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Again NBC and all the networks SUCK!
brianriggins-9236824 May 2016
Unlike some of the comments on here I Really liked this Show and the cast. It would be nice if someone else would pick it up. I laughed during each episode. I am tired of wasting time watching shows on the 4 networks getting into shows that they cancel either mid run or don't re-new for a season 2. If they operated like this back in the 70's, 80's and 90's shows like Cheers, Friends, and so on would NEVER have grown to be what they were. Simply put they DON'T give a show a chance to grow and develop into what it can be, such is America anymore. It's all about corporate America and what can generate them enough money NOT about the Craft of developing shows. Oh and they need to stop being so politically correct.
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Great show!!!
silverzxdave25 May 2016
I love this comedy! It's the freshest comedy on TV. Very funny writing and the acting is excellent. I have no argument with any of the casting - though it took me a little while to catch on to "I-Carly" in her new role. At first, I didn't think Miranda Cosgrove was a good fit for the show, and her lines didn't seem all that funny. But I've gotten used to all of the characters and the fit seems better every show. Warburton's character is hilarious as always, but the sister who isn't played by Cosgrove practically steals the show every week! She is REALLY FUNNY! I think the Sunday night time slot doomed the show. It's on the wrong channel to pair with "The Big Bang Theory" or "Two Broke Girls", but that audience would fully appreciate this show. Plus, I think NBC pulled the trigger on it much too soon. It deserves another year at least, and if NBC doesn't see the light, I seriously hope another channel picks it up. Wherever it comes on, I'll find it and enjoy it. Very funny show! Shame on you NBC for being so trigger-happy!
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Give it a shot
pinksweetheartvee20 March 2016
I don't know why people think this show is crap. I find it a good show to chill out to. I find it realistic. Beside Mirandas character which I don't like. It feels like how families are now a days. They deal with things that are more common in everyday life . Parents dealing sec and the father has issues and resentment towards the father aka the grandfather. One teen is out experimenting and partying. The other teen is a super nerd that isn't very sociable.

I'm 29 and the young adults around don't know how good they have it. I had my first real paying job at 13. By 16 I was paying rent. I got my own pager and then my own cell. The teenagers and young adults live off their parents and their parents pay for everything. My own brother got his first job at 26 and he's younger then me. The show isn't amazing but it's pretty OK
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A Traditional Family Sitcom With Potential
atlasmb28 March 2016
By episode four, this new show starring Patrick Warburton (as father of the family, Mike Moore) is coming into focus. If you like Warburton's comedic styling, you will probably like this show. He will remind you of David Puddy from "Seinfeld", but Mike is not as dim-witted. Carrie Preston plays his wife, Martina. And the two millennial daughters who simultaneously return to the household to nest are Stella (Mia Serafino) and Shea (Miranda Cosgrove).

But the family doesn't end there. Stacy Keach is Mike's father, Bob--a hard-nosed retired detective. His wife Alice is played by Carlease Burke. And Clifford McGhee plays Alice's son, Ethan.

Though there is the occasional joke about the adult child returning home, the episodes do not focus on that topic. Actually, they are still laying the groundwork in the first four episodes. But the relationships are beginning to develop and more laugh out loud moments are occurring.

At this point, I will grade this show a "7", hoping that the writers can get into a groove as the Moores become more like family to viewers. When I consider that another well-written show, "Modern Family", relies upon its well-defined characters for its hilarity, I know that "Crowded" can possibly achieve similar results.

The two daughters, who might remind you of the daughters on "Modern Family", need to become more central to the focus of this show. There is untapped potential there.
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Sad script
corriejacobs24 March 2016
2 very funny lead characters in a not so funny written show.

The actors who play the daughters and grandmother SUCK! Patrick is better than the script provided. He is the only reason me and my husband decided to watch the show.

The lead female isn't ready for the lead and I hate that, because I loved her in true blood and the good wife.

We have hung on the past 2-3 episodes hoping it gets's not happening soon enough for us. :(

Someone needs to revamp the script writers and change up the actors before we lose the opportunity to see patrick shine in another show.
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The usual sitcom, but at least you know what to expect.
Dr_Sagan27 March 2016
Crowded is just another sitcom, like countless out there. The formula that never dies...a family, a kitchen, sometimes a bar and, of course, a canned laughing track.

