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Very underrated
jbh-4441930 September 2017
Thought this was a slow burner, but both my wife and I found this a thoroughly entertaining series. I downloaded the whole series, and watched it over 5 days. We liked the unexpected twists and turns, especially when we thought we would see the expected, the unexpected happened. Loved the black humour, and enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Can't understand why film critics didn't like it! Don't think they understand what the public like.

Look forward to seeing Tim Roth in series 2.
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Not for everyone, but brilliant for the right audience.
craig23107812 September 2017
I loved this series.

It has a very weird vibe to it, it is kind of like a mix of No Country For Old Men, Death Wish, American Psycho, and Fargo. The characters are chilling, the show pulls no punches. I can understand why some people wont like it, but if you like dark twisted stories, then this should be right up your alley. Well acted, and well written, although one or two of the supporting characters seemed a little inconsistent.

Give it a go, the first two episodes will give you a good feel of what the show is like. Enjoy.
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Dark British drama which deserves to be seen.
anitagammans15 September 2017
I enjoyed this show immensely. Tim Roth was, as per, absolutely flawless in his performance - the man can do no wrong in my eyes - Oliver Coopersmith's performance also stood out. Other reviewers have said that they felt the show deteriorated as it progressed but I would have to disagree with them. The tone of the show did go from a light, almost comedic feel to a very dark, serious, and dangerous one pretty much straight away but isn't that what all crime dramas should do? It did retain its black-comedy elements though which I enjoyed. It kept me guessing, I didn't necessarily understand exactly why something was happening in the moment but answers were eventually given and I felt satisfied with those answers and I'm looking forward to where they take the show in season 2. It's a brilliant British drama within the setting of a beautiful Canadian town; i definitely recommend it.
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Starts well and gets into a bit of a mess
vincentwong10 September 2017
Some good dark humour in the first few episodes, but as you get deeper into the series less and less makes sense. It's a series in which characters spend a LOT of time explaining their motivations to each other and then don't act consistently (or believably) afterwards. A host of characters are introduced and then abruptly vanish in the service of an increasingly ludicrous plot. The moment you start thinking "hang on, why did (s)he do that?", it all falls apart. The landscape has some powerful moments.
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Captivating series
emz-6771818 September 2017
Just finished watching Tin Star as all ten episodes were available on Sky Boxsets. It had me hooked from the start.

Don't be put off by the reviews from people who have only seen the first episode and made assumptions on where the story is going. There is so much more to the story than meets the eye...

With each episode you're drawn further and further into a world of deception, intrigue, and darkness, and are left hungry for more.

I don't want to give too much away as I wouldn't want to spoil the twists and turns the show takes you on, but take it from someone who has seen the whole series that it's well worth the watch.

Can't wait for season 2!
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Avoid Season this tripe!
thomtee20 February 2019
Season 1 was ok, but oh my God, season 2 was the pits...What a waste of a great cast of actors. The plot is flimsy and disjointed. It looks like 5 different writers worked on it and fired the episodes together, and then coykdnt be arsed to make it work. I binge watched a few episodes and kept hoping that something would click. An absolute waste of time and a pity because the key ingredients of actors and location were there to be utilised. Haven't felt so annoyed about a show in a long long time.
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I really wanted to like this ...
mail-518912 September 2017
Like a lot of other commenters here, I had high hopes for this, also because I'm a fan of Tim Roth. I don't really get what the creators were trying to do, I can only say that for me, it didn't work. There a quite a few over the top characters and situations which would be OK if this had an emotional or humorous impact or some dramatic irony like it does e.g. in Fargo, Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. But in this show, it doesn't - at least not for me.
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Should of stopped at season 1
lisanwb9 February 2019
Season one was really good and gave it 8 stars but boy oh boy what a bag of s season 2 is. Episode 3 is my last. I won't waste any more time on it when there are so many better programmes out there
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Horrible second season
schneider-8860525 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
First season was mediocre. Second season was like watching a slow motion car wreck. It's horrible but you keep watching. My wife was optimistic it would get better. I felt like I was slowly sinking in quicksand. Tim Roth's character is one minute cold heartedly shooting people and the next is tearfully crying over his child- who isn't his child. Mother one minute has an Irish accent and the next doesn't. One minute she leaves Tim Roth to bleed to death in the snow and then is uncontrollably having sex in a stolen cab. Seems like scenes from different movies seem together to fill 10 episodes
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Brilliant series with a good cast that had me hooked.
gemugc13 September 2017
This wasn't without some flaws but I really enjoyed the series. Fantastic performance from Roth and some stunning scenery.

