well. The result is a pretty unwatchable film on this occasion.

These are the laziest types of stories in existence. Nothing is explained and of course anything that you need to drive your story forward can and will happen. Time travel? Sure. Teleportation? Why not. And if a character dies in one scene, don't worry they'll likely be back in the next. Add in that the characters were about as bland as they ever come and you have yourself a pretty unenjoyable movie. In fact it is almost impossible to root for or care about a single character in this movie because less than zero time is spent building them up as characters.

Even Patrick Wilson, one of my favourite actors working today, couldn't save this mess unfortunately - although I'll give him credit, he did try valiantly. There's just nothing good here. It's a movie that repeats itself over and over and has nothing to say about anything. It is as pointless as films come. I'm very glad this one came to Netflix, because I'm the sucker who probably would've paid to see it in cinemas and been very disappointed. Avoid this one.
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I liked it.
zzzonkout5 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It has a relatively low rating on here, but I liked it. And I'm a HUGE critic with everything I watch. So I'm still kind of surprised that I indeed did like this movie! A LOT of plot holes and things unexplained, random stuff that kind of went nowhere, but I enjoyed myself. Child actor was good.

And to everyone thinking they should have been able to find their way out by looking over the grass, that was explained and actually shown in the movie. Tobin on Travis's shoulders, for one. Becky and Cal jumping up to find each other. And if I heard a young boy crying for help, I don't know if I could keep from not going in, as scary as it looked. I would figure I could surely find my way out. Plus, I believe the rock was sort of luring people in, don't you?And Travis went in because Becky had been missing for 2 months, presumed dead, so he was willing to take longshots when he saw her book on the side of the road. I'm sure he expected to find her dead inside, but at least there would be some closure. Oh, the brother-sister relationship was unnecessarily a little weird. Made me a bit uncomfortable at times. They could have definitely handled that differently, unless they were actually going for Cal wanting Becky "in that way." Ew. Even though Travis confronts Cal that Cal is just scared to be left behind, it still doesn't account for his creepy demeanor and drastic measures. I had a brother 2 years older than me, and he loved me, but not weirdly like that. Who were these grass people?? Aliens? Demons from hell? (The roots scene was very disturbing! Reminded me of what I thought hell was like when I was a kid.)
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It's a field and, um, I, hmm
referencegirl6 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So, it's a field. What else? Time travel? Portals into alternate dimensions? Crazy white male controlling Christian nuts? Rape? Murderous cult? Death? Miscarriage? How about evil masquerading under the cover of childhood innocence? All of these possibilities show up in glimpses but none are completely fleshed out. Along the way there are dead things, flies, maggots, mud, and screaming - lots and lots of screaming. The screaming was scary the first couple of times and then I stopped caring. What am I supposed to be afraid of? I have no idea.
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A lot of grass, and screaming.
skamt-ml5 October 2019
So this was a utter disappointment. It kinda starts out interesting, for the first 5 or 10 minutes or so. And then the screaming starts. And then the shots of the grass starts. There's so much annoying footage of the goddamn grass and I kept asking myself why is this so important to the plot? I cried inside and begged to the gods, please stop this screaming and yelling and stop feeding me all this grass. By now you might ask yourself why I just didn't turn it of? I don't know, it became about prestige I guess. To sum it up, it reminded me so much of all the pointless and bad Stephen King adaptions from the 90s. Trust me I'm a big genre fan and this is just a waste of your time.
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Worse than titanic 2
leahjabrown5 October 2019
This really is a terrible film and so boring. Spoiler alert: the script throughout the entire thing consists only of

"Becky?!" "Travis! You there?!" "Becky ... Where are you?!.... Becky ?! Becky?!" "Travis I'm here! I'm scared!" "Becky, where are you?" "Cal?!?!" "Becky! Follow my voice!"
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I recommend everyone cut their grass this weekend!
ohmap-977-66481014 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I can say that I was entertained, but it was very confusing how people kept dying and coming back to life. Lucky for the kid he got out so he could warn Becky not to enter (although she had already entered and died numerous times.) It was a bit like Groundhog Day but in a negative sense. was pretty entertaining...I would recommend it to those who don't mind their minds being warped.

I also learned that I am going to cut my grass first thing tomorrow!
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Trippy and definitely a Stephen King adaptation
nicholls905-280-5469114 October 2019
Interesting film and this has all the marks of a Stephen King film adaptation. Stephen King and Joe Hill are the original writers and we're gifted a talented filmmaker. The film is eerie and carries a fun premise. Netflix are definitely starting to carry a range of mid budgeted films that are worth watching. In The Tall Grass is another solid film adaptation for the father and son team.
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Blair Witch trapped in a Cube
sideburnsmick4 October 2019
Great piece of horror. Dont listen to the bad reviews it's well worth a watch
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Solid movie if you dont need everything explained to you.
zackboussert5 October 2019
If you know how to follow a plot this movie is for you. The plot has a neat lovecraftian vibe to it so If that is your thing I would highly recommend this to you.
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Good little flick
zack_gideon4 October 2019
Enjoyable Stephen King adaptation. Liked the cinematography and the film in general. If you have clostraphobia you may want to avoid. It's a good play on being trapped but also doesn't give away too much too early. I'm going to rewatch to see what I missed. Overall 8/10 and will recommend! Enjoy!
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nice intense slow burn mysterious thrilling film
kaintrust4 October 2019
First of all i didnt read the book yet so if you search for this my review is not for you. second, i saw lots of negative comments and when i checked those comments some of them never wrote a review before and they had accounts recently. it is like they are anti marketing the movie.

anyway In the Tall Grass start pretty quick and leaves no time for audience to get bore. the movie grows more and more after each twisted turning point of events. it had suspense, mystery and twists. i like the acting from everyone and generally child actors at horror movies annoys me but Tobin (Will Buie Jr. ) did nice job for a child actor.