The show doesn't try to be original. You can even tell that form the same-o multiple mosaic of photos of its intro we've seen a gazillion times in series like the Millers or Dad etc.

It tries to be liberal (a common thing nowadays) especially in the relationships/sex department, but doesn't cross the line to be pretentiously political. The gap between generations is also a source for many of the jokes, as it is the change from the traditional flirting to social networks and mobile dating apps.

I won't bother you with the "exact" premise. It doesn't matter. It's all about one thing...Is it fun to watch? Well, all the actors are likable and they have some chemistry. Patrick Warburton (who also serves as a producer) plays the role which knows best, so if you like him, you might like the show.

Overall: The good old family sitcom recipe with the fake laugh track. Watch 3-4 minutes of one episode and decide if you like it.
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Fun premise w annoying characters....
Franklie21 March 2016
We were surprised that this show is created by a woman because all of the female characters are so shallow and stereotypical and ignorant. The storyline, the text, and the vocabulary are demeaning not just to women but to humanity in general. Baffling.

We are huge fans of Patrick Warburton. He's the reason we watched these first three episodes. He had several hilarious one-liners. His is the only character that has any decency or depth at all. The others are bor-ring and annoying and we're just not willing to spend our time watching boring and annoying. Like the actors, just not the characters.

Hopefully the show will get better. It has a good premise. Hopefully they'll move past using foul language and bleeps (both are witless) as well as foul imagery and references ("crappin' on therapy"? Really?). Hopefully all of the characters will actually show some character, backbone, and intelligence. Hopefully there will be topics other than sex, looks, and drugs.

Not sure whether we'll tune in again or not.
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James Burrows Hits It Out Of The Park Again!
MovieHoliks28 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I recently saw the celebratory extravaganza dedicated to television royalty, producer/director, James Burrows, which featured the stars of his past hits like "Taxi", "Friends", "Cheers", "Frasier", "Will & Grace", the list goes on & on.... and THIS show was set to be his next hit. Well, I like the show so far- find it pretty amusing, but not sure if it will follow along the lines of those previous shows, ratings-wise. Patrick Warburton & Carrie Preston star as two parents with "empty-nest syndrome" whose 2 grown-up daughters return to live at home after failing to make a living in the "real world".

This seems to be more and more of a common ailment in modern society. Kid goes to school, gets degree in some arts program, finds they can't make a living at it, and either gets a job at Wal-mart or Mickey D's, or returns to live at home with mom and dad. So, while I can see modern America relating to this show, I'm not sure they'll wanna be reminded of it every week..??? LOL Stacy Keach has an amusing role as Warburton's old school dad who comes in to mix it up every now and again.
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A good show which could use some improvements.
myskyisme8 May 2016
It is a good show worthing your time to watch.

It gives a smile on your face, and gets talented actors. The performances of all actors are wonderful and right on the spot. The topic is genius and creative, and so is the composition of the characters.

However, while this show makes you happy and delighted, it is true that it contains only few punches in one episode making you burst into laughter. For the sake of the common practice of U.S TV series, this show does not contain a main theme crossing through the whole show either. They do not handle the character Ethan well except the episode he was introduced.
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Utter crap
namgorf20019 July 2016
So i'm re-posting this since it was deleted because I have an opinion that differs from others.

This show was doomed from episode 1 (and I didn't' make it past the 2nd episode)

Bad puns, poorly written jokes, over the top facial expressions from the cast (which, with having Patrick W as the lead, that's saying something) and then to top it off, we have to see the slutty daughter do a lesbian make out scene within the first 2 minutes of the 2nd episode? Ugh. Completely unacceptable. Regardless of how our disgusting society feels about "acceptance", we don't have to force TV shows to push this crap, especially ones that are supposedly "family friendly". Just another reason to have to change the channel. It really makes no sense in this day and age, with all the talent that's out there, that studios just regurgitate the same crap. Top it off with pushing the gay agenda = 100% failure.
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Packed to the Rafters
fryer-8603416 March 2016
Given the premise of a packed house with returning siblings then might I suggest you watch the Australian series above. This is a family show that has good acting and excellent writing. The characters are written with realistic family values and dialogue, and are fully expanded as the series goes along. There is no sensationalism and the usual Hollywood sex scenes that add nothing to the storyline. This rip off is diabolical!! A complete waste of money and time. Bad writing and unfunny dialogue does not a success make. I believe viewers are sick to death of exploitative and manipulative TV. They relate more to family values and truthful situations. AVOID like the plague.
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It's supposed to be comedy, but I didn't even laugh once
kerstiannok10 March 2019
Well to be honest, obviously the actors who play the mom and dad are amazing, but the other actors in this show are pretty bad.