I found myself looking forward to finishing work and sitting down to a couple of episodes. Felt like a good page turner book does for me. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but worth having a look.
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Great start
adsky-8362312 September 2017
After watching the first Ep, I thought it was pretty good and am keen to find out how it plays out. If I went off what the other idiots on here wrote I would never have given this a chance. Well acted, even though another reviewer said Tim Roth can't act. What the hell are they thinking.
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Horrible ending! How can people seriously rate and review this series with only watching the beginning?
micah-ritter919 October 2017
This show is gripping and engaging throughout the whole season. There are of course small details that don't make much sense like the police chief using the wimpiest police cruiser. He's supposed to be the boss but the male police officer is always going against him and he never puts him in his place officially, other than punching him or name calling. It's the end of the series that really gets me annoyed and drops the rating 2 stars. Just to make sure there are no spoilers I won't go into detail. A person who should be loyal to another person, 100%, decides to betray in a few ways at the end. In this reality, the ending would never be as the story shows!!! Horribly written ending!
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Nice one
trinnisia29 September 2017
I watch a lot of different kind of show, movies etc but I don't do review very often. This show I think deserves to write something about it. It's totally different than I expected. I thought it will be another small town cop show. The only reason I started watching was Tim Roth (I've still haven't seen all the episodes). He's one of my favourites actors. I wouldn't say I like his recent movies (except "Chronic"-brilliant one) Anyway, I don't want to write too much about the plot, don't want to spoil it. The show has a very strange pace, atmosphere but there is something about it - I want to keep watching. It starts with the scene where Roth character and his family stopped at the gas station and unmasked man kills his son and shots his wife. We witness what happens next. The police searches the killer, Roth is drinking and his daughter is not happy about it. She meets her brother's killer (not knowing its him). It sounds like really crappy cop show but please give it a chance:) Also the music is annoying and hypnotising at the same time. That's why I think "Tin star" is unusual. It is set in beautiful landscape. "Tin star" is "Northern exposure" meets Tarantino kind of thing
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Season 2... #yawning
OCbeachdude16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Production values so well done, but so s l o w l y. If you've decided to watch season 2, the 10 sec fast forward is your friend. Be forewarned however, the ending is nowhere near being enough of a payback for the dismal 10 hours spent here. FWIW, if I had it to do over again, I would have passed. No question!
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Harshly enjoyable...
timothy-price-794-5813287 October 2017
Hooked from the start, and it keeps up the tension. Tim Roth is magnetic, a very flawed but very capable individual with background, being chased by his past, and fighting a creepy Oil company. He is very ably supported by a superb and interesting cast...thoroughly enjoyed despite being VERY dark. Super scenery in remote area of Canada just adds to the spectacle. A lot of very bad people (including the 'hero') populate a very small town - think I'll stay in the UK - safer (that's sarcasm people, as the protagonists largely hail from Blighty). Try it, if you like interesting and dark, think you'll 'enjoy' this....
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Oh My, Season 2. WTH
coleco200019 March 2019
Season 1 was a good watch with a great cliff-hanger ending. But season 2 belly flopped with poor writing and very little plot. In fact the last 4 episodes tried to build up to the big shoot out so slowly that I almost gave up on it. You can only act so scared of the mob for so long before it becomes so so. Season 2 may have doomed season 3.
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4 stars only because of the acting
firefly-8661722 March 2019
The story idea was cool and unique. 1. Roth's part was uber maverick to the point of being ridiculous. 2.So many holes in the story it gave me a headache. 3. Silly me watched the whole thing.. and I have a question: did no one with the show not notice that the last four episodes could have been condensed into 30 minutes? It was obvious there was nothing to do but stare at the actors!? What a sorry ending- really.. watching Roth walk up and down the road for 30 minutes.
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Something Different..........at last
jcbman-1435712 September 2017
After a bombardment of publicity on sky i was browbeaten into giving this much hyped show a go. Firstly i didn't think Tim Roth could carry a whole series but thankfully i was proved wrong because his performance is riveting and i found the whole series was perfectly paced and full of tension and intrigue.