Lightning and effects were good so you see some mysteries. the movie doesnt have a gore fest but i felt like im in the edge to see whats going on, and each time some twist happens. i love that affect on me.

the movie is not a cheap gore fest it just builds a mysterious events and goes from there, and like many Stephen King novels the ending wont explain you so much either. so it was not a surprise for me.

i would highly recommend to mystery-thriller fans this movie
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Keeps you interested, enjoyable...
rita_c-121704 October 2019
Well, this is one of those films that will be like marmite, you'll love it or you'll hate it. Stephen King is unpredictable at best and he delivers again with this movie. I would love to say that you will watch it from start to end and know and understand the story line and meaning of the film but I'd be lying. It keeps you wondering and guessing throughout and gets weirder as it progresses. Yet, I was compelled to keep watching. I think it's interesting and has a deeper connection and meaning to life and the choices we make or should have made. Watch it and make up your own mind, but I loved it! My other half however, was asleep within the first 45 minutes. Like I said Marmite.... enjoy!
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This movie can kiss my grass
aray-hicks7 October 2019
I tried, but it's bad. I had to fast forward through some parts because I was just looking at grass. CG grass, moving grass, dark grass.
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cirinasmiles5 October 2019
The best performance was by the tall grass.

And is Avery Whitted the live child of John Cryer?!
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The Tall failure
zsmole15 October 2019
Pretentious. Its one of those movies where most of people will not get a thing, only the smart and deep ones will get it. And they are ready to explain it to us immortals. Its one of those movies. I gave 2/10, not 1/10, just because there is Steven King name attached to it.
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Religious symbols abound
nloddo-091257 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting enough, I have found very few reviews online (outside IMBD) regarding the heavy religious symbolism here. King often pits good vs. evil with religious symbolism. So, as soon as I saw the church and the rock, I looked up the biblical references.

Each of the characters' names contains religious significance. The name meanings put together as follows: Christmas & God is Good (Natalie & Tobin) and Virgin to join crossroads (Virginia/Becky/Travis).

Cal-check out the history of John Calvin and the Calvinist movement/protestant reformation/predestination/control over one's destiny, etc.

Ross- Check out James Francis Ross, famous philosopher of, among other things, religion, including Renaissance/enlightened thought.

The church & rock: Jesus built his church on the rock. Many believe Peter was the rock. There's also a bible quote about the gates of Hades not prevailing against the rock. Though we see what appears to be some sort of possible gateway to hell open beneath Becky. Also, check out the Catholic ideas about those who may create doctrine, etc, which originates with the story of Peter and the rock. All befitting since Ross keeps trying to force his beliefs upon the rest of the characters.

The 2 families. Ross/Natalie/Tobin Travis/Becky/Virginia: Both mothers wearing blue like Mary in the nativity. There's even a scene when Becky gives birth and Cal is telling her about wise men bringing them gifts.

Cal also feeds her the flesh of her child-like how Mary sacrificed her son/Jesus who later fed others his flesh-the host in Catholicism. Ross refers to touching the rock as being like taking in the host - almost foreshadowing this moment that resembles taking in the host - or flashing back if you consider the time loop isues. Note,in the story, it's Cal feeding her. In the film, it starts as Cal and turns out to be Ross. Both individuals whose names represent different religious philosophies.

7 people in the field: Rebecca, in the Talmud and Bible, met Isaac in fields of beer sheba. Beersheba means the Well of Seven. Isaac built 7 wells in beersheba. 7 lambs sealed oath of Abraham (Isaac's father) in those fields. Also the site of religious wars.

Also, couldn't help thinking about the Jewish people being lost in the desert while watching these characters constantly make the wrong choices while lost in the grass/ "wilderness." Also, the version of Midnight Special they sing refers to prison which can be linked to the King concepts of how being trapped and isolated can turn people into monsters but, redemption is also possible (Shawshank Redemption/Castle Rock series kind of themes).

Becky: Check out Rebecca's story in the bible. There's even a moment when her husband pretends she's his sister to avoid her being taken and raped.

And, of course, this reminded me of Children of the Corn, a story about a cult devoted to the blue boy, but originating with the idea of worshipping the Greek goddess Artemis (I think). The beginning of Children of the Corn has a boy coming out of the field (already dead, unbeknownst to the couple who thinks they his him). It's the boy being thrown out of the field that lures the couple into the field. Also, all the mud and the blood scenes appear reminiscent of Children of the Corn with the field being fed by the dead.

Anyways, that's all I can think about for now. As for my review, if you like King and you enjoy something thought provoking,you'll enjoy it. If you're looking for a typical, shallow horror flick (which I also happen to thoroughly enjoy), this is not it. All in all, I really liked this film. But that's primarily because I believe there's a lot more than what's on the surface.
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It's definitely not the worst movie out there.
lylas_hali4 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I, personally, didn't find it boring. I was engaged the whole time. The plot can be confusing. But, what I take away from it is, your choices matter. With that said I feel this is something that either you love or you hate. It is a slow burn, and yes, like I said previously, it can be confusing. I didn't find it scary. AT ALL. It's suspenseful at best. Very gory. And for all those animal lovers out there, there is a pretty graphic scene involving a dead dog. That's just my two cents though. If slow burn suspense is your thing, enjoy! If not, skip this one.
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alainp-936-2978864 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You hear a kid and his mom calling for help, you call 911. You don't leave your pregnant sister who was just sick. A movie of bad decisions.
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