And the script.. I won't even start talking about that. I mean, this is supposed to be comedy but I didn't laugh even once. It's pretty badly made.
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Eh, nothing to write home about...
dakotatampa-11 May 2016
I loved Patrick Wharburton in Rules of Engagement who had much better actors to play off him, but he is always the same character - even in this show...which is OK, but the rest of the cast does not look like they gel together. I've tried to watch it a few times since it debuted but I find it boring. I just leave it on so I won't miss Dateline. Story lines that are predictable and a laugh track that reminds me of the 70s and 80s sitcoms. Carrie Preston is not a good match for Wharburton, as they don't look like they would be together. And I find it difficult to think of her as this psychotherapist when I still see her as Arlene from True Blood. The daughters characters are self absorbed and seem to have no direction at all, while the Stacey Keach as the grandfather is cool, its not enough to carry the show. The writing is lack luster as mentioned with predictable story lines, 1 dimensional characters and no thought as to how these actors would blend as a family and pull it off. NOT!
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i love it!
razanehakim1 June 2016
I do not agree with anyone who says that this show sucks or that the actors are not fit for the characters. I think this show has so much potential, i even dare to say that it can be as big as Friends and run for 10 seasons if they cultivate the story-line more. The characters are hilarious, the actors are very talented and the chemistry between all of them is evident. I would be disappointed if other channels do not pick-up this show! I look forward to watching more of it. However, i would suggest to focus on the girls (Stella and Shae) more often, and maybe initiate a serious relationship between one of them and a great/funny character. Also, i would love to learn more about the background of Martina and how her and Mike first met (comebacks would be very cool).
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love Warburton but weak sitcom
SnoopyStyle22 May 2016
Mike (Patrick Warburton) and Martina Moore (Carrie Preston) have to put aside their hopes of an empty nest. Their daughters are returning home. Stella (Mia Serafino) is the party girl. Shea (Miranda Cosgrove) is the nerdy science grad who can't find a job. Mike's father Bob (Stacy Keach) and his stepmother Alice (Carlease Burke) decide not to go to Florida. Alice's son Ethan (Clifford McGhee) returns home after losing his money.

I really love Warburton and Preston as individual actors. There are some good actors here but the material is mostly weak. The style is old network sitcom with some sexual subject matters. It doesn't add up to anything that funny or interesting. It feels bland and old. I would rather this talented cast split up and find better material.
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100% Trash
OrangieTooDope8 May 2017
This show is so bad that it will be hard to point out all the horrible points in the IMDb character limit.First of all, it's just not funny.In the first episode the only "jokes" that were close to funny were referencing decades old pop culture.One daughter told the other to stop dressing like Daria.No one under 50 knows who that is.But this show is all clichés.One slutty daughter and one nerdy daughter?Haven't seen that for almost a week.I won't point out the dozens of shows who have done that because if you don't know, you can't be helped.This show is another Patrick Warburton tragedy.He was great as a side character but no one with funny jokes would ever make him a star.A squinting retard with a silly haircut is not what anyone wants to see.Even if the show was funny, he's too hard to take.To top it off, the grandparents are the least realistic characters ever.I could say tons more but here's's a 10 o'clock sitcom.Ever hear of those?No, because they don't work.This show was dead on arrival.
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doesn't work
lars-8399825 April 2016
I really wanted to like this show, because I loved Rules of Engagement...wished it never ended...but this show doesn't have any of the charm, likeablility, and humor. The show feels too over the top, and out of touch with its being forced to push norms. There's a "token" everything on this show. Plots don't make sense IE when the daughter works at a fast food restaurant and ends up as VP of the company in a few days.Characters are annoying IE tired old curmudgeon grandpa, or just genuinely unlikeable. It just fails on every level for me.

if you want a more thought provoking sitcom, try The Carmichael Show.
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