Why IMDb choose such a negative review to headline it reviews is a mystery to me especially as the reviewer moaned about the swearing and praised the scenery, get real its like going to a great football game and looking at the stadium (sorry i'm watching a champions league game whilst writing this)

Roth's performance is so compelling because he doesn't look like he's trying just like the character he's playing the only comparison is can think of is the late great James Gandolfino as Tony soprano.

Whilst you digest that and get angry just remember its only television and even the sopranos was panned to begin with, so watch this and if you like good shows and not the conveyor belt of rubbish that's currently being churned out on Netflix like the Mist (uggh).
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Playing Messi in Goal
mnugent-745801 August 2019
It is difficult to pin point exactly when the writers stop trying and when they actually went home. I'm guessing around episode 2 season 2. The first season was very good. The second, very bad.

Season 2 loiters on every scene. There is zero urgency in everything that happens, and the camera just loves to sit there watching, and watching, as it captures the same scene developing into nothing. Sheer self indulgence.

Allied to this there are tens of minutes when nothing is said, and there are half hours when nothing of substance is said. There is a character that never speaks due to an earlier trauma - let's just say I'm glad they pointed that out. The collective vow of silence is beyond frustrating.

They had Tim Roth at their disposal, a terrific actor, why give him no lines? It is like having Messi in your team and playing him in goal. Have they finally lost the art of storytelling?

A tin star to all those responsible for season 2.
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That old chestnut revenge
Alanjackd12 September 2017
As is my header " That Old chestnut Revenge" that's what this is about..that old chestnut revenge.

In these days of reality it's nice to see what you might call 50's plots on our screen again.

Yes,,,you can critic plot holes and a few not so good performances...but as revenge thrillers go it's up there with the best of them.

Suspend belief and enjoy the beautiful camera work and the excellent scenery....also enjoy the savage and cartoon like violence.

Tim Roth has a great time being a wide boy in the wilderness and everybody goes with the flow...

Keep your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and just enjoy...after the 1st episode you will know whether you want to ride along or switch off...so why not switch off if you want to and stop negative reviews.

Great bubblegum entertainment that is ready for a series 2 script.

Like Marmite..you will love or hate it...i loved it!!
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Terrible characterisation, badly written, (Fargo wannabe) quirky, revenge tale
online-892-41212616 September 2017
I watched the whole series and frequently questioned if that was a good idea but at least I'm able to offer an opinion based on the whole having given it every chance. I've tried to be deliberately vague to avoid plot spoilers but if you're very sensitive about this then stop reading now!

Nothing here is very original but that doesn't bother me in itself as long as it's well done, however, this really isn't with the writing being the main culprit. The plot has too many flaws, even taking into account artistic license, and the characters are simply TOO random and inconsistent to be believable and sympathetic people that we can relate to. What's worse is that avoiding simple mistakes and greater depth, maybe adding another couple of episodes to the series or better writing and editing, could have made the whole thing a lot more complete.

We have a teenage girl that morphs from a family minded, idealist into a barely recognisable love sick, morally clueless, lost soul. If this is how it was going to go then her starting point should have been different and the journey laid out in more depth so that it had some credibility but for me there was none.

We have a young man murdering a small child and showing zero remorse, or any psychological impact, but then we're asked to believe that, because he had a rough childhood, he's just misunderstood rather than being the psychopath that he's portrayed as in the first half of the series. This isn't a twist in the plot, it's treating your audience like idiots expected them to lap up any rubbish you throw at them. This is underlined by the fact that a dark haired young boy somehow grows up having mousy blonde hair. If you don't respect your audience enough to care about details like this then why should we care about anything you put in front of us?

We have a serious criminal mastermind who apparently warrants intensive (and morally ambiguous to say the least) long term under cover investigation but then inexplicably transforms into a, not so bad, small time, bumbling crook.

