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The House isn’t quite another Will Ferrell classic but it’s a solid comedy offering that’s well put together and very funny. It’s as smart as it is stupid, it’s very entertaining, it delivers on what you’d expect it to and holds a few neat surprises.
You get flashes of the clever comedy this might have been — a funny line here, an amusing bit of business there, the occasional whiff of relevance — but it too often lumbers along, coasting on the backs of some very talented performers.
The exuberant comic talents of Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are largely wasted in this uninspired addition to the frat movie canon, which resembles reheated leftovers of the Hangover, albeit with a curious detour into some heavy bloodletting.
It all feels random and slapped together, with seriously under-developed heroes, villains, over-the-top geyser-of-blood violence played for laughs.
Slant Magazine
The House's limp comedic pieces are only sporadically enlivened by a game cast.
The House, like too many Hollywood comedies of outrage, turns the extreme into the innocuous.
Despite the pairing of the eminently likable and talented Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler as the leads, and about a dozen recognizable (and usually funny) supporting players, The House is a fetid, cheap-looking, depressing and occasionally even mean-spirited disaster.
In theory, these actors should be able to just show up, be themselves, tap into their formidable improvisational abilities and let the laughs flow freely. In reality, though, movies require scripts. They require actual characters and dialogue and narratives that evolve in ways that are logical, or at least engaging.
Very funny people are running around onscreen doing very unfunny things.
Time Out London
There’s nothing here that works.

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