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Best Summer Movie of 2019

For the return of Movie Fights Joe (Hal), Lon and Danielle judge the fighters as they debate everything about the Summer movies of 2019.

Season 5

22 Oct. 2016
Best Zombie Movie W/Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman!
Panelists Robert Kirkman, David Alpert and Max Landis debate such topics as, "Best Zombie Movie", "Best Movie Twist of All-Time", and "Who Should Play Captain Planet".
29 Oct. 2016
Deadliest Horror Villain?!
Guest Host Clarke Wolf judges panelists Roger Barr, Josh Robert Thompson and Ben Begley as they debate such topics as, "Deadliest Horror Villain", "What Horror Trope should be permanently retired", and "Who is the Greatest Horror Director".
5 Nov. 2016
What Franchise Should Wonder Woman Join?
Panelists, Coy Jandreau, Scott Mantz, and Stephen Glickman debate such topics as, "What Franchise Should Wonder Woman Join", "Which Retro Video Game Character Deserves a Solo Movie", and "Of the Seven Dwarves, Who is the Best?"
12 Nov. 2016
What is the Best Movie Alien?
Panelists Brett Erlich, Lon Harris and Jacqueline Coley debate such topics as, "Best Movie Alien", "Who Should Direct The Flash", and "What 80's Movie Deserves a Remake".
19 Nov. 2016
What is the Best Harry Potter Movie? - HARRY POTTER FIGHTS!
Panelists Spencer Gilbert, Trisha Hershberger and Gina Ippolito debate such topics as "Best Harry Potter Film", "Most Shocking Moment in the Harry Potter Series", and "Which Actor gives the Best Performance throughout the series".
26 Nov. 2016
Dumbest Movie Premise of All Time? - Last Fighter Standing
In a Last Fighter Standing Match panelists debate such topics as, "What major Hollywood release has the dumbest premise of all-time", "Swap a leading character with a talking dog", and "Recast a John Travolta movie with Nic Cage".
3 Dec. 2016
Worst Comic Book Movie (TRICK QUESTION)
Panelists Hal Rudnick, Coy Jandreau and Dan Murrell debate such topics as, "Worst Robert De Niro Performance", "Best Martin Scorsese Movie" and the Trick Question, "Best Comic Book Movie".
10 Dec. 2016
Greatest Lightsaber Fighter - Star Wars: Movie Fights!
Panelists Kristian Harloff, Dan Casey and Emma Fyffe debate such topics as "Pitch an Old Republic Movie", "Best Performance in Any Star Wars Film", and "Who Would Win in a Light saber battle royale".
17 Dec. 2016
Rogue One - Did We Need It? - DRUNK MOVIE FIGHTS!!
Guest Host Dan Murrell judges as the panelists drink and debate such topics as "Do We Need Rogue One", "Pitch Fast and Furious 20", and "Worst Film Starring Will Smith".
24 Dec. 2016
Best Movie Decade of All Time - Classic Movie Fights
In the Classic Movie Fight, Host Alicia Malone judges as panelists debate such topics as, "All-Time Best Decade for Movies", "Which Classic Director would have the Best Career today", and "What Classic Movie remains Most Relevant in 2016".
31 Dec. 2016
What is the Best Movie of 1994? - 1994 Movie Fights!
Guest Host Joe Starr judges as the panelists debate such topics as, "Best Movie of 1994", "Pitch Speed 2", and "What Character should Jim Carrey play next".
7 Jan. 2017
Best Movie of 2016
Panelists Marc Andreyko, Roth Cornet and Scott Mantz debate such topics as, "Best Scene from a Movie in 2016", "Best Performance of 2016", and "Which 2016 Movie should get a "do-over" in 2017".
14 Jan. 2017
Best SNL Movie Star
Panelists Joe Starr, Ian Hecox and Jack Henry Robbins debate such topics as, "What movie character would make the best roommate", "Which SNL alumni has had the best movie career", and "What is the best movie with the worst title".
21 Jan. 2017
Ultimate G.I Joe/Transformers Crossover
Panelists John Flickinger, Andre Meadows and Matt Iseman debate such topics as, "The Worst M. Night Shymalan Movie", "Pitch a G.I Joe and Transformers Crossover movie", and "Biggest name actor with poorest filmography".
28 Jan. 2017
Worst Performance of 2016 - FAN FIGHTS
Three fans come to Movie Fights to debate such topics as, "Best feature film debut of any actor", "Worst performance of 2016", and "What's the worst franchise with five or more films:
4 Feb. 2017
Stoned Fights: Who Should Direct The Batman?
In this "Joint Edition" of movie fights, Guest Host Doug Benson judges two teams as they debate such topics as, "Who should direct The Batman", and "Which two celebrities would you like to see become gigantic and fight in a city".
11 Feb. 2017
Who Should Get Their Own LEGO Movie?
Panelists JTE, Lon Harris and Billy Business debate such topics as, "Who should be the next character to get their own LEGO movie", "Worst successful director", and "If you could cancel any upcoming sequel, what would it be".
18 Feb. 2017
What Schwarzenegger Character Would Win in a Battle Royale?
Panelists Mike Carlson, Even Susser and Van Robichaux debate such topics as, "Greatest all-time movie fist fight", "Which Schwarzenegger character would win in a battle royale", and "Pitch your own Star Wars droid".
25 Feb. 2016
Improve a Movie by Adding Predator
Panelists Hal Rudnick, Grae Drake and Jackie Kashian debate such topics as, "Improve any movie by making the villain the Predator", "Best Batman Movie", and "What movie character would you want with you on Purge night".
4 Mar. 2017
Star Wars vs Star Trek
John Rocha and Scott Mantz's rivalry comes to a head in this one-on-one, six-round battle where they debate such topics as, "Star Wars vs Star Trek", "Best Ridley Scott Movie" and "Moonlight vs La La Land".
11 Mar. 2017
What Superhero Should Return When They're Old?
Panelists Spencer Gilbert, Paul Scheer and Kumail Nanjiani debate such topics as, "Improve a film by adding King Kong", "What actor should return to their Superhero role when they are old", and "What's the nerdiest movie ever".
18 Mar. 2017
Aladdin vs The Little Mermaid vs The Lion King
Co-Judge Leonard Maltin helps judge panelists Andre Meadows, Jenny Nicholson and Sarah Sterling as the debate topics such as, "Best Disney Princess", "Best movie from the Disney Renaissance", and "What is the worst Disney song".
25 Mar. 2017
What Superhero Movie Performance Deserves an Oscar?
Panelists COy Jandreau, JTE and Hal Rudnick debate such topics as, "What Superhero performance deserved an Oscar", "Greatest Stallone performance", "Who should direct a remake of 'Jaws' (Blind Fight)".
1 Apr. 2017
Who Should Play Joss Whedon's Batgirl: Collider All-Stars
In this Last Fighter Standing match the Collider All-Stars go head-to-head and debate such topics as, "Best all-time movie Monster", "Who should play Joss Whedon's Batgirl", and "Movie character you would most want as your boss".

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