Two of the revenge gang are just clichés that aren't even considered important enough to explain their place in the overall story. You have the humongous, largely silent, brooding black guy who is somehow the "brother" of the short, skinny but deadly white guy. There's the bearded, Northern, wannabe, rock star who's straight out of a Harry Enfield sketch and serves no purpose but to make the show quirky and give it a Fargo like charm. Fail.

The police chief's wife and the oil giants PR rep (Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men, who inexplicably gets second billing after Tim Roth) are again back and forth on who they really are but instead of coming across as complex human characters they just seem all over the place and less than believable.

Tim Roth's character is perhaps the simplest and most believable. A man trying to turn a new leaf and leave his demons behind only to have them chase him across the globe, he goes back to his ruthless past self to try and deal with his nightmare present. His (sober) judgement about what to voluntarily share with a woman that's only just emerging from a coma is suspect to say the least.

A group of women of good character kill an attacker, clearly in self defence, yet decide to make themselves criminals rather than victims by covering it up. The show doesn't so much have plot holes in it but a complete false bottom with very little that sticks such that it's believable and we can connect with it.

Rowan Joffe, creator and writer of the show, in my opinion has made a real mess of it!
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Poor Tim Roth
j_smith_712 November 2017
It's easy to see they spent money on this. It's big budget stuff in terms of personnel, locations, casting. But it's also very easy to see not much was spent on the script because, as many others have posted here, this is dreadfully thought out and so unbearably bad as to be all but unwatchable.

In the stead of good dialogue, what we get is a lot of googly-eye swiveling allied to staring into the distance, phenomenally annoying whispering whenever the actors think they have something 'profound' to say and all round awful acting. With a script as truly bad as this, it is little wonder that the characters struggle to become even one-dimensional in form. They include 'the good time gal' barmaid, the silent but brooding native people (who, given the dreadful nature of the script I expected to say 'White man bring heap big many problem' at any moment), the Frankenstein monster of a corporate executive, the cool but unhinged assassin, the pudding basin haircut kid (really? Jeez, that's not been around since Kramer v Kramer back in 1979) and the loyal but dim-as-a-two-watt bulb wife. There is nothing here for us to build upon, every character is a cliché - so much so that the show might as well come with a pre- printed check sheet so that we can tick off the cut and paste characters one by one as they appear.

The main point of writing this review, however, is to express my considerable concern, and indeed sorrow, that an actor as fine as Tim Roth would even agree to make a guest appearance in a single episode of this show, never mind become its leading actor. Surely to all that's decent, he can't be this hard up for work?

Poor, very, very poor. I am irrevocably dumber for watching this.
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Very good potential, terrible writing
troy658716 March 2019
With a great cast, and a fantastic plot line, it is shocking that the writers of this show were able to destroy a show with such potential. Season one was rushed and season two degraded the integrity of the characters. Tim Roth slumping around holding a gun in every other scene and looking like a mix between a cancer survivor and a meth head becomes more than overplayed. Really wish they didn't ruin the characters in this show with such awful writing.
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efreeman1149 March 2019
When did murderers, thieves, swindlers, and liars become protagonists? Why should viewers care about any of these characters? Story line idiotic. Jack breezes through scenes, shooting left and right, with no repercussions. I kept watching, waiting for the rationalization of the violent action, expecting something redeeming to be revealed about these characters. Each revelation, however, was that they are worse than their antagonists. Nonsense!
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Don't watch the second season.
mattsphones16 March 2019
Don't bother with the second season if you watched the first. The ending is terrible. It's totally unsatisfying and open-ended. The bigger problem here is the meandering plot, and the lack of direction or motivation of any of the characters. Nobody's motivations for what they do make any sense at all. It gets so bad that the show becomes distractingly unbelievable.

Good storytellers keep you guessing, and take unexpected turns, but when ALL of those unexpected turns make no sense, it turns into a muddled mess. It's even worse when nothing goes in a direction you hope it will, expected or not.

The acting, and scenery are superb. It's too bad those draw you in to a story which cheats you out of any satisfaction for having viewed it. The satisfaction you expect is suspensfully delayed until the end of the season, yet it never arrives. Suspense without payoff ends in frustration.

Also, enough with the extended slow motion during the last scene. That just pours salt in the wound they just inflicted on the viewer